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on February 12, 2016
World War Z, the movie, has greatly surpassed my expectations in comparison to other zombie films and television shows. I enjoyed the movie so much that I had to pick it up after seeing it in the movie theater. As a casual movie watcher, this is a good watch. For someone who enjoys zombie shows and movies as much as the next person, World War Z kept me on the edge of my seat with its unique plotline and detailed visual effects. Without any previous knowledge of what it is about, the movie is very easy to follow and appeals to all of-age audiences that can appreciate more than the violence and action that comes with your typical zombie-killing movie.

To sum things up shortly, Brad Pitt and his counterparts are part of the few people that haven’t been infected with this virus that is essentially turning people into zombies. The movie follows Brad Pitt and his journey to find the source of the infection and to stop this epidemic and to save the world all together.

The first thing that made this movie stand out was the unique plot and structure of the movie. In a typical zombie movie, you can expect the main characters to continually fight through waves of zombies as the movie moves along. World War Z is different. The movie primarily focuses on the path to finding a cure along with all the expected gore and action that you can expect in any zombie movie. The plot helps create a very surreal aspect to the movie. So surreal that something like this could potentially happen in real life.

Another aspect that sets World War Z apart from other zombie movies are the graphics and visual effects. The actors that play the zombies are refined with such detail and are so unique, they seem real. It’s hard to create that sense of realness when dealing with zombies but World War Z does a great job accomplishing this. For example, there is one scene were there are a mass amount of zombies climbing over a huge barrier that is done with such technicality that helps create a unique visual appeal to movie watchers of all sorts.

Overall, I was very pleased with my purchase of the movie, World War Z. If you aren’t into action-packed films or a fan of Brad Pitt, maybe World War Z isn’t for you. But past all the zombie killing and violence, the movie is very well thought out. If you are looking for a good movie to watch, World War Z is always a good choice.
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on June 22, 2014
So long ago it hurts my head to even think of it, I stopped taking reviews of Zombie movies seriously. Either you liked it or you didn't. If it's first rate drama you're after, watch an Ibsen or Chekhov play. If it's sentimental fluff, go get "When Harry Met Sally." If it's thrills and chills, sit down with "The Praying Mantis" or "Tarantula" or "The Blob" or any other horrific-monster-gobbling-up-everyone-it-comes-near movie. If it's comedy, how about "Red Dwarf?" But if you want something that dispenses a little of each - ah! that's where the ubiquitous Zombie Movie comes in. It has it all - even if a given feature was not deliberately built into the script.

Yes, "World War Z" has drama: it's about survivors trying to save themselves from a flood of zombies. Yes, it has sentimentality galore: it's about a man trying to save his family. Yes, it has thrills and chills: the least sound can summon an attack from raging maniacs. And yes, it even has comedy: the absurdity of going on a Quest to find from among billions of zombies "Patient Zero."

Plus, it has some features unique to itself. First and foremost, there's virtually no gore (and I well know how that alone sends many a Zombie movie reviewer over the edge). In "World War Z" the zombies aren't trying to eat you, only to bite you and thereby infect you. Second, and every bit as unique (by the way, here comes a SPOILER), is the way the danger is resolved, if only temporarily: not by trying to undo whatever precipitated the zombie onslaught but by rendering those uninfected "invisible" to the zombies. That happens to be an ingenious plot resolution - as well as a natural segue to a sequel.

Though not the screenplay itself, the "screenstory" (not sure how that differs from "screenplay) was co-written by J. Michael Straczynski - you know: the creator and principal writer of the "Babylon 5" series. And Straczynski's no upstart just out of Creative Writing 101. The only other thing about the screenplay/story vis-a-vis the original book worth noting is that it's like having to listen to fingernails scratching a blackboard to have to keep reading again and again that "the movie was nothing like the book" or "the movie was nowhere as good as the book." It's like this: a movie is completely different from a book - that's why they call it a movie and not a book with moving pictures! Of course AMC's "The Walking Dead" seems to have gotten around that by referring to its comic book source as "Graphic Novels."

And speaking of "The Walking Dead," I saw a far greater similarity between that TV show and "World War Z" than between the movie and any other zombie rendering. In fact, this provided my most squeamish moment watching the movie - because I kept thinking "Someone's going to get sued!"

Now to the acting. Let me state outright that Brad Pitt has never been one of my favorite actors. The only movie I've ever seen him in that I didn't hate was "Thelma and Louise"; but that movie was one of the greatest ever made with or without Mr Pitt's performance. Nonetheless, I found his acting in "World War Z" to be extremely good - "good" in this context meaning ideal for the role. The only flaw was more in the character than in Brad Pitt's performance. And that flaw was that no matter what happened he never lost his cool. He never got angry or raised his voice - even when he was telling the Mossad Agent that the chanting and yelling in Jerusalem's streets was what was drawing the horde of zombies. I mean literally, he never raised his voice, so you could barely hear him issuing his warning amidst the din of noise surrounding him.

I will only comment on the other actors by saying I found their acting to be more than adequate - except that, like Brad Pitt, they almost never lost their cool. Even when being attacked by the zombies. Now that takes "Grace Under Pressure" to a whole new level.

UPDATE: Though I won't change my rating from 5-Star, after seeing tons of 5-Star reviews that are so obviously plants I feel embarrassed to have enjoyed this movie enough to give it 5 Stars. Oh well.
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on September 24, 2013
Brad Pitt + zombies should have been a recipe for success. I still had hopes for this film, even after mixed reviews and all of the talk about the many problems that occurred during filming. The decision to go with a PG-13 rating was probably the first mistake, as much of the bite was removed (pun intended.) There was nothing frightening in this film, and Pitt seemed almost robotic. Perhaps he should have played a zombie.

The one scene we all saw in the trailer that showed the zombies frantically climbing on top of each other to reach the top of a massive wall was pretty cool. But while watching it, I thought, "This is a nice little piece of CGI," and not, "This is a terrifying scene."

There are much better zombie films out there, and I'd recommend skipping this, or wait until it shows up on Netflix. In the meantime, I'll happily recommend the BEST zombie film I've ever seen (actually, a British miniseries): Dead Set.
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on March 20, 2017
A favorite of mine delivers again despite me knowing almost every scene. Yet still the pacing swept me and kept on sweeping me along -- the editing was perfect and the multi-camera was a luxury with tons of "b-roll" -- a hand moving here, a look on a face there -- used artistically. Probably my fifth viewing....will see again who knows when...this one has not yet aged. The trailer tells does not lie. Expect this for the entire film.
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on December 19, 2013
Bradd Pitt just turned 50. Bummer. And it seems to show in this move--the pep and zing you've come to expect from him is sadly missing. The story however, had some great turns and it will keep you on the edge of your seat. There's drama aplenty. I have heard that it doesn't adhere to the book of the same title, but until I read it I can't tell if they've done a better job of telling this gripping story; I suppose I'll revisit the issue at that time.
Even with his lackluster performance, Pitt continues to show why he's a movie star. Every one else put in a good effort, you definitely get sucked in and for that, four stars.
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on March 15, 2017
This is a very good movie. The action starts almost immediately. It is engaging, intense and smart. The acting is very well done. And it brings something new to a genre that is a bit over done. To me Z transcends its genre. The only thing that I would change (SPOILER ALERT) - is the plane scene. Brad Pitt's character survives a great many things and you can buy most of it - but what happens at the end of the plane scene is just too far. That aside - really good fun.
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on March 15, 2017
I honestly don't see what people like about this film.
I will break it down a bit more but to summarize it was a rather mediocre film and probably the lamest big budget zombie film I have ever seen.
Previously I could never get more than fifteen minutes into the film, after trying to watch it on several occasions, as I found utterly boring and canned. It really did nothing that practically every zombie movie made in the last twenty years hadn't already done.
Lately I have been reading the actually book which got me thinking of watching the film again, not finished with the book yet but I figured the film would be pretty different and boy was I right.

Cinematography - was okay but tends to focus on things that I really don't care about in the story. The action was pretty over the top and completely unconvincing of a zombie apocalypse. Running zombies, okay that's the modern take on it, but flying ninja attack zombies that use their skulls as battering rams? That's just stupid really, hell they didn't even eat anyone just bit and ran which made no sense.

Characters and plot - dumb, one word says it all. I didn't care about anyone and the ones I did were brushed aside as inconsequential to the film. The main character is completely boring, he really doesn't involve me at all nor does the main story of the film.
Oh suddenly theres zombie outbreak everywhere, we had no idea, everyone dies, waaaah. The film completely loses any sense of probability and destroys the willing suspension of disbelief.

Compared to the novel - There really is no comparison, I'm not even finished with it and I can say the film was a waste of time. The book has a lot of great ideas and a plausible scenario (even if a few things are over the top) for the global spread and epidemic of the zombie virus. It relies on real world events and occurrences and uses a variety of locations and viewpoints to tell the tale in a way that makes it easy to suspend disbelief and feel engrossed in something that feels like it's relating a real tragedy. The film relies on hokey clichés and set pieces to try and tell a massive story that is fumbled before they even get started.
The book makes this event personal and relate-able, from the onset and patient zero to the fall of massive cities and military impotence it all feels more plausible. The film is B-movie grade story at it's best.

I think the biggest loss for the film was the lack of focus on the moral decisions that are prevalent in the book, it's very heavy on morality and survival decision making. From everyday people making hard decisions to world leaders making painful choices to save humanity, it all has impact and is delivered directly without declaring right or wrong decisively. The film hardly touches that with a ten foot pole, it is used as a short whip for the main character and nothing else, all of the drama of the original material is tossed aside for a forced bs drama of one family. And that is such a waste.

The source material is great, it feels like a real documentary of a horrible time for the world, and the film tosses everything out the window to make just another garbage cheesy modern zombie film.

Best suggestion is don't waste your time, read the book.
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on April 21, 2017
Although the film version of "World War Z" has absolutely nothing to do with the book by Max Brooks, except the title, it's a fast-moving, non-stop thrill ride...Brad Pitt is at the top of his acting game, battling zombies and desperately searching for a cure. I love this movie and I highly recommend ALL of Max Brooks' works!
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A couple moments in the film as SO PERFECT and believable, that I suspect the writer has either been on some high-risk jobs, or did a hell of a lot of research. Not a Brad Pitt fan, but he's good in this one.
Very tight shooting and editing.
Just go to show you, when you've got chops you can make a good film about ANYTHING.
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on July 27, 2015
Any single episode of the walking dead, is better then this movie, and there is plenty of better zombie movies then this.
Still not a bad flick, but it's hard to even give it 3 stars.

Do you love movies with excessive camera shake in action scenes?

Do you love it when they use cheap stock sound effects in movies?

Do you love it when the characters do completely irrational nonsensical things?

Do you love sappy boring family\love stories in your apocalypse flicks?

Yeah, there is a lot of movie sins in this one, it's one of those films you just have to turn off your critical side, eat pop corn, drink soda, and lower your IQ so you can just have a good time. I tried hard to, but it was just over the top stupid when the hero finally reached the W.H.O. was healed by them, then tries to play tough guy and not want to talk with them? HUH!? Who wrote this stinker?

If we've learned anything from zombie films, it's that the military must use nerf guns, can't aim, don't have many bombs, have very few if any tanks, don't have huge supplies and plenty of ammo to kill billions of people 20 times over, and that writers who write this stuff badly underestimate the armed forces. I've also learned that Brad Pitt isn't the best fit for movies like this.

3 out of 5 stars
back to playing Project Zomboid on PC I go.
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