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on February 19, 2009
I must admit, I was one of those who made fun of WOW players. Well, I got bored one day and decided to download the free 10-day trial and 2 months later, I now have a high level Mage and Death Knight.

This is without any doubt THE best game I have ever played in my entire life. 2 of my friends tried WOW and now they are hooked. When you see the scale and incomprehensible size of the game, you will understand why there is a monthly subscription fee. The servers run flawlessly, always updated with new content and believe me, you will actually save money since you will no longer want to go shopping, watch movies, dining out, etc.. lol

If you are still in college, avoid this game or you just might be retaking some classes lol. Im glad I finished undergraduate and graduate school before discovering the game at 29 years old.

This game is worth ever single dollar and kudos to Blizzard. WOW is a masterpiece!

My computer specs:

AMD Athlon 6200 X2
6GB ram
Vista 64 Pro
500gb HDD
Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT 512mb
Logitech Headset with microphone

I can run on max settings at 60+ FPS.

My macbook, runs it just fine too, but graphic settings must be lowered and framerates do suffer too. Still playable.
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on March 1, 2011
bought this for a family member they love the game.....personally i have been playing for awhile.....i like the original world of warcraft then they came out with burning crusade...was very disappointed in that expansion.....then wrath of the lich king came out love that and my misses have not been very impressed with it.... i expected alot more but sadly they changed to portals are gone....better hope there is a mage around to port you if you need to go to any other city....or just take the time to get there by boat....and they have nerfed to many classes and made to many OP.... hunters and mages and death knights... are great if you want o blow everything up and be dps kings.....want to use some skill then make a warrior warlock paladin.....want a real challange them make a rogue or priest.... and for all around fun try a druid....they get to shape shift and have mid dps for people who really care about it.....never played a shammy got bored with it at level 20 and deleted.....this of course is a opinion which means it dont meean enjoy the game....its your money and your life god bless all
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on January 9, 2011
In a few words this game is a great game, but is barely worth its cost to get everything up to date it will cost you over 130 dollars. This is a good start, but you are really only getting 10 dollars off the combination. The strategy guides are too old to be of much use. After you purchase this, you will also need to pickup Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm (probably more later one) and then pay for at least one month. Yes you get a month free but only if you pay for one at 15 dollars a month you should not have to buy any software of any sort, it should be straight up monthly subscription.

Having said that, this is the best MMO I have played, but not per cost.
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on January 18, 2010
I joined my friend in World of Warcraft by downloading the free recruit a friend trial from the website. I enjoyed my time spent with her, and since my characters are still fairly low level, I figured that the original game and the Burning Crusade expansion will keep me busy for a while. I wasn't really interested in the books that come with the battle chest box, as they are of course all out of date now, but it was a better deal than buying each box seperately, and so I picked this option.

I was pleasantly surprised when the 30 days that come with the box were added on top of the remaining six days of my free trial, bringing me up till the end of January for my subscription. All I had to do was enter the two game codes (one for base game, and one for burning crusade) into my Battle.Net account, and I was set. I never even broke the seal on the disc to install from it; the free trial was the complete game, up to at least BC, and I suspect all the data for Wrath of the Lich King is already on my computer, but not unlocked yet, as I haven't purchased that expansion.

I was also pleased that I didn't have to give Blizzard any credit card info to continue playing the game, I just told them I'd be using game cards, and did not put one in right away. Having played EverQuest and other Sony Online Entertainment games, I was not used to this! In my experience, they wanted some kind of card right away.

I'm coming to the end of my free days, and I do plan on getting a game time card to continue my subscription, as it's been fun playing this MMO with my friend, and I'm currently just about level 30, without really trying all that hard.
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on February 4, 2011
I got a 14 day free trial of the basic game from my son, enjoyed it so much I bought the Battle Chest to get basic and Burniung Crusade expansion pack. If you like on-line play, WOW is an excellent game for you, but be advised, WOW is not an off-line playable game. Blizzard has hone a very good job of making your game play enjoyable. There are many races and basic types of character to let you pick and choose (be aware though that if you plan to play with friends, you must create your character in the realm where your friends character is, as realm changes are about $25). Also, each realm is a duplicate world of the others and each starting point for a given race is the same. I have found the game play very good, though on occasion, some characters (NPC) you run into are either beyond your capabilities, or will strain your character to the limit to win. Also beware of getting into a PvP situation unless you want to, I got drawn into one with a character who was about level 60 (I'm level 32), because he was attacking the post where I happened to be, and was slaughtering the NPC guards who were about level 35, all I did was cast a heal on one of the guards, and his minion killed me in 1-2 blows. I got indirect revenge though, when I returned to respawn, I let the PvP counter run down (which takes you out of PvP mode) before respawning, and I watched as he mistakenly got in the attack range of the travel master (she, as they all are, is a level 85 elite with a couple of minions that are the same level), the attacker got smacked flat in one blow!! To sum up, if you like on-line play, give Blizzards WOW a try, they have done a great job. I'm on Mok'Natal and Trollbane, in the horde, main characters Tirgra and Patrioly in the respective realms, look me up if you join. ^_^
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on December 21, 2012
An excellent and convenient way to own the set if you prefer to have a physical copy of the game software. It shipped quickly and arrived quickly.

If you have never played WoW before I recommend you give it a try. The different servers mean that you can find an experience to suit you, whether you want to immerse yourself into your character in a roleplaying realm, meet with friends and burn through quests, or just got it alone and enjoy the rich fantasy backdrop.

The membership access fee is a bit of a pain but well worth it, especially on holidays or weekends. It is very easy to get engrossed and all the different races and classes mean that you have a lot of variation if you get bored of one character. The ability to mail goods between your characters means that even if you play by yourself you dont necessarily need to "buy" ingredients or tools at the shops and auction houses.
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on October 24, 2012
Having played WoW for more than five years, on a daily basis, incorporating the MMORPG into another's life is a process that must be thought out, especially when the other individual is a youngster. One must be careful, as some of the "social" aspects of the game are not suitable for younger folk due to the rude behavior of many infantile gamers.

Given that, the process of leveling and enjoying the World of Warcraft can also assist in the development of skills, from thought processes to response acuity to interaction with other games across the globe. However, in order to enjoy the new Pandaria expansion, the original game as well as all of the preceding expansions must be installed. This could be quite an expensive process... fortunately, Amazon provides the opportunity with their World of Warcraft Battle Chest to obtain these crucial elements at a most reasonable cost.

This is a most opportune purchase for those considering the Pandaria expansion to WoW and who have not installed the original game and its expansions.
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on July 5, 2014
Bought for someone else. Honestly, Blizzard had a good thing, and is making it worse. Lich King was good, as was Cataclysm. Pandaria was a utter joke. When a game goes kiddie and uses other original work to make their game, they loose respect. Can't see ever buying this again, even if for someone else. Friends don't let friends play WoW.
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on March 16, 2010
This is an excellent game that my whole family is enjoying. I am only writing this review to warn others to get the right version. I made a huge mistake by getting the european version instead of the US version. I bought this game pack here on Amazon and my sons and I started playing. After we built up our characters a bit I purchased the Lich King expansion elsewhere. Well the Lich King expansion was the US version so it wasn't loading. After I called Blizzard, they told me I have two different versions and they aren't compatible. So, now Blizzard tells me that I can keep my characters and remain on the European game, which means I'll be playing with people in Europe but I won't be able to play with any friends from the US, or they can switch me to US, but we will lose all our progress and all have to start our characters over again. It is not very clear what version you are getting here. I would purchase this game at a store in person and make sure it doesn't say EU on the disc if you live in the US.
Otherwise, I love the game. I am a mom in my 40's with 2 boys -12 and 8 yrs old, and we are all having fun with this game.
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on May 5, 2014
I spent about 4 years playing WoW on a regular basis. It was one of the first MMORPGs I ever played, and IMO it is the standard for a well built MMORPG. WoW has a such a refined feel to it compared to other MMORPGs I have played. Many other MMORPGs, especially F2P, feel incomplete and glitchy in comparison to WoW.
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