Customer Reviews: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Expansion Set
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on June 3, 2011
To summarize why I think Cataclysm sucks:

- Class homogenization made your character less unique.

- Since release of Cata, it's been a terrible ride of buffs/nerfs. You practically have to read the patch notes every single week to find out what they changed about the classes you play.

- The current developers don't seem to give a rip about what the community has to say, sometimes appear downright rude, and do a poor job of communicating.

- The talent tree revamp got rid class research & experimentation. Yet another way you can no longer stand out from everybody else.

- Most of the T11 armor models (hunter excluded) look uninspired.

- Too much rehashing of old content, such as the patch 4.1 dungeons.

- Too many linear quest restrictions in the revamped 0-60 zones if you are doing them in heirlooms! I actually avoid the new zones if leveling an alt because what happens is you level up too fast and get stuck with green xp quests and the inability to move on because you haven't 'unlocked' the next quest chain/hub yet. It's easier to just use the less revamped zones which have less linear flow.

- Nothing to do! You have week long raid lockouts, leaving you with nothing to do other than boring daily quests, boring, expensive, and tedious leveling up of professions, doing long 45 minute to 2 hour dungeons, or just sitting around in the two major cities (SW & Org) waiting on queues or reading trade chat. All the other cities in the game might as well be graveyards because no one uses them.
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on March 23, 2011
I expected more out of Blizzard. Cataclysm was without a doubt one of the worse expansions to any game I have ever played. It started off pretty good, maybe due to the hype, but it quickly went down the drain. Linear and restricting quests, teamed with recycled material, and poor design ideas really killed this game for me. I can't help but wonder who Blizzard is trying to entertain with this one.

For a more detailed review of the expansion, check out MSB's post. While some of the issues he brings up were addressed since his original post, it is still pretty dead on.
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on September 9, 2011
I will make this review somewhat short and to the point, for many of the one star reviews describe World of Warcraft: Cataclysm perfectly. First, let me tell you a bit of my history as a World of Warcraft gamer. I started playing the game in Spring of 2009, ending in July of 2011. I was never a "hardcore" player. That is, although I played frequently and researched each class I attempted, I did not have much interest in end-game content. My work schedule left scheduling appropriate raid times with my guild too hard, and I could never guaruntee I would be on at certain times due to coaching soccer, school, and working. I was one of those players who enjoyed PvP when online, with the occasional dive into Heroics for a change of scenery. I hated questing, but this was fine because the battlegrounds were where I had my fun. To each player, his or her own.

Now, that being said, Cataclysm has cured me of any interest I had in continuing to play. The new battlegrounds were pathetic, redone versions of Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch. The Heroics were long, and quite frankly, I don't want to wait an hour in a queue only to get stuck with elitist know-it-alls who spam "You mad bro" and crudely comment on my being a female gamer. The amount of obnoxious players who kick newer players from groups simply because they have never done that particular boss fight before is simply appalling. To me, the community was the real downer. I can think of so many more useful, self-esteem boosting activities to pursue that do not involve an acid-tongued community both in-game and on the help forums. Yes, they even troll hardcore on the help forums. As a matter of fact, this game deserves at least an "M" rating. Any child that is introduced to this game will know every curse word, racial/sexual slur, and degrading comment known to the English language within the week.

The quests are tedious and unoriginal, even in Cataclysm, which was supposed to bring in a revamped questing system. I did enjoy the look of Vash'jir and Uldum, but the rest of the new questing zones appeared redone as well, particularly in the architecture. I won't go too much into questing simply because I hated it so much.

Another major problem with World of Warcraft is the amount of time needed to be at the top. Do I think players should have to work hard to get powerful items and became one of the best? Absolutely. If every powerful item/armor/weapon etc. was easy to get, destroying clueless characters in PvP would not be nearly as rewarding. Now, do I think a player should have to spend 8+ hours per day of constant grinding to get to the top? No way. That, to me, caters to the gamers who do in fact sit in a basement all day.

The last major problem I have with World of Warcraft in general is the company who owns it. Ah, Blizzard. How you have irked me so over the past few years... Blizzard is a company that only cares about money. Period. They lost countless subscriptions in the first few months alone because of the horrible job they did with Cataclysm. No new content, a bunch of sunshine-up-your-rear hype that turned into a major letdown proves that Blizzard is simply trying to milk the last of its subscribers. Blizzard is more concerned with its new game, "Titan" or whatever. Over the years of having issues in-game, etc., Blizzard has managed to completely ignore me at times, and in essence tell me to "suck it up." I will not pay a company that does not regulate gold-spammers, hackers, and otherwise help the frustrated players who are the epitomy of good manners. Blizzard's employees are rude and do not care in the slightest, period.

I will not be paying this company for its rehashed content, poor management of an even poorer community attitude, and horrifically abysmal customer service anymore. Sadly, I predict World of Warcraft has met its end.

Thank you for your time, and I hope this saves you some money and a lot of frustration.
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on May 11, 2011
Firstly, I would've rated this game with negative stars if that were possible. This game is utter garbarge, IMHO. I have been an avid WoW player since BC's release. Although I would not consider myself a hardcore player, I did spend quite a bit of time questing out all of Vanilla, all of BC, & 3 zones of Northrend. In all that time, I had a blast solo-grinding stuff, running stuff with friends, experiencing new areas & lore, gaining achievements, and doing some light raiding when the opportunity presented itself.

However, upon the release of the pre-Cata patch, something just didn't feel right. In fact, I can't see why they touched Vanilla at all. To draw new players to the game??? Let me ask you a simple question. Just what new players do they think they're going to get? Allow me to follow that up with another question. Who in their right mind is going to shell out the money for the original WoW + 3 Xpacs + subscription fee + wait an entire day or more (depending on their system) for install + additional wait time for all the patch updates only to play a game that's already pushing 6 years old in lower level zones that are devoid of any life except for maybe the occasional tumbleweed or low level player who's probably an alt of an existing level 85 who wouldn't give you the time of day??? Most of the current player activity is found in the capital cities where people just sit and wait for queues all day. In fact, questing is absolutely worthless beyond the starter zones. The rewards you get from dungeons/pvp more than outweigh the time it takes to quest grind. Also, if you're looking for lore, forget it. They pretty much f'ed that up by changing Vanilla. Sorry potential newbies. If you haven't played WoW by now...don't waste your money (or time) at this point. I'd wait for one of the new MMO's slated for release & start fresh where you'll be on the same page as everyone else instead of several years & 84 levels behind the times.

For those of you who think I'm just ranting, I did go to my local Best Buy to purchase some more game time after the pre-Cata patch because I had grinded to 80 and wanted to see what the new changes were like before I gave it up for good. I didn't want to let go of the fact that I had spent all this time and energy on grinding my character to just throw it all away. It didn't take long to realise the truth and the rest of my game time was just spent sitting in capital cities bored out of my skull or reading trade chat. I just didn't have the motivation to finish out Northrend anymore. Indeed, most of my friends list were offline better than 90% of the time at this point and after a month or so it became apparent that many of my close guild associates had left the game entirely. WoW was dead for me. The MMORPG just lost the "MM" aspect and was now only a solo-ORPG. Yep. The S.S. WoWTanic had struck a berg...a berg called Cataclysm.

I laugh at those WoW fanboys in forums who insist that WoW isn't starting to go under and they won't be satisfied until they see real numbers published by Blizzard. You only need log into a Medium pop server to see the proof for yourself. Official numbers aren't necessary if you have two eyes to see and not even half a brain to process the image. The only areas you will find life are the capital cities & Cata (85) zones. Pretty much every other zone is a ghost town. It's like their cabin is starting to slant downward, water is leaking into the porthole, yet they will stay in their cabin awaiting news from the captain (Blizzard CEO) who insists everything is fine. Uhhh yeah. You just stay in your cabin and I'll be rowing away in my lifeboat watching you go down with the ship! Bwa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Seriously, I've seen entire guilds die out because of Cataclysm. Sure, a few players may come back, but I know many more who have quit and said they will not return because of the bad taste left in their mouths.

Enter the S.S. Carpathia (Rift) who just happened to be in the right place at the right time to rescue many of those WoW survivors. I did not row my lifeboat over to Rift. I rowed back to reality to reclaim my real life. I am currently waiting to see if Star Wars: The Old Republic is going to offer anything fun & exciting. Honestly, I am getting tired of the fantasy realm of Orcs, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, etc. and am looking forward to picking up a lightsaber.

Goodbye WoW! Thank you for the many years of entertainment. For those still aboard the S.S. WoWTanic I can only offer this advice...ABANDON SHIP! ABANDON SHIP! WOMEN & BLOOD ELVES FIRST! xD
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on December 7, 2010
This review is for the contents of the collectors edition package, not the game itself.

The 175 page art book is fantastic. It's hardback and has a nice protective sleeve covering it. The sleeve depicts Deathwing as seen on the Cataclysm website. The concepts and literature inside are great to read/view and it's really cool to see the artistic visuals of all the new NPCs, clothing items, zones and even stills from the cinematic trailer. Many pieces of art depict several different stages of concept certain characters passed through over the period the expansion was developed. Some pieces give a visual representation of events that have transpired and affected the current storyline (there is a piece showcasing the Garrosh/Cairne duel which ultimately ended in.. well i won't spoil that one for you ;) ) The artwork is just really cool. Blizzard certainly has some very talented artists working for them. Various letters written by characters in game are peppered throughout the pages which give insight to the events which have happened and served to shape the new world since the shattering. While not essential for casual fans, they are still a great read for those who love the lore behind World of Warcraft and the book is a wonderful addition of graphic art to any person's collection.

The soundtrack features 17 absolutely phenomenal orchestral tracks from in game. I'm a huge fan of the music of World of Warcraft and the new tracks are very beautifully done and really invoke a real sense of "epicness". The title track is the best its been since the vanilla days (it even incorporates the original Legends of Azeroth theme), and the addition of revamped tracks from old world zones like Elywnn forest and Durotar are a nice, nostalgic touch. I enjoyed the score from Wrath of the Lich King but i think i enjoy this one much more.

Also included:

- In game Lil' Deathy companion pet. He has a welp model, but looks like a midgit-fied Deathwing. every character you'll ever start again will receive him along with a feat of strength. Standard and digital versions of Cataclysm will not receive this pet.

- Mouse pad depicting Deathwing looking upon the ravaged continents of Azeroth. I use an optical mouse so i really have no use for a mouse pad, but it may very well serve as a nice showpiece for any player looking to add a little flavor to their desktop.

- Wrathgate starter deck with a Landro's Gift loot card. Not really useful to me since i don't play the trading card game, but the loot card can provide a very lucrative reward if you're lucky. For instance, one of the possible obtainable items when you receive your gift box is a swift spectral tiger, which bar none is the rarest mount in game and very expensive if purchased from anywhere else. I wasn't lucky, and only got Papa Hummel's pet biscuits.

- Behind the scenes DVD featuring insight into the development of Cataclysm, which is about an hour long. I haven't watched it yet, but i would say it's a fair guess that the DVD is top notch. No hardcore fan of the game would pass up the chance to see how the creative process at Blizzard works, since we rarely if ever have a chance to outside of blue posts.

** After writing this review i was able to watch the DVD in it's entirety. Let me tell you, i didn't expect much going in but by the end my expectations were well exceeded. There is a lot of information packed into this disc and Blizzard went into great detail about all of the changes that were made and explained a lot of the secrets behind their programming magic. There are thorough explanations behind why old world flying was never included in the last 2 expansions, the reasoning and logic behind many of the zone changes, and the developer's went into great detail on the process of creating new zones for this expansion, the challenges they faced in creating content that would rival or exceed what we saw With wrath and their desires to create an experience that was rewarding not just for new fans but for old veterans of the game as well. Also discussed on the disc was the process behind creating the cinematic movie for the expansion ( a project that proved to be far more challenging than i ever thought it was), Warcraft History and a plethora of interviews by developers and artists associated with the World of Warcraft.

- And the expansion itself, which comes on 1 DVD disc. The beauty of this expansion is that the bulk of the material was already patched in before release, so all players really needed to do was provide their activation codes and wait until the servers went live. since all the content can be digitally downloaded once your account has been upgraded, the DVD is more or less a means to reinstall the game without an internet connection.

The package is very sturdy and well put together. All the items that come with it rest in little cutouts on a tray which are lined with felt to prevent scraping or scuffing of your items, and everything fits in smoothly without sliding/bouncing around inside. the tray slides into the outer sleeve kind of like a really big DVD set. You can stand the box vertically and it will remain still, or you can put it on a shelf like a book. Either way is up to you. I would personally rather display it out in the open since it looks so cool, but that's me.

A worthy purchase at 80 dollars, and a great addition for any fan of the game out there.
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on January 5, 2011
This expac promised much but in my opinion has failed in many important ways for me.

The leveling to 85 was ok and fun.. but that is where the problems begin. The heroic instances are so long, difficult and time consuming that you have to run them with your own guild. If you try with players you don't know, it will be a miserable time for all. I leveled my character and was Heroic ready within 4 days, but running heroic instances was so truly miserable that I gave up for 2 weeks. Even now it is no fun. The instances are so so long and time consuming. Two hours is not uncommon. Think of them as mini raids. Also, queue times for heroics for DPS is approx 45 mins and more than half time the group disbanded or I was removed.

I work hard and always used to enjoy coming home and playing wow.. but it now feels like more of a job. I end up exiting out of wow feeling tired and exhausted.

This expac introduced rated Battle grounds.. another feature you have to group with other players. The wait time for these BG's can be 60-90 minutes. Normal BG's have not improved. You still have Horde waiting up to an hour to get in and Alliance getting beat 75% of the time. There are automated scripted players in most of these BG's who end up not contribution anything. Blizz has totally failed to rid the game of these automatic farmers of honor, xp, items and gold.

Blizz customer service has also taken a bad turn. They used to communicate with its customers via the forums but over the last month communication has been reduce to mainly funny threads and silly comments. One of the new pvp battle zones is so incredible bad that 1 faction controls it. The forums are alight with complains and Blizz has ignore the situation.

For me, a causal player whole likes to spend a couple of hours in the evening, this expac is a disaster.

World of Warcraft as a whole is very addictive. Many marriages have ended because of this game. Never, never give a game like this as a present. It is not uncommon for some people to spend 18 hour straight playing.
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on June 1, 2011
Other reviews have said it perfect, it is terrible what WoW (my old favorite pass time) has become. But as bad of a game as this is, if it at least had a wonderful community I would understand why some people would like to stay with it. The WoW community are just unhelpful, rude, nasty people who all think they are more elite than the next, please stay away from this game.
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on June 19, 2011
I've been playing since the start of BC and I can honestly say this is the most boring expac of any game I have ever played. I enjoyed raiding in BC and Wrath but cata has completely missed the mark for me. It feels like Blizzard is milking the dying cash cow at this point. Do yourself a favor and stay away. I realized about 3 months in the most fun I'd had all week was throwing paper zeppelins back and forth with a friend for an hour and then logging off.
I wish it was better I honestly do. This was a huge let down for me which is why I have uninstalled and unsubbed. Maybe Blizzard is focusing on their new mmo? Hopefully it's a lot better than this piece of crap.
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on June 28, 2011
Cataclysm has just been such a mess. There's no room for the average player here anymore, just the super casual and the super hardcore. There's literally nothing in between. You have 95% of the game content made to just be simple, casual quests with no possibility of death or failure than you have the end game raiding which nowadays only reaps any challenge from one shot mechanics.

Heck, there may as well not even be a game world or a monthly fee anymore. You just sit in a singular town and wait in queues or summons. Amazing that they set out to rebirth Azeroth and wound up killing it entirely outside of Stormwind and Orgrimaar.

I quit today, actually, the new patch for the game (Firelands, 4.2) made me realize how much I now loathe this title. All it added was a ton busywork daily quests that couldn't stimulate an infant and a small raid with more trash mobs than the previous tier's combined after seven months of an already meager end game with no new features compared to WOTLK.

This game is just such... a shame, really, I want to like it, it's very polished and has a lot of great parts to it, but its so MISERABLY directed.

I dream of a World of Warcraft that gets it's game world back, that can challenge you with entertaining quests that aren't just story or novelty, that allows you to progress during end-game outside of scheduled raiding and that fleshes out it's PvP systems and puts them on their own systems.

This team desperately needs new direction.
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on March 23, 2011
Not only is this "expansion" devoid of any new content (unless you call changing a rock elemental's level to 80 from 60 "new content"), they went back and butchered just about everything I liked about the old content too. The talent trees are shorter, there are fewer spells in the game, the classes have lost most of their uniqueness.

The "new" quests are just rehashed versions of the old quests. No new "hero" class this time, no new class at all in fact. No new cities, in fact they made the old cities useless by removing the portals from them. I canceled my account but unfortunately it was shortly after renewing for 6 months, I thought they might release some new content or something but nothing, so I'll not be renewing it.

Zero stars.
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