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on October 25, 2012
I received this item before my galaxy note 10.1. It seems to be constructed ok...but the keyboard being compact has some keys located in a different place than normal. To me, that defeats the purpose of getting a Bluetooth keyboard. My guess is that it won't allow me to type any faster than with the onscreen touch keyboard. That said, I will still give it a try this weekend when the tablet arrives. If its as bad as I'm guessing, it will be returned next week.

UPDATE: The quotation mark/apostrophe key being in the wrong place is cumbersome - I end up hitting ENTER key instead. So, the majority of the typing is fine - but in those moments - its frustrating. The keyboard works well though. The tablet doesn't "lock in" like a docking station, but it seems to stay fairly stationary as long as the surface it is on is fairly stable. It connected easily and I don't have to press hard on the keys to get them to work. The cover can be folded in a different direction to just use the tablet and cover up the keyboard - but its not "secure" in that position. It is definitely designed with the Galaxy Note 10.1 in mind - the camera, power buttons, the s-pen, and the charging port are all accessible. That said, the tablet doesn't sit "tightly secured" when in the cover - so you have to move it a bit from time to time to access the buttons or the main menu along the bottom of the screen. Not a major deal..but could be better for sure. In the end - its not a docking station keyboard that conveniently makes the note into a clamshell or anything - but it does work and folds nicely to secure the tablet and the keyboard. Overall - probably worth it - given the price and the limited alternative options I've seen so far.
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on November 13, 2012
I ordered this because I write a lot and typing on the keyboard on the Note is as much a pain as it is on my phone or iPod. I've only used it a few times now, but so far I like it. The Bluetooth connects easily with no issues. The keys are nicely responsive. True, it's smaller than a computer keyboard, but no smaller than a netbook keyboard. In fact, I think it's slightly larger.

Now, it does take getting used to. The keys respond, but they're rubberized so they don't respond quite the same way as, say, your standard plastic model. They've got a bit more ... spring to them? It's hard to describe, honestly. Just different, but not bad. Also, some of them are arranged differently than on your usual QWERTY keyboard, so that also takes some getting used to. Again, not bad, just different. Once I got used to the differences I was able to type a lot faster without accidentally hitting wrong keys.

Battery life: I charged it fully once and haven't had to charge it again yet. But I haven't had a chance to use it for hours at a time, either. I CAN say that unlike most of the laptops and netbooks and cameras I've owned, the battery hasn't drained out when not in use, thus requiring more charging when turned on again. That right there is a plus to me. The only thing that would make this better is if it could plug right into the tablet and help extend battery life, the way some other keyboard/tablet combinations I've seen do.

As for security, the tablet slides into the leather holder and is secured with a leather and velcro tab at the bottom. There is a bit of wiggle-room, so although it is designed to allow access to the buttons and camera and S-pen, it tends to shift a bit. That's no big deal to me as I wanted it basically for the keyboard, but it's something to keep in mind. When closed, the wide leather flap folds entirely over the length and holds with a fairly strong magnet. It feels quite secure to me. No chance of the tablet falling out of the holder or it flopping open, especially since I tend to carry my tablet around in a bag.

A warning to those who have skins on their Notes: the entire keyboard case being made of black leather, like most dyed black leather tends to do, it WILL bleed onto the skin over time. It's inevitable. I've got a very nice DecalGirl skin on my Note, so I don't leave it in the case when I'm not actually using the keyboard. It may not stop the bleed-through but at least it will delay it for a good while.

Overall, for what I paid for, I think I got a good item. Definitely worth the cost. Especially since there still isn't a whole lot of competition on the market.
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on April 25, 2013
I received this item about 5 weeks ago. At the beginning I thought it was a decent article, the design of the case was nice, it looked professional and pretty nice protector, which it is. The case is nice. The only complaint I have about the case is that it stained my white tablet, it is a kind of a burgundy residue left in the back part, not nice. Almost impossible to clean.

Now, about the keyboard...awful. Since the first time I saw it I noticed it was very small and looked very low quality. Still, I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. After 4 to 5 hours charging it, I began to use it. The size made it kind of difficult to type, altough it must be a part of getting used to it, I guessed. But no, the keyboard was not that responsive, It took like a second to type the letter pushed, and it is fully made of rubber, all of it. At least it was kind of faster than the touch keyboard, I thought, still trying to convince myself that it was a good purchase. Now comes the worst. Just a couple of days ago, (a month after received) the keyboard completely failed, it is no longer possible to use it because every time I turn it on, many keys are repeatedely ans nonstop typed. Rubbish. It no longer serves its porpouse of an alternative typing output.

I gave it 2 stars because the case does serve its function of protecting the tablet, but always be aware of the stains it leaves on the tablet. I would return it, but since I am outside the US the shipping and handling costs are too high. This is not a good product for the price. I would recommend it if it was like $10 to $15, but it is almost $30. Don't buy it, look for something more useful.
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on November 17, 2012
The product came dead on arrival, so I couldn't test the keyboard. That being said, it was only slightly larger than the on screen keyboard and the keys do not have normal keyboard feedback, as they are rubber and you can feel the bumpiness below the rubber keys. I have really small hands, but even this seemed small for me as the keyboard wasn't designed to use max space for each key.

The case was ok, but the leather slot that the tablet went into kept opening up and the tablet would start to slide out.

I bought the Kensington Keyfolio Pro 2 Universal Keyboard Case instead, which works wonderfully and has an actual keyboard. The tablet stays in place and the screen has yet to get scratched after a week of use and traveling. Recommend you get that instead.
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on December 24, 2012
I wanted a "leather-like" wraparound keyboard/case for my Note 10.1. My previous tablet (a Motorola Xoom) has such a case made by the tablet's manufacturer that is great. It fits the tablet well, connects easily and offers a good typing experience.

This, not so much-- on all counts. The fit is kind of "loose." It is almost as if the keyboard manufacturer had a general "mold" for 10-inch tablets and just put the cut-outs for the tablet's ports to match the specific device. The Note 10.1 has to be repeatedly pushed up from the bottom to keep from moving around within its restraints and to keep its ports aligned with the keyboard/case cut-outs. Also, when closed for transport, the case folds around the Note 10.1 TWICE. This, and the fact that it is actually wider than the tablet by a noticeable amount, leads the case to increase the tablet's bulk by at least threefold! Remember the old "Trapper Keeper" grade school notebooks that were popular 30+ years ago? This reminded me of them!

The bluetooth connection is unreliable.

Finally, the keys themselves are atrocious! The keys are like those on the rubber roll-up bluetooth keyboards. Yes, you can type on it, but you really wouldn't want to.
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on April 22, 2013
I was having no luck in finding a case for my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in local stores since it is a little larger than other tablets. When I found this one on line I was so excited because it was made for my tablet. I can use either keyboard and it also keeps my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 from getting scratched up. The only feature I don't like is when I want to take a picture with it I have to take it out of the case or a white line appears on the edge of the pictures from the flash bouncing back from the leather case, but I can deal with that one little thing.
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on March 9, 2017
As described.
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on July 16, 2013
I bought this product in October and have put it through the rigors of about 40 flights. Connection to the tablet was very good. Typing was made much easier during the flights. My only complaint with its operation is that it was too heavy and would not allow me to take pictures easily.

It worked flawlessly until about 3 flights ago, when backspace, 't', 'g', and "enter" stopped working. Now, I can't really use it for the keyboard and it is instead a very heavy cover.

If it hadn't broken so quickly, I would still be using it.
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on May 4, 2013
Worst keyboard ever. I basically wasted my money. The keys don't even work. Lousy product. I have to push the keys like two or three times to get a letter. It's very heavy too and cumbersome to lung around. DO NOT BUY THIS FOR YOUR NOTE 10.1. I've never been so disappointed with an electronic purchase from!
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on July 21, 2013
I bought the case for the keyboard aspect. With the keyboard - it's a perfect replacement for my laptop because it's so much lighter. If you don't need the keyboard, then it's a little awkward to work around. The keyboard also disconnects a lot from the tablet. Usually I have to restart my tablet so the two can connect or unpair it then connect again. It's slightly a hassle, but it's a reasonable price.
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