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on April 19, 2012
Like others, purchased this item as a quick option vs Rapid R Strap. I actually had one previously but lost it.

I tried this out based on reviews and because I needed it shipped quickly for a trip out to Forillon State Park - Quebec, Canada. First impression was great, good quality strap .. everything fit well and seemed to be made strong. But unfortunately, that was not the case

On the coast line, I heard a snap and I watched my Canon 5d + 14mm Super Wide EF L lenses fly off. Luckily for me, its as sunrise so tide was low and it fell on beach sand/gravel/seaweed. In fact, I watched my camera bounce off of the sea weed like a pillow. THANK YOU LORD. It saved over 6k of equipment. Now of course, in hind site .. this is a low priced strapped and I am completely crazy for using it on such high value equipment. But Passover shut down BH Photo / Adorama and I needed this strap ASAP. When you are climbing rocks / and hanging off cliffs... you don't want a camera swinging off your neck

The fastener came off . It almost looks like it split in half from the knob and the part that gets screw on to your camera. When I picked up the camera, the screw was still in.. but the mount and fastener were still hanging on my strap. I'll upload some pics so you can see .

Being said, I do give Easy foto 5 star + so far for their quick response and willingness to exchange after return / exchange period . But now my biggest dilemma is, Would I even use this strap again and risk such expensive equipment. I am just lucky my camera didn't take a bath into the salty sea or worse, down the side of the mountain.

I am waiting to see if Easy Foto can refund, I don't feel comfortable moving fwd considering this strap broke on me on first day. P.S. So you don't think I was doing anything crazy, I was walking on along the coastline. Camera was on my right hip, and I had my tripod in my left hand. And the camera snapped off. I was not doing anything that I feel would remotely cause the camera to come off. No reaching or swaying. And I kept the camera flat (lcd up ) so that its minimal movement. Ive had no problem with my rapid strap before and always held my units this way.
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on May 9, 2012
Had a similar experience, to Z. Au's, of having the threaded screw that attached it to the camera mount point pop out of the knurled tightening knob. I was holding the camera when the parts separated, so not as scary as the prior reviewer, but does show this is a weak point.

I was trying to mount a quick release plate and the strap fastener, (one of the features that appealed to me about this strap) and was turning it to tighten, trying to get the quick release plate to square up, and pop. The screw pin that connects the strap to the camera appears to be swedged into place (pressure expanded) and there isn't enough "meat" or enough strength in the metal used to keep it from being pulled out of the mounting hole.
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on September 16, 2016
UPDATE: On the fourth time using this it broke free and dropped my dslr, good thing it was on the grass or I would have been pretty pissed off. I tried to return it but I am 8 days beyond the return period. Buy at your own risk, I am going to contact the seller but otherwise in the garbage it will go.

I was looking for something to get me out of a pinch without spending a ton. Since other had stated the problems of the bracket breaking I put the recommended fail safe keychain in case that happens, cost 0. I also bought the Joby camera tether for $5.79. The only other thing I am doing is adding another row of thread where the strap is sewn to the shoulder strap. I do wish there were a little more strap for more flexibility to adjust the height.
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on December 31, 2015
Overall a decent strap for the price. I was a bit weary with all the reviews saying their straps broke and sent the camera plunging. So I gave this strap some severe testing before using it, and my copy seemed to hold up fine.
The strap itself is ok, tends to slide around some when you lift your camera. Also, adjusting the length is a pain.
The little retainer that holds the 1/4" screw head into the plate fell off of mine, so now I have to watch out to avoid losing the screw when I have the plate off camera. But that's not a huge deal since I almost never have it off camera.

One major plus I do like is that the plate has a loop point for my hand strap so that I can just attach it to the same plate for this shoulder strap.

All said and done, I'd recommend it for the price. Just be weary and do your own quality control testing on it before strapping in your camera.
If I experience a strap failure, I'll be updating this review to reflect that.
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on May 14, 2014
Imagine a product whose failure could cost you an expensive camera or lens? This is that product, a strap built so shoddily that I refuse to use it even once. I noticed immediately that the "locking" clip doesn't actually lock! With most locking carabiners, the lock ring must tighten to secure, but this one has no "tight" mode. In fact, it will actually fall out if you screw it all the way. As I read more reviews, I realized this product has far too many "weak links" to be used with any confidence: the clip can break, the locking screw can break in half, and I see there are only two sloppy rows of stitches holding the strap in place. It's a very cheap knockoff of the BlackRapids straps, substandard in every way and a hazard for a photographer to use! Naming this product WorthTrust, given their total disregard for quality. strikes me as deeply cynical. Judging by the reviews, this product has caused some expensive equipment damage, and it should be recalled and discontinued by the manufacturer.
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After about 30 minutes of adjustment and understanding the hand I use and the direction I wanted the camera to face when not held for fast access it worked exactly as I had hoped.
I used it to photograph a Wedding, where I needed free hands and was walking around a resort between locations for about 5 hours. The strap worked great. I saw some people had construction issues, mine is solid, every stitch is good, no frays, no obvious issues.

Once setup its very predictable where your camera is and the orientation to access it
Felt secure once installed and checked properly.
Pad includes small pocket, great for my cleaning cloth or lens wipes
Folds up small and is light weight to store and transport. I keep mine on the camera shooting days but stored the rest of the time.

Adjusting was a bit fiddly and hard to get settled.
Strap pad rotates about your body when you need to grab the camera, I adjust it constantly. (I don't mind but it could be a problem for someone else.)
Pad is not super comfortable after a few hours, for me 2 hours is great, 4 hours was irritating, 4+ hours became uncomfortable
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on October 17, 2012
Simply put, hardware is crap, but the strap and material seems excellent.

The product just does not fit my cameras (Nikon D5100 and D800e; canon S100 and SD990is; battery grip for the Nikon D5100 and the D800e).
The tripod bolt is just all wrong. It's way too long so it bottoms out on every device I tried and the threads don't go all the way down the shaft.
I cannot use the product thus a 1 star (possible I got a lemon).

The strap, on the other hand looks to be of high quality, but if I can't attach it to my camera, the product is no use to me. I tried contacting the vendor, but since it's a amazon fulfilled item, I can only contact amazon and my options are to keep it or return it. I want the vendor to just send me a new knob with the tripod bolt.

I did get both the double and single camera shoulder strap. The double camera shoulder strap has hardware for two cameras and they have the right sized bolts for both plates.

Please see product gallery images 14-20, inclusive. I've uploaded enough pictures to illustrate my point.

I must admit that I may have gotten a lemon so I will try to order another one. If the replacement (I'm going to have to rebuy this product after I return it) works, I'll update my rating.
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on June 5, 2016
I'm a professional music photographer and this camera sling served me well for the year that I've owned it, until last night. While working a concert, my camera unhooked from the faulty carabiner and fell to the ground. The built in lens hood of my 15mm fisheye nearly bent all the way down to the glass. Thankfully, no glass damage and I was able to bend it back to shape with pliers. Not sure of any internal damage to my lens or camera body due to the impact. Only time will tell.

Pics attached are the faulty carabiner and the banged up lens. It looks like a piece of metal chipped off the tip, causing it to unlock. Sorry, I should have took a pic of the bent lens hood, but I had to bend it back quickly in order to use the lens during the concert last night.
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on December 19, 2015
So far so good. Cheap $7 pretty good strap compared to $70 from Nikon. Only thing I'm afraid of, which hasn't happened yet, is as some of the other reviewers have said some of the metal comnecting components could potentially maybe break. So, Ive rigged, thanks to one reviewers suggestion with a keyring and chain. I'll post a picture of what I did (as I have not seen one posted yet)
review image
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on November 3, 2012
Would you entrust hundreds or THOUSANDS of dollars to this inexpensive strap? I did, and now I'm sorry. The fastener or swivel carbiner will come loose from your camera, then down your gear will go.

To be fair, the shoulder pad itself is pretty comfortable and has a zippered slot to put something small like a spare battery or memory card. the nylon webbing hasn't given me problems this past month and appears to hold up to wear and tear. If your camera isn't very heavy then you'll have to adjust that shoulder piece because it'll eventually slip back or forward. Connect a body with heavy glass on the strap and the shoulder pad stays put.

The big problem is the fastener and carabiner.

The fastener is cheaply made and is difficult to tightly secure to the tripod mount of your camera. If you choose ignore these ratings and buy this strap, at LEAST replace the fastener with the EzFoto Stainless Steel Screw for Quick Release Neck Strap, R-Strap or BlackRapid RFH-3SB Fastenr (FR-3) (Black) (I bought the FR-3). The fastener that comes with this strap will spell doom for your expensive camera when it comes loose. Not if - WHEN. The "L" shape of the metal bracket where the fastener screws through and where the carbiner attaches to is a perfect shape to loosen the fastener over time. This means you have to watch the camera as you move about and worry whether that fastener is coming undone. Add $7-$14 to the cost.

The carbiner is made of cheap metal and will slip from its swivel mount, as many reviews have stated. You can attach a small keyring as a safety precaution just in case the swivel carabiner breaks apart, or you can buy a screwgate carabiner to replace it. Climbers trust their lives with certain carabiners, you can google to find which ones you can trust with your camera. Add $6-$15 to the cost.

So you still need to add extra hardware to get a little more piece of mind, but what's next? performing stitching mods to the shoulder pads? Reinforcing the plastic buckles with metal ones? Always making sure there's a pillow underneath your rig? Maybe it's better to stay away from this strap and just get another one.
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