Customer Reviews: Wrangler Men's Cowboy Cut Original Fit Jean
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on April 24, 2006
If you are used to Levi's, here's some help in choosing a Wrangler jean that will fit you properly. This jean is the classic "Cowboy Cut" that Wrangler has been making since 1947. Among the Levi's jeans, the fit of this jeans is most similar to that of the Levi's 505, which in turn is similar to the Levi's 501, meaning that it is a fairly standard fit, not too tight nor too baggy. It doesn't have as much orange stitching as a Levi's, the back pockets sit higher, and the rise is a bit longer, giving it a slight dress pants look. Unlike the Levi's 501, it has a zipper fly (like the 505) rather than a button fly. The so-called "rigid denim" looks a lot like the "shrink to fit" rigid denim of the 501 when new and will lose a lot of indigo dye on the first wash, but that's where the resemblance ends. The 501 shrinks about 10%, but the Wrangler Cowboy Cut shrinks less than 3%, because it is Sanforized. So, you should err on the side of slightly larger if you are right on the border. The the really neat thing about the Wrangler is that they still have copper rivets on the back pockets, something Levi's stop doing generations ago when schools complained that the rivets scratched the wood desk chairs the school kids used to sit in!

Note also, that the Wrangler Cowboy Cut "Slim Fit" is quite a bit skimpier than this jean. The slim fit seat is smaller and the legs are pretty trim--it's more of a boy's cut. If you are really on the thin side, it may work for you, but many men will find it too constricting in the waist and seat.

Wranglers stonewash finishes are pretty mainstream compared to some of the more exotic things Levi's is doing now. These definitely are not so-called "destructed" jeans. You won't find whiskering or abrasion the way you will on the stonewash Levi's.

Overall, these are very solid well-made jeans that offer a nice alternative to the more popular Levi's models. Like Levi's, they are well made and indestructible.
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on September 8, 2012
I bought the indigo rigid jeans because they were cheaper than the premium washes (stone wash, bleach, etc.) and they were cheaper than the pre-wash (Indigo jeans that have been softened). At first I found the rigidness of the jeans to be somewhat off putting but when I started getting compliments on the dark indigo it started to grow on me and now I prefer rigid jeans, but this pair was my experiment.

First wash turn them inside out, wash by themselves on "hot". I pulled them out while still damp and put them on. They did shrink some so I squatted, bent over, turned and twisted and basically somewhat stretched them back into place and let them hang dry. They lost a good bit of dye the first wash and went from being dark, dark indigo to a slightly lighter shade of indigo (think dark navy blue). When I put them back on they were still very rigid but the jeans fit better, almost like they had been tailor made to the shape of my body. I wore them for several days like this and found the jeans stiff where I didn't move or flex them but had become much more pliable at the backs of the knees, etc. where I moved constantly.

Second wash, turn them inside out and wash on hot. I pulled them out while still damp and did the stretch routine again. Same result, slightly less dark indigo before, definitely more navy blue by now. Still rigid but not as rigid and once hung dry, fit like they were tailor made. I noticed the waist, thigh and length shrank ever so slightly but stretched right back into place where needed, no problem. I wore them for a couple of days like this.

Third wash, turn them inside and wash hot. This time I removed them from the wash and dried on medium heat, removing the jeans while still every so slightly damp and hot, and put them on, did the stretch routine and they fit like they were taking shape to my body and fit extremely well. After the third wash they were definitely more faded to a more pure navy blue/blue berry kind of blue. Basically a plain, dark blue jean just like the pre-washed but perhaps not quite as soft...yet.

By fourth wash I turned them inside out and washed them cold, dry on medium, put them on while still warm and by this time they were becoming soft, with only slight to no indigo dye loss. Now I wash in cold water and dry on low like the rest of my jeans, but unlike the rest of my jeans these fit like they were made for me. You simply cannot get a fit like this off the rack from the non-rigid jeans of which I have several pair. The rigid will shrink slightly and you can stretch them to fit however you want but the overall jeans don't shrink so much as to make sizing difficult. I'd say the 3% shrink is about right. These jeans are all I'll buy from now on, maybe I'll try the Levis Shrink to Fit to see if they work out as well.

General fit info: The waist in these jeans is high, the pockets are tight and the 5th pocket (for pocket watches I guess) is almost unusable when wearing a belt. The back pockets sit higher up than other jean styles and I assume all of this is to accommodate riding a horse. Since I ride motorcycles this works very well for that too, I don't find myself wondering if I have the plumber's crack thing going one when riding. The jeans are also slim in the leg (assuming you have normal sized thighs) and of course look fantastic with boots. You may even want to consider getting them slightly longer than you would normally wear if you want that bunched up look at the bottom hem with your boots. Otherwise they fit exactly so with a slight break in the front of the hem.
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on October 23, 2011
Dollar for dollar, these Wrangler's are the best value ever. I've had numerous pairs over the years, and even though these are now made in Mexico, there are no noticeable differences from my American made pairs. Wrangler beats Levi's (I usually wear 501's...or I should say "wore") in build do I know? I am an HVAC technician, and on a daily basis, I wear my cowboy cuts to work in attics, crawlspaces, chillers, you name it...they wear out after three or four years of daily work use, but even then, they are still wearable (just fraying along the seams and couple holes at the knees.. All of the 501's i've used for work normally die within the first year or two.

All of the cowboy cuts I own originated as the rigid indigo material. My advice, if you go with the rigid indigo, is to wash them alone for at least the first two or three cycles...or you can do what I do, when you wash them the first time, just keep an eye on your washing machine's timer and keep cranking it back up to keep em washing for about an hour before the first spin and rinse. Use good liquid fabric softener, then tumble dry them on high for about a half an hour. This will take care of any shrinking that may occur, and dont worry, they are always a little snug after a wash but after one day of average work and activity, they fit perfect to size again. After the first few washes, the rigid indigo is the same texture and color as the "prewashed indigo" you can buy.

The only thing I do notice with these jeans is that the leg opening may be a little on the small size for anything other than western style or slip on boots. When I wear them with my wolverine work boots they bunch to take care of this I have a pair that I cut to fit over work boots and sneakers.

Get these jeans, they are a classic fit, and last about a year or two longer than any Levi's 501s I've ever owned.
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on January 13, 2007
I purchased the "Cowboy Cut" Wrangler jeans for my husband's birthday. He is particular about the cut of his pants, preferring the regular fit vs. relaxed, so I was a little concerned about what "Cowboy Cut" meant. However, I worried needlessly as these are now his favorite pair of jeans. They fit nicely and look great!
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on February 8, 2016
If put a vintage label, with Japanese selvedge, this item worth tenth time, even quality, style the same.
Its real classic. The style same as the 1947 original. This is not vintage of 1954, nor vintage of 1979. Lover of vintage clothing be careful which year's vintage you are buying. Unlike 501 and 101 of other brand has many different cutting. The cloth is Wrangler cross twill. Its tough and give a unique look and feel. Its shiny under sunlight. Before this 13mwz, I have a Levis 197x vintage with size 32/34. After two shrink, waist still loose. The third shrink use 45º hot water, the waist become fit as the Wrangler but it became low rise and slim cut. The waist button is 3" below my belly button. The inseam became 31.5", shrink 2.5". For the 13mwz, I need 32/31, 1" longer than I need for expecting 3% shrinking. After shrinking it became 30.5". The waist is as fit as unboxing. The waist button is 1" below belly button. Its high rise like a dressing pant. As other review stated that the seven loops and the higher back pocket make riding easy.

Some words about selvedge. This 13mwz has folding stitching, its rigider than selvedge which need more labor in production. For cloth quality, selvedge not necessary better. Will I buy again? its seem durable. May be buy one with another color.
review image review image
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on December 3, 2008
Been buying Wanglers since Levi went PC. Love the jeans and Amazon has a great price. These are the standard, old fashioned, come stiff, just the jeans, mam style. Just right.
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on July 30, 2013
These jeans are made of nice heavy denim.... the way all jeans were made in days gone by. The stitching is heavy duty, and decorates the back pockets. The scoop pockets in the front go pretty much straight down making it less likely for stuff to fall out than pockets that come in more from the side. Rivets reinforce all the pockets. Leather patch is on the right back pocket, so it won't be covered up with a belt. These jeans have 7 belt loops instead of the 5 found in lesser quality jeans. I was also pleased to find that odd number inseam sizes were available. This is not usually the case with other jeans, even some Wranglers. It seems to me that these jeans are a little slimmer in the seat than Wrangler's "regular fit" jeans (not to be confused with the "original fit"). They're pretty stiff when you get them, but they loosen up considerably after one wash. Minimal shrinkage in a hot dryer. For some reason, different colors are different prices. Indigo is the cheapest. Hope this helps.

Edit: I reviewed these jeans to soon. Since my initial review, these jeans have shrunk at least 2 waist sizes. I wear a 32 waist (which I ordered). Now I can't even get them fastened! I figure they are now a 29 or 30 waist. Great jeans, but I recommend buying at least 2 waste sizes larger.
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on February 28, 2013
I read a review that said the jeans were stiff and that is why the reviewer didn't like them. Well, they were right! These are the stiffest pair of jeans I've ever purchased and the best pair I've owned in nearly 30 years! Tough, strong, real jeans... not wimpy designer wannabees... WITH 7 (yes, I said SEVEN) belt loops. I had to fight my way into these rugged, nearly bullet-proof, pair of manly-jeans as the fabric would hardly yield. Once settled into the pair it felt as if I was wearing armor. The pants nearly stand up by themselves which can be helpful if you are on your feet all day. Wranglers are not for the weak or poor in spirit - for it takes a rugged determination to even try on a pair. Are you tough enough? Are you man or mouse? Do you want work jeans or to impress the gals at the disco?
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on May 20, 2008
I've been wearing Levis "boot cut" jeans for more than twenty years and before that Lee "boot cut" jeans. Neither product measures up to their products of thirty years ago. The denim seems thinner and there are fewer belt loops. These "cowboy" jeans are still the "real thing" as far as I'm concerned. They're heavy and fit just right. I just ordered three more pair. They should actually call these "dungarees" to destinguish them from the lesser quality current jeans from the major makers.
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on August 7, 2007
Pants are comfortable, and durable. They are really sharp in black, and can be worn to work without being too obvious that they are jeans. The Wrangler brand is very under-rated. They are just as nice, and hold up better than Levis. I highly recommend them, especially if you are tall like I am, and sick of having to pay $60+ for a pair of jeans.
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