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on November 19, 2014
While I was never a habitué of video games, there are so many that I do remember simply because they were literally everywhere. The story here is a straightforward one. Wreck it Ralph is a bad guy, alone and literally despised by his neighbors because he wrecks their building, but at heart, he really not a bad guy. He had been literally moved off his home and shoved to the side into the dump, because of "eminent domain" a fact most watchers can empathize with, and his rage is justified. The game he is in is "Fix it Felix Jr." And the star of this game gets the pie, the awards , the friends, and the up coming anniversary party. The fact that Ralph is literally left out in the cold does not set well with him and he is longing to be at least, a part of everything going on around him because he is part of the game. After an argument he decides only a medal, like Felix's will at least give him some of what he wants and so he goes to seek one by jumping into a game called Hero's Duty. He manages to acquire one, but when he leaves, he brings big trouble with him when he takes a space cruiser and crashes into a game called Sugar Rush. It is here that he finds a down and out glitch called Vanelllope Von Schweetz, who steals his medal in order to enter a race. In trying to get his medal back, he discovers a dark secret concerning the reigning ruler, King Kandy who is fiercely obsessed with keeping Vanellope from ever racing at all, and despite the fact that he is Wreck it Ralph, he must step out of his element in order to help set things right by doing what he does best and shows great heart in doing so.
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on February 5, 2016
Great price for this awesome Disney Bluray combo pack. I purchased this movie on Amazon because the price was a lot cheaper than it is at my local stores. I also received free 2 day shipping because I am an Amazon Prime member. I am very happy with my purchase and I will definitely buy movies from Amazon again!
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on October 26, 2014
A clever movie, with fantastic characters and visual effects and a story that lives up to Pixar standards
A brief summary of the movie; wreck it ralph is the bad guy in the video game at an arcade. He becomes tired of being the bad guy and being ostracized for it. He comes to find the only way that the other people in the game would accept him is if he won a medal. However, only the good guys win medals, and he is the bad guy in his game. So, he decides to venture into the other games at the arcade, to win his medal and be accepted. That's the basic premise, but much past there is spoilers.
The characters are really well written, they have traits about them that are charming, and traits which are dislikeable as well. Ultimately a lot of them come off as endearing characters you can identify with.
The plot and visuals lives up to all the standards you'd expect from a pixar movie, and I think this movie was particularly more interesting, especially since it made clever renditions of video games
All in all, great movie, a good watch for just about any audience
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on December 9, 2013
Ralph is a home wrecker. Or at least he is an apartment wrecker, climbing the same apartment building for years, smashing windows and breaking masonry, only to be followed by Fix-it-Felix who repairs the damage with a magical golden hammer. After a hard day's work, what do video game characters do? Like the toys in Toy Story, they kick back and relax, leading their own lives until the arcade opens again tomorrow. Ralph's video game has reached the implausible age of 30, and the resident characters are having a party to celebrate. But they have not invited Ralph, who lives in a junk pile of broken bricks across the street from the apartment.

Ralph is despondent about his role as designated bad guy, and even attends a group therapy session for video bad guys. He's advised to follow the philosophy "I'm bad, and that's good." But he wants to be recognized as a hero, and starts by going to Game Central, a kind of Grand Central Station where video characters can shop and recreate on their days off. It also offers the forbidden opportunity to access other video games in order to confirm his heroism. In a combat video he wrecks his way to a medal, but has it stolen by a villain and carried off to yet another video game in Candyland. The King here is a cross between the Mad Hatter and the Wizard of Oz, and just too goody-goody to be true.

The big auto race known as the Sugar Rush is coming up, and here we encounter an archetype from Disney, the neglected Princess with a fatal flaw. Will Ralph become a hero? Will he rescue the Princess? Will his game avoid the dreaded un-plugging that results from becoming obsolete? Tune in to Wreck-It Ralph for the answers to these and other exciting problems that face the denizens of videoland.

This offering from Disney is fast, colorful, and features a host of characters that are interesting without quite becoming loveable. They teach kids by example that you can improve yourself if you try hard enough, and that obstacles and even personal flaws ("glitches") can be overcome.
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on January 8, 2017
Love this movie. Really underestimated it! I think this and Guardians of the Galaxy are two of my favorite movies (The Incredibles and The Winter Soldier as well). Funny, great storyline with a surprise ending. It's not predictable, great voice acting and animation - kids and adults will enjoy this underrated film. Watch it for yourself!
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on July 4, 2013
There are many great joys in life and Disney, the creators of "Wreck it Ralph", have always been experts at tapping into those emotions. It has been key to their success. Just like the characters in "Toy Story", we all long to be needed and not necessarily loved, but liked. We want to be included. We want to know that there's somebody out there who thinks of us from time to time and quite simply, that is all that Ralph wants.

Locked away inside his game between the hours of open and close of the arcade, Ralph is alone. He's a bad guy. The hero of his game, Fix-it Felix is the star. Felix is the one with the friends and who receives all the accolades. When the arcade closes up for the night, the characters can travel from game to game, they can socialize with each other, but Ralph is alone, with no friends to speak of. Ralph, voiced by John C. Reilly, wants people to like him. He wants people to be proud of him, but being locked away inside his game only allows him to destroy and then get thrown off a building. This triggers a nostalgic and incredibly creative adventure.

"Wreck it Ralph" never really struck me as outwardly hilarious, but the movie is endlessly entertaining and loaded with imagery and blast from the past references. Also like "Toy Story", another world occurs when people aren't looking and when that world takes off, the video game references from the past will go right over your child's head. The adults though, will recognize characters from Super Mario Bros, Sonic, Q*bert, Street Fighter, Joust, Frogger, Pac-Man, Burger Time, the bartender from the game Tapper and even paddle one and two from the ultra nostalgic game, Pong.

Ralph means well, but like most animated movies, that doesn't always lead you in the correct direction. So, when he meets a sweet little 9-year old racer named Vanellope Von Schweetz, voiced by Sarah Silverman, he finds that he's not alone in his plight to be included. Vanellope is a glitch, a flawed character program, hidden away in the system, not allowed to play. The two of them may have formed one of the most memorable character bonds in recent history.

While the movie may not be hilariously funny, "Wreck it Ralph" is sheer joy and fun and it taps into an emotion that many adults have forgotten and many kids know all too well. It reminds you what it is like that first time you realized that you had a friend. Your child will also see a nice example of friendship and loyalty. This, in my opinion, makes "Wreck it Ralph" not just a movie for kids, but for adults as well. With all the references of nostalgic games and its flawless reminder of how euphoric friendship is, "Ralph" is for everybody.
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on July 23, 2013
I find in my old age I never actually go to a theater to see a film. I wait until it comes out on Blu-ray, and now that I have a 3D TV, I buy almost every film in 3D (even if 3D does bother my wife).

WRECK-IT RALPH is amazing, not just for the wonderful animation, but the story as well. It's a story of the "bad guy" in an old arcade game that is living on borrowed time. Ralph (John C. Reilly) goes to meetings of a sort of AA group for villains of arcade games, but he's determined to not be thought of as a bad guy. The other characters in his game, "Fix it Felix," don't want to associate with Ralph, and give him no credit for wrecking things so the game has a reason to exist so Felix (a really nice handiman) can fix-it. Felix gets a medal each time he saves the day, and Ralph feels he'll be accepted if he can get a medal. He sneaks into a commando game, and breaks all the rules to finally win a medal, but in the process releases a "bug" that he accidentally introduces into the sugary-sweet game of "Sugar Rush" Stuck in that game, and searching for his medal, he meets the Glitch, aka Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman), an outcast who is adorable and irritating at the same time. She is determined to win an upcoming race, and Ralph sees her winning as the only way to get his medal back - until King Candy convinces him otherwise.

The rest of the film is brilliantly funny plot points and endearing moments as Felix and the Commando leader search for Ralph and the bug, and Ralph realizes that Vanellope is really meant to be the main character in Sugar Rush, and fights to make things right.

This film is amazing, and a wonderful work of animation from Walt Disney Feature Animation. It is to Disney's credit that, even after acquiring Pixar, they continue to also turn out wonderful animated films in their Animation division. See this film, unless you feel blood and guts is the only way to have an adventure.
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on March 26, 2014
This film does a great job of creating empathy and understanding for all video game villains.

I for one applaud the commitment of all great villains. Ralph is an outstanding wrecker and should be recognized and celebrated for his skills. And so should other villains..

This film made me appreciate Bowser's evil business management skills. Can you imagine what it must be like handle accounting, finance, marketing, human resources and operations management of his evil empire. How is this guy making any profit out of kidnapping the princess unsuccessfully dozens of times? Whoever is funding his operation is more forgiving than a Kickstarter backer.

Bowser must have a ton charisma. How else could you get the willing, uncompensated participation of the goombas, koopas and boos. Of the three, only the goomba wears a scowl. That's pretty good personnel management. Admittedly, I'd scowl a little bit too if I knew their was a 99% chance of me beginning crushed to death under the weight of an Italian plumber. But I digress...

Purchase Wreck-It Ralph and enjoy it. You will have a better appreciation for the villain in your life.
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on August 25, 2016
For any body who hasn't seen Wreck it Ralph (is there really anybody out there who hasn't?) this is a hilariously-funny movie with quotable lines that you will remember (and use!) years down the road. But underneath the hilarity and memorability, there is an endearing story that has earned this movie its' place in my "Classic" hall of fame.

Amazon Digital is wonderful--it's nice to have this movie there in my forever library so I can watch it whenever and wherever I wish. The process was simple--press buy and viola! It showed up in my library.
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on January 26, 2014
I love this story. It feels like any of Pixar's best, and for good reason: it comes from Pixar's mind-meld with Disney (since the acquisition). It has strong characters, a fast-paced & fun plot, plenty of humor, and really strong voice talent. The script wisely avoids complications that stray from the central journey's of the two leads. (The deleted scenes convincingly show the value of shopping a story through many iterations before pronouncing it ready for press.) Ralph is extremely likable, as is his counterpart, Vannelope (voiced winningly by Sarah Silverman). Supporting characters Fix-it Felix (Jack McBrayer from 30-Rock), and Calhoun (Jane Lynch of Glee) are also outstanding. The concept of video game characters having lives behind what we see, including traveling between games (interacting) when we aren't watching, is brilliant. The film also avoids diving too deep into pop-culture references, sticking to sampling the feel of various genres and eras, and leaving the Easter eggs for the devoted to find on their own time (via pause button). For some viewer below the age of about 7 or 8, the tech bugs could be too much nightmare fuel. Otherwise, great for all ages (and genders).
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