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on March 22, 2010
Beware!! Image is deceitful: the design of the knives that is being featured online is much more simple and poorer quality (no curved handle or red label) than the photo that's being used to promote the product! I instantly returned it: actual product and product in the photo are not the same!!
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on February 19, 2010
I have a Wusthof Classic that's been sharpened so many times (a decade of daily use), it's come time to replace it. Saw this deal, saw the Classic line in the pictures and ordered.
What was pictured is NOT what was received!
Don't be fooled. This is not the Classic set, it's the cheap stamped out set, and because of it, this isn't a deal. A stamped knife is a stamped knife. It's cheap, light, can't hold an edge and while not really bad, is not something you want to use every day for years and years.

It's a disgrace for Amazon to picture a different product in anothers product description, but it's my fault for trusting them with it and not simply reading reviews and making sure I'm getting what I think I'm getting.
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on October 7, 2013
Knives are GREAT. Never got the 13-block wood block, after 2 orders insuring me on the second they would send that. But nope, 2nd order was the same, They insured me on the first call that they checked with the warehouse & made sure all was kosher. blah blah, 2nd shipment was same as 1st, same knives w/same small block. I called back & they did immediately refund the difference in price. I really did want that though, I got steak knives laying on the counter now that I really did want to put into a block. Kind of is not nice though, I'm thinking they should have offered me a bigger block, discounting the block I got but really did not want. But, heck no..... what happens now ????? I get 3 at least e-mails a day offering a chance for me to 'BUY" a stupid block that I should have been sent in the first place. Izn't that a hoot? Send me the block I ordered originally & I'll send you back this one, dumbbells, like i'm going to pay you anything more for what I asked for to begin with... This is the first time ever I ordered anything from Amazon. Hmmm?
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on February 28, 2015
These are great knives! I cook a lot and dull knives are dangerous and miserable to use. These were a great addition to my kitchen.They have good balance and they hold a good edge with use. The handles provide a comfortable fit in my hands. The blades are full tang, which means the steel goes all the way to the end of the handle. This makes the knives more durable and gives them a better balance when cutting. The set comes with a honing stone that you can use to ensure the sharpest edge before each use. The chef's knife handled cutting meat and chopping onions very nicely. The boning knife was perfect for cutting chicken pieces and the small paring knife was perfect for peeling and slicing apples. The knife block is a nice touch. The kitchen shears came in very handy for cutting up chicken and snipping fresh herbs.All in all, I am very pleased with this set. They were also very affordable.
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on July 30, 2015
Been using these knives for a couple of years.

The good:
They are very sharp out of box and handle very well.

The bad:
They began to lose their edge about a year in of fairly light use.
They don't sharpen very well (common issue with stamped knives)
Honestly overpriced for what you get. If you need sharp knives good for a year or two, pretty much any knife set will do. Cuisinart for example offers much cheaper sets that will work just as well.
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on September 26, 2013
The September 2004 order that appears in my history as Wüsthof Classic 7-Piece Knife Block Set now redirects to this product, which costs less than half what I paid back then. The knives from 2004 are still amazing considering the 9 years of abuse they've taken in the kitchen. I suspect the Gourmet series is not nearly as nice.

There is a 2 piece Wusthof Classic set that includes an 8 inch chef's knife and a paring knife. Those two knives together cost more than this 7-piece set, but I think they are actually a better deal. Those plus the Wusthof come-apart shears do 99% of the knifework in my kitchen.
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on March 23, 2011
If you have not taken culinary classes or at the very least watched some of the online videos on knife handling, do NOT buy these knives. They are one of the top professional brands in the world, and one slice through a vegetable will quickly show why.

My set arrived today, so I took out an onion and diced it in the manner in which I learned from a certified chef, and after I was amazed at how easily the task was completed, I noticed that my cuts were much more consistent and professional than they had been with what was a very good knife for a cheapie -- and consistent cuts are critical in being able to cook the lot evenly and consistently. It sliced rather than tore, and it will take a finger to the bone before one knows he or she has been cut. That's why it's best to learn the professional pinch grip rather than the common hammer grip before trying these out.

I managed to buy my set through Warehouse Deals, used like new, and they came with original packaging (knive blades in paper sleeves and knives in plastic sleeves, all in a separate box; block shrink-wrapped in plastic). I am very pleased and know these will probably be the last knives I ever have to buy. And if not, they have already raised my culinary skills by several degrees.
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on December 16, 2009
I was expecting a little better than consumer-quality from these knives, but instead I got a little worse.

The knives were not sharp upon receipt, and had to be sharpened before first use. I already owned numerous knives that needed sharpening; imagine my disappointment to receive more of them!

By contrast, we had looked at some consumer-grade (twice the knives for the money) Cuisinart knives in a brick&mortar store, and they were so sharp that the salesperson cut himself trying to show them to us! I am told that, had I bought Shun, they wouldn't have needed sharpening for at least a year of regular use.

The red Wusthof badge on the handle was just a sticker on the smaller knives. It washed off with a gooey glue residue on the first HAND washing. Only the two largest knives had permanent badges on them that withstood water. Now it doesn't even look like a matched set any more, as all of the handles are plain black except the two largest knives.

Maybe this was consumer-grade Wusthof(?), but in my opinion, they should not have put their name on these knives.
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on January 31, 2010
These knives were a little flimsier than I expected. I had previously handled some Wusthof Classics in the store and and these are no where near that quality and feel. But they do their job decently I suppose. Another thing is that the red Wusthoff logo on the handle is a sticker that EASILY washes off... possibly because Wusthoff does not want to be so easily associated with these knives?

As some other reviews have previously mentioned, these are stamped knives rather than forged. I would ultimately suggest that you spend a little extra money and get full satisfaction from forged knives instead of purchasing these.
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on December 13, 2014
This is the third set of these knives that I have bought. The first set that I bought was for myself almost ten years ago and there were no "cons" about them and I use them almost every day. The second and third set were gifts to others because they are so good. These knives keep sharp for a long time under constant use ,but, with a few strokes with the supplied sharpening tool they are ready to go at it for long time again. This is a great, expandable starter set.
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