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on February 12, 2015
Excellent sequel to First Class adds more firepower by including team members from the original series of films. Yes, purists will whine because the movie differs a great deal from the comics but you have to remember: this is the movie universe NOT the comics universe. Excellent effects make the powers of all the mutants pretty amazing. Film goes overboard trying to cram way too many characters into the alternate future timeline, leaving you with a "Wait! Who the heck was that?" moment every few seconds. Original cast members get a last (?) romp and seem to be having a grand time. The scene between old & young Xavier is a terrific one. The introduction of Quicksilver is lots of fun and he gets perhaps the single greatest scene in the entire film as he displays his powers in an awesome sequence brilliantly set to the classic Jim Croce tune "Time In A Bottle" that just stuns. Young Xavier, Magneto & Mystique are uniformly excellent and The Sentinels finally get a chance to strut their stuff, though many may balk at the huge changes to the design of their future versions. I was thoroughly engrossed & entertained for 2+ hours and that's all I need to sell me on this and whole-heartedly recommend it to you. If you like X-Men 2 and First Class then you should LOVE this installment in the popular mutant series. As one would expect of a new film in high-def, this Blu-ray presentation of the movie does not disappoint. Clean, crisp picture & the sound mix is leveled nicely, no muffled dialogue or sudden explosive music or effects to force you to constantly adjust the volume during the film. Lots of cool (but brief) bonus features are included, too. Also note: there's a post end credits teaser that gives us a glimpse of the chaos to come in the series' next installment: X-Men - Apocalypse. Count me in! 5 STARS
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Loved this film. It's a difficult one to review without spoilers, so I am going to be quite careful here... First off, bottom line up front, rent this one right now if you are a fan of the X-Men movies and spinoffs. Having seen them all (multiple times) I can recommend this one without hesitation.

OK, so what made it so fun? First, the acting is top notch. Of course, with such an A-list cast, perhaps that's to be expected. But, I can say no one "mailed in" their performance. Jackman, Lawrence, all of them played their roles to the hilt. I particularly enjoyed Charles Xavier throughout, from his drunken, darker moments, to the later portions (again, avoiding spoilers).

The threat posed by the enemy, especially at the beginning of the film, actually had me wondering how they were going to defeat them. Normally, those things are somewhat easy to sort out, but - as you will see in the opening scenes - these are not your usual villains... The personal struggles of the main characters were believable and interesting to watch unfold.

Finally, the pure fun of the film, the excellent CGI, and the action (obviously the cornerstones of these films) not only did not disappoint, but improved on the previous films.

So, with all those non-spoilers, I hope I have conveyed that, if you are on the fence about this one, it is definitely worth the rental!!!
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on September 4, 2016
A fun romp through the (cinematic version of the) history of the X-Men, with the usual "Oh, WOW!" level special effects and a cast who seem to actually have some respect for their characters.

I kept the 5th star in my pocket due to a couple of small but annoying plot holes, the apparent ease with which some characters seem to suddenly agree with Logan/Wolverine, and a depiction of Magneto's power at a level that stretched my willing suspension of disbelief pretty hard. (This in a film where my only reaction to the powers of Blink, Raven/Mystique, Storm, et al was a happy smile... oh, well.) Also, anyone not familiar with a number of the featured characters will likely spend several minutes going, "Wait, what...?!?" at the beginning of the film and maybe also 2-3 times as the story unfolds.

The reproduction of 1970s NYC and Washington, DC, although imperfect, were more than good enough to be plenty of fun; the same goes for Nixon & co. There are just enough intentionally silly/funny moments throughout the film to keep the dark side of the story where it belongs, and while the ending may be a tad too neat & clean for some fans I found it logical & satisfying.
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DoFP is easily my favorite X-Men movie at the moment. I've read the comic, and watched the 90s animated series version of it, so I'm well aware of the changes made to the movie, but they didn't detract from the well-written story and good follow-up with First Class that it is. Everyone on the cast does their absolute best within their roles, but I felt McAvoy and Fassbender really took the cake here in regards to acting.

Interesting scenes, while there were several, I am still amazed at how well done the jailbreak sequence with Quicksilver was. However, it would've been nice if a line or two were thrown in as to why he couldn't continue to help the rest of the group. The sentinels did a good job of showing how desperate a situation they made it for everyone in the future, but I would've liked a bit more insight as to they were largely unknown until this storyline. Also, even for a fictional movie based on a comic book, the future sentinels seemed downright impossible given their advanced technology, allowing them to have several mutant powers of their own, was modeled after Mystique's ability to 'appear' like other people.

This movie also stars Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, for the sixth time. I like the character of Wolverine/Logan/James Howlette(?)... but I like a lot of other X-Men characters too. I fully understand why he was given the lead role here, and it makes sense within the context presented in the movie as well, but let's face it, Fox simply can't compete with the Marvel(Disney) studios quality of movies of the last few years so why not bring in some more popular characters that fans can get equally attached to? Hopefully this is what happens in Age of Apocalypse, as well as the other stand-alone movies that have been announced/hinted at, but for the time being I will enjoy this golden age of comic movies for as long as it lasts. If you happen to be a fan of this genre I would definitely recommend checking out Days of Future Past.
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on January 8, 2015

Disc 1: Blu-Ray 3D Feature Film
Disc 2: Blu-Ray 2D Feature Film + Extras

2014, 132 min.
Video: 1080p High Definition 16:9 Widescreen 2.40:1
Audio: English: 7.1 DTS-HD, English Descriptive Audio 5.1 Dolby Digital,
Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital, French 5.1 Dolby Digital, Portuguese 5.1 Dolby Digital,
Russian 5.1 DTS, Thai 5.1 Dolby Digital, Ukrainian 5.1 Dolby Digital
Subtitles: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Korean, Latvian,
Lithuanian, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Ukrainian
Extras: Deleted Scenes (with optional commentary by Director Bryan Singer)(6 min.),
Kitchen Sequence (6 min.), Gag Reel (6 min.),
Double Take: Xavier & Magneto (12 min.), X-Men: Reunited (10 min.),
Classification: M (12 min.), Sentinels: For a Secure Future (9 min.), Picture Gallery,
Theatrical Trailers, Second Screen App, Sneak Peak of Exodus: Gods and Kings
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I thought they did a great job of showing the story contained in the comics that I remembered reading back then. I am sure I have forgotten enough of the details to not nerd rage about what was different but the feel of the original story was captured. I liked getting the chance to see the old professor and Magneto doing their thing and flashing back to the younger versions from the last movie. I have really enjoyed what Hugh Jackman has done with the character of Wolverine and I will miss him when he decides to hang up the claws. The scene's with quicksilver really steals the show for me and you don't laugh at the slow-mo scene in the kitchen then you might have forgotten that you are watching a comic come to life.

If you have liked the latest interpretations of the characters then I would expect you to like this at least enough to be entertained.
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on July 22, 2017
Great movie! While the timeline/events of the X-Men movies changes and rearranges based on retcons and revamps, this movie is pretty darn good. I have a bit of a soft spot for X-Men: First Class as my all-time favorite of the movies, and this one isn't quite as good, but it's well made and has some very nice special effects and action sequences. It's a pretty good follow-up to the emotional character development of Charles, Erik, Raven and Hank that we get in First Class, showing where their relationships have led them in the next decade or so. While it lacks the heartwrenching moments of their backstories, it does show a little bit more of what makes those characters into the mutants that we all know and love.

As said above, the effects are good, especially those of some of the newly introduced mutants. Blink, in particular, had quite pretty sequences, and everything with Quicksilver had me practically dying laughing when I wasn't glued to the screen in amazement at his action shots. Evan Peters was wonderful, and Peter Dinklage gave another brilliant performance. The score and soundtrack choices were great, and the script was well-written. All in all, it was a pretty good movie, and definitely worth a watch if you're a fan of the X-Men franchise.
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Time travel, mixed loyalties, a frightening future and the Paris Peace Talks that ended the war in Vietnam - at least as far as the United States was concerned - are all wrapped up in what could have been a confusing tangle of plot lines but which turned out to be, instead, an excellent movie directed with a deft hand by Bryan Singer.
I'm not going to explain the plot because it is so nicely woven together that I'd be posting spoiler alerts with every other sentence. Instead, I'll say that Hugh Jackman brings just the right bit of macho tough guy blended with a touch of humility to make his performance as Wolverine very appealing. Jennifer Lawrence takes on the role as the shape-changing Mystique that was pioneered so spectacularly by Rebecca Romijn in three previous X-Men films. When I heard she had been cast as Mystique I was unsure that Lawrence could handle the role since I very much enjoyed Romijn's portrayal of this often cold-blooded character. Lawrence pulls it off in fine fashion, however, adding a level of sensitivity to Mystique - particularly in two very emotional scenes - that Romijn was not asked to do in the previous films.
This is very much Jackman's movie but there are fine supporting performances by Michael Fassbender as a young Magneto, James MacAvoy as a young Charles Xavier, Ellen Page and, of course, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. Some old friends return in what are essentially cameo roles including Halle Berry, Famke Janssen and Anna Paquin.
If you're a fan of the Marvel universe you're going to like this movie.
If you're a fan of dystopian films there is a lot here for you to like as well.
And if you just like good action movies with appealing characters played by equally appealing actors and actresses, then by all means see it.
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on March 17, 2018
I love the X-Men movies and was a bit worried about this one. This one has us go into the future where mutants are almost 100% extinct. And back to the 1950's where Charles is "lost" and not himself, Mystique/Raven is being pulled into the good and bad side both hard. She is the biggest star of this movie. In the 50's we get to see Quicksilver and his personality and great gifts in action. It is 100% up and down action and back and fourth past and future. A LOT of action and humor. Wolverine is the main one other than Mystique. This is a great addition to the series.
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on March 22, 2015
Just because this is the latest "X-Men" movie does not automatically make it the best "X-Men" movie. Think people. The story/plot was completely different from the rest of the "X-Men" movies. However, there were pros and cons (like almost every movie) of "X-Men: Days of Future Past". Here they are:

1. Completely different story/plot than the rest of the "X-Men" movies
2. Combined the old version of the X-Men with the new/current version of the X-Men in one film
3. Had a very interesting twist with the Sentinels (if you're a die-hard, true X-Men comic fan, then you would have known that in the comics the Sentinels do not have ability that Mystique has-they are just plain robots in the original comics)
4. Painstaking tease at the end of this film (see it to know what I mean-I'm looking forward to Apocalypse "Now")

1. Too much focus on Wolverine's character (it seems he's always the hero in every X-Men movie now-that's getting old like he slowly is)
2. A depressing story/plot
3. Introduction of some weird characters not in previous X-Men movies (I thought it was refreshing to see new characters, but they were not developed in this film so the average person who does not know much about the X-Men comics was most likely clueless about who the heck they are-bad idea to include them in this film without telling their stories)
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