Customer Reviews: X-Men: Days of Future Past
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on May 27, 2014
X-Men fans can be a prickly lot and over the last 14 years since Bryan Singer's first movie, they have run hot and cold on the films, mostly loving the first two, intensely disliking LAST STAND and splitting the difference on FIRST CLASS and the two WOLVERINE movies. Singer's latest effort, X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, may well be the best of the lot and a film that even the most particular of fans will find hard to totally dislike.

I thought X-MEN:DAYS OF FUTURE PAST was the best of the X-Men movies because:

It truly captures the essence of who the X-Men are: the down and dirty combat grunts of the comic book universe. While The Avengers and the JLA are made up of world beaters who come together to fight some universe threatening evil, the X-Men consist of scrappy misfits, many with working class origins and neurotic personalities. They band together because no one else will have them,then bicker, fight, and feud like a true family. Professor X and Magneto can be bitter enemies, but they are also brothers and patriarchs over a large brood, with Wolverine only the first of many difficult children.

DAYS OF FUTURE PAST has a perfectly convoluted plot that unites the X-Men universes of the first three movies and Matthew Vaughn's FIRST CLASS which was set back in the early 1960's. Thus we have Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan back as the originals, along with their earlier counterparts, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, in the roles of Professor X and Magneto. The movie begins in a hellish future ruled by the Sentinels, killing machines capable of hunting down anyone with even slightest trace of the mutant gene, where there is a handful of surviving mutants led by a now reconciled Professor X and Magneto. They devise a plan that calls for Kitty Pryde to use her power to send Wolverine's consciousness back into his 1973 body and then try to prevent Mystique from assassinating Bolivar Trask, the inventor of the Sentinels. It is Mystique's capture following this crime that allows the Sentinel makers to use her DNA to build indestructible machines capable of neutralizing any mutant's power. But back in the Vietnam era 70's, with its lava lamps and water beds, Wolverine has his work cut out for him: Charles Xavier is a bitter alcoholic living in the now shuttered Xavier Institute (under the care of Hank McCoy/Beast) and Magneto is imprisoned below the Pentagon for killing JFK (there is a nice twist on this later). The best part of this is that it puts Hugh Jackman's Logan back front and center in the story as he goes about getting Xavier to care again and busting Magneto out of his cell so they can rewrite history and save the future.

There are terrific action scenes that come as close as any movie to recreating the comic book. It all starts off with a great battle in the future where Iceman, Blink, Colossus, Storm, Bishop, Sunspot and Warpath have to hold off a wave of Sentinels; it makes smart use of their powers, especially Blink's ability to create portals. This is how to kick off a comic book movie, and it's not by having Mary Jane sing. Then the film makes up the ante by giving us a jaw dropping sequence during Magneto's breakout done totally from the perspective of Quicksilver as he moves so fast that even speeding bullets in mid-air appear to stand still; this scene alone is worth the price of a ticket or the cost of a Blu Ray copy. It says something when the finale, which includes the levitating of RFK stadium through the sky so that it can be dropped on the White House grounds, is not the high point of the movie.

The way DAYS OF FUTURE PAST touches on all of the X-Men movies that came before and does manage to rectify some of the injustices us fans had to put up with; there is a climatic scene with Wolverine and Professor X where Wolverine and the rest of us are reunited with some fan favorites that just might be my favorite scene in any comic book movie. I also like the way Professor X's first meeting with Logan (from LAST STAND) is referenced here and the way they work Bill Stryker into the story. And it is such a kick to see so many good actors back in familiar roles starting with the leads in their iconic parts; but there is also Nicholas Hoult (Beast), Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique), Ellen Page (Kitty Pryde), Hallie Berry (Storm), Shawn Ashmore (Iceman), Lucas Till (Havok), Daniel Cudmore (Colossus), along with newcomers like Omar Sy (Bishop), Booboo Stewart (Warpath), Adnan Canto (Sunspot). Some of them get less screen time than we would have liked, but just having them there is enough for me. The real breakout performance goes to Evan Peters as Quicksilver, he nearly steals to movie. A note to the CW and their upcoming Flash series: the bar has been raised high on how to do a speedster. I do wish Peter Dinkledge's Bolivar Trask had been given some better dialog in light of what we've seen him do on GAME OF THRONES.

Of course for a comic book movie, there are a few logic holes and inconsistencies; the main one being how is Charles Xavier up and around after being literally destroyed by the Phoenix in LAST STAND? In the post credit scene from that movie, he appears to have transferred his consciousness to a comatose patient, but that doesn't explain his appearing to everyone as Patrick Stewart. Maybe the patient was his twin brother or he is simply using his well honed mental powers to alter his appearance to everyone else. Then there is the plot itself which appears to play around with some to the theories of time travel and its consequences. Does it really matter or maybe we should cut comic book movies the same slack we give to comic books, where constant rebootings, relaunchings and tweakings have made the canon of even the greatest super heroes all but unrecognizable.

Then there is the post credit scene, which sets up the coming of THE AGE OF APOCALYPSE; can't wait to see what they'll do with some of my favorites like Nate Gray, Mr. Sinister, and the Sugar Man.
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on September 26, 2014
Great movie probably the best in the series... but, apparently it's not the full movie! This came on sale early through AIV and I had promotional credits. WIN/WIN. Except, now it's been revealed that there will be an extended version including scenes with the character Rogue. So, I'm glad I got to watch this movie early, I am NOT happy that I own the movie in its short-version and the longer one is coming out later. With the LOTR series I know not to buy the initial version and always wait for the extended. Now I'm hesitant to buy any movie out-of-the-gate because of this irritating double-dipping of the studios. They should always announce when there will be an additional/extended/director's cut of a film before the movie goes on sale. Or maybe I should always download a movie and not buy it until I know I'm getting my money's worth.
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on June 23, 2014
X-Men 'First Class' was not the massive hit that 'The Avengers' was, but in many ways, it was a better film. Both were excellent, and after his run scripting 'Astonishing X-Men' for John Cassaday, I'd love to see Joss Whedon bring that tale to the big screen. But 'First Class' had some of the smartest superhero storytelling ever seen on film, and James MacAvoy and Michael Fassbender were brilliant, adding entirely new dimensions to Prof X and Magneto.

Merging the two casts was a very good idea. Everything about this altered version of Claremont and Byrne's classic X-men tale is done right, especially the Sentinels. As a kid, I always hated the Sentinels, they were a joke. Wolverine would cut them to scrap metal, Magneto would just wave his hand. But these Sentinels are frightening, adaptive machines that mimic whatever gets thrown at them.

The cast, the story, and the direction are excellent... and despite my annoyance with time-travel storylines, the method they opt for is better than usual. This is not only the smartest and most entertaining entry in the X-men franchise, it is also one of the best superhero films to date.
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on May 29, 2014
Two timelines. Timeline #1 runs from "X-Men Origins:Wolverine", "X-Men", "X2 : X-Men United", "X-Men: the Last Stand", and "the Wolverine". In this timeline Wolverine goes through Weapon X in the mid to late 70s, Magneto goes public in the late 90s, Jean becomes the Phoenix and kills both Xavier and Cyclops. Xavier, able to transfer his mind into another body, returns after the events of "the Wolverine" to enlist Logan in the coming war against Trask Industries and the rise of the Sentinels. Timeline #2 runs from "X-Men: First Class" and "X-Men : Days of Future Past". In this timeline Xavier and Mystique grow up together, William Stryker is much younger, and as of 1973 - Logan hasn't gone through the Weapon X program yet. Due to the events of "First Class", Bolivar Trask has begun work on the Sentinels. In Timeline #1 2023, Kitty Pryde (using the full extent of her phasing powers), sends Logan's consciousness back to his younger body to try to stop Mystique from assassinating Trask and setting into motion the rise of the Sentinels. The movie ends in a different 2023 which gives us a happy ending and the return of familiar faces. In essence, Logan from Timeline #1 going into the past automatically creates Timeline #2. Along with Beast's theory of "time ripples", we also have Xavier, Beast, Mystique, and Magneto with information of the future. What this means for the events of "X-Men:Apocalypse" has this fan very excited ! All ranting aside, I enjoyed this movie greatly. Are there plotholes ? Yes, some things don't match up with the other movies. Are the two Emmas the same person ? When did Weapon X happen ? How does Xavier walk in "X-Men Origins : Wolverine" ? Who is Secretary Trask ? Is Moira McTaggert a CIA agent or a doctor ? Did Beast come up with the "mutant cure" ? Was Kitty's team X-Force ? Etc, etc, etc. Suspend your belief and just enjoy the movies.
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on October 22, 2014
One of the best movies involving the X-Men if your a marvel fan like me you'll enjoy it.
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on October 24, 2014
I watched this film because it was the best movie available last night. Alas it wasn't good enough. The whole series is tired. The premise is no longer fresh and the actors are getting old.

The man character Wolverine was played by a new unknown actor fourteen years ago. He was only 32 then. Now he's 46 and on the cusp of middle age. He's in terrific shape of course but he's beginning to look like he belongs in one of those over-the-hill action star movies that Sylvester Stallone grinds out. The character of Wolverine was first presented as a mystery. We and he didn't know where he had come from or how he developed his particular set of abilities. That's all in the past now. The mystery has been solved. You may have noticed that murder mysteries for example don't have sequels. The detective returns but not the victim. Wolverine was the victim and after his story was told he should have exited the stage. But he lingers after the mystery of his creation has been revealed.

The X-Men has been rebooted - as they say - twice now. For example we are on our third Colonel Stryker. And our second Dr. Xavier. Wolverine has been announced as immortal , so he can be played again by Hugh Jackman. The problem is that while Wolverine never ages, Jackman does.

This film is well directed, well acted, and well produced. It's a bit confusing at times because its a time travel movie and that comes with the territory, but if you don't struggle to understand everything, and you just put your mind in neutral, its a very professionally told story. But it is an old story. We've seen the people before when we and they were both younger.

Time to retire this series.
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on October 27, 2014
This is not one of their best, the story line was sketchy at best and it lacked in action. I am a fan of many years and I remember the Sentinels in the X-man series. They were a vicious lot and Magneto controlled them with a vengeance unmatched. Your story was incomplete, but a few scenes did catch my eye. It should have had more action, too much dialog in between scenes.
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on November 12, 2014
This review is specifically about the steelbook copy and what you get. I really liked the movie in theaters but there are plenty of other reviews on that. The steelbook itself is very nice. I added pictures of the back and inside so you may see them. The back has a future Sentinel and the inside has much of the cast. This copy comes with the regular blu-ray movie, a slip for the digital copy for iTunes or UV, another slip discussing apps that have extras, and a small booklet that includes fan art. I truly wish they would have included the 3D blu-ray as well but overall it is a nice collectors steelbook set.
review image review image
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on May 31, 2015
I thought this movie was a good one. The characters were created well. The acting, for a comic book action movie, in my opinion, was quite good. There are some scenes that I am convinced are not logical even within the comic book parameters, but they are still quite entertaining. The movie plot does feel like it sort of comes out of nowhere and doesn't quite belong within the continuum in order to correct some things done in previous movies. But the movie is done in a way that is very enjoyable. Overall, I'd say it was worth seeing.
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on December 30, 2014
It's okay. It was nice to see some of the old cast again, but the movie left a lot of unanswered questions, like how did the professor come back from the dead? It was a bit hard to follow the sequences of events when Wolverine went back in time, because the scenes didn't flow smoothly from one to another, they jumped around. Overall, it was okay. Kind of a weird plot/storyline (I think someone watched the Terminator movies too many times), but the acting was ok. Plenty of action. While we like the X-Men movies and have all of them, I think they've pretty much beaten the X-Men franchise to death. I would recommend this if you're an X-Men fan or if you looking for a decent action movie.
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