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on June 2, 2010
I'm sure this review, as with all other negative reviews, is going to get a "this was not helpful" rating. Look, I get it.. the X-Mini II is an AWESOME product and nobody should to talk bad about it, right? At least hear me out first.. because I've been using these for almost a year and have owned 3 of them. I think that earns me the right to an honest negative review. And remember, most people review products shortly after they buy them.. I've actually spent a lot of time using them.

I absolutely loved mine when I first got it. I showed it to lots of friends and all my coworkers, many of which have since bought their own. It's an excellent little speaker. The sound quality is amazing for such a small package.. the build quality feels very solid. Sadly, it's what's inside that counts.. and what's inside is junk. I've owned 3 of these speakers and all 3 are now dead. Here's the series of events that led to this bad review:

X-Mini #1 - Bought my first one about 10 months ago on Amazon. Loved everything about it. One thing that really stood out (aside from excellent audio quality) was the build quality. Very solid construction. I liked it so much I bought another one for a family member, which we'll call X-Mini #2.

X-Mini #2 - Worked fine, but I noticed the build quality wasn't as good as the first one I bought. The once soft rubber-like audio cable was now stiff, cheap, shiny plastic. The power switch was now flimsy and didn't operate as solidly as my first one. The sound wasn't quite as good, and it was a tiny bit lighter weight. After about 1 month, I started having audio hiccups from it and had to contact the store (possibly power surges?). They sent me a replacement and let me keep this one. The replacement they sent me is X-Mini #3.

X-Mini #3 - Same lower-quality construction. By this point it was obvious that X-Mi had started to cheap out on the materials of the speaker. The once rock-solid speaker now feels like a cheap toy. About two weeks after owning this speaker, the battery stopped working. It no longer holds a charge and has to be plugged in via USB or a wall outlet in order to play sound. I'm not going to bother the company I bought this one from because they already sent me a free replacement.. now it's up to X-Mi.

Now I have 1 good speaker (my original), one defective one, and one with a dead battery, right? Wrong.

Back to X-Mini #1 - My beloved original, now, after 10 months of light use (maybe 3 hours a week), is dead. The battery is having the same issue as X-Mini #3. It will no longer play sound without being attached to external power.

I'm done with these things. I want to love it.. I really do.. and several months ago I would have given this thing 6 out of 5 stars if it were possible. I can no longer do that. They simply don't last. I'm extremely disappointed with X-Mi for cheaping out on materials and have sent them an email explaining this.

If you've been able to snag one that lasts longer than a year, consider yourself lucky. I envy you.
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on October 13, 2009
(Video) Could have been better quality, but too large and wouldn't upload.

First off, This speaker is incredible for it's size. There is almost no distortion in sound when playing on MAX volume. It comes with a USB splitter, to charge and a 3.5mm plug so that you can connect multiple X Mini II's together. It also comes with a handy bag to store your X Mini II in. I had an Altec Lansing iM207 before this, and the X Mini II blew the iM207 away!!!. The size difference was one thing, and the sound quality was another. The iM207 also ran on 3 AAA batteries. There will also be distortion in the iM207 on full volume. The playtime with the batteries was terrible. I had to switch batteries every week, with only around 20minutes of playtime each day. For the X Mini II, it can play up to 8 hours. There are also LED indicators of when you need to charge again, and when it is fully charged.
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on December 21, 2011
I bought my first X-Mini (Gen II) from another site. Impressed by the small body and good sound quality, I decided to buy another from Amazon in order to try the "daisy chain" effect. Unfortunately, the second speaker does not live up to my expectations. The second speaker, compared to the first, has the following poorer qualities: volume is about 50% less than the previous one, at all levels; sound quality is decreased - the bass is almost completely gone, and the treble is grainy. There are cosmetic differences that are also noticeable (although I am not sure whether they affect use): words are more difficult to read on the body - the raised letters don't rise as high, making distinguishing them from the body hard to do; plastic accordion body doesn't rise as high as the first speaker's; cords are about 30% thinner than those of the previous speaker. I have not owned either speaker long enough to attest to battery life.

A previous reviewer (the highest rated one at the moment) concluded that X-Mini must have started using poorer, cheaper methods to produce their speaker. However, both of my speakers are labeled "2nd generation," and I bought both within a few weeks of each other. Therefore, I speculate that the speaker I got from Amazon could be a fake, for the following reasons: 1. There are fewer trademarks on the body and in the information manual; 2. Text is replicated in the manual but with a different font (exception - no "please register" text in second manual!); 3. Poor audio quality is a known predictor of a fake audio product; I know of examples of legitimate goods being produced with cheaper materials but still resulting in fine audio quality. I am not ready to believe that X-Mini has ruined their otherwise attractive product so thoroughly as this. Until then, I advise Amazon buyers to steer clear of this product as sold on this site. I cannot tell who supplied it since Amazon was listed as the seller.
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on June 11, 2015
This is a great little speaker. It has enough power to give fill a small space with a very nice level of sound but it can't be pushed to max volume without crackling. I don't see this as something that will be an issue though because it just isn't that important to turn it all the way up. This is a purpose built speaker, not a Bose Soundlink.

The build quality is very nice for the price point. All the pieces move very well and seem to be pretty strong. The sound difference is incredible from being opened up to being closed. Closed off it sounds a lot like a speaker that would be built into a child's toy, but opened up it really impresses. One note of caution is that if you connect it to your phone and put it on something like a windowsill, it can vibrate off the window and pull your phone down with it. I know, odd thing to mention, but I have seen it happen to many different people.

Size wise, I think all told, it's about the size of a small, flatter nectarine. The included cable is not as long as you may want, but it's plenty. The loss of length is worth it for the wrapped portability. I find this speaker to be a good addition to a drive in theater.

Battery life so far has been great. I can't give an exact amount (sorry) but I've never though that it wasn't enough to do anything I wanted to do with it.

I don't really have any complaints. In the world of portable speakers, the market is getting to be huge. I think that this speaker is still a viable competitor if you are looking for a good travel speaker for a reasonable price that can give (within reason) everything you would want.
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on January 10, 2012
I'm a big fan...since before these were even sold on Amazon. I got my first one directly from x-mini in Asia. I have three now. Two black and red, and one orange.

They all have that trademark, maximized equalization that have set them apart from their competitors for years. I think even now that you won't find a more pristine playback from any other brand of speaker in such a compact package. I'm sure BOSE could make a good competitor, but what would they charge for it?

I use mine primarily at my desk at home and at work. At work I keep the volume low out of respect for my coworkers, and it can easily last the whole eight hour day without a recharge (I keep the volume on my phone turned all the way up, and the volume on the speaker almost all the way down). Even outside of the office I'm not sure if there's ever been a time that I've run out of juice. I am pretty conscientious about keeping it charged, though.

It is short, and I know that his it's drawbacks for some people. I've been ok with it. Just adapted myself to that reality. After a year of extensive use, the cord's relationship with the speaker will start to diminish, and you'll get the occasional crackle out of the speaker. These are inexpensive enough that you really don't need them to last forever. My first speaker still works pretty well, but I decided to get new ones anyway.
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on January 28, 2015
Works excellent with my portable personal cd player. I don't like to use headphones at home due to studying and such, but this tiny speaker saved me time and money from buying an actual large cd boombox player. It also saved me from throwing out the portable personal cd and tape players I have around the house, avoiding wasteful trash. This tiny speaker pack a punch. A lot louder than I had original expected and without wasting space in my living quarters. Great item for tiny house owners or tiny apartment living or just having a tiny room to live in. You really hear the music. I notice this tiny fellow has an extra port for adding any additional portable mini speakers. You can end up with a train of these tiny speakers and create a 3 dimensional surround sound and the music just comes from a tiny cd player source or any music player that uses headphone ports. It also has a charging port which uses a USB port from the computer to recharge the tiny speaker (it comes with the cable for this), which I find annoying since it means needing a computer to recharge this. Luckily there are USB to electrical socket adapters out there, but I think it would have been more convenient if this thing already came with a electrical socket charger. Giving the customers more option on charger choice. There is also a traveling pouch case for protecting the mini speaker as you carry it in your own case or purse or bag. I can't see myself carrying this in my pockets though. You have to either have no butt or really thin thighs to have this set in the pocket comfortably. I like how easily the cable for the headphone port is tugged into its own safe place within the mini speaker rather than being a separate cable. Being a hater of multiple cables and such the short cable that is easily put away is very convenient for me. Anyways I would love to buy more of these fellows and create a 3-d surround sound without taking too much space as the larger speakers do to create the same effect.
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on August 18, 2017
This thing is awesome. I will admit that compared to most speakers it is not that great for lots of sound. But for the price you pay for it you really can't beat the quality and the battery life. I work at a ski lift and we are allowed to play music and I needed a speaker that would last up to 8hrs of continuous playing time and this did not disappoint. I can usually get about 12 to 15 hours of play time. Usually it is 8hrs the one day and about 4 or 5 the next day because I forgot to charge it, but that is still continuous playing time which is amazing. and the best part is that it is not affected by the cold or atlas it didn't have any problems with 10 degree to 0 degrees for 8 hrs. the only down side is that it is not bluetooth but I knew that when I bought it. Also it is not waterproof so you do have to be somewhat careful with that.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon November 13, 2012
This tiny speaker is really surprising. I use it when I want to listen to music and movies on my IPOD Touch.

1. Loud - It is very loud. I have to reduce the volume because it can get pretty loud.
2. Clarity - It produces a very clear sound for such a small speaker. Much better than the built in speakers.
3. Battery life - I have never run out of juice even when I use it the whole day. Charging is simple too. Just plug it in to the usb port.
4. Portability - These are the most portable speakers you will find. You can compress it then lock it closed when you want to put it in your pocket, then unlock it and expand it when you want to use it.

1. None

I have used this when my family travels so that we can watch movies on our IPAD or IPOD Touch it is the best. I really, really like them.

*****UPDATE December 3, 2012********
My family took a trip to the East coast, and no matter where we went, people took notice of these speakers and how powerful and clear it was considering it is the size of a chicken nugget according to a person I met in the Airport in DC. I forgot to mention in my review that this has a built in cable and jack so that you will not need to carry an external wire to play music. Now it does come with an external cable for charging and also for playing music full time connected to an IPAD or Laptop, but the battery life is longer than the IPAD or my laptop so recharging has not been an issue.
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on February 20, 2015
I am very disappointed in this product. As you can see in the picture, the jack to connect to the music source comes out of the bottom. What you do NOT see is that the cord tucks neatly into a c-shaped groove that is on the bottom of the speaker. This is great - in theory. As the product is used, and the cord moved around the stress on the cord caused the outer casing to split, and then a loose connection. After less than two months, this product is useless.

I am going to say that this is a design flaw of how the cord is installed, because there isn't a way to use this without moving the cord, but moving the cord caused the cord to break. Extremely disappointed in this. The quality of the sound (which is pretty good) isn't worth anything if this can't get plugged in.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon March 30, 2017
I purchased this to utilize with my phone but was disappointed in the sound quality. A pro for this product is that it is portable and lightweight. You can also pair more than one together but this wouldn't improve sound quality but just make the music louder. Ultimately, the sound is not great and ones phone could perhaps output more quality sound than this such as the HTC 1 dual speaker phones.
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