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on July 6, 2013
Had great expectations for this unit but it turned out to be a piece of junk. I wouldn't use it even if it was free. First of all the display is too dim, viewing it at eye level is difficult. When you are laying in bed looking up at it on the dresser you can't see it. Only if you stand above it and look down at it at a better than 45 degree angle can you see it ok. Then the other problem is when you press one of the 4 remote-module on / off switches sometimes they work fine, and other times ALL modules turn on and you can not shut them off one at a time. You must use the 'all off' switch and hope it works right when you try it again. Very sporadic. Probably some sort of 'crosstalk' within the unit. Don't waste your time buying this unit, you WON'T like it.
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on August 2, 2013
This has been my 3rd Mini timer in about 12 years and I do not complain about the average life span of the devices but expect that each be made to the the same specification.
The one I am replacing developed a display fault that caused it to stop displaying PM/AM.
The unit I received will only communicate with units on the same phase that timer is connected, I am very aware of the foibles of the X10 system and I may need to add a bridge across the the phases to enable it to work, but my other 3 Mini Controllers and the previous Mini Timer also worked fine without a bridge.
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on February 14, 2016
I ordered this timer as a back up for a number that I have had in service, but had to put it into use almost as soon as it arrived, as another just like it I have had for some time failed. Over time I have had to replace a number of these X10 type timers. Some work for years and others months, with no rhyme or reason to their failures. The last one continued to control my lights, but the screen failed and I couldn't read it or set it any longer. I realize this type of remote control system is very long in the tooth and should be replaced with something more long-lived and newer. The trouble is I have a sizable investment in all of the other timers, sockets, receptacles, etc. that make up my system. And frankly I don't know if the higher prices the newer systems cost will buy any more reliability. The newest one is still in use. I have my fingers crossed.
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on April 19, 2014
This unit replaced an older style unit that failed after many years of excellent service. This unit started right from the start and continues to perform in an excellent manner. It was delivered on time and now controls both appliance units as well as lamp units. Some of these X10 slave units are as old as the original control unit that was replaced. I continue to enjoy these controls even though there are newer type units that can be controlled from a smart phone.
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on December 27, 2013
Works as described, but the backlight on the display is extremely dim, only visible at all in total darkness. I bought this one to replace an led model that lasted more than 15 years before the contacts got too flaky to use, making it impossible to program. The new one has more features, is easy to program, and works great, you just can't see the display except from very near the device in bright light.

UPDATE: Four years later, and it still works, but the display backlight no longer functions at all, and I have to set the time every few weeks because the clock is so inaccurate.
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on February 19, 2015
This timer works very well with turning lights on and off using light/appliance modules fitted for use with this timer. It seems though there are two issues I have with it. One, when you set it using the security setting (to have the lights come on at different times each time), the clock seems to get "confused" and not turn the lights on at the specified time. The other issue, and it's a biggie, is that it is very susceptible to static electricity. I have had one of these clocks just go completely blank from a static shock. The shock would blow the entire clock rendering it completely unusable. Like I said, it works well for it's intended purpose but make sure you do not have a static charge built up on you when you go to touch this clock or you might as well throw it in the trash.
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on June 8, 2015
True to the other feedback comments that I viewed on this item before ordering it, the screen read out "failed" (a major portion stopped working) only a day or two after I put it into operation. I'm going to return it, (Amazon is so good about accepting returns of defective items they sell)
Unfortunately I am locked into so many items in my home that depend on setting up a remote control operation for them I will have to ask for a replacement item, rather than just abandon the whole set up for lack of a working remote control unit. There seems to be little competition and/or similar products out there, that I have found, so until other more higher quality "X-10 technology" products get out into the marketplace, I will continue to buy and return defective ones like this most recent purchase.
Are you listening Smart Home, and maybe even, hopefully, Apple!
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on December 6, 2014
We bought this for our Christmas lights and when we tried to use it last week (now it's too late to return) we discovered that it is impossible to set the the On/Off times so they actually hold. The timer seems to have a mind of its own and won't keep 6 on/off times in it's memory. Even though some of the times work properly (an indication that some programming works) all must work properly for this to be useful. You don't have to be a statistician to conclude from the inconsistent review data that this timer has serious quality control issues. If you buy it be sure to test it so you can return it within the window allowed. Remember the odds are pretty high for this timer to fail. Roll the dice and good luck!
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on May 21, 2014
Update: Dec. 31 2014. Purchased in April 2014. Unit has now stopped working. Checked other reviews on Amazon. Common problem. Called X10 (new number in Texas) They acted like the never heard of any problems...yeah right...with this product. Not helpful tried to blame "powerline problems." Sorry to say, they need to fix the issues or stop selling this design! At $50.00 a piece this is getting expensive. Have owned several (including older LED models) of X-10 Timers. Two others are this LCD style. This one from the new "owners" of X-10 has a display that, out of the box, looks like the most recent generation, works like the most recent generation but has a screen that when plugged in is hard to read, especially when close to it. Close to it, like when rested on bed stand. Because the timer function works fine it has been moved to the basement, where it doesn't need to be read as often, and is running my yard lights. One of the older units I owned is on the bed stand. Wait for an improved model if you can.
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on November 11, 2014
After seeing the other reviews for this unit, I was very hesitant to order it. However, my old Radio Shack timer was giving up the ghost, so I really had no choice. Given the reviews, I figured I would be returning it within the 30-day period (and still might do so if it fails before then...)

After about 1 week, I have no real complaints, except that, as others noted, the display is pretty poor unless you are in exactly the right spot when looking at it. So, I am keeping my Radio Shack timer (w/ LEDs) on the shelf to show the time. This unit does a good job of turning my modules on/off as programed, so, thus far, I am satisfied.
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