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on November 22, 2013
The original two X-Com games (UFO Defense and Terror from the Deep) are two of my favorite games of all time. They are a bit dated now with respect to the graphics, but the story is great, the game play is great, and now they run well on Windows 7. For the price, I also got the newest one, Enemy Unknown. Enemy Unknown is a reasonable reboot of the original, although the gameplay on the base screen is a bit clunky in my opinion. Others like it immensely, but I just haven't gotten used to it yet. I'm used to a 2D/pseudo 3D interface from the old versions, I guess. Other than that, I love this set of games, Enforcer included.
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on February 20, 2014
Being able to replay all of these game again is great. I see a few minor differences but the root of the games seems to be intact and they will run under Win7 without any issues. To anyone that hasn't played games running under DOS BOX if the screen gets minimized hold the ALT key and press enter that will put it back to full screen. Great to be able to get all these games for less the current one sells for by itself and its included in this pack. So Far All I can say is ITS Great!

Well I'm updating this with some new info I just reached the last game so this is a better overall look.

1. XCOM Defence worked fine some content seemed to be missing but over all still a good game.
2. XCOM Terror from the deep again some content seemed to be missing but over all still a good game.
3. XCOM Interceptor (I didn't like this game before and still don't Totally different engine and format trys to put you in direct control of one of the craft doesn't work well so I still don't like it).
4. XCOM Appocalapse, this one had a few problems; graphics would not adjust to the new resolutions I had to reduce my resolution to minimum settings and still had to run it in a window in to view the graphic correctly, also occasionally it would get a "put original CD back in drive" message and that would just lock the game up and you have to force close it and start from your last save so save frequently. still a great game though.
5. XCOM Enforcer, didn't much care for this one either its like they tried to move to a first person shooter game and after a short time I got stuck in a hole with no way out and gave up on it as it didn't catch my interest.
6. XCOM Enemy Within Just tried this last night and the graphics keep blinking on and off and then the game just crashes, this is the biggest disappointment as adding this to the 3 games I do like was expected to make it worth the price I paid, since this won't work at all I assume I'll have to wait till a patch comes out so it will run before I'll be able to play this last game kind of defeats the purpose of buying it now.

Over all though the 3 old games I can play again even on a win7 machine still make it worth while to me. Good hunting...
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on December 24, 2013
There's not many games that manage to hook me, but XCOM Enemy Unknown managed to hook me for long hours. I would pick it up, look at the clock and see it's about time for bed, then tell myself let me finish this project and then while scanning a mission comes up and another hour or so passes until it's midnight... yep, definitely hooked.

The mission gameplay isn't really the best part. It's everything altogether, from budgeting resources, maintaining troops, planning facility layout, deciding which upgrades/rewards to get, managing global panic levels, and getting little challenges from your staff to spice up the missions, such as capturing an alien alive.

I didn't even think twice about giving this a 5, though for some reason I'm surprised that this is a nominee for Game of the Year. Nothing really stands out, but I guess it's deserving since all its elements being tied together makes for a fun and immersive experience. It really can test your sense of strategy, with all the decision making requiring a bit of thought and planning. I know I've made a thoughtless decisions, such as capturing a few too many aliens alive and selling weapon fragments, and coming up short for research (I wish I could use these dozens of excess light plasma rifles and pistols in my inventory).
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on December 5, 2013
The older tittles to take a little changes to make them run on newer machines but just a little googling and editing of files and they will work fine. Just a heads up the older X-com games are not nearly as friendly or easy to get into as Enemy Unknown , but don't let that put you off. The older X-com games are insanely deep , challenging, and fun once you get into them. Even the long time fans that love X-com Enemy Unknown still praise the older ones as being some of the best strat games.

Enemy Unknown has its glitches and bugs but honestly with a game with THIS much replay value and depth you can't expect a perfect game but honestly it is one of the best strategy games that has been released in a while. It does not hold your hand however. Just because you start a playthrough does not mean you will finish it. You can dig yourself into a hole and not be able to get out of it. That may but people off but in a industry with so much hand holding it is refreshing to see a game that will actually let you fail. Highly recommend it. Even when you do beat it other playthroughs are still a fun option. The multiplayer is more or less crap some of the bugs in the single player transfer over and well honestly in a competitive environment that doesn't make it very fun. That does not hold the game back however because of the sheer amount of hours you can put into this game. I have clocked in at just over 100 and I'm still loving it.
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on October 3, 2013
For 10 bucks you can't beat this deal. The full enemy unknown package with some great classics for a pittance and a good prepper for the expansion later this year.
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on January 27, 2014
I had become very interested in X-COM after watching a video about it online. After reading stories about the game and other related materials, it became clear that it was something of a legend in the computer gaming community- I was sold. I went out to buy it, and I found it plus all the other games in the X-COM series all in a bundle for a very low price.

I installed all of them.

X-COM, X-COM Apocalypse, and X-COM Terror from the Deep all play very similarly. They are all actually created from the same gaming engine. And the way they are currently being sold on Steam, they are unplayable. They actually will not run without going into the game folder and and messing around with a few files. After doing so, I played the game and found game-play that had not aged well at all. If I put more effort into learning how to play the game, I'm sure I could one day enjoy it.

X-COM Interceptor, and X-COM Enforcer are two of the worst titles in my game library. Interceptor is a flying game, and Enforcer is a third person shooter, both have terrible controls.

X-COM Enemy Unknown is the title that saves the bundle, however. In a time when it seems game developers are too afraid to take risks and make something that is not a shooter, we have a tactical strategy game that is just amazing. It takes everything I read about the older X-COM games and breaths new life into it- the horror stories of missions gone wrong, players really feeling for their squad members, and much more.


Get this if you're willing to put up with a steep learning curve to play the older games.
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on January 22, 2014
X-Com actually made a Genre of it's own. It is just that good. It is brutally hard, but it is a great series of games that the new remakes cannot even get close to matching.

I actually hate most strategy games. These are the only exceptions. And the new remakes are sickeningly awful, especially considering the legacy of these great games.

Watch some "Let's Play" videos if you want to see the games a bit before purchasing.
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on April 2, 2014
Difficult, turn-based strategy games that really have you invested in both your characters and the story, while simple, moves well for a military-based game.

There are some balance issues at the start as you try to catch up, and you'll end up losing many favorites along the way to a single blow from an enemy. In fact, this is why there's a saying:

"That's X-com, baby."
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on October 7, 2013
I have not played any of the old ones but from what I hear they are great. I've only played X-Com: Enemy Unknown, the newest one.

It is fantastic. I am not even that big of a fan of RTS games or turn-based games but I absolutely loved this. I played it on my PS3 right after I finished Uncharted 1 & 2 and for some reason I liked XCOM more.

The fear of your soldiers dying creates a sense of danger that keeps you thinking throughout the game.

I could write a lot more but don't have much time. I got this whenit was $9.99 which is a steal.
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on October 3, 2013
This contains all current XCOM Games, and it's cheaper than Steam.
On Steam, you would only get Enemy Unknown for $20, here, you get all of them for $10.
Well worth it, and works on steam.
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