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on July 11, 2017
I never played the original X-COM game, but I did like this one. The base building has an interesting concept by making it similar to that of an ant farm. You can see each rooms you build and a number of personel using them like your soldiers, scientists, and engineers. It would have been better if there was a lot more gameplay involved with base building. The rest of the gameplay was pretty decent though.

However, it has it's share of problems. The RNG system in regards to predicting hits is rather silly. You can have a 99% shot probability fail at point blank while your soldier has the barrel of his gun directly of a large head of an enemy. It really feels like there probability percentages are wrong due to this. And each turn seemed to have the probability chance already calculated before you even think of trying to attack.

I would say overall, it's a good turn-based game.
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on November 2, 2015
Having played all XCOM versions since the original I have to say that this version offers the most in choices and variants of control for the Commander! The addition of several new items such as the bio enhancements, creating your own Mechs!, a variety of languages to customize your mercs with and some pretty cool color/pattern schemes for their gear all make for great tools for the micro-managing Commander. Having a couple of Mechs to take out the alien megamech was an epic fight! Mechs and bio techs can be researched to really make for some killer troops in your barracks! The EXALT battles are fun because they seem to have a wide amount of helo dropped reserve troops for each battle.

While most of the battles are familiar, it was interesting to have to fight through a town to get to the UFO itself, some cool variations of maps utilizing environments like snow and huge dams make for enough variation that it has some different feel for it - though that's only a slight difference to the normal game we're used to.

All in all, the additional mods you can do to gear and personnel make it interesting enough for me as an avid fan.
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on December 24, 2014
XCOM: Enemy Unknown is simply a superb game, fraught with tension, and having a great story arc. So how to do you improve on it? This addition manages to overcome the main limitation of the original game--the pace of action. After getting guys ambushed a few times in Enemy Unknown, you learn quickly to advance extremely cautiously with overwatch making sure that risks are minimized. This, of course, takes time to set up, so each encounter is a slow slog of careful, short advances. The reason this strategy works is that there is no benefit to moving quickly. There are no time limits on encounters and your score merely reflects how good you are at conserving your own forces and killing the enemy.

Enemy Within changes all that. With perishable resource pods containing key ingredients, it now pays to rush forward and take some chances. Moreover, the addition of a competing human force adds a nifty triangular element to the story arc and again encourages speed of action rather than slow progression, again adding a much-needed sense of urgency. This magnifies the importance of both strategic decisions and tactical ones, making the game feel even more like the desperate struggle that it is.
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on February 9, 2014
At first I was really disappointed in this, At the beginning, it looks just like enemy unknown.... The same dialog with brandford, the scientist lady, and the engineer guy.... same hologlobe, some of the same maps. HOWEVER, if you stick with it you will see that they added some really cool stuff. You can now turn your soldiers into MECs. Think transformers meets XCom, really cool. You can also build a genetic lab and do genetic upgrades to your soldiers... things like making them invisible, making them heal themselves, nice stuff. So, all it all, it is a really nice upgrade. But I wish they had replaced the dry dialog, cleaned up the soldiers language (don't let your little kids play this ... cause it is foul), and added a new ending.
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on February 13, 2014
Expansion? DLC? Add-on Content? These are all lies of what XCOM: Enemy Within (EW) is. This is nearly another game. If you love the previous XCOM: Enemy Unknown than you'll probably tear up a the list of new additions to EW. Mechs, genetic modifications, new aliens, new faction of enemies, and a long list of improvements and balance tweaks. After downloading EW I put another 100 hours into this game and after a couple of months break I'm back to playing it. If you're even considering it buy it now, you'll love it.

-New ways to play (Mechs, Gene Mods, New enemies)
-New Second Wave options
-New Maps (Even UFO crashes in urban environments)
-An extensive list of balances and tweaks
-MECHS ARE AWESOME!!! (Sorry, couldn't help it)

-Seems like Classic got a bit harder. (Not exactly a Con though)
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on February 3, 2014
I have spent many hours playing this game and frankly it is hard to stop. It is an excellent combination of strategy and single shooter with a team of soldiers under your control instead of just one soldier. The game has aspects that are similar to Civilization in that you have to build your base in order to gain certain skills and equipment for your soliders. However, it is in a futuristic setting fighting aliens and human mutants in a rebel group called Exalt. The game uses a turn based system that gives you time to think about what move to make before you make it. You can take it slow, and make sure every move, that you make, counts.
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on July 4, 2014
I got this on a sale for 1/3 the price it was going for on Steam - so I have very little to complain about! The addition of the cybernetics and genetics lab is cool, though some stuff seems a bit of a duplication of armors like jumping gene vs skeleton armor to get up places. Overall, the additions are great. The addition of covert ops is interesting, I just completed my first one.

I did complete Unknown on easy after watching a few play-throughs but I am finding that even on easy, I am constantly losing soldiers to the medic bay, making it harder to promote the guys and gals up to gain those abilities. I like the idea of having more than one specialist, but you pay for it in advancing the game faster than your squadies.

Meld forces you to advance more quickly than in Unknown and meld is the key element of this game.

Enemies appear to do more damage early in the game when there is no armor. The covert ops missions have lots of enemies coming at you which makes it especially hard if you want a 4 member squad, or just haven't had the funds or a sergeant/lieutenant to get those extra members.

For players who haven't played each map several times and have foreknowledge of where the enemies are going to drop, its a bit tougher than I expect for 'easy'. I don't want to lose to the same map 3 times before I play it "for real" so that i know what to expect.

Plusses: New variety of maps; meld / genetics and robotics; some new weapons and defensive items (the one that gives the extra pocket to all is GREAT) all on top of an already great game.

I do feel that $30 for the additions may be a bit on the high side, so I would recommend waiting for a sale. I got a GREAT deal on this through Amazon.
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VINE VOICEon May 26, 2014
I played the original X-COM series and X-COM: Enemy Unknown. This expansion adds new elements to the game, some extra missions and more configurable/enhanced soldiers. I can't seem to stop playing; it is addictive. I feel I should warn anyone who plans on getting this that in order to use the expansion you must start a new game. Which for me was fine as I love the game. And for less then $10 this expansion can not be beat. It was an instant buy for me.
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on July 7, 2015
Very addictive game with strategy and action combined. I played the original Xcom series back in the 90s and this seems to capture the essence of the game in an updated style. The downsides are that you cannot fast forward movements like you could in the original, making the game play longer than needed at times.
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on July 22, 2014
Oh yeah, baby, launch that Interceptor and jump into some turn-based goodness! This is the spiritual heir to the original X-COM, and is lovely to play - well-oiled mechanics, audacious aliens, great techs, slick graphics. Load up the squad and head out to Australia, ba-bee!!! And boy oh boy, did this game raise hopes for 2K's upcoming reworking of SMAC/Alpha Centauri in Civ/Beyond Earth...!
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