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XCOM: Enemy Within  - Xbox 360
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:$38.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on May 25, 2015
Love this game. One of the BEST turn-based strategy games in existence. The PC version looks much better, but this version is great--especially if you are closer to the TV than not.

Customize your soldiers' equipment, abilities, and even languages! Lots of combat options to tweak. The voice acting is great. The story lines are entertaining and kind of creepy. There are a few stand-out characters. Then, of course, there are the four "cheat" characters based on well-known gaming personalities (Sid Meier, for example). If you are a sci-fi geekazoid, you HAVE to try this game. It burns away the hours and leaves you smiling.

You can even torture yourself with impossible difficulty levels and game enhancing disabilities. It's a game that you can make as hard you wish it to be.

The aliens are unique and have their own powers--only some of which you can duplicate through research, interrogation, and autopsy. But you have to catch the critters first. The robotic servants of the aliens are pretty scary--one of which needs to be handled carefully, or it can destroy your entire squad in six moves.

Freaky aliens that create zombies screech into your face. Cyborg aliens fly into combat. Heavily armored reptoids make it feel like you are fighting tanks. Alien commanders and "ethereals" who can take control of your soldiers can extend game play quite a while..

It's all lots of fun, because you never know what lurks in the dark or around a corner. Plus, the aliens try to flank you and escape disadvantaged positions, so the outcome can change at the drop of a hat.

Also, when your soldier dies, he or she is dead. Bye bye forever, Sergeant Dirk Bobblebrain (Or whatever you rename him).

You can genetically enhance your soldiers, discover psychic powers, create cyborgs, and research alien tech to acquire better weaponry, vehicles, and armor. The possibilities are endless. You can make research more difficult, psychics rare, genetic enhancement and psychic powers non-compatible, and so on. Lots of cool options which make replay value REALLY HIGH.

Oh, and the music is impressive. It really sets the mood. Whether you are investigating a crash in a forest, invading a giant abductor vessel, trying to escape an alien-infested wharf--the music is scary and adrenaline-inducing.

So, go get some green blood on your boots, soldier! It's killing time!

BUY THIS GAME. On PC too, if you can. (There is a great mod on PC which allows you to field lots more soldiers and face incredibly diverse mixtures of aliens.)
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on October 27, 2015
This is my favorite xBox game. I love turn-based strategy games like Civilization and xCom. There are a lot of great options to change up the gameplay for excellent replay value. It offers fun base management, research trees and tech advances. The battles are a lot of fun with a great variety of maps. You can customize your squad, from physical appearance to voice and language, plus build them to suit your gameplay style. This is NOT an easy game and played on higher difficulty levels, is damn near impossible. You feel a real sense of acommplishment when you pull off some great strategy and win a battle with unfavorable odds. You can even award medals to your men.

How you play is really up to you. You can have a balanced team or go in with an squad of French-speaking African-American heavies and blow everything to pieces with your rockets. This is my go-to game - requires thinking, planning, strategy, patience but delivers excitement, action, excellent writing, graphics, great weapons, fun tech upgrades and loads of value! Buy, buy, buy! (They don't pay me to promote their game, I just love it that much)
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on August 12, 2014
Xcom Enemy Unknown was awesome all by itself as one of the best strategy games available anywhere on any system. This is the full game with all the addons and features and it has improved the game experience more than I ever expected! What an amazing and full gaming experience this is with all the new features. I could not ask for a better game, this is really one of the top ten games I've ever played in my life. The difficulty level has been adjusted from the original (which was slightly too difficult at normal setting and way too difficult on hard setting) to JUST RIGHT. The added customization featuers are fun, the ability to give medals to soldiers of your choice which help to further customize them is perfect and adds more to the soldiers that I am already too attched to. The addition of Cybernetic enhancements and Gene Modifications just takes the whole experience over the top. Every soldier now has the potential to be completely unique. I was surprised and very happy with the additional storyline missions, which I am not going to spoil for you, but which I will say are AWESOME and a great addition to an already stellar game.

If you played the original and you liked it, you will want, dare I say NEED this version, or all the upgrades for the original. This, being a stand-alone disc would be your best bet for a fully fantastic gaming experience.
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on June 2, 2014
As a fan of turn-based strategy games I was thrilled at the strategy and fun of XCOM's first game and was hoping they would make another game in the series. When I saw XCOM:ENEMY WITHIN I was just hoping it was as good as the first XCOM. After playing this game for 3 weeks I must admit they outdid themselves. It has many more options and they are not just fillin options just for the sake of having more options. The new options are great, adding a deeper level of strategy to the game. The AI seems to be smarter and when you let the enemy flank you, you will pay the price. I very much enjoy the second wave options you get once you win the first time. The second wave options add EVEN more strategy to the point you are calculating the AI's moves on every move you make, especially after you get slaughtered a few times. I am sure I will be playing this game a lot over the coming months and I can only hope that in 4-6 months they put out another in the series. Best strategy game I have ever played, even better than the Civilization series. if you like calculating every move like a game of Chess get this game!
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on May 20, 2014
So if you're considering this game, first thing you should know that THIS GAME IS NOT A 3RD/1ST PERSON shooter! It's a real time strategy coming from the folks who made the glorious Civilization series, if you haven't played Civ V, you're missing out, and do it soon because the next Civ game, "After Earth" is coming!

That being said, this game is about you saving the Earth, as opposed to leaving it. It is a turn based tactical game. Yes there's guns, strategy and death! But it's not a shooter...just sexy chess. You are a faceless commander in charge the most badass warfighers in the world. And you can change them! Their appearance, their gear, THEIR NAMES AND LANGUAGE! Just not their gender...I don't think. There was an XCOM before this game, well two. But the relevant one is "Enemy Unknown", this one is the expansion of Enemy Unknown. If you bought this game thinking it was standalone, you're currently saying "well hey, it's totally worth it".

Yes, buy this game! Because what this game gives you what the other one didn't is the ability to turn XCOM into Deus Ex. You can genetically and cybernetically enhance your soldiers, and you better do this! That being said, there's more options to customize your game experience, new enemies, NEW EVERYTHING. Even if you own Enemy Unknown, you need Enemy Within.
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on August 1, 2014
I really like turn based squad level games, this is a very good game if you like controlling 4-6 person team in a varying battlefield with aliens trying to kill you. This is the kind of game a person would like if he/she had played with plastic army men as a kid (me included). The action is not a fast paced arcade shooter, rather you need to search out your enemies keeping in mind things like cover from weapons fire, and even things like open flames that can hurt your team members. Its most enjoyable for the kind of person that likes to take his/her time and plan out strategic movement. There is also a prequal to this game called XCOM: Enemy Unknown which is just as entertaining for the patient gamer. You start out with a 4 man team armed with conventional firearms and progress up to energy weapons through research and developement from examining alien technology. At the same time you need to fight off alien assaults and keep the world from spirling into chaos by deploying satelites and bases with interceptors that can track and shoot down a good range of alien ships ranging from one room saucers to multi tiered battelships. Its detailed enough to make it interesting but not demanding all of your attention all the time. There is downloadable content that gives it good replay value. If you've played the first XCOM and are bored with it, this one has new features that will keep you entertained (battlefield landscapes, powers, etc.).
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on January 15, 2014
This game is one that is easily over looked. Enemy Unknown was by far my favorite console solo player game in 2012. This contains the original game with all of the DLC and a few other goodies such as units (mechs), tech, physical upgrades, and enemy units. Game play is like a grid based strategy RPG. If you lose a soldier in battle, he's gone for good. Saving doesn't hurt so do it often. The game plays solid with a random map rotation, enemy placement, and story line varies slightly from Enemy Unknown but not a whole lot. The Cons - once you hit a certain tech level the game is easy and doesn't adjust it's skill level. Freezing is a huge issue as the game progresses, so again, save often. The multi-player is weak and should have been left out in my opinion. XCOM: Enemy Within feels more like an expansion pack, the story doesn't change but its worth owning even if you do own Enemy Unknown. Its a good break from the FPS games on XBox.
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on August 14, 2014
great game. as for anyone who has not played xcom enemy unknown. enemy within is pretty much an expansion to the previous one i just mentioned. if you want to try enemy unknown no need. this one has all the original content with along new one. and it even has options to which content you would like active or which ones you would like to take out. even has options to add new settings to make the game easier for players who are just casual gamers. and no im not talking about the difficult setting. or it adds new settings to make the game unbelivably difficult for the gamers like me who love a challange. like theres a setting called iron mode where you can only save one file in a single player play through. meaning every choice you make is permanent! another thing that makes this game so great is you can customize each soldier to a degree. not the biggest selection of armor and weapon choices but enough to get you attach to the troops you gain and want to completely rip out your hair if you lose them. my favorite new feature though is now you have the capabilites to create mech soldiers. i can go on but i got stuff to do people to see places to go. my advice. must get!
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on December 17, 2013
If you liked Enemy Unknown, you will love this. I really see no reason to get Enemy Unknown now that this version exists. The "Commander Edition" is I believe the designation for the console version, which does not require Enemy Unknown to play.

This game adds more content to the original Enemy Unknown but does so within the confines of the original plot. In other words, it doesn't add story beyond the original--you don't go beyond what happens after the ending of Enemy Unknown. I won't say anymore than that to avoid spoiling the story for anyone. But what it does add are new enemies, new soldier classes, etc. The list goes on, and you can find the feature-list anywhere. It's like playing the original but with more cool stuff.

Ok enough, just buy it already! =)
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on February 16, 2016
This is a great add to expand the original game. This adds a little bit more charter customization. There are several new mission types that add to the overall enjoyment of the game. This just added to my love of the XCOM game. MORE... MORE... MORE... Don't buy the original just buy the "Enemy Within". Enjoy!
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