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on August 23, 2016
Great camera. Installed nicely on the back of my RV camper. I use it as a rear view mirror camera for when I am towing our RV. I highly recommend this. I can now see if vehicles are traveling behind me and can easily see if vehicles in adjacent lanes are actually behind or next to me. It makes changing lanes much easier. Whenever we drive the camper, we have this camera running on my dash the entire time.

To do this, I bought this camera and then mounted it to an old license plate. I cut a circle in it by tracing around the camera and then pounding nails into it to create holes until it the piece of metal from the license plate broke off. I then painted the plate white to blend in with the spare tire I planned to attach it to. The camera was very convenient to mount this way and included several spacers that even let me adjust the angle of the camera.

Normally you connect the camera to your brake lights to get power. In my case, I ran a power cable (25 Feet Pre-made All-in-One BNC Video and Power Extension Cable with Connector for CCTV Security Camera (White, 25 feet)) with built in video inside the vehicle. I then spliced the cable with a cigarette lighter. The cigarette lighter supplies 12V to this camera and this also to the display I bought. If I want to use the camera, I plug it into the cigarette lighter and put the display on my dashboard and everything powers up and work. I attached photos to show the image on the display. This is the display I used: UthCracy 5 Inch TFT LCD Car Color Rear View Monitor Parking Backup Camera DVD + 2 Bracket. In the photos, you will notice backup lines added. I believe these come from the display and not the camera. in my situation I don't need them, but they are fine. Since this display is meant for a backup camera, it flips the image horizontally so what you see on your right on the display is actually what's on the right side of your vehicle (as you face forward driving).

If anyone is interested in using this as an RV camera, I recommend buying power/BNC video cables and running them separately under your truck and RV. Then connect them whenever you are towing them. When not in use, you can store them somehow. I adapted this box which worked out nicely: uxcell IP65 Waterproof Outdoor 2 Way PG9 Gland Electrical Junction Box Black. I posted photos of that setup in that product review. It took a bit of work to get it all setup, but it is so worth it. Towing the RV is much easier and my wife is even comfortable driving with our camper in tow thanks to the camera making it easier to see what's going on around you.
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on July 10, 2013
We are very happy with this product (except the complete fail of having real instructions ) but reviews by others cleared up the questions. We hooked this camera up to the 2.4g wireless send/receive units and the 7" TFT double video monitor all mounted to the back of a 34' living quarter horse trailer - we also pull a boat behind the trailer when going to the lake. Backing can be a PITA so having crisp, clear video in nice bright color and in the dark to see what's going on with what we are pulling. We have the second set up inside the trailer to check in on the horses as needed on long trips. Really nice to use with the double video monitor with switching on the monitor or the nice little remote control. We mounted ours to the top of the frame on the back of the trailer just above the double doors to the trailer by drilling 2 holes for the camera/send unit wires - one to go into the trailer from the camera mounted outside on a bracket and one to go into the light bar housing at the top (or your reverse lights if thats how you want it activated/powered) We waited to completely secure everything until we powered up to see the view the camera gave us (we were sideways so had to turn it - nothing to say which way is up view on the camera) Swivel and slant to your best view, secure and silicone caulk around wiring openings to prevent moisture issues.

Hook the camera yellow (video signal) goes to 2.4g SEND unit yellow - power (black) wire harness, then tie the camera and send unit reds together, crimp and hook to HOT (12v) that will be either on when you need to see something (for us it was the lights at the top of the trailer since we needed it on whenever the pickup was running/driving/pulling something) or the back up light so it only goes on when that light is activated, then tie your black wires together, crimp and to your ground. Done and done. Nice little camea system. No distortion or other issues with jumpiness, when motor running or pulling. Secured so it doesn't shake. Crisp clear pictures with nice color and sharpness. The good monitor helps with adjustments there, including reversing the picture so it looks like what you see when you turn your head to back up or look behind. Works very well so far. 4 stars due to failure of REAL instructions - geez, how hard is it to have at least one of your flunkies at the manufacturer write a paragraph blurb about "this wire to that wire" Duh.
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on May 24, 2011

* Good resolution, enough for a backup cam, and in color (except at night)

* Provides an on screen overlay showing general "distance" bars, also great for lining your approach up for a parkingspot

* Sturdy, weatherproof, lengthy cable

* Very easy to install, basic instructions included (no need for deep instructions). Basically mount it, run the power wire, run the video wire, do a quick alignment check and you're done.

* Inexpensive, but the tradeoffs are below


* It's sizable due to the LED's, larger than a quarter, and the way it's designed they expect you to mount it as such through a part of your vehicle or using a mount. Either way, unless it goes into a "black" part of the car or you have a black vehicle, it will be very visible from a distance

* The image on mine was 'reversed' or 'mirrored' meaning that something on the driver side of the vehicle is actually showing up as being on the passenger side. This is easily solved through some headunits and computer units, but for many folks it's not adjustable otherwise


* It appears the camera lacks a partial infra-red filter, in order to maximuize night-time ability of the LED's. As such, during really bright days the image may appear "greyscale" or objects will appear to be glowing. In shaded areas or overcast days everything looks crisp and in full color.

* The infra-red LEDs are actually "near" infra-red, so you will see a faint red glow from them

* The "distance" bars are NOT to scale unless you get the perfect mounting angle and height. See below in comments for more.

* The camera is low-power, drawing only 150mA @ 12VDC and should be tapped into the backup light power source. Should not be hard-wired such as to be always on, this will cause the unit to overheat, especially on a hot day. This is common sense stuff folks. There is no need for a fuse either, the wire is thin enough to be its own fuse.

* The camera appears to have a light sensor to detect the amount of daylight and turn on/adjust the LED's as necessary but I was unable to detect a difference as the LED's appeared to always be on


I would've given this a 4 star but I knocked it to 3 star due to the image being reversed, and that most people cannot fix this.

I've seen this unit being sold for much more, 2-3x as much, so I'm not sure if this $25 model is the same but with the flaws mentioned above, or if the more expensive unit also has the flaws. I would hope not.

In the end the downsides don't kill it for me because this is being piped into an onboard computer which I can then adjust the color/brightness and reverse the image so it looks proper as it should.

Regarding the distance bars, it's better to mount the camera in a way which best suits your needs. For some this means seeing a more horizontal image, and for others it may mean seeing a more vertical image. Once you've mounted it to your tastes, park the car with the image showing and take note of the ACTUAL distance respective to the bars on screen. This way you will know how to use them.

Some folks in other reviews mentioned their camera didn't come with "mounting rings" or a mounting kit, or they weren't sure why the camera came with "loose rings" or why it came with a threaded end.

When you get the camera there is a threaded ring at the "back". If you unscrew this, the "rings" will come loose. These rings are used for mounting purposes, some are angled. This way you can achieve proper mounting angle. For many folks, making your own mount may be best, but if you're going to simply drill a hole through a portion of your car, the included rings will help you.

Essentially you put one ring on one side of the hole you drilled, one on the other, then you slide the camera into the rings and tighten down the locking ring. You can set the angle as needed from there. They may not give you enough adjustability, so be creative and make your own mount or have someone do it for you.

Regarding "which way is up", my camera came with the quality assurance/passed-test sticker on the back of it in the exact "up" spot. Just plug it into a video display and see which way is up, that's the easiest anyhow. You have to do that as part of the install anyhow, so I'm not sure why some folks gave bad reviews simply because it wasn't marked "this side up".

Regarding the power wires I'm not sure why so many folks were confused. It comes with a barrel connector which has two pre-stripped wires, one of them a red wire, the other a black wire. The black is ground, the red is your positive (hot). Most folks should tap these into your backup-lights as long as the backup lights are 12volt.

If they aren't 12volt you might want to get someone who knows how to install a reverse switch, or to tap off of both lights in order to power the camera only when needed. Don't hard wire it to always be on, that will shorten the life of any camera, especially due to excessive heat.
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on February 24, 2013
I had previously purchased the "TaoTronics TT-CC01 Universal Waterproof Car License Plate Rear View Video Backup Camera" from Amazon, along with the "4.3'' Color TFT Car Monitor Support 480 x 272 Resolution + Car/Automobile Rear-view System Mirror Display Monitor" and installed both in my pickup truck. You can read my review of the TaoTronics camera, but I can say here that I was not happy with it (I got a refund). After spending all that time wiring my truck and installing the display monitor, I looked for another camera that would work consistently at low temperatures. So based on reviews of the XO Vision camera, thought I would give it a try. It works perfectly! It comes on every time and sends a great picture to my display monitor. Not had any trouble with the cold, rain, or snow we've recently had in the Midwest causing the camera to stop working or fog up with moisture. So the 'weatherproof' claim is actually true. I made a mounting bracket out of aluminum and attached the camera under my truck's rear bumper, so I can see my trailer hitch when I back up to my boat trailer. The infrared LEDs on this camera allow me to see pretty far down the street when backing up, and even illuminates the other houses! This also works better than the TaoTronics camera.

The camera comes with adapter rings to allow the camera to be mounted at various angles. I didn't use them; I have it looking straight back.
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on October 30, 2012
I bought this to use as a home door camera because I wanted something that would easily mount in a standard switch box or mud ring so we can see who's at the door when the doorbell rings. The one I've been using didn't have night vision so this solved that issue. I liked it because I could simply drill the proper size hole in a standard switch plate (use a poly or metal plate - don't try to drill the more common plastic one's that crack) and mount the camera through it - VERY easy. I run the camera through a video balun to my equipment closet where it terminates on an IVS-100 network encoder that can be viewed on a PC or smartphone. The picture is sharp and clear and the IR night vision is very strong - I may even have to tape over a couple of the emitters to improve the closeups facial recognition. But it's great for a backup camera. One caveat if you're looking to use this for an alternate purpose: backup cams, by design, take a mirror image of a shot to properly display on a car monitor. Since I just want to know who's at the door, that makes no difference but if you were watching someone walk across the room they would be going in the opposite direction. I bought this "used" at a single digit price from Amazon Warehouse Deals and received a brand new sealed unit! Couldn't be happier.
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on September 21, 2014
I purchased this and returned it. The description shows a 170 degree viewing angle but the one I received came with a specification sheet that showed only 120 degree viewing angle. I researched this and other reviews said it had the super wide viewing angle so I might have been unlucky. The box was labeled HTC35. I plugged it in and it was a very good picture, but definitely not wide angle. It was almost exactly the same as the more expensive shark brand one that I wanted to replace with a wide angel backup camera. The rest of the specs from the included sheet had three different possible cameras. Sony, Sharp or CMOS. Here is what the specs were depending on model: Pixels 510x582 or 510x 492, 380 or 420 tv lines, horizontal angle 92/120 degrees, min luminance 0.8 or 1.5 or 3 Lux (0 Lux with LED for all 3).
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on October 2, 2013
I am giving this 2 stars because I think that it is better than the other junk out there.

Here are the problems with this product:

1 - It is big. 1 1/8 inch round. Blends into a black/blue car.... not so much for a white one.

2 - You need to make a 1 1/8 inch hole in your car. If that doesn't turn you off, get ready to pay ~$14 to buy a hole saw in Home Depot.

3 - The colors are not good. My greens come out purple and blurry.

4 - It has lines to show the distance from other objects. They are useless. When I reach the last "stop" line, I end up being about a foot away from the car behind me. Kinda useless since you can't really tell how close you are to the car behind you - and that is part of the point of these cameras.
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on August 3, 2014
This is an outstanding camera, especially because of the price. I read the reviews before buying .
Well, I installed it on a Hummer H3 as a backup cam. Simply spliced into the backup light wires coming from the backup bulb on one of the rear lights. Then hooked it up to my Boss head unit using the 17ft cable included with the camera. The mounting was easy since I removed a round blank in the bumper and used the cameras mounting ring.
The quality of the image in day is excellent and at night it's very very good.
Now i can launch my boat with ease and check for kids or objects when backing up or parallel parking.
Get this camera and you will be satisfied.
It's a backup camera and exceeds expectations and quality. Thanks
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on May 3, 2013
I have bought 5 of these so far and they are great performers. I installed them all on potato diggers for some local farmers and they have been a hit. These diggers have chain belts in the back that collect the potatoes and move them across to another belt after the plant has been separated from them. If these belts get clogged or loaded up with excessive plant material, dirt, etc.they can break. This results in a 2 hour down time plus parts. The first two diggers that I installed them on had over 4 breaks per digger the year before. After they were installed, they never broke another! Thus I had three other fellow farmers that wanted them this year!
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on December 30, 2015
I have purchased several of these now for different vehicles, and they work pretty well. Resolution and picture quality in good. No water leakage after 8 months of usage in all weather conditions.

The only issue is that if this camera is exposed, rain water may gather on the lens and distort the picture.
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