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on November 1, 2013
I previously had an XM Skydock that I used with an iPhone that allowed me to switch from vehicle to vehicle with my XM radio subscription. The Skydock was getting rather beat-up after 3 years in service and it was about to fall apart. I purchased an XM XPMP3HI and paid the fee to XM to switch my service and WOW and I glad I did, because this little jewel can do so much more than the Skydock.

First, my Skydock could not fit in my shirt pocket and be used on my person like this device. And although it is fairly easy to loose the satellite signal (if you have it in a shirt pocket and are doing chores outside and moving about) it works well if for example, you are sitting in a chair and have a clear and unobstructed view of the south, which is where the XM service is provided by a satellite in the southern hemisphere.

Second, I have been able to record a broadcast that I wanted to listen to again on a small SD card. And the card can also hold songs that you might have on a computer inside your office or home.

Third, (nobody reading this will benefit from this as I have) but I am able to use this while I am on my tractor plowing a field. I simply place a remote magnetic antenna on the cab of my tractor, and I can listen to any of my favorite stations that I programed into the unit. And although the place where I have the radio located inside the cab of my tractor is in an awkward location there are no convenient places inside the tractor for mounting it, as there are inside my car or pickup) the snazzy little remote control that comes with this radio makes it very easy to change channels and use other functions. (For a full list of functions, please refer to the product listing provided by the maker..)

Forth, this is SO MUCH EASIER to load favorite stations onto than my Skydock (which was a pain) and if you want to add or remove stations from your favorite list, that is easy to.

I can't comment on battery life, but the small lithium battery that comes with this unit has lasted more than an hour one day when I was sitting in my backyard enjoying a nice day outside. I suspect the radio will run all day on a single charge.

Last, this device impressed me so well, that I bought a second one to give to my elderly father-in-law. I also bought him a docking device that this radio plugs into and is used inside his room, in an assisted living center he now resides in. The radio allows him to listen to his favorites as well, but it required running a small antenna wire from his docking station out through a window, on top of the one story building he lives in. Before giving this to my father-in-law, I pretested it at my residence and since I have windows facing south, I was able to simply place the small antenna on a window seal and it had a good view of the satellite that beams down the programing.

Bottom-line, this radio offers me much more flexibility that my previous portable, is is easy to use and to set up... and starting the second account with SirisXM was easy with this device and my 86 year-old father in law finds it easy to use too. Now, I am able to enjoy my SiriusXM subscription nearly everywhere I go, and even in a large farm tractor.
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on September 26, 2010
This is a great satellite radio if you realize there are some limitations and some quirks.

First off, when I received my XMP3i, the scroll wheel did not work. From what I've read on other websites, this happens relatively often with new units. I updated the firmware using the USB cable (extremely easy), and let it sit in the cradle for a few hours charging. After a reset the scroll wheel began working again. Not the greatest way to start things off with this radio, but I was able to use the remote that came with it to navigate menus while the scroll wheel wasn't functioning.

In the home cradle, signal reception is kinda flaky. The manual that comes with the XMP3i states that you should point your antenna South to get the best reception. South doesn't seem to work for me. I have to frequently change direction of the antenna all day long in order to get a halfway decent experience. Sometimes straight up at the sky, sometimes north, sometimes south. In addition, the shielding on the antenna cable is quite thin and having the cable travel across any other wires with power going through them really destroys signal strength. Purchasing online streaming (for an extra three dollars a month) resolved these issues for me, but its a shame I had to pay more to get a good indoor experience from this radio.

In the vehicle cradle (purchased separately), reception is perfect. The only time I ever lose signal is when I go under a bridge (for half a second) or going through tunnels. Both of which are to be expected from a line-of-sight device (which is what all Satellite Radios are). I purchased a cassette adapter for it which alleviates the pain of trying to find a clear radio station while traveling, and it fixes the problem of my cars radio not having an input.

Other quirks I've experienced is occasionally having to reset the device. One of the more terrible experiences I had was when I plugged in via USB to my work computer to charge. It kept connecting and disconnecting like the cable was lose even though it was snug on both ends. I finally had to unplug it and reset it to get it to stop freaking out. When I first started it back up it acted like it was a brand new radio with access to only one channel and the scroll wheel wasn't working (Like the day I bought the radio). A hard reset (Pulling the battery out) and everything was back to normal. I haven't had that happen since but it was kind of annoying to have it happen at all.

Battery life while streaming live radio has been about 2-3 hours for me (manual says up to 4). Battery life while listening to recorded music is fantastic. After a little over 8 hours, the battery meter still showed 60% battery life left. I was very surprised by this.

Recording music on the XMP3i is awesome. Hear a song you want to record? Hit the record button and select "Record Song" and make sure you don't lose signal until the song is over (or the recording stops). Recording quality is obviously based off signal strength. So if you have poor signal quality and your music sounds bad, your recording will to (unfortunately theres no magic here). I recommend recording while in the vehicle kit and you'll get great recordings nearly every time.

There are two purchases I recommend to go along with this radio. First is the antenna headphones. They really significantly increase radio reception while walking or outdoors. Without the antenna headphones you have to keep the antenna on the top of the XMP3i in clear line of sight to the sky or you lose signal. With the antenna headphones you can put the radio in your pocket or clip it to your belt and keep a strong signal. I also recommend purchasing the Leather Carrying Case. It provides you with a belt clip, and arm band, and it provides you some protection while carrying your XMP3i (especially from scratches).

Overall I would recommend this radio. Its not perfect, and it has its quirks, but there isn't any other radio that even comes close to having the features or portability of the XMP3i. In addition, none of the quirks are world-ending and the features it provides over a basic vehicle mounted radio are really worth it if your outdoors a lot or you walk/run.
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on August 27, 2010
I just purchased this product and was pleasantly surprised by its features, small size, and sound quality. It activated quickly and worked very well with good reception hand-held outside as well as indoors with the accessory antenna (included) in a window. Unfortunately, it is now fairly useless because I made the mistake of upgrading the firmware from v1.29x to v1.31x. This upgrade inactivates the control wheel of the device which means you can't use it -- you can't selected items like channels, categories, set-up option, etc. The warrantee says the product should not be returned to the retailer from whom you purchased it (Amazon) -- but should contact XM radio. XM radio technical support said they can't help, I should contact Audiovox. Audiovox said to leave an email on their website. I'm waiting for a response. Searching the web, others have had this same problem. I'll wait and see if any fix comes along soon, otherwise I'll return to Amazon. Glad I bought it here. I'll update this when and if I get more info.

Update: Spoke with XM again today. Even though the packaging that came with the unit has an insert that says in capital letters: If you experience problems DO NOT RETURN THIS PRODUCT TO YOUR RETAILER but instead call XM Radio. The XM technician says they now have a solution -- "Please return your unit to Amazon, buy another unit, and don't upgrade the firmware." Clearly that will work, but I think I'll wait until I hear back from Audiovox.

Final update: Audiovox's response was:"We don't provide customer or technical support for our XM radios; you must go through XM." So, I used Amazon's wonderful replacement service and was sent a new radio by overnight FedEx with Saturday delivery, printed out the return slip and sent the old one back. The new radio works just as well as the original but with a working control wheel. I love it. Downsides: every time I open XM2GO software to manage books and MP3s on the unit, it tells me my firmware is out of date -- but I'm sure not going to update the firmware again. This unit is currently running firmware version 1.29x. If a firmware version appears that is higher than 1.31x, I might consider trying it, although I'd do so with some trepidation. I'm going to change my rating to four stars if Amazon will let me.

Final, final update: Thanks to a comment received to this review (feel free to read), I have now upgraded my new unit to firmware version 1.31x and after following the commenter's advice to remove the battery and wait a while -- it works and works just great. Hope this helps others.
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on December 11, 2012
I read all the reviews, especially the bad ones and still decided to take a chance. I am glad I did. I did not buy this so I could walk, bike or run with it. I bought it mainly for home use and the recording function. My front room faces south and with the home kit and antena in the window I get perfect reception, all the time. I have not used it out and about but without the home kit and the unit by the front window it works again, perfect. I love the record feature. I can schedule it for a show or concert I want in the future, record a station for a set amount of time, like 1 hour or more. It also records just a song too. I wish though when doing that it would record the song from the beginning. It only records from when you hit the record button. So you have to be quick if you want just a song recorded. The software is average. The unit is very small. Smaller and lighter than my phone. This was a gift I picked out from gift cards I recieved from work but I would buy the unit now that I have tried it knowing it works perfect for my needs.
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on December 30, 2010
- Nice, bright color screen
- Tivo like time-shift recording
- User interface is not optimized for auto or active use. For example, switching between recorded material and live radio requires multiple key presses. Old Pioneer Inno required one key press to accomplish this task.
- Channel recording is recorded as one single track. Can't convert the single track into multiple single songs. For example if I record 1 hour of music, the entire 1 hour appears as a single track. Pioneer Inno channel recording separate each song as single songs.
- Can't delete advertisement segments on channel recording
- Package does not include radio carrying case, Pioneer Inno package included carrying case
- Did not notice any improvement on signal reception over my 4 years old Pioneer Inno.
- XM charges $15 to active the radio, so if you don't like it, you will be charge $15 to active the Xmp3i and another $15 active your old radio.

One more thing, on a previous post, I read an user had problem with updating the firmware on the Xmp3i. The unit shipped from Amazon came with V 1.29. I successfully updated to V 1.31. The firmware update process is bit weird, you have do a two pass update. First firmware update will install V 1.28. On the second firmware update, V 1.31 will be installed. Here is snippet from of the installation from XM:
The process to update your XMp3i radio to version 1.31x requires two steps. After completing the first step of the process you will be instructed to remove the USB cable from your radio. The radio will then install the new firmware and re-start. This will take several minutes. After your radio has restarted and displays the main menu screen, please re-insert the USB cable and press Start on the firmware update tool. Again, you will be prompted to remove the USB cable and the radio will install the new firmware and re-start. This will take several minutes.
V 1.31 added:
- Added support for USB charging
- Improved memory management for stored content
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on January 9, 2013
I purchased our portable satellite radio through Amazon Warehouse Deals. I saved almost a $100, but was worried about the condition the radio would be in when it came in since it was a gently used device. When the radio arrived, it was not in the original box, but all of the accessories were present as well as the operating manual. The radio and accessories were in perfect condition...not even a small scratch! I was very pleased with the purchase from Amazon Warehouse and the radio.

One other note...some of the other reviews mention that reception can be poor. When purchasing this radio, remember that it is a satellite radio and that it has the capabilities of a satellite radio. I have one in my car and when I go to the bank, drive under an overpass, etc., I lose reception for a moment. The radio has to have a direct path to the satellite. In the house, we ran the tiny antenna out through a door and stapled the small wire to the roof. We plugged regular speakers into it and it works wonderfully. I hope that you enjoy your radio, too.
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on December 29, 2012
Do NOT buy this product. The schedule recording doesn't work consistently, it's scheduling function is extremely limited, it doesn't automatically delete old shows and it doesn't support Windows 7 or later.
The biggest problem, which took a while do discover, is that the recorded shows never go away and when the radio fills up there is no easy way to delete them. You can delete one show at a time but it is a complicated and slow process.
This product should have never been released to the public as it is. A firmware & software update and it would be fine but that's not going to happen.
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on July 26, 2011
I ordered the radio for a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. Everything worked fine at first. He uses it when he is running and for the most part, the radio works great. There is some loss of signal depending on direction he is facing, but usually can get a signal. He started having problems a couple months ago when the radio wouldn't hold a charge. We tried plugging in the radio overnight, but it wouldn't hold a charge for more than a few minutes. Rather than buy a new battery, I called SIRIUS to see if this was covered by the warranty. After explaining the problems, it was determined to be the battery and I was told that they couldn't just send a new battery, they would send me a whole new radio. I was cool with that, but was told they would have to charge my credit card for the cost of the radio until I returned the old radio. Therein lies the problem - the first month when the charges hit my credit card, I spent over 2 hours on the phone trying to get the issue resolved. After that amount of time, I finally reached someone in customer service who could help me (I kept getting put on hold and then getting cut off - having to start the process all over). They said that my credit card would be credited and that would resolve the issue. However, I just received another credit card statement and after two months, I still haven't not gotten credit for the radio. I would have saved a lot of time and money just buying the new battery to start with. In my opinion, this is a very poor way to resolve battery issues.
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on November 1, 2010
Prior to ordering the XMp3i, I had a two XM radios with active contracts. An XM Delphi MyFi portable and an original equipment XM in-dash in a 2009 Hyndai Sonata. My first act when the XMp3i arrived was to call XM Radio request cancellation of the Delphi MyFi and activation of the XMp3i. That turned out to be much more complicated than it should have been and the MyFi was still active several hours later.

The XM reps I spoke with - it took contact with three of them to get it activated - told me that my radio should be fully functional 15 minutes after activation. Wrong! It took nearly 40 minutes and I began to worry that I might have a defective unit. Finally the unit was functional and I tested it both in portable and the in-dock mode. Both worked perfectly. Portable reception was outstanding but it must be noted that I live in San Diego County and XM has a powerful repeater on a nearby mountain. It's rather difficult to find a location west of the mountains where the reception is compromised.

My next step was to copy a group of Mp3 files from my PC to a Micro SDHC memory card and then to insert it into the XMp3i. The radio read the card perfectly. Next I set the unit in the docking station and recorded on 4 channels simultaneously for 1 hour. That went perfectly!

To my ears the sound quality of the XMp3i is far superior to the Delphi MyFi. I listen through a pair of Sennheiser headphones instead of the cheap ear buds included with the unit. The LCD is bright and vibrant and is visible even in bright sunlight.

My only complaint is the design of the mating of the battery compartment and the cover. I struggled for nearly a minute before I finally got it open.

The Delphi MyFi served me well for four years and I'm confident that the XMp3i will do so as well.
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on December 9, 2012
Hook it up to home audio system with dock/antennae - has long enough cord to bring to a window for positioning for best reception. Remote control lets you control it from across the room, altho' you cannot see the screen to read the titles/info.

Works great with included and upgraded headphones. Records/saves your favorite shows/programs. Love the feature to alert when a song/artist you flag is playing on any other channels, so you can JUMP right to it! No more catching it while surfing, at the tail end.

Love this toy!!!!

UPDATE: Just noticed the today's price on this bad boy - and I'd purchased it back in Oct 2010 for just over half what it is today! Wow...and it is still the same model they're selling, nothing newer? How odd, I don't think I'd be buying it for today's price of one ninety two ;)
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