Customer Reviews: XPRO 36 inchx36 inch Studio Photography Light Tent - Dome - Cube - Box
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on October 13, 2011
Seems that smaller light tents are much easier to fold and store away than the larger light tents. Behold, this tutorial will show you how to fold and store away your 36x36 light tent.
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on September 20, 2005
03/01/2008 Since Amazon allows one review per product, I had to replace the old review with the new.

The people at XPRO never cease to amaze me with the level of quality product they manufacture. I received a phone call from them last week offering to upgrade the first generation light tent I bought a couple years ago. The word upgrade got me thinking, "what more features can you possibly add on a light tent?" Boy I was wrong after I received the upgraded tent.

Hands down this is probably the best tent you can buy for the money. Believe me, the price is inexpensive. Tents not nearly as nice as the 2nd gen XPRO tent cost three times or more in the store. The bad quality tents sewn together around filmsy metal wire cost a little less than the XPRO tent online.

Here are the new features that impressed me the most.

1. The tent is constructed with high quality nylon shell and P.U. fabric interior.

One of the problem of using the light tent is using the right light source. If you use multiple bulbs or high wattage lights, the diffused light may be too harsh and unevenly distributed inside the tent causing the object to wash out. If you use low wattage or less bright lights, your camera may not pick up enough light or ample f-stop for desired picture quality. The new Nylon shell material outside of the tent diffuses the light and the P.U. interior distributes the light evenly. Problem solved.

2. Elastic tabs.

There are two rows of elastic tabs located on the upper right and the upper left side of the tent. I actually ran in a local craft shop and purchased the clear plastic rods recommended by XPRO. Along with a spool of fishing line and some paper clips, I was able to suspend some of the light weight objects during my last catalog photo session. The rods and the fishing line cost me less than $10. A close competitor of XPRO light tent charges $30+ for a couple rods and a small spool of fishing line.

3. 4 Background included

The colors are: White, Black, Blue, and Grey. Most of the light tent on the market comes with 1 white background or none at all.

4. Easy zip top.

It allows you to open up the top of the tent. If you happen to photograph a heavy inmobile object. Just unzip the top and turn the tent over. If you need to suspend a heavy object inside the tent. Just upzip the tent and run the line down the tent.

In conclusion. I am more than pleased with the new added feature on the 2nd gen XPRO light tent. I doubt anyone would ever have to use the 30 days money back guaranty offered by XPRO. I got three other name brand tents from the manufacturer for free and I paid for my XPRO tent.
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on December 21, 2010
I bought this light tent to replace a home-made light box for some product photography. Although it comes in a small circular bag with the four chroma key backgrounds, what springs forth is enormous. At first it is just really huge, four 120W lights is just barely enough to light it, but the cavernous size is great to work in. You can just stick your head in and move the subject around without moving the camera. Speaking of, while the tent does have a top zipper, I don't know what I'm going to do if I need a top-down shot. Heh, I guess just put the tripod in the tent.

There are lots of little quirks, though. I did end up ironing the chromakey backgrounds (well, just the white one) to get the wrinkles out, but the velcro on the inside is just a little too narrow, so you'll have to use a piece of tape to remove the sag-wrinkles. Also, since it is so bloody large, it folds up a little differently (there is a great Youtube video by PhotoGavin that shows how), which had me puzzled for a while. It also likes to fold only one way, so if it really doesn't want to fold, don't force it. I did notice a little corrosion on the steel frame, but overall the construction is very good, all the materials very well sown together, and it should last a good long time.

Highly Recommended
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on November 10, 2008
Good item to have as a photographer. Except the backgrounds with the velcro tabs do not line up with the male velcro, assembly line advice is never mind the velcro, go to dollar store and get some plastic spring clamps and attach otherwise you will constantly be refitting....Overall a decent product. Tip to maufacturer or distributor > make instructions that people can understand to fold the thing up <
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on April 13, 2011
The good:


The bad:

Velcro doesnt line up correctly for backdrops
Hard to put back in bag
Cheap storage bag
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on November 8, 2010
The Studio Light tent has been great. A lot of the light tents that I have seen are smaller and would not fit my needs. I love the size, the construction and the materials used. The instructions are very good but not excellent. The fold-up/snap-out feature is really terrific as it makes this cube portable and easy to store.
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on January 14, 2011
I purchased this light tent to take food pictures and it works perfect. I have plenty of room to add a tabletop and some props for a perfect table setting. The light diffuses perfectly, makes great picture taking easy! Highly recommended.
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on February 3, 2009
This tent is awesome!!! The pictures I can take with it are so
professional!! I do not have any trouble attaching the backdrops.
I love the fact that there is more than one color to use as a backdrop.
This is one of the nicest items I have ever from other
customers were very helpful.

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on May 31, 2015
I never had a light box before. I'm thrilled that I got this one. At first I worried that it was too big. Now that I have it, it's just the right size.

I bought this primarily to photograph snakes (seriously). I'm still working on getting them to be calm in there (especially with the lights on), but that's nothing to do with the product. Thankfully they don't "go" much.....

I am very impressed with the quality all around. The supports are great and more than capable of keeping the shape. The materials are top notch. What pleased me the most is the quality of the various backdrops, and the fact that they cover both the back and the bottom fully. Each one has a velvet-like side, and the other is a little more sheer. They do come folded and you'll need to gently (as in VERY low heat) iron them to get rid of it, as that will show up in pictures. After that, it's best to store them by rolling rather than folding them.

When stowed in the nice carrying pouch, taking it out and setting it up is a breeze. You just yank it out, place it down, and pull up on a support or two. It just gently leaps out and boom, it's done.

Getting it back into the pouch is another matter. It isn't bad design, it's just the nature of this thing. There's a very specific series of movements to get it collapsed back in, which is fairly obnoxious to learn. Don't be in a hurry and walk away sometimes when learning this. There's youtube videos out there of it being done with this and other products that are much better than the short video provided.

Once you learn it (I still struggle at times but I rarely move it), you'll be fine. This is not a negative.

Paired with some lights this is a dream.
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on December 14, 2013
This is a strong, sturdy product. Although I originally ordered the 36 inch size I did return it. First of all, unless you are photographing very large objects, 36 inches is very big, but more importantly to me, it was unwieldy to fold up. Unless you are a large man with big strong arms, you will find the 36 inch size difficult to fold up because it is very sturdily made and the steel spring like bands and you need long enough arms to grip and twist it properly. So I got the 24 inch size and I love it. It folds up easily, but it is still made with the same strong framing. But with this smaller size I can get my arms around it (I'm 5'2"). So unless you really need a huge light tent, opt for the smaller size. Both are strong and sturdy and should hold up for years of use. Also, because I needed to send back the first one, the company was very nice to deal with.
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