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on November 25, 2010
I'm not a hard core gamer. I had an original Xbox shortly after they first came out and ran it ragged for many years and I own a wii. Never had a problem with either. However with the introduction of the first 360s, the RROD problems and the fanboy hysteria that followed, I've had to settle for loving the 360 from afar. Every time I'd ever thought about getting one, I'd read one more of those "don't waste your money, RROD, get a PS3" reviews and change my mind. With the new slim, I just assumed (and hoped blindly) that MS would never risk re-launching the console without all the well-known issues being sorted out once and for all. The "right time" to get a 360 was finally here. So despite all the fanboy rhetoric and Red Dot of Death (RDOD) which continue even now about it, I went ahead and got the 250 GB slim.

I've had my new 360 for almost two months now, and I couldn't be more pleased. As another reviewer wrote "this is the system they should've released a long time ago". I really wanted to write a review to add to the discussion, so here goes.

* It really is whisper quiet. The difference is night and day between the new slim and older models.

* The touch sensitive buttons for power and eject are very cool. For the volume of the noises that both buttons make when "pressed", I do wish there was an option to turn it down or off (a minor annoyance at best).

* I was immediately taken by how small the console is. Ventilation is greatly improved, and the big fan does its job to move hot air up and out of the console very efficiently. I agree with other reviewers that it is probably best to use the console in the horizontal position to help make the cooling process more efficient. The "standing" position is probably best for photo shoots only. When you feel the heat that the fan sends out, it seems only logical that the horizontal placement is better.

* The built in wireless was very easy to setup and I was able to connect with my wireless G router in minutes - literally. Was a load off my mind to know I wouldn't have to go out and buy a wireless adapter as with the older consoles.

* It comes with a controller with batteries and an Xbox live headset. Plus you get a trial Xbox live membership for a month I think.

* As a mac user, I don't have much use for the media options which allow you to connect with PCs and stream music, videos etc.

* It is Kinect ready. I'm not yet a fan of Kinect or the available titles, so as a feature this was neither here or there to me.

* I almost got the 4 GB version but ultimately decided to go with the 250 GB. I subsequently learned that USB storage with the 4 GB version would've worked just as well for my purposes, but that said the 250 GB storage is great and more convenient than USB drives sticking out of the console (even though that works just as well to load games and store game data).

* I don't have an issue with the glossy finish as many other people seem to have. If you are someone who is constantly relocating the console or don't dust regularly, then maybe fingerprints and dust might be an issue for you. The matte finish of the 4GB version would've been a nice option, but I understand the need to visually differentiate the two consoles and the finish is logical choice.

* The best part of this is that I was able to pick up a bunch of very low-cost, popular used games on amazon which were in "like-new" condition. This is a great way to build your library. So all told the cost of the console plus the games was close to what I had planned on spending on one of the elite bundles from a while back (except I got to choose only good games).

So, if like me you've been thinking about getting a 360 for a while and have been putting it off, now is a good time to get one.


* Update: Almost a year later, the console is still working perfectly.
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on May 11, 2014
The newer slims run a lot cooler and make less noise than the early white 360s. The 360S also has five USB ports, built in TOS Link (optical audio) output and the built in connector for the Kinect so you won't need an adapter to use the Kinect. Another minor but pleasant change from white 360's is the lack of push buttons. You merely touch the eject or power button and it makes a nice beep noise to let you know the button has been pressed. You need this now because the fans are VERY quiet!

Shoppers may want to note the difference between the 360S (this one) and the 360E. The E is a base line model and has no TOS Link port. You will also lose the multi A/V out on the E so if you intend to use component or AV inputs on your TV you will be stuck with an E. The E also only has four USB ports and uses physical push type buttons like on the original 360s.

Bottom line, THIS is the Xbox 360 to get as a replacement or if you are just getting started with Xbox 360s! As with every model, you will need your own HDMI cable to get started.
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on June 24, 2014
the first time i played it i was on resident evil; i got very far,i dont get to play my games as much because i work a lot of hours. but the second time i played i started to make a strange noise and lines started forming on the screen,all of a sudden it frozed and blacked out. so when i re-started it 'i lost all of my saves on the game.i un plugged the console and left it alone for about a month'i got another game -bio- shock'i played it everything was working ok until i got almost to the end,,,,it frozed on me again but i turned it off before i lost my saves; i started it up again and it frozed again.i have been dealing with amazon for almost two years or more 'i have never gotten anything that did not work properly.i am not asking for my money back' i just wont the seller to now that the xbox he sold me has is not good' he said it was like going to game stop and buy me a new xbox i have to be more careful of what i buy on amazon.thank you...kenneth graves.
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on December 14, 2012
I used this religiously during school, for not only the few games I played (mostly sports games), but also for Netflix, HBO GO, etc. However, it has basically become a relic now since my Xbox Live membership lapsed. I think its absurd that in order to use independent software programs like HBO GO and Netflix that I have to purchase an Xbox Live Gold membership. Our family had a few Wii's around the house and we use that for Netflix now (since its FREE to use as long as you already PAY for a Netflix subscription) and we use OnDemand through our cable provider for HBO. Overall the Xbox 360 is nice looking, pretty fast, has a ton of features, but Microsoft insists on squeezing its users out of every penny in their pocket. Other competitors have figured out that once you make a person pay for the system perhaps you should go light on the additional costs, not Microsoft! I could always get another Gold subscription, but for the limited amount I play online games it's not worth it for the use of the other software. I would think I'm not the only xbox owner who has run into this issue. If you have no problem with the yearly membership fee and just want to play games to your hearts content, this system is a must. If it weren't for the ridiculous membership fee and restrictions on use of independent software this review would certainly have been a solid 5 stars.
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on November 21, 2010
DISCLAIMER: This review is limited to the redesigned Xbox 360 that came out in June of 2010.

First of all, the Xbox 360 is a truly great console with an excellent game library and revolutionary online play. With that said, I know many have experienced problems with overheating, causing a number of issues. I know Microsoft has claimed it is "whisper quiet" and that it runs significantly cooler than previous versions. That is true, to an extent. But what Microsoft has failed to convey to the general public is that the Xbox is basically a highly modified computer that generates significant heat and needs proper ventilation to function like they claim. So here are some general tips for unsuspecting consumers.

1. Install the game to the harddrive: Under My Xbox you will see "Play [Title of Game]". Hit the yellow Y button to install game. It will give you the option of install game or play game. Choose to install. This shouldn't take very long, each game is 5-7 GB each. You will notice your system drop a few volume levels after doing this. Trust me!

2. Proper ventilation: This takes some common sense. Make clear and ample room for your heat vents. Most of the heat dissipates from the top vent (if you console is laying horizontal) and right side.

3. Keep your Xbox horizontal. Yes, the Amazon picture currently shows an upright, vertical Xbox. It looks cool, I know. The first thing I did with mine was place it vertical on a hardwood floor and played for maybe an hour. Bad idea. The area of the floor where my console once stood was unbelievably hot.

Keep in mind that you need to have the 250GB version in order to install games. The 4 GB just doesn't give enough space. Installing your games and maintaining proper ventilation are key to keeping your Xbox 360 as cool as possible. Not to mention the quicker load times and super quiet operation when actually playing. Hopefully following these simple tips will prolong the life of your console. May you and your Xbox 360 have a long, happy relationship!
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on November 7, 2010
I have been through 3 Xbox 360's, each one falling to the rings of death, so I got this one in hopes of avoiding that issue. Now I absolutely love this system!

This is the new 'slim' system, which is indeed thinner than the original 360's. There is an additional vent on top, which will help stop the system's overheating problem; if you decide to stand the system on end, it provides a vent to make up for the vent being blocked. Having been burned (so to speak) three times by older systems, I choose to set it so all three vents are as clear as possible. The black color also helps it fit in better with my DVD player and other home theater components. It really does look great.

It comes with a black wireless controller, with a great new feature: you can turn on the system by hitting the Xbox logo button. Perfect if your system is in a difficult to reach position. Even powering on is improved on the actual system, though, as the power and eject buttons are now touch-sensitive. A quick flick of the finger give you a little beeping tone that lets you know the system is on without even having to apply any pressure. The system is also a lot quieter than the old system. My wife used to complain about how loud the old one was, but this one barely hums. Loading a game from a disk is the loudest sound you will hear, and that is about as loud as your standard DVD player...comparatively negligible compared to the older systems.

Overall, I really love this system. It is a big upgrade over the original that fell prey to the red ring of death problem. If that scared you off of getting a 360, I think the new chip and setup of this system can put your fears to rest. If you are looking to replace an older system, I can't recommend this enough, to me it was like getting a new console instead of replacing a broken one. It looks, sounds and even feels better than the older systems I have been playing for the last few years. And yes, you can use Kinect with this system.
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on November 28, 2011
Hello Everyone that is thinking of buying this new version of Xbox with the 250GB drive and is now wireless. I bought this because i got tired of listening to the girls "who is going to play"..I got this because of the fact it was wireless connection to the internet, And for my living room to the router was a distance. On the older version they wanted a left arm for the part that made it wireless at that time. Anyways the Xbox gets plenty of use(games)and runs like a charm. We put in a movie and it played better than our cd player on our HD TV. Well last month the drive let go. It would not open to get our game out so i had to work at that without damaging it. I used xbox online account and stated it was still under warranty. I filled out the form and the next day UPS was here with a tag to pick it up. I did not realize i had to have it ready to go for when they got here so when i called them they said okay and there was a fee of $8.00 to pick it up or drop it off free to one of there stores. So if anyone has a xbox under warranty have it packed and ready to go the day you call.That was fast because they maybe at your door the next day at 8am LOL! I brought it to there store because i was lucky to have a doctors appt and store was only 3 mins away from dr's office a 25 minute ride from home tho. To make it short and sweet i got my xbox back within 2 weeks working like a baby too. I also bought the 3 year extended warranty from square trade as well because it was a fair price and i have bad luck with electronics LOL. Infact a security camera set i bought here new that hard drive bit the dust and i am only 4 months into that 1 year warranty.. So SO Sad..So if your thinking about this xbox console like i said it worked like a charm and my problem under warranty was handled fast and there customer support(microsoft)from my dealings with questions on connections with router to make game play better without lagging was awesome as well.. We all love Xbox 360 and will never need another type system.. Thank You and have a Great Xmass And New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on June 4, 2011
I bought the 250 GB Xbox Slim because my old 20 GB Xbox Pro had its second Red Ring of Death, the hard drive failed, and it was out of warranty. I just have to say that the design of the Slim is insanely better than the older models. The disc drive and fans on the Slim are as quiet as space compared to the leaf-blower-like noise that the older Xboxes make. Having so much space on the HDD also allows you to install games to the hard drive: load times in games are significantly faster, but you still need to put the game disc in the console for anti-piracy reasons (which is pretty lame). The Slim is also just plain sexier than the older models, with its black glossy finish and touch-sensitive power and eject buttons. If you're new to Xbox, it also has some of the best game titles around, both in retail (Mass Effect, Gears of War, etc.) and as downloads (e.g. Castle Crashers, Limbo). I'm not a fan of Xbox Live Gold, as you have to pay monthly* fees to gain access to online multiplayer and to use other services on Xbox like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Facebook (on top of what you're already paying for the games themselves, your Internet connection, and said subscription services). However, from what I hear, the multiplayer experience on Xbox Live is the best around, vastly superior to that on both PS3 and Wii, and you can frequently find good discounts on Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. The 250 GB Xbox Slim is a fantastic console all around, and you simply can't go wrong with it.

*EDIT: yearly fees
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on December 3, 2015
Late review, but I bought this for my son for Christmas in 2011 and it's still in perfect working condition. He has since passed it down to his younger brother and it gets a LOT of use! Very impressed with this product.
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on January 26, 2015
I hate to say this but the X Box only lasted me one year then it was fried. I also didn't like the fact that I had to pay Microsoft to access the internet after having to pay wind stream for the access. I bought this mainly to watch netflix on the TV so i had to pay for the internet twice. That's just not right. I replaced it with a play station 3, hope I get a lot better service out of it. These things should last at least 10 years and with the play station I don't have to pay again to watch netflix. As far as the graphics goes they sucked on the x box. My computer has much better graphics so I play my games on it.
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