Customer Reviews: Xbox 360 E 250GB Holiday Value Bundle [Xbox 360]
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon October 22, 2013
I am new to the Xbox 360 system, but my first impression is good. The console was easy to setup right out of the box, and everything seems high quality and durable. I've spent about a week trying out various games and features, and overall I'm satisfied with my purchase. I think this bundle would be a good starter set for casual gamers new to Xbox; it would also make a nice gift this holiday season.

The bundle features two best-selling and critically acclaimed games: "Halo 4", which comes in disc format; and "Tomb Raider", which comes in the form of a download code and instructions to redeem on Xbox Live. The unit also includes the trial versions of 6 games already downloaded - my favorite is an arcade game called "Peggle", which was so much fun I spent the $9.99 and bought the full version.

For those wondering if original XBOX games will work on the 360, the answer is primarily yes - this console will play most (not all) prior generation XBOX games. For what it's worth, I have tested several of the best-selling XBOX games, and they've all worked on the 360 unit. [Amazon user "Power House" very kindly posted a link to a full game compatibility list in the comments section]. Even those old games that do work on the 360, keep in mind that since they are not HD they don't look/sound as good as the newer games.

Two accessories are included in the bundle: a Wireless Remote (which can apparently reach up to 20-30 ft. away from the console) and a Headset (very cheaply made). The bundle also includes all required cables to get the unit working right out of the box - this includes a power cord and composite A/V cables. Unfortunately, an HDMI cable is NOT included, so you'll want to buy one if you wish to play/watch content in HD.

Xbox Kinect is a motion-based feature that allows you to play controller-free. This console is Kinect compatible, although it does not include the required sensor bar (so you won't be able to play Kinect games until you purchase it). If you are interested in the Kinect, then this bundle might be better for you: Xbox 360 E 250GB Kinect Holiday Value Bundle.

As a bonus, buyers get one month free of Xbox Live Gold membership. The Gold membership allows you to do online multiplayer and connect with your friends. You can also access video streaming services directly on the console - examples include Netflix and Hulu (in fact, you get a one month trial subscription to Hulu when you purchase this bundle). I should note that after your free trial ends, a 12-month membership (optional) to Xbox Live Gold is going to cost you approximately $60, depending on what type of deal you can get.
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on January 7, 2014
he has not left his room since he got it. I know he is still alive though cause food comes up missing
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on January 7, 2014
Hi. I am a teen and I am satisfied with my Xbox 360 E. I've owned it for about two weeks now and I love almost everything about it. I was originally going to buy an Xbox 360 Slim,

Xbox 360 250GB Spring Value Bundle

but before Christmas this product's price went down by about $50. I couldn't resist. Who wouldn't want the newest Xbox 360 with 2 games, a 1 month Xbox Live membership, and a cheap little headset for $200? This product has it's cons and its pros and I will list them below.

Pros - Xbox 360 E is relatively fast, reliable, and overall extremely fun. Xbox Live has a variety of free downloadable games and great online gameplay. You can even use apps like Netflix, Hulu, Internet Explorer, etc. Halo 4 is very fun as well. This bundle also comes with Tomb Raider, a game with excellent reviews. I haven't decided whether to keep it to sell it. Be warned; it is a download code, and to download it, you must register a Live account. Not to worry; this bundle comes with a one month Live membership. I was slightly upset at that, however, because I wanted to save the membership for a later date. By the way, this rant about Tomb Raider and Live probably belongs in the cons section. The controller is, strong, durable, and feels great in the hands. Despite what some people are saying in their reviews, the Xbox 360 E is a lot quieter than the Slim version. Trust me! I don't think that the noise it emits gets any louder than a ceiling fan. It once got very loud, and I was quite confused. Then I discovered the Halo 4 game case was sitting on top of the fan. I took it off and that seemed to solve the problem. Watch out for that. It was my fault. :)

Cons - The headset is quite cheap. It works, but not very well. Of course this product won't get everything right, it's only $200 - $260. Also the UI (user interface) gets really cluttered when you have Xbox Live. Everywhere you go, there are ads, ads, ads! It can drive you crazy. Without Xbox Live, there are no ads, but you don't have access to an internet connection. That means no downloadable content. This content includes apps and downloadable games. Another thing that sucks about Live is that it can only be used for one profile. That means if you share the Xbox with someone else, like I do, you'll have to buy ANOTHER Live account for their profile if they want to join in on the fun. It used to be that you can use one Live membership for all of the profiles on your Xbox, but Microsoft changed that. Lastly, It is very hard to customize your Xbox's UI, partly because of the countless ads that I previously mentioned. There are only four backgrounds to choose from, and I personally find most of them to be drab, ugly, and utterly random. The avatars are fun though.

Shipping Information - This product arrived seven days after I placed the order. At the checkout I chose free, 5 - 8 day shipping. I also ordered a two year warranty, but that never came! Near the order button is a little check box where it asks you if you want to add a warranty to the order. I did just that. You probably shouldn't do the same. Maybe there was a shipping problem, but you shouldn't take any risks. There are other warranties on Amazon for the same price and they have the same ratings. Try buying one of those. Oh, well. It's not Microsoft's problem. It's the warranty company's problem. Just be warned. If you plan on buying a warranty, try to buy another brand.

Final Verdict - Overall, this product is great and I highly recommend it. Have fun with your Xbox, everyone! :)

PS: After I bought this Xbox, I started to regret not getting a PS3. Whichever one you want to buy is up to you. If you prefer gaming over other forms of entertainment, go with the PS3. If you want a mix of everything, get the 360. It's that simple. Go with what works for you. My regrets of stopped, by the way. I bought it and I love it!
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on October 21, 2013
- most compact model released
- most silent model released
- compatible with current "slim" removable hard drives
- value ($50 gc came with my deal)
- included games with this bundle are both 9/10 major AAA titles, not shovelware

- only 4 USB ports instead of 5 (but so what - who uses all of them)
- swipe to turn on/off gone (i didn't hate swipe and don't miss it either)
- no major improvements such as USB3, addition of blutooth, huge SSD or anything else (possible they can't do this without major issues)

- removal of digital optical output might render some high end (Turtle Beach) headsets unusable
- biggest hard drive available is still only 320gb (won't be a con to some, but is to me) and isn't available with this bundle
- flash data limited to 2x32gb (won't be a con to some, but is to me)

otherwise the same old 360 you already know...
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on October 21, 2013
This is a great bundle for those looking for a new XBOX 360 or wanting to hold off on the XBOX One craze until more games come along.

I highly recommend this one since it comes with a large HD which comes in handy now that more games are requiring installs of game data (GTA V was roughly 8 GB - more than the arcade XBOX holds).

The new sleek E version of the 360 is nice and looks more professional than the odd shapes of the last 2 editions.

Tomb Raider and Halo 4 are excellent games to complete the package and they should provide a lot of gameplay hours.

Well worth the investment.
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on November 5, 2013
Bought this one to replace the arcade model i had for about 4 years after it took a s*** on me with the red ring of death. I'm very happy with this E model nice and shiny. Halo4 is a fun game just know tomb raider has to be downloaded.
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on January 20, 2014
It's what I expected. Very quiet and got it as low as $200 and the best is that it brings 2 free games and 2 free month of xbox live gold membership.
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on October 13, 2013
Really awesome, not much of a difference from the other Xbox 360 Slim Console but the quality of the console is great!
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on September 16, 2014
I love the Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle because not only does it have a 250 GB Hard Drive, but it also has a built in Wi-Fi connection, so I don't need any extra cords. It also came with Halo 4 the game which is awesome & it came with a downloadable code for the game of TombRaider, which I haven't tried yet, but I plan to.
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on December 12, 2013
This was an amazing value for the newest Xbox console. We didn't purchase it for the games, but for the purchase price instead. Our family has owned many Xbox consoles and this is by far the best deal we have found.
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