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on November 25, 2013
My 360 Elite finally died after 6 years so I decided to order a new one rather than pay the $100 for repair. I was stunned to discover this newest revision only supports digital audio over HDMI. They have removed the optical port altogether. There's no way to get component video either, though they've added a 3.5mm jack which can provide composite video + stereo sound with a breakout cable. In other words, unless you have a very recent or very old television (and especially if you're using a home theater system without multiple HDMI inputs) you do NOT want an Xbox 360 E. This pile of junk is going back immediately. If I can't find a 360 S model for a similar price, I'm done with Xbox altogether.
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on April 22, 2014
Listen to me. A "Box?" Seriously? First off, read the one star reviews and ask yourself if this system is truly worth two bills. With over 80 million Xbox 360s sold worldwide it has become the center of the gaming and entertainment universe with an all-new way of playing, thinking and connecting. It competes with other elite companies such as Nintendo’s Wii U and Sony’s PlayStation 4. I could care less about the types of Xboxes or gaming systems there are to buy because in reality they are all just rubbish that are ruining society.
My two little cousins are only 5 and 7 years of age. Ever since my idiotic uncle purchased them this Xbox their lives started to dismantle. The older of the two was a baseball, soccer, and football prodigy that had a high chance of going pro in at least two of those sports. Now everyday of his life, instead of training 20 hours a day, he consistently sits before the blinding Television. This disgusts me. As for the five year old, he had hopes of being a major political figure in his near future. His talents may not have reached the level of potential his older brother had, but this kid was a genius. I won't get too in depth with what these two kids had going for them because now all their potential has been stripped due to the purchase of this Xbox 360 4GB.
What ever happened to games that didn't involve virtual reality? Hide-and-Seek? Sports? Vandalism? Staples from my childhood are near extinct due to a common enemy—The Xbox. No wonder why obesity is an issue within the United States, because now these games are becoming “Call of Duty”, “Madden” and “Grand Theft Auto.” I grew up with nothing but a stick and a rock to play with. And boy, did I have a hell of a childhood. My friends and I never had a dull moment as we were always having a fun time outside. We would never of even considered going inside to play, why in the world would we do that?
If Microsoft really wants to continue this trend of destroying the fun of being a kid, they could at least step up their game and create more complex and higher definition worlds. They claim their system has high-definition resolution but c’mon this technology has been around for decades now. For instance: Atari. They have revolutionized the world of gaming beginning in the late 1970s. Starting with pong, Atari immediately out did any other video game companies eventually creating the infamous PacMan and, of course, Space Invaders. Still, almost forty years later, Microsoft cannot even touch the level of complexity and quality Atari first created. Who cares if you have the world’s largest library of games when I can go outside and be part of the world?
So while companies such as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft keep producing different colors and sizes of plastic boxes, I know my future children will never even think about asking for one. They are going to have the greatest childhood of their generation just as I did during mine. Video games are the cause of a new, poor generation and while others are held back because of them I know my kids are going to excel beyond their peers to pioneer the way for America’s success.
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on October 21, 2013
- most compact model released
- most silent model released
- compatible with current "slim" removable hard drives
- value ($50 gc came with my deal)
- included games with this bundle are both 9/10 major AAA titles, not shovelware

- only 4 USB ports instead of 5 (but so what - who uses all of them)
- swipe to turn on/off gone (i didn't hate swipe and don't miss it either)
- no major improvements such as USB3, addition of blutooth, huge SSD or anything else (possible they can't do this without major issues)

- removal of digital optical output might render some high end (Turtle Beach) headsets unusable
- biggest hard drive available is still only 320gb (won't be a con to some, but is to me) and isn't available with this bundle
- flash data limited to 2x32gb (won't be a con to some, but is to me)

otherwise the same old 360 you already know...
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on November 2, 2013
Microsoft stole all of my DLC from my console because I would not agree to their latest Terms of use agreement. I'm talking hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of content. I highly recommend you read the latest terms of use agreement before you by.
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on December 3, 2013
Just opened the box and noticed that Tomb Raider isn't an actual game it's a card for a download. Looked back at my order from Amazon and it the first place that it mentions Tomb Raider it says that you get the Tomb Raider game. The second time it mentions Tomb Raider it says that you get the Tomb Raider game...then there is a teeny tiny number 6 which takes you down to the very last caveat, the very last anything on the page which is in an incredibly small font. There it mentions that Tomb Raider will actually come as a card and you'll have to download it in order to use it. So if you had any intention of giving it as a gift to someone who doesn't have the ability to download this is completely useless.

There was every opportunity to state early on in normal font that Halo 4 was a normal game with disk and Tomb Raider was a card for a downloadable version of the game. Very disappointed that this wasn't done and it leads one to wonder why. I already told my son he'll have his x-box tomorrow so my options are limited to say the least. The lack of transparency and obvious desire to disguise the download as the game (heck they post a picture of the download which is made to look like an actual game box...hmmm...that doesn't seem disingenuous) is leaving me wishing I had other options available to me.
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on January 7, 2014
he has not left his room since he got it. I know he is still alive though cause food comes up missing
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on January 4, 2014
This was a gift for my daughter and she wanted a Xbox 360 more than the Xbox one. She loves this product and so do I.
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on April 4, 2015
Works great.
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on January 20, 2014
It's what I expected. Very quiet and got it as low as $200 and the best is that it brings 2 free games and 2 free month of xbox live gold membership.
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VINE VOICEon December 30, 2013
It's a holiday bundle. It includes everything it says it does. My only problem with this is I knew I didn't want the games it came up with, but what was told by a friend was that I could exchange them as long as I kept the plastic on. WRONG. They have marked the games for non-sale.
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