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on July 17, 2013
What we have here is a slightly modified 360 S slim board in a (imo) beautifully redesigned case. I work on first gens, and could never keep one long enough for myself before it failed on me, so I decided to finally grab a slim and run out this generation with it before my ps4 sat next to it. As an engineer myself, I can gladly and safely say that the redesign has eliminated the heating issues that have plagued the 1st gens for so long. If you're just starting with consoles: best buy you can get right now... 360 pulls out in all areas over the competition for this gen. If you're a hardcore gamer like me and are looking for a nice new system to run out: this one's for us!
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on August 17, 2013
My original Xbox recently died due to a E74 error. I tried the the towel trick and the penny trick but could only get it going for a day or two at a time. So I bought the new 360e. First off there is no optical output. So unless you have a receiver with HDMI pass though you will not get surround sound. However, I did find something that solved the problem for me wonderfully. Here's the link if anybody is looking for a fix to the problem: [...] Also, what is with the 4 GB hard drive? I can't even play a game with so small a hard drive. However buying an external hard drive and connecting it to the USB port isn't too bad and it is a lot cheaper than buying the one with the 250 GB hard drive. It seems like they downgraded a few feature on this latest release which I don't understand. However, it still does the job. Is it better than the older models? No, other than it is supposed to not get the E74 error... I hope.

Edit: (2 weeks later) Well, I ended up using a 32 GB flash drive. Initially I installed a 300 GB western digital hard drive, but the xbox is only able to use 32 GB of it. Plus, it is also said it was not recommended so I may experience problems. So I found a fast flash drive and am using that instead. I haven't had any problems with it so far
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on July 27, 2016
NOTE: This review has nothing to do with Amazon and their excellent service. I have bought many items through amazon and have never been disappointed with them (timely delivery, excellent/fast customer service, easy to return items, etc.). This review is of the Xbox 360 console itself as well as Microsoft and their customer service. I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this review, however Microsoft/Xbox does not provide a product review forum structured like this.

I have had my xbox 360 for a little over a year (1 yr and 2 mo exactly). Enjoyed playing it and recently purchased the gold xbox live subscription ($60/yr). I have used the xbox about 3 or 4 times a week for a maximum of 2-3 hours at a time but usually less. Today a flashing red light came on while playing and the system automatically shut down after displaying an overheating notice. I let it cool down and turned it back on to notice that the fan (fans?) wasn't blowing and once again the device automatically powered down to prevent overheating.

I called Microsoft tech support (425-635-2970) and was initially greeted by a fairly helpful support rep. However, since the warranty I held, ended 2 mo ago I was given the following options by her to remedy the problem: 1) Send the device back to Microsoft at a cost of $100 to have the fan repaired, 2) Purchase a new xbox 360 (currently $120-160), and lastly 3) Visit a friend and use their xbox instead -- she actually did suggest this.

I get it - I shouldn't complain, it was my fault for not purchasing another year or two on the warranty so that if something like this were to happen I would have been covered. But a warranty rate of $20-30/yr is a little overpriced (~20% the cost of a new device per year) for something that is nestled safely on a shelf on my living room TV stand. Not to mention I have a Sega Genesis that still fires up like the day I opened her up on Christmas morning 21 years ago.

I asked if there was someone else I could speak to for more options. She transferred me to the supervisor. I asked him if there were any less expensive options for repairing the broken fan. I felt that $100 was a bit much to fix a 2" miniature fan, however he told me that there was only a flat $100 fee for all types of repairs. To me this seemed like an extremely rigid and unfriendly customer policy.

I also mentioned that since I had just purchased an xbox live subscription for the year, now that I don't have a working console, I am going to be missing out on time I paid for unless I dish out more money. The tech support supervisor dismissively said that since I purchased this in person at a retail store, instead of directly from Microsoft, that they would be unable to cancel or refund my subscription. Again, my fault for purchasing one of their services from a retailer that they sold their service to (and ultimately profited from). Its funny how Microsoft can make it so easy for you to give them your money i.e. always just one click away from purchasing online content, yet make it impossible to get any type of credit back when their product you paid for stops working for you.

As upset as I was with the xbox breaking I probably would have let it go, had he been a little more flexible. Instead the tech support supervisor gave me a snarky, poorly thought out analogy that went like this: "We can't refund you the live subscription because that's like buying a Samsung tv from Best Buy, and then asking Samsung for a refund." I don't know, maybe this was too much genius for me to appreciate but it sounded belittling and certainly not the response I expected to hear.

I thought it was convenient that my console broke down just 2 months after my warranty ended, and asked the supervisor if its common for Microsoft's products to break down shortly after the warranty ends. He anecdotally responded, "No. I have had that exact same console for the past 3 years and it works fine." To which I replied "Bravo, but this doesn't make me feel any better and only proves my point that I was dealt a faulty device that malfunctioned prematurely." He offered a short apology and quickly asked if I had any other questions, otherwise he would be unable to help any further. I asked if there was anyone else I could speak with regarding this. He told me "No" and to go on the website's online forum and suggest an idea for the future to the xbox tech support community. At this point all I could do was laugh at the suggestion. He then ended the conversation with a "thank you for your understanding" and hung up.

Alas, you win Microsoft. You have taken about $400 from me over the past year (the console, the games, the controllers, the live subscription, the online purchases) and when I ask for a little bit of help back from you, after the device I paid for stops working on me, it can't be done. All I have as consolation is this one little negative customer review in a sea of thousands.

To those who say, "So what! Its 2016, what are you still doing with an xbox 360?" That is besides the point. My issue is with Microsoft and their customer service. I purchased a device for $150 that lasted me a little over a year and then when it stopped working, I was given a very limited set of options by a condescending and unhelpful tech support service. I imagine my experience would have been the exact same had I purchased a new Xbox One or any other device made by Microsoft. The best I can do is not purchase any of their products for the foreseeable future and I encourage anyone who spent the time to read this to consider doing the same! I'll probably hold off on purchasing a new gaming console for now but I am certain that when I do, it will not be an Xbox.

P.S. I am not a whiney customer, this is the first online review that I think I have ever made for a product. I made this review because I was extremely frustrated with my experience with Microsoft and really have no better way of communicating it to others. I would compare them very unfavorably with their competitors -- especially Apple -- a company that I have had only positive experiences with so far. I am not an apple enthusiast either (have a macbook, but prefer the android phones to the iPhone and get kind of annoyed by all the people who are such apple enthusiasts).

Bottom line: Know that with whatever you purchase from Microsoft, expect very limited help from their customer service. Pay good money for a warranty, otherwise no matter how loyal of a customer, they are not going to be able to provide you with much help! I have noticed that other businesses in the same industry are little bit more flexible these days......
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on November 30, 2013
I'm hoping people who buy this realize how useless 4GB is. Don't get me wrong, the console is great, and the redesign looks stylish and is the quietest, lowest-power-consuming Xbox 360 yet. But I bought one of these along with a 320GB hard drive. The 4GB comes from the factory filled with some bloatware (arcade game trials) and the full version of the Hexic arcade game. But even if you delete all of this, you are left with FAR less than 4GB. That's not even enough to download a single full retail game; not even close.

If you want to take advantage of the free Games for Gold (if you have a Gold subscription), good luck downloading any of those games. If you want to use the cloud game saves feature, well that takes up half a gigabyte to activate too. Even if you download nothing, some games download fairly large updates just to be playable at all. Your 4GB will easily be eaten up by any of these things.

Unless you plan on buying this console only for non-gaming purposes, like using the Amazon/Netflix/Hulu/etc apps, or only playing very small Xbox Live Arcade games, you NEED to buy a hard drive with this. Or just buy the one that includes the hard drive. But for me, 250GB wasn't enough on my Xbox 360 S, so I bought this 4GB along with the 320GB hard drive.

Now, other than the hard drive space, here's what I think about this compared to the previous Xbox 360 designs.

- Quietest design yet. I can't say for sure if it is quieter than the 360 S though or just tied, since both designs are nearly silent and I can't hear them at all when any sound is coming from my speakers. I could easily hear my launch 360's fans over my speakers, even when they were playing something relatively loud.
- The power brick is the same size as the S, but smaller than the original
- The power brick is not interchangeable with any other 360 designs, since the connector on the 360 is a small round one instead of the fairly large semi-rectangular ones from the past
- No optical audio out. This would have been a problem for me until I upgraded my AV receiver, which has all the HDMI switching capabilities I need. If you currently use optical out to pass your surround sound, and don't have an HDMI-switching AV receiver, be aware of this.
- One less USB port (4 total) than the 360 S (which had 5). One more USB port than the original Xbox 360 (which had 3). Not a problem for many, but I think you can't have too many USB ports, and would have strongly preferred they didn't remove one of them.
- Eject and power button are not touch-sensitive. You have to actually push the buttons in (I prefer this).

Now the only serious thing I'm actually a little disappointed in compared to my launch 360 and 360 S (yes, I've purchased three 360s...), is something I haven't really heard anybody else mention yet. The green ring around the power button is either fully on, or off. You can't see what player(s) are connected by looking at the lit-up ring quadrants. Interestingly enough, my Xbox One is the same way, but the Xbox One controllers don't indicate which player it is either. I really liked having a way to see what players have their controllers connected. Not sure why they cut this feature.

The design itself is quite nice, and matches my Xbox One quite well. But just like the Xbox One, half of it is a glossy surface, so you will need to be careful with it. Glossy consoles always age much worse than matte consoles, since they are easily scratched and scuffed, and show every last fingerprint. Keep it carefully dusted and don't put things on top of it if you want it to stay nice-looking for longer than a couple months.

But the important thing is this final design of the 360 is solid, reliable, silent, and will not overheat on you like the original version. A very good redesign, especially when it is in close proximity to an Xbox One, since the designs complement each other well. BUT 4GB IS NOT ENOUGH! Hope I was clear on that. :)
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on December 2, 2013
First off let me say, this is my first Xbox. I'm not much of a gamer but I saw this for a great price on Black Friday and decided to pick it up. As many other reviewers have stated, please plan on picking up extra memory. I picked up a 32GB USB stick and I now have as much memory as I need. For those of you who are hardcore gamers you'll need more than that I'm sure. I'd suggest getting a hard drive. For example (with the free month of Xbox live) you can download 2 free games/month. This month the 1st game is over 6GB. So you wouldn't even be able to download that game with the 4GB built in (which is actually much less than that available.) That being said...I'm just a casual gamer so I'm not too concerned about it. Yet another caution. No games come with. If you plan on giving this as a gift you might want to pick up a game or two to get them started. The Xbox does come with a few demo games and you can always download other demos, but if you want to be playing out of the box you'll need some games. Hookup was very easy. I just plugged it in via HDMI (does not come with it. It does come with the Red, White, Yellow cable.), plugged it in to the wall and I was off and running. Couldn't be easier. I had to go through a few steps of setting up an Xbox live account, but that was no biggie.

Again if you are a hardcore gamer and plan on playing the latest and greatest multiplayer online games, get the 250GB version or buy this and plan on immediately upgrading the storage. I'm quite happy playing older/classic games and have no interest in playing online so this with the 32GB USB drive will work fine for me.

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on August 15, 2013
Got the 4GB version and plugged in a USB Flash Drive and an external hard drive and now I have about 60GB. The Xbox is super quite pretty much silent. Would recommend this to anyone looking for an Xbox 360.
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on November 3, 2014
This console's value is highly dependant on the reason you got it for. It's a regular, run of the mill Xbox 360 that works and functions like all the others, however I personally believe if this is your first 360 you should avoid it, as the limited amount of space makes this console hard to recommend to new gamers unless you use a USB storage device, because buying a bigger HDD for this costs more than a bundled Xbox 360 with games and a 250gb HDD.
The other reason to buy this console is if you're like me (I purchased it only to play Exclusive games) or if you had a previous slim and it died and you need a cheaper console to slap your old slim HDD into.
Overall this is a good console, but no matter the reason you want it, get it on sale like I did (I paid $99 for it during last year's Black Friday) because at full price, let's just say it's not worth it and leave it at that.
Regular Xbox 360 would get 4 stars, this one gets 4 as well only because I paid $100 for it.
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on December 17, 2013
Now there are a lot of reasons that this is my own fault. Did I do my research? No. Did I even read a review? No. So know that before you hypothetically argue with me.


If you sell an Xbox, it should be able to do Xbox things, namely, play video games. If I wanted a box that could just use Netflix, I would buy a Roku for $30, not your fancy box. Because that's what it is at this memory level. A fancy box that might be able to support Netflix and HBOGo, if you're lucky, but only if you buy into Microsoft Live (which is a rage for another day). You should be ashamed Microsoft. You are preying on people who are trying to be nice to their boyfriends/significant others and have no idea that more effort was required than a simple click. I thought of it, and shelled out the dough, expecting it to function as marketed. But NO, you have to buy extra memory just to be able to play a game. Again, what did you make this for? Goods not as advertised, sirs, because it is certainly not an Xbox under any commonly held understanding. I wish there were a character in GTAV (which I can only play because I shelled out additional $ for a USB) named Microsoft so I could steal its car, run it over, and shoot it. And then walk over the body over and over again. And then have Chop eat its body for a delightful snack.
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on April 23, 2014
Listen to me. A "Box?" Seriously? First off, read the one star reviews and ask yourself if this system is truly worth two bills. With over 80 million Xbox 360s sold worldwide it has become the center of the gaming and entertainment universe with an all-new way of playing, thinking and connecting. With built in Wi-Fi you can pay extra to play online with your friends or stream movies and shows right at a click of a button. It competes with other elite companies such as Nintendo’s Wii U and Sony’s PlayStation 4 but are they all that different? I could care less about the types of Xboxes or gaming systems there are to buy because in reality they are all just rubbish that are ruining society.
My two little cousins are only 5 and 7 years of age. Ever since my idiotic uncle purchased them this Xbox their lives started to dismantle. The older of the two was a baseball, soccer, and football prodigy that had a high chance of going pro in at least two of those sports. Now everyday of his life, instead of training 20 hours a day, he consistently sits before the blinding Television. This disgusts me. As for the five year old, he had hopes of being a major political figure in his near future. His campaign preparations were cut short when the new present was unleashed. You may say his talents are yet to reach those of his older brother’s, but this kid was a genius. I won't get too in depth with what these two kids had going for them because now all their potential has been stripped due to the purchase of this Xbox 360.
What ever happened to games that didn't involve virtual reality? Hide-and-Seek? Sports? Vandalism? Staples from my childhood are near extinct due to a common enemy—The Xbox. No wonder why obesity is an issue within the United States, because now these games are becoming “Call of Duty”, “Madden” and “Grand Theft Auto.” I grew up with nothing but a stick and a rock to play with. And boy, did I have a hell of a childhood. My friends and I never had a dull moment as we were always having a fun time outside. We would never of even considered going inside to play, why in the world would we do that? What happened to activities such as running or riding a bike? November 22, 2005 happened. The day to end all of days. This day in history marked the launch of the Xbox 360, leading society to spiral into its dark demise.
If Microsoft really wants to continue this trend of destroying the fun of being a kid, they could at least step up their game and create more complex and higher definition worlds. They claim their system has high-definition resolution but come on, this technology has been around for decades now. For instance: Atari. They have revolutionized the world of gaming beginning in the late 1970s. Starting with pong, Atari immediately out did any other video game companies eventually creating the infamous Pac-Man and, of course, Space Invaders. Still, almost forty years later, Microsoft cannot even touch the level of complexity and quality Atari first created. Who cares if you have the world’s largest library of games when I can go outside and be part of the world?
So while companies such as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft keep producing different colors and sizes of plastic boxes, I know my future children will never even think about asking for one. They are going to have the greatest childhood of their generation, just as I did during mine. Video games are the cause of a new, poor generation and while others are held back because of them I know my kids are going to excel beyond their peers to pioneer the way for America’s success.
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on August 22, 2014
Best Xbox360 I ever owned. Sadly it took Microsoft until the end of it's life cycle to finally get it right.

Obviously Xbox360's are now old news and the XboxOne is the wave of the future for Microsoft fanboys. The first Xbox360 I ever owned was obviously the first body style. It was as loud as a jet engine, making it difficult to enjoy games without wearing headphones to hear what the bloody hell was going on. It got hotter than the Bluth Company's Corn Baller. And if you were one of those gamers that liked to binge play, you were bound to see the dreaded Red Ring of Death eventually.

The Xbox360 E had none of those problems. It was whisper quiet to the point where you barely knew it was running at all. It was solid and built well. The CD-drive would open and close with the greatest of ease. It was like shutting the door of an Audi. A nice solid "thud" sound. The original sounded like you were shutting the door of a 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix, never knowing when it would finally fall off the hinges. I bought this in conjunction with GTA V. I am more of a PC gamer and was upset when I heard GTA V wasn't coming out for PC but I knew that eventually Rockstar would release it for the new platforms and PC. I am just too damn impatient. I couldn't wait. I bought an aftermarket 120GB HD which was and easy plug-n-play.

The only complaint I would have is the glossy finish. I still don't understand why electronic companies insist on using glossy finishes on their products. It get's scratched incredibly easily. It looks great when you open up the package and unwrap the product from the protective paper. Once you lay your grubby fingers on it - it just looks like sh**. Finger prints everywhere, scratches all over the thing. And that's just setting it up to play for the first time! Drives me mental!

Give me a matte finish on this bad boy and it get's 5 stars.

Recently traded it back to Amazon for almost twice as much as GameStop would have given me for it. Used that credit to pay for a brand new PS4. I can't thank Amazon enough for being a fantastic company and not bending their customers over.
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