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on August 15, 2013
Got the 4GB version and plugged in a USB Flash Drive and an external hard drive and now I have about 60GB. The Xbox is super quite pretty much silent. Would recommend this to anyone looking for an Xbox 360.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 30, 2013
I'm hoping people who buy this realize how useless 4GB is. Don't get me wrong, the console is great, and the redesign looks stylish and is the quietest, lowest-power-consuming Xbox 360 yet. But I bought one of these along with a 320GB hard drive. The 4GB comes from the factory filled with some bloatware (arcade game trials) and the full version of the Hexic arcade game. But even if you delete all of this, you are left with FAR less than 4GB. That's not even enough to download a single full retail game; not even close.

If you want to take advantage of the free Games for Gold (if you have a Gold subscription), good luck downloading any of those games. If you want to use the cloud game saves feature, well that takes up half a gigabyte to activate too. Even if you download nothing, some games download fairly large updates just to be playable at all. Your 4GB will easily be eaten up by any of these things.

Unless you plan on buying this console only for non-gaming purposes, like using the Amazon/Netflix/Hulu/etc apps, or only playing very small Xbox Live Arcade games, you NEED to buy a hard drive with this. Or just buy the one that includes the hard drive. But for me, 250GB wasn't enough on my Xbox 360 S, so I bought this 4GB along with the 320GB hard drive.

Now, other than the hard drive space, here's what I think about this compared to the previous Xbox 360 designs.

- Quietest design yet. I can't say for sure if it is quieter than the 360 S though or just tied, since both designs are nearly silent and I can't hear them at all when any sound is coming from my speakers. I could easily hear my launch 360's fans over my speakers, even when they were playing something relatively loud.
- The power brick is the same size as the S, but smaller than the original
- The power brick is not interchangeable with any other 360 designs, since the connector on the 360 is a small round one instead of the fairly large semi-rectangular ones from the past
- No optical audio out. This would have been a problem for me until I upgraded my AV receiver, which has all the HDMI switching capabilities I need. If you currently use optical out to pass your surround sound, and don't have an HDMI-switching AV receiver, be aware of this.
- One less USB port (4 total) than the 360 S (which had 5). One more USB port than the original Xbox 360 (which had 3). Not a problem for many, but I think you can't have too many USB ports, and would have strongly preferred they didn't remove one of them.
- Eject and power button are not touch-sensitive. You have to actually push the buttons in (I prefer this).

Now the only serious thing I'm actually a little disappointed in compared to my launch 360 and 360 S (yes, I've purchased three 360s...), is something I haven't really heard anybody else mention yet. The green ring around the power button is either fully on, or off. You can't see what player(s) are connected by looking at the lit-up ring quadrants. Interestingly enough, my Xbox One is the same way, but the Xbox One controllers don't indicate which player it is either. I really liked having a way to see what players have their controllers connected. Not sure why they cut this feature.

The design itself is quite nice, and matches my Xbox One quite well. But just like the Xbox One, half of it is a glossy surface, so you will need to be careful with it. Glossy consoles always age much worse than matte consoles, since they are easily scratched and scuffed, and show every last fingerprint. Keep it carefully dusted and don't put things on top of it if you want it to stay nice-looking for longer than a couple months.

But the important thing is this final design of the 360 is solid, reliable, silent, and will not overheat on you like the original version. A very good redesign, especially when it is in close proximity to an Xbox One, since the designs complement each other well. BUT 4GB IS NOT ENOUGH! Hope I was clear on that. :)
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on February 17, 2014
My other xbox was too fat and needed an Ethernet cord, so I booted him out for this skinny stud in all his wifi goodness, now I can still enjoy gta v, while my ps4 continues to lay there and not come out with any games
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on February 3, 2014
Okay, I'm a middle-aged man, not "into" video games. I have taken up learning to play the guitar and progressing well. Then I read reviews on Rocksmith and figured I'd order it and see if it helps my progression. BUT, I didn't own a game console so I ordered this one.
I must admit, very easy set-up, never looked at instructions and took me about 5 minutes to hook it up. I like it very much and just ordered our first "game" for my wife. I have no interest in video games but my wife does and will play this.
I knew I did well when my son came over to the house last night to watch the Super Bowl with me, he's in college, living in the dorm and 19 years old. He noticed the xbox 360 IMMEDIATELY and asked where my games were.....he said I bought the best so I guess I made the right decision in purchasing this one. I guess I know what to buy my son for his Birthday in a month now as he has an older game console and wants one of these too.
One more thing. I like the fact that this console "is that what you call them now?" can be displayed on my TV stand either upright or on it's side. They even have little rubber ends so it won't slide around whether you place it on it's side or upright.
I guess I recommend buying this one and can't give it any less than 5 stars as I don't know anything about these. (My last game console was an Atari if that tells you how current I am)
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on September 25, 2013
I had a 360 years ago but when it crashed I didn't replace it til now. Figured since the new model is due out soon, now is a great time to get the old model. Plus it was a great price. I love the new design of the 360 E models. Looks much better than the ugly original look. This one comes with 4GB, enough for me. But I put in a 16GB USB Keydrive and after a quick format through the Xbox console I now have 20GB to play with. Also got room on the Xbox Cloud. The only downfall to Xbox that I have is that Microsoft makes it difficult to just upgrade your HDD when you want to. Speaking of HDD, if you plan of buying this model AND upgrading the HDD you'll NEED TO BUY the HDD mounting bracket. This model DOES NOT come with it installed. Look at other reviews for the name of it but Amazon sells one that will fit and it's cheap. Other than all that, the games still look great, WiFi works and it comes with a months free of Live. Oh and Amazon will give you a discount on Live too. When I bought the system, I got an email for 1 year of Xbox Live for 29.99. Not a bad deal. Thanks Amazon!
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on March 9, 2016
Box arrived and clearly recycled as it was not sealed. Same for the material inside the box to wrap the console, cables, etc. When I went to register the console on my Xbox Live account, using Serial Number on console, it came up as a XBOX 360 S!!!!! My live account also included an entry for associated Kinect, which was not included. Finally, warranty is valid throught May 27, 2016 - not even 3 months. Also, the unit will not read game discs that worked on old console. Might get 1 in 30 attempts to read game disc properly.

Clearly, this is a refurbished system and I WILL be sending it back for refund.
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on August 22, 2014
Best Xbox360 I ever owned. Sadly it took Microsoft until the end of it's life cycle to finally get it right.

Obviously Xbox360's are now old news and the XboxOne is the wave of the future for Microsoft fanboys. The first Xbox360 I ever owned was obviously the first body style. It was as loud as a jet engine, making it difficult to enjoy games without wearing headphones to hear what the bloody hell was going on. It got hotter than the Bluth Company's Corn Baller. And if you were one of those gamers that liked to binge play, you were bound to see the dreaded Red Ring of Death eventually.

The Xbox360 E had none of those problems. It was whisper quiet to the point where you barely knew it was running at all. It was solid and built well. The CD-drive would open and close with the greatest of ease. It was like shutting the door of an Audi. A nice solid "thud" sound. The original sounded like you were shutting the door of a 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix, never knowing when it would finally fall off the hinges. I bought this in conjunction with GTA V. I am more of a PC gamer and was upset when I heard GTA V wasn't coming out for PC but I knew that eventually Rockstar would release it for the new platforms and PC. I am just too damn impatient. I couldn't wait. I bought an aftermarket 120GB HD which was and easy plug-n-play.

The only complaint I would have is the glossy finish. I still don't understand why electronic companies insist on using glossy finishes on their products. It get's scratched incredibly easily. It looks great when you open up the package and unwrap the product from the protective paper. Once you lay your grubby fingers on it - it just looks like sh**. Finger prints everywhere, scratches all over the thing. And that's just setting it up to play for the first time! Drives me mental!

Give me a matte finish on this bad boy and it get's 5 stars.

Recently traded it back to Amazon for almost twice as much as GameStop would have given me for it. Used that credit to pay for a brand new PS4. I can't thank Amazon enough for being a fantastic company and not bending their customers over.
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on March 30, 2016
If you are buying this console from within the US or Canada please note that this product will not play any of your US or Canadian games or DVD's as it is a region 4 console. There is no mention of this in the product description and I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out why it would not play my DVD's before finally realizing this product had the wrong region code on it. I would have never have purchased this product had I known it was not a region 1 console. This should be in bold type in the description so people in different parts of the world can be sure to get a console that is compatible with the area they live in. I looked through many of the other descriptions on other xbox consoles and noticed none of them were listing the region so be sure to ask before buying any game console online.
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on September 6, 2016
Arrived on time and in perfect condition. Husband was so excited to have a replacement for his old Xbox. I personally prefer how sleek this one looks, and wouldn't mind having it out if he wanted to move it into a living space. He added a USB drive for extra storage and hasn't had any issues.
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on October 2, 2013
The xbox looks awesome. Runs great and the price was great for this product. Was a birthday gift for my boyfriend and he loves it! Thanks!
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