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on July 17, 2016
The charge kit I personally received doesn't in fact charge my controller's batter pack. I'm not sure if the cause of this is the charger itself, or the battery, all I know is that it hasn't ever charged for me. I have to A: either leave it always plugged in, or B: use standard AA batteries in place of the rechargeable battery pack. I may have just gotten a dud battery/charger. There is always a chance, when dealing with electronics, that you will receive one that just doesn't work, especially when the item in question is mass produced. Keep that in mind if you ever get a dud, whether it be a motherboard, TV, or something simple like a charge cord and rechargeable battery. That is not the fault of the seller, that is the fault of the manufacturer. Even the highest quality/priced stuff will occasionally be a dud. I give it three stars, because I can still use my controller as a wired controller, and as I sit at my computer the tower is right under the desk so this was no problem for me. If it had been able to charge my battery pack I would have given it five stars
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on April 25, 2016
Got this 2 years and a half ago by the time I write this review, the kit works as expected and just after 2 years I have to increase the frequency of the time I had to recharge back the batteries, but holds the charge still pretty well.

The cord is long and I'm able to play on my living room about 2 meters away from the tv, the cable will work on larger rooms.

The charge lasts to this time a little more than 25 hours, of curse this is totally approximate since depends on the games, those who use rumble a lot tend to reduce the charge faster than games that barely uses the rumble feature.

The quality is really good and well I know this will last for a couple more of years, when the time comes that the battery won't hold the charge, you still can use it with the cord plugged in.
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on December 29, 2013
First, I'd like to say I play my xbox in a very different way than most people. I use a tv capture card and play the xbox right on my computer by connecting an hdmi line to the capture card.

With that in mind, I'm in very close proximity with the xbox. Unlike the PS3 and perhaps older gamecube and ps2, the xbox 360 controller requires batteries and is always wireless connected. I think given my close proximity I don't require such wireless connection. So in come this. My goal is to basically have a wired connection to my xbox unit and don't have needs for swapping out batters. Sort of like the ps3 where you simply plug the controller into a usb charger, connect it to the ps3 and you got a constantly charged connection.

Basically this allows me to keep my controller plugged into the usb port and I am able to always have battery power. Now, I have noticed some of the negative things said here to be true. Let me first explain what I experienced. First the charging cable doesn't stick onto the controller very well. It means that it's very easy to drop the line connecting to the usb cord because the line gets severed. Now, comes the issue I notice that most people complain about: the battery doesn't hold charge. Well to be honest in my personal experience, it appears to be random. Sometimes if the line disconnects, it indicates full battery power and doesn't pause the game asking me to reconnect the controller. Other times, when the line disconnects, it acts as if the battery is totally dead even though I may have been playing for a few hours. It seems very random and I can't quite figure out what the deal is or the reason behind it. What I do know is that it doesn't appear to hold charge that long.

This is a minor annoyance to me since I am very close to the xbox unit right on the computer. However, I think if you're a player who likes sitting at a distant and require the wireless connection, this might be a factor you'd want to consider. Given my circumstances, I give it a four star purely because I can finally play unlimited without fear of having to buy new battery supplies.
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on October 9, 2016
After hours on destiny you kinda start running through batteries and your wallet starts to hurt a little. Thought I would give this a shot, because he whats spending 20 bucks on a one time battery VS 20 bucks every month! It's great! I can play while it charges, I can even plug it in at night and let it charge while I sleep and my xbox doesn't have to be on! There is only ONE complaint, it makes my turtle beaches buzz when I'm talking.. I have people complain to me about it.
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on August 5, 2015
So there I was, so exited to smash some faces FPS style. But alas my batteries kept dying while I was in epic unyielding combat. After spending hundreds of dollars on batteries to quench my undying thirst for pixelated blood I finally decided to go out and get a play and charge kit so I could afford to eat more then just ramen warmed up with tap water while on week long tweaked out gaming sprees in my Uncles basement. But just as it seemed that my addiction for animated gore-porn would be sated my new rechargeable batteries died... But its alright, right? Because you can just recharge them? Sure you can, then they die again after an even shorter period of time. I finally just gave up and attempted to strange myself with the charging cord, but it broke so that didn't work either.

In summation, the charging part of this apparatus works just fine. The rechargeable batteries provided with it however were not genuine XBOX goodies, but some knock off brand junk that has a half-life of about a week. After being charged 4-5 times they no longer hold a charge long enough to even turn on the box.
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VINE VOICEon April 19, 2012
This was one of my first purchases for my new Xbox 360 and I consider it such a necessity that I was surprised when I opened the Xbox 360 packaging and didn't find this in there. Blowing through AA batteries is just a waste of money and while rechargeable AA's are an option, this is much less hassle at a reasonable price. The battery is supposed to be good for 30 hours without a charge (I haven't timed it), and you can continue playing while the battery is charging. The charging cable is about 10 feet in length, so you're not going to find yourself tethered to the console on an uncomfortably short leash. Since the cord is just a normal USB plug on the console end, you should be able to charge off any powered USB input--whether it's a computer or cell phone charger (but use your own judgement).

My only gripe is that it seems to take a long time to get a full charge, but that may be more of my own impatience than slowness on the part of the charger.
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on February 12, 2015
So, this review is only reflection of the purpose I tried to use it for, and does not fully involve given it the full test, so your experience might work great for what it was designed for. With that in mind, on with the review!
So I read around a lot to see if the chord would serve as wired remote, and I had read a lot mix messages on it so I gave it a shot. I was trying to use the remote as a corded xbox 360 for my computer as I was going on a trip and wanted to use the remote rather than a mouse. The problem is that the data does not in any way go through the chord, the data goes through the the radio signal, regardless if there was a battery installed or not, which is where the murky information was involving. I tried it for my xbox, and it seemed to work great, so if you are buying it for a battery pack to use and charge on your xbox, it works just as expected but if you want it for say your computer, it does not work that way. I hope this is clear so that others are not buying it confused like I did.
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on December 6, 2013
bought from a 3rd party. when the price is super low- you are likely getting just part of the kit
in my case, i received just the cable.
before i get the 'well did you READ the desc?'- there was no mention of that in the description or anything.

so what i'm saying is- if the item is normally around $20 and you see it at $4 ... yeah :P

that being said- it worked out perfectly for me anyhow.
i don't have a rechargeable battery pack on my controller.
i was simply looking for an old school cable to connect the controller to the xbox. see, i am too lazy to remember to recharge my rechargeable batteries. and when i play a game, i dont play for a couple hours.. more like 10 straight. so not only does a wired controller make sense for uninterrupted play, but it also saves loads, either via standard batteries or rechargeable. just saying that you don't necessarily NEED the battery pack part of this.
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on January 10, 2014
When it works it works, but when it doesn't then it's annoying. Fear not, however! If you own one of these play and charge kits and it won't take a charge, there are a few things you can do to sort of get it going again.

The first and most simplest way to get it to take a charge again is when the system is powered on, make sure the batter is installed in the controller and plug in the charger. If it goes green after a couple seconds, take out the charger and put it back in. You might have to do this anywhere between 5-30 times. If it works the light should stay red after that and the controller will charge. If after that it still won't take a charge, then you can try doing this: put your thumb on the release button and angle the battery out of the controller, but not all of the way. Think of it like a hinge. Do that, and then put it back in while still holding on to the release button and hinge it out again. I've done this rapidly several times and then tried plugging the charger back in and the light finally stayed red.

As a last resort though, if that doesn't work, you might have to discharge the battery completely, and to do that you need something metal that can conduct electricity. I honestly don't recommend this method if you're not careful because what you have to do is take something like a paperclip and bend it so that the ends nearly meet (think of a giant u shape), and then you must complete a circuit on the battery. You must place the paperclip on 2 of the gold pins in back. First you have to place the paper clip on the 2nd and 5th pin. Be careful, because the paperclip will get hot. It's best to do this when the battery is pretty much dead. You have to keep doing this until the paper clip stops getting hot.

After it's completely discharged, take the paper clip and touch pin 1 and 5, and then 2 and 6, and that should reset the battery indicator and it should charge after that. I've had this work once before.

Again, be careful! Don't burn yourself!

Lastly if none of that works then the battery is probably dead dead, or you can buy the recharging station, as I've heard that will charge the battery no matter what.

Hopefully someone finds this helpful! Just because it's poor design on microsoft's part doesn't mean it can't be fixed!
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I ordered this for my daughter's Xbox 360. It works perfectly. I did not want to have to constantly replace batteries in her controller and was getting annoyed with the frequency of battery replacement so I figured I would try this. It has more than paid for itself by saving us the need to buy batteries for her. We haven't had a single problem with it. It does the job and charges her controller and we don't have her banging on our bedroom door at 8 at night demanding batteries anymore.
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