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on April 9, 2012
I'll be honest with you guys, I really agonized over buying this bundle. I already had an old Xbox 360 elite and another backup unit to boot - so really I didn't NEED it. But when it comes to being an Xbox & Star Wars fan - it's not about reason, it's about WANT!!! So what did I do? I bought it, albeit I had tremendous buyers remorse the second I got it until I finally hooked it up (and transferred the data from my old HD to the new one). From the moment I powered up the system - I was 100% glad I got it.

Here's why I'm glad I got it.
1) The unit looks awesome, and it is a Star Wars fan's dream come true. The R2D2 exterior is well crafted and looks/feels very nice.
2) I love how the Xbox makes those beeping/booping/squealing R2 sounds when you open/close the tray and power on/off the system. The only drawback is you have to physically press the buttons, you won't get the sounds if you use a remote or the controller.
3) The gold C3P0 controller is GREAT! It has a nice finish, great feel, the D-pad is nice and it just really makes you feel special for buying the bundle.
4) The white kinect is nice, and it is the only one of its kind (so far), with everything else being black. It's a minor thing, but it does make you feel better about paying for the bundle. As for performance, mine was fine out of the box though as with all Kinects you do get the occasional and annoying "player input lost" messages that kind of interrupt the action.

Now should you buy it?

Well here's who I think should get it.

1) Die hard Star Wars fans who need a new Xbox or just have money to burn
2) Someone (like me) who had an old Elite clunker and want to upgrade to the new 360 design before the 720 (allegedly) comes out at the end of 2013. At least if you buy this now you'll still get at least a year and a half with it, assuming R2's circuits don't get fried by the Jawas.
3) Someone who doesn't have a Kinect and needs an excuse to get one by buying a cool, limited edition bundle
4) Someone who needs a 320 GB hard drive and wants a cool Star Wars motif to boot

So who should NOT buy this?
1) Don't buy it if you're tight on cash, and especially if you already have an Xbox - that would be just foolish, and you'll just end up being bantha fodder down the road if you're in debt. This bundle is cool, but it's not "I'm willing to go broke for it" cool.
2) Don't buy it because you think it's a cool way to play Star Wars Kinect. It's not. (I'll explain more later)
3) Don't buy it if you think this performance is superior to any other 360. It's not.

**Important Note**
4) Don't buy this if you only have a 5.0 GHZ N connection in your home - not unless you have a spare Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless adapter hanging around. The reason?
The Xbox included in this bundle only works on a 2.4 GHZ connection. For people like me who have a dual band router, I assigned the 2.4 GHZ to my G connection (for my G-only devices) and the 5 GHZ to my N connection (to take advantage of the high speed for my other useful gadgets like the new iPad, etc).
FORTUNATELY for me, I was able to unplug my old wireless adapter on my old Xbox and plug it into my new Xbox thru the USB port (thankfully there are 3 ports on this new Xbox too), and voila I was able to pick up my wireless 5.0 N connection again (it wasn't able to do it beforehand). So just keep this in mind, if your wireless connection is only 5.0 GHZ N band at home, you'll need to have the extra adapter around to take full advantage of the higher speed.
I don't think this should affect a lot of people, but just keep this in mind when you are upgrading or buying it for the first time.

As for the extras ... well
1) It looks like Star Wars, but on your Xbox - yay!
2) You get 2 games!
3) You get a poster of R2 & C3P0 (eeh)
4) Kinect Adventures is fun, and a nice demo of what the Kinect can do, but other games do it better.

As for Star Wars Kinect (which is also included)
- This game is fun, initially
- You feel kind of cool when you are training and realizing you can whip out a lightsaber and kill stuff ... until you realize ... a lot of the duels are done in a rock/paper/scissors way. Meaning, when you "duel" you get in a screen where you have to time your blocks, then you get a narrow window of time to attack your opponent. That is REALLY lame.
- It's fun to use force powers with your other hand, while you slash with one hand, but after awhile all the slashing gets a bit repetitive and a lot of times I just ended up using my force powers for most enemies by flinging them around. It saves me the trouble of slashing the 1000th stupid droid with my tired arms.
- The driving/flying missions/controls are okay, but it's nothing we haven't seen before.
- The dance mini game is okay, but the rancor rampage thing is fun. It's basically the old Midway RAMPAGE game, but with a kinect.
- The duel mode stinks, for the reason I listed above.
- BUT you DO get an extra C3P0 thing for the dance mini game!

So is it worth buying the bundle just for this game? Hell no! But I'm sure most people are buying it because of the eye candy, and for that I gotta say it is really worth it. The unit looks special, I love the beeping R2 sounds and most importantly, it's a great upgrade for people who love Star Wars and Xbox at the same time. You just feel happy looking at it when it's in your living room or den or man cave.

Just keep in mind the Star Wars game itself isn't that great.
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The Star Wars game for Xbox 360 Kinect is incredibly fun, for adults and kids alike. My kid and I have spent hours pod-racing, dancing, and using the force to battle as Jedi's. The game play is the best Kinect functionality I have seen in any game. It is very responsive and doesn't get as buggy as many games.

But you can get the Kinect Star Wars game elsewhere, but only in the Bundle do you get a Star Wars controller and an Xbox 360 unit that makes R2 sounds when it opens. It's nerdy, but if you're nerdy, then it should be a no brainer. The 360 GB hard drive is very nice to download your games to the unit for faster functioning.

As long as you can get one price-wise in the same ball park as buying the pieces individually I highly recommend this.
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on October 2, 2012
I purchased this unit for my girlfriend a few weeks ago. She was without a proper console until then. She thinks R2D2 is cute, wanted an XBox badly and hasn't really had much for birthdays.

She cried when she opened it.

The console itself is exactly as advertised. I don't know what some people were expecting. Why is it a big deal that you have to physically approach the system and actually press the buttons to get a fun sound or two? The blue light and the R2D2 noises are awesome and add a lighthearted aesthetic to the experience. The C3PO controller is pretty cool looking and I'd purchase it alone, even if I didn't know what it was supposed to resemble. The games were the only part I wasn't stoked about but they were far from central to the general coolness of this package. She traded 'em in @ CEX in Boston and got Mass Effect 1, Fable 2 and Assassin's Creed. That's a win.

I am a fan of the Kinect, whatever the color. Some people want to hate on it and complain. It's not supposed to be the Pre-Crime Video Display from Minority Report. It's a kitschy effort to make gaming interactive and get your ass out of a chair. Vocally commanding your XBox to do stuff is awesome, especially when alcohol is involved. It bestows a fleeting yet satisfying sense of power.

If you like Star Wars, you'll be pleased. If you don't, why are you even reading this? This XBox is a killer deal and sports a fun design.
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on August 2, 2012
While I may have a PS3 and enjoy it, my son has been wanting an xBox for a long while. After checking out a few different bundles, I decided on this one. While the other versions (Gears of War, Call of Duty, etc) are great too, each year they come out with the next game in the series and I didn't want something as pricey as an xBox that would just seem dated a year later when the next game in the series came out. since he's a big Star Wars fan too, I decided on this bundle. After setting it up, I have to say it is REALLY awesome. When you touch the power button, the xBox makes a sound like R2D2 chirping something. The whole thing is designed in a very well done R2D2 appearance and the shiny gold controller is a big hit. The Kinect is amazing, as it follows you all around the room, without any need to even us a controller to play compatible games. The Kinect also listens to voice commands, so you can tell it what options to go to, what commands to follow and what menus to go through. It's quite an amazing setup. The xBox is every bit as powerful as my PS3 and definitely is geared towards kids/teens. There are times when my PS3 seems almost simple compared to my sons Star Wars xBox. He loves it and I'm glad I opted for this version over any of the others.
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on November 30, 2015
We've had this for a couple of years now. The blue colors light up and flash & thr red laser scanner is awesome, allowing you to interact by motion with the games.
This one is created to be like R2D2, & makes the robot sounds of R2D2, which is cute.
We did have one incident where a gaming disc was damaged by the system scratching a deep circle into the disc, ruining it.
It only happened once, & has been used every weekend for 6 months afterwards without another occurrence.
This limited edition may be worth quite a bit of money someday, woth all the Star Wars fans out there.
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on March 30, 2014
As a Star Wars fan, I'd like to say that this was on my wish list for quite a while now. Having finally gotten this Xbox, I can happily say that it was well worth the buy. At it's heart it's just another Xbox, but when you hear R2-D2 chirp when you turn on the Xbox...there is just something magical about that. To add to this, I find my self going up to my Xbox to turn it on or off instead of doing it by the remote just to hear the chirp. Additionally, playing with a C-3PO styled controller makes one feel really proud to own this Star Wars themed Xbox. I kind of wish it had came with some content on the system, but even still I cannot say I am disappointed with what I got. Very much recommend to any Star Wars fans out there.
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on January 20, 2016
So cute to watch my nephews playing the Star Wars game, where it seems like R2D2 and C3PO are talking just to you - live! Kinect is really amazing that way! I can't even imagine how that seems to a child - the way technology is today is so much different than when I was young! I guess they're just used to it though. I hope some day I will have the time and energy to learn to play some of these cool games and things they have on here...
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on March 15, 2015
This item is awesome. I ordered it from Amazon Warehouse Deals, and I was worried cause it was listed as Used-Acceptable. This does look to be a trade in, as it had tiny smudges on the console itself, but nothing a wipe and some windex couldn't clean off. No packaging or manuals, but that's alright.

Couldn't beat the price, and I definitely trust Amazon. I know, I work for them. ;)
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on May 26, 2014
I am so happy I bought this. I like it that I can watch Netflix, Wireless, WiFi, and most of all, I can use it for exercising! I have already lost and 45 lbs. Looking for the next 25 lbs.
It fits on the shelf with my original Xbox and Xbox 360 (3 gen.)
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on May 14, 2016
We love it!! makes R2D2 sound on start up, tray open / close, and shut down. The bedroom we have it in is a little too small for the kinect, but the overall system works great. It has enough USB ports for several game portals (lego dimensions, Disney Infinity, and Skylanders) to all be connected simultaneously.
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