Customer Reviews: Xbox 360 Power Pak - Black
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on April 15, 2010
Comparable to the rechargeable batteries sold by Microsoft.

Fits fine in both the controller and the charging station I have. The battery play time is just about the same as the official Microsoft Rechargeable batteries.

EDIT: APRIL 2011 (1 yr after using product)

This battery still holds a charge as well as my official "Microsoft" rechargeable batteries. When I bought this battery, I bought a brand new "Microsoft" battery as well and have been switching back and forth using each one until they die as a test against this unit's capacity. I will never buy another Microsoft battery again when presented with choosing this battery or an "official" one.

In retrospect, the only con about this battery is that it doesn't sit "flush" with the back of the controller. I figure that since the majority of my time spent using this battery involves me looking at a screen, and not the controller, this is so minor as to not affect my future purchasing decisions in a negative way.

EDIT: APRIL 2012 (2 years after using product)

Sadly, my NYKO battery refuses to hold a charge after many hours of providing the much needed sustenance my controller requires in order to carry out my commands via button input.

In reference to my test of this battery's capacity against a "Microsoft Brand", the Microsoft battery still holds a charge (although a very diminished reserve that requires a recharge every 3-5 days when I spend a few hours gaming each day).

When I wrote my original review, Microsoft Batteries were nearly double the price of this 3rd party battery. I hold to my original review that NYKO made an excellent and cost-effective product, but grudgingly acknowledge that the Microsoft brand battery outlived (and essentially outperformed) the NYKO in tests of longevity.

In short, if you can find a good deal on an official battery, go for it. Otherwise you can expect to get your money's worth on a NYKO.
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on January 2, 2011
I bought the white version of this battery awhile back with Nyko's version of the play and charge kit, and it charged and worked just fine for a very long time. But then the battery started to resist a charge, until eventually the light would just turn green and I'd have to play with it plugged in.

But recently I found out that all these kinds of batteries (including Microsoft's) will not want to charge at some point. When this happens you need to plug the play and charge kit in until the light turns green after a few seconds, unplug it, and plug it back in. If you repeat this process usually after a few tries, although it varies and might take more, it will start to charge again. You're forcing the battery to charge a bit at a time, until it builds up enough of a charge to finish charging completely.

So to sum it all up, this battery works very well, you just need to know the trick.
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on April 2, 2011
I've read quite a few negative reviews for this battery pack and I honestly don't know how or why people are having a problem with this product. It fits my microsoft brand xbox 360 controller just fine - no tighter or looser than you would expect it to be. Right out of the package, I charged it with my charge & play cord. When it was fully charged I unplugged it, fired up the xbox, and played Battlefield Bad Company 2 for about 4 hours, and it didn't put a dent in the charge of the battery. These battery packs will not last forever, but neither will the microsoft branded ones, as I bought this to replace a Microsoft battery pack. Your probably better off not using it when it's plugged in and it's probably bad to leave them with no charge for an extended period of time. I say, take all reviews with a grain of salt. People seem to overexagerate the bad and good. This is just a battery, it was inexpensive, and it works. If I could do it over, I'd buy it again.
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on July 18, 2012
This battery/power pack is for this: Nyko Charge Base 360 S for Xbox 360 and it works as advertised. The battery pack retains its charge for about a month without use, after that you must place it on the Nyko charge base.

I can get about 18 hours of play time on one charge. I've been using these batteries (I own 4) for about 3 years now. I started with the first generation of Nyko chargers and batteries and will continue to use them as long as I own a console and controllers. I even use one of these for my Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows

Note about Nyko, from personal experience, they have an outstanding customer service, I have dealt with them numerous times, since I own chargers and batteries for my Wii, PS3, 3DS, PSMove and of course, the 360. And every time I had an issue or needed assistance with one of their products, I simply call or e-mail and get a response within 24 hours. I am a loyal customer and you will not regret buying this or any other product. (except the Vita speaker cradle, that one sucked)
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on January 10, 2012
I was introduced to these batteries by a Gamestop employee. At the time, two of these battery packs were around $7. I had heard of Nyko before, but I did not have an opinion about their products. These battery packs were a little snug for my controllers, but they fit.

After about 4 months of using these battery packs I noticed small cracks around the base of my controller's battery slot (and my 2 Halo Reach controller no less!). I originally thought that these cracks were places missing paint or some other defect. Later, however, I started to notice that the cracks were spreading and growing larger! I checked all of the other wireless controllers that I own (around 7 or 8 others) and noticed that they did not have the same cracks around the base. The Nyko battery pack was the culprit. The extra tight fit of these battery packs caused these horrible cracks.

Luckily I noticed the cracks before they were allowed to progress to the point that the entire bottom of the battery port broke free from the controller. If the packs were ~2mm smaller, they would have been perfect. Beware of these "cheaper" battery packs - the cost of producing a cheaper product in this case is reduced quality control!
review image
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on September 3, 2015
Bought this nearly two years ago and it has held up quite nicely. Right out of the box, it performed just as well as an Xbox 360 OEM battery, if not better. Today, it's still doing well and hasn't fallen off much in the amount of charge it can hold. Granted, we purchased an Xbox One last year, so the Xbox 360 controllers aren't used as often. Still, it's a great value for the price, even if normal use would have had me wanting to replace it by now.
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on September 17, 2016
I was in dire need of a new rechargeable battery pack for my xbox 360 controllers.
I have had these in the past and they work great and last for years and years.
Out of package it had a half charge so I put it on my wireless controller and put the controller on the charging dock.
it was ready to use and fully charged in 15 minutes.
held a charge for 8 straight hours of gaming (days off my fiance and I like to game) and still had charge left on it.
I definitely recommend this power pak.
easy to use and fast charging!
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on June 27, 2016
I bought a Nyko charge station that came with two battery packs a while back. Those packs are lucky to last 4-6 hours on a charge at this point. Imagine my joy in finding inexpensive replacement batteries that use the same charge station. The package says a charge can last up to 25 hours of playtime, and it seems to be correct. It showed just how much by old batteries had weakened over the years.
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on February 22, 2016
They fit official Xbox 360 controllers with no issue, but they aren't very friendly with the quick charge station (the one that holds 2 batteries). To even get them to start charging, I had to pop in an official battery on one side then it would pick up this battery. Then it took popping the other battery in and out a bunch of times for it to start charging.

I thought maybe it was an issue with my charger, so I used my other one, same issue. I guess for $8 it's hard to complain too much.
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on August 14, 2016
The first set I bought I got about year and half or so before neither would work. So I bought another thinking I'd get the same but no luck. About 9 months and it's down to lasting about 10 minutes and I have to play plugged in. I'd expect to get a little more life out of these. They pack a heck of a punch when you first get them though.
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