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on May 3, 2014
I bought the 360 and when I finally got it I opened the box and hooked up the system. Put a brand new game in it and it gave me one of the rings of death. I believe the over heating(2 lights). Requested for them to fix the problem and they suggested I just keep the bad one and they will just send me another bare unit. Waited for that one to show and hooked it up the day I got it and it had the 47 or 74 Error. I looked it up online and people said to overheat it and it will reset and go away. I opted NOT! to do so because I just wanted to send EVERYTHING back to them and demanded a full refund.. They assured me that their systems are tested and work, but it must have gotten wrecked during shipment. On the first one.. Maybe I can see it, but to have 2 xbox 360 systems in a row be no good. I believe not... Needless to say this bad purchase along with another(a PC flight throttle quadrant) within a day or two before have put me against using Amazon to buy anything for awhile. Not every site is for everyone. Good Luck to you all.
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on April 22, 2016
The chassis isn't really that much smaller, measuring 270mm x 75mm x 264mm versus the old unit's 310mm x 80mm x 260mm. That's a 17 per cent reduction in volume (from 6.5 litres to 5.4 litres maths fans) but in practical terms you'll be allocating about the same amount of free space to this console as the previous SKU. The system's weight is down from 3.5kg to 2.9kg - although quite who would upgrade to or buy the Xbox 360 250GB just because it's a little lighter is beyond comprehension.

The Xbox 360 250GB's power and eject buttons are now capacitive, rather than physical. Whether the 'bing' sound accompanying the DVD drive ejection is an intentional tie-in to Microsoft's search engine is debatable, but we don’t believe in co-incidence
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on May 2, 2014
I purchased a 20G refurbished Xbox in march and immediately upon opening the box the disk cartridge was no closed all of the way. I plugged it in to try it anyway and after several tries it opened half way and was never able to shut. I contacted the seller three times to get an address to ship it back to and they've failed to respond.

Aside from their not making returning this defective item straight forward, the problem seemed quite obvious from just looking at the Xbox. Someone who packaged it for shipment surely wouldve seen that something was wrong with the disk cartridge.

Use caution with this seller. I'm going to contact Amazon to get a refund because it's the only option left to right this wrong.
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on April 19, 2014
Bought from Amazon Warehouse Deals, and was super excited when I got it in the mail. Opened it up immediately to find out that it did not come with any controllers or an ethernet cable, so I went out and got my own, no big deal. Everybody said that buying from Amazon and not a third party seller was the way to go, and once I got my controllers I was pumped to start playing. I had it for just over a month when it got the red ring of death. It ended up being a big waste of money, and now I am stuck with two Xbox controllers. I would not recommend to anybody.
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on April 22, 2013
The entire process working with Prime Ventures was a nightmare, and they didn't even issue me a full refund. I had been shipped an X-box 360 that worked for a few weeks, and then received the red ring of death way too soon. I contacted Prime Ventures, who said to ship it back for a new one (and that my shipping would be covered) and after a few weeks I was issued a replacement. The next x-box was even shorter-lived, as I only got a week or two out of it before the red ring of death showed up. Again, I shipped it back for about $35 (total shipping was now right around $70). They had said that I would be refunded for the cost of the xbox (which was actually refunded) and the shipping. Unfortunately, they stopped answering my emails until I told them I would take action, responded that they would look into it, and now have not heard back for 2 weeks. Save yourself the hassle and buy from anyone else, this company is terrible.
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on April 20, 2014
First, the game system disc tray wouldn't open, the controller was caked in filth.since an IT with a background in computer science I decided to fix it myself. After opening the system I was surprised the system didn't catch fire when turned on because of all the dirt inside. After three hours of carefully cleaning the system the disc tray now works. The description that EZCorp says about there products is false. This was my first and LAST purchase from and have recommended to my friends and family not to even bother with or EZCORP.
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on October 26, 2012
My previous 360 lasted me about five years until it finally redringed on me. I needed a replacement and 96 dollars is a pretty nice deal for a refurbished xbox so I ordered this one. It came on time. That's the one good thing that can be said about it. It did not come with a controller, a hardrive, or any wires. Luckily I have spares from my previously owned system. I press the power button and got to the dashboard. So far so good. Then I come to find that it can't read discs. This thing can do anything but play video games. It's like buying a car that has functioning air-conditioning and radio, but doesn't start. Turns out the company doesn't test their products before putting them up for sale. I am seriously frustrated that I wasted 96 dollars on this. I'm hoping I can get either an exchange or a refund for the mishap.
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on June 20, 2017
Good quality
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on February 21, 2013
Unfortunately this product dose not work as it said it did in the description it wont load games laying down the drive dosent even read the games all the time i have to eject the drive a few times just to get the game to load.! ( Returning product for credit or another one that is fully functional) Also the Controller was disgusting! it looked as there was food stuck to it and the grips were literally black and half of the grip was worn away (looks chewed on). I'm just surprised on how someone could take your money and send you something that dosent even work 100% and not only that is nasty!? @ least clean it up please. ( And make sure it works the way its supposed to be).
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on December 22, 2010
This seller is a joke. Do not waste your time. I ordered a refurbished XBox 360 off It arrived pretty quickly, but with a couple small problems. In the product description it says multiple times that it comes with: XBox, Hard Drive, 2 wireless controllers, headset, the cords and silver online. The package came yesterday and there is NO HARD DRIVE, NO HEADSET, NO CONTROLLERS, NO SILVER ONLINE. They didn't even include the power wire so I could test it. Is this a joke? I am currently trying to get a refund and the seller is telling me he described it correctly in the fine print, and that I'm wrong. First of all they flat out lied on their product description and secondly the customer is always right. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU LOVE THE GIFT RETURN PROCESS.
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