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on September 9, 2013
Xbox 360 Rechargeable Battery 2-PackI was under the impression I was ordering actual Microsoft Xbox rechargeable batteries! Instead I get these cheap made in China knock offs! Their ad should tell consumers that they are selling aftermarket batteries and not print Microsoft anywhere in the ad. They also show a picture of an the actual box of Microsoft 2 pack batteries for the Xbox. I have a filed a complaint/claim and will update this review and let you know if they've made it right.
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on April 23, 2014
When dealing with batteries, especially for older gaming consoles, typically these things have been sitting on a shelf somewhere for months or even YEARS with the chemicals inside dying little by little every day. So once you receive them, they're not even half as good as when they were first manufactured. I got lucky with these and got some decent ones that lasted for about 6.5-8 hours before needing to be recharged. Combined with me always having a battery on the burner (charger), I can keep going forever, only stopping for a minute to switch it out for a fresh one.

However if you don't use these things for awhile, especially the ones that aren't the official Microsoft black or white, you'll come back to a completely dead battery that won't charge no matter how many times you try. I stopped playing games for about a month only to comeback to 2/5 batteries unusable. Before this I've had some that died after 1-2 weeks of non use. Luckily the black ones survived and are still going strong to this day. Leaving them on a charger is also a bad idea because that lowers the battery life even faster because of the constant chemical reaction going on. As always, if you're going to use rechargeable batteries get a reputable, cheap brand, that you can easily afford to buy more of when they eventually die.
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on January 26, 2016
I got two batteries that last me almost two weeks on one charge, which is odd, because I game for at least 40 hours a week but the official Microsoft statement is a life of only about 40 hours. Anyway, I was ecstatic when I opened the box and found a quick charge kit with my batteries because I only paid about thirty bucks for two batteries and got the best changer too! Not sure if that was some kind of error, because the listing doesn't even mention a charger, but that's just fine by me. I got two Microsoft brand batteries with only minor use and a Microsoft brand quick charger; so even though GameStop burned me by selling me a play-n-charge kit with a battery that lost all capacity after the first charge (like the are known for because they sell old stock batteries). I get to pop my batteries in the quick charger when the time rarely comes, shove an empty AA shell in my controller and slap the play-n-charge cable on so I get a timely charge and get to never stop playing!
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on March 12, 2017
Very disappointed. Received a pair of old style XBOX360 replacement rechargeable batteries that are stone dead. So old that they won't take the slightest charge. ( Found out new style rechargeable batteries are ribbed down the center and lighter ). Purchased a current Microsoft dual charger stand at Target that came with two new rechargeable batteries for the same cost as these 2 old batteries alone. Tried these batteries in the new double charger and still dead. Wish I could return them and get a set of good new style batteries.
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on May 18, 2016
I love having these handy. It's much better than having to deal with batteries all over the place and then if they die, you are out. Definitely a great idea to have two rechargable batteries so when one did you just pop in another. They have a good life and they took a lot of "abuse"you could say.
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on July 11, 2013
I bought this to have an extra battery available at all times. With these two and the charging station I have a total of three batteries. They last for about a week of gaming a good amount and longer when casually playing. I bought the MS branded Charging Station and packs because I was happy about the items it was replacing.

I originally had the white kit with packs. Bought that around early 2006 and lasted for 6 years of usage before the station wouldn't light up anymore. I got the new package and it charges faster and is black now too, matching my Xbox. Recommend battery packs and charging station over the play and charge setup and most certainly over batteries themselves.
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on October 28, 2013
I have read the other reviews for these batteries claiming they are old stock or dead batteries. I ordered this a few days ago and both batteries are working fine with no issues. The batteries provide hours of playtime between recharges and don't waste AA batteries two at a time like the factory offered pack. All in all a great deal and cheaper than any other place we have looked. The batteries are Microsoft original battery packs not knock offs like so many others. They were in an Xbox360 licensed package as pictured. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a suitable replacement.
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on December 10, 2015
The battery life was good on these for a little while but then it just dropped off. I've had these a while and i would say when i first got them i was able to play up to 80 hours on a single charge but now I would say i get about 6. The price of these is about what you would pay in batteries after owning them for 3 years.
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on October 16, 2013
So I was still using these batteries up until a week or so ago but I was not longer impressed with the great deal I got with these. The one battery I used a lot and that started to no longer hold a charge or accurately show the charge when I checked on the XBOX. At 50% the ring would cycle on the controller and it would randomly disconnect as if the battery were dead. It would also say that the battery was fully charged when I would plug into the pay and charge by showing a green light instead of the charging red light. I am not using these anymore as they are constantly being plugged in after 4 hours of play time. I opted to go with rechargeable AA batteries instead from Panasonic called Eneloop which can be recharged over 2000 times and can be used in other products that take AA batteries. I would say that is your better option than using these as in the long term these don't hold up.

~~~Original Review~~~
My old play and charge batter pack would no longer hold a charge and I had to have my wireless controller plugged in all the time just to play Xbox and I wanted to replace it. This was a good deal getting two batteries for a low price and even though my controller is white and these are black it still fits and works so who cares if it doesn't match. My only gripe is that the shipping took forever. I paid 3.99 for shipping and the package must of been shipped by pony express because it took almost two weeks from the time of purchase to get them. When I checked the tracking info it looked like it was in Texas in different cities for the first 5 days just getting dropped off at a different city every day until it finally came to the East Coast and then it changed hands from UPS to USPS which is a nightmare to begin with because USPS has the worst track record in my book with deliveries. Anyways that should not take away from the product but is a side note about the whole process. Get this if you see your battery no longer holds a charge and you will be wireless again without having to buy AA batteries constantly.
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on September 13, 2015
These save on the cost of batteries but you need a specific charger for them. I prefer the kind that hold 2, but that's just me. Warnig, if your power should go out while they're charging, they need to be removed before the power comes back on or they'll be ruined, totally useless. This happened to me, but luckily, the power outtage was the energy company's fault, not nature's, so they replaced them, and fairly quickly.
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