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on December 30, 2011
We added cable after years on antenna, then added PC quad tuner and cableCARD, so now we navigate our channels through Windows Media Center (WMC) on our television screen. It is a huge improvement, allowing us to edit the program guide to suit our needs, omitting non-subscribed channels, duplicate listings and such. This setup also added whole-house DVR function, and we can go to recorded programs through WMC, as well.

We were able to navigate the new setup with an xBox game controller, so this type of remote is not an actual necessity. I bought it because I picked up a used xBox (with bad disk drive) for the exclusive purpose of serving up cable on a second TV set. Used xBox did not include any controllers, and I knew it would not be used for gaming (re: bad disk drive), so I decided this remote would be more suited for that xBox.

It works very well. This remote controls the xBox and the TV. The rectangular green button is a hot key into WMC, so I don't even go through the xBox dashboard. Once I'd used this, the game controller felt clunky for navigating in WMC.

I found myself bringing the remote from that "second" TV to the our main set. That was an imperfect fix, as I didn't want to "un-synch" the remote from the TV for which I bought it, but I missed being able to control volume on the main set using the single device.

Bought a second remote, exact same item. Both still work beautifully. Only difference was that the remote didn't synch as easily with our Panasonic TV as the first had with the Toshiba. Not a problem; we entered codes found on the xBox support site and found the right one for our set. That was the only inconvenience, and it was short-lived.

This remote was reasonably priced and I like it for getting around in WMC on a TV screen. Each device is also synched with its respective TV, one automatically and one manually. Obviously . . . I would (did) buy again.
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on March 25, 2010
I should have read up on this remote a little more before purchasing it. I guess "universal" means something different to me. What you get is a great remote for watching DVD's, Downloaded Zune Marketplace videos, media center videos, or Netflix videos on the Xbox. What you don't get is a remote that does anything for a basic sound system and does nothing but the very basics (on/off, volume) for most televisions. Also, the remote requires a direct line of sight to the Xbox 360 to work at all. I was disappointed, but it is pretty cheap and it does do great with the Xbox so I can't take away more than 2 stars.
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on October 29, 2013
I use this to control an xbox 360 to stream shows from my computer. I bought this specifically instead of the newer black one because this one has a WMC start button. Not sure if the newer black one has the same button, but I wanted this one because it is labeled that way which makes it easier for someone who is less techie to understand. If you hit the WMC button it will start up the xbox and take you direct to media center and from there you can do anything you can in regular WMC (watch live tv, watch recorded tv, view guide, etc). This makes it particularly easy for someone who is not familiar with the xbox interface to use it. I think this was Worth the price. I use this remote strictly for the xbox so I haven't bothered to try to program it to control the tv or anything else yet.
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on July 20, 2010
If you watch Netflix on your Xbox (which you should, since it's thousands of movies/tv shows for $9 a month), this is a must have. After running down two sets of batteries in my Xbox controller, I finally picked this up because it was much cheaper than repeatedly using up Duracells.

It controls play/pause/stop, etc - all the usual functions PLUS has media center buttons and a convenient on/off button for your xbox. The only downside as others have mentioned, is the lack of a good remote code list for your other devices. You can download those off Google however.
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on April 29, 2014
This is a great remote if you want to use a Xbox 360 as a Windows Media Center extender. All the main MCE functions are available at your fingertips. The buttons are backlit for easy nighttime use. You can also program the remote to control the power and volume of a television. This is very handy so that you do not need two remotes for most applications. It has the "Green Button" to launch MCE and was clearly thought out to make use of the common MCE functions. It does have the standard Xbox functions as well, the ABXY buttons are color coded to match the on screen dialog. Is also includes the big "X" button to access the Xbox console screen. This remote is getting harder to find now that the Xbox 360 is not the current model. I would recommend anyone that uses MCE 360 extenders to pick up a couple to have extras.
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on July 26, 2010
This is a very functional remote for the Xbox 360. I got it because I often use my 360 as a media player, watching .avi's off of a USB hard drive (a must have for anyone that watches downloaded television and movies). I also sometimes stream videos to my 360 from Netflix (highly recommended), which has a very annoying interface to navigate with a controller. If there is a hiccup in the internet connection while watching something on Netflix, you lose a second or two of video and you have to back up. This was particularly annoying as you had to rewind by gently pressing down on the left trigger. Push too hard and you go to 160X speed rewind and have to wait twenty seconds to rebuffer when you resume. This remote gives you a much higher degree of control when rewinding and navigating menus. It can also controls your television, which is useful. The inclusion of the A, B, X, Y, and XBOX menu buttons make this thing fully capable of browsing any menu Xbox live can throw at you, be it Netflix, Next FM, the Marketplace, or any of the other random and mostly pointless content Microsoft puts on there to sell ad space.

The backlit keys are a useful addition as well. The buttons are fairly responsive, and it has the advantage of always being "on", so you don't have to wait five seconds for your wireless controller to power up before you can pause. One thing to be aware of however is that this remote uses an inferred sensor to communicate with the 360, unlike the wireless controller which uses radio waves. Because radio waves don't have directivity, the wireless controller will function anywhere within a 20 foot (or more) radius. This isn't the case with the remote. This remote has a particularly focused beam, meaning it must be pointed right at the inferred sensor on the 360 console (the black oval next to the two memory unit slots). If there isn't a direct line of sight between you and that sensor, then it won't work. Pointing the remote takes some getting used to if you (like me) have gotten spoiled on the controller, which works from any position or angle. I like to watch stuff on my 360 while I exercise and shoot pool. I was irritated to find that I had to move my console up higher and rotate it so that I had a clear shot at the sensor from across the room. Keep this limitation in mind before you buy.

All in all this is a very decent remote for the ten bucks I shelled out for it on Amazon. If you use your 360 to watch anything more than the occasional DVD then you should really consider this remote. Don't let controller keep you from enjoying all the great multimedia features the 360 has to offer. 4.5 / 5 stars.
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on June 6, 2012
This remote is great. I see where a few people have commented that the remote doesn't work past 5 feet; I whole heartily disagree. My remote works from a separate room at least 12 feet (or more) away from the television and Xbox 360; I think part of the problem everyone is having is that their batteries are running low on power and if they were to replace them with newer batteries they would get the distance they need.

I use this remote to control my Xbox 360 and television and it works great. I mainly use my Xbox 360 as an extender for my Microsoft Media Center (much better than Tivo or a standard DVR) and the remote controls all the functions of the Media Center. My only complaint and its not the remotes fault is that there is some lag when using the remote to control the Media Center, and AGAIN its not the remotes fault since I'm using wireless on the Xbox 360.

I purchased 2 more of these as backups because it seems Microsoft has moved on to another model of remote that isn't anywhere as good as this version.

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on March 8, 2014
I chose this one over the new black model for the following reasons:

Green Button
Buttons Light up
Xbox Button

While you can start your Xbox 360 in Windows Media Center, I wanted to be be positive that my wife could easily navigate back from Apps such as Netflix, Amazon Instant,and Xfinity.

This remote allows an easy transition from WMC to those Apps, by having the green button, its simple and the backlight is especially nice when we have the lights off. I love this remote, I have had no detection issues, and it allows me to control my TVs volume. Not the inputs but hey I can let that go. If you are purchasing this remote to easily view Netflix, Amazon Instant and the On Demand from your cable company while still being able to have DVR remote capabilities in WMC this is a must buy.
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on July 26, 2010
I purchased this remote purely for controlling Netflix on my Xbox 360. After dealing with the frustrations that come with using the standard game controllers for video control, I decided the Microsoft IR remote would be worth a try at such a cheap price.

Fast forward, rewind, pause, stop, etc. all work as they should without having to hit a green button and then arrow over and select as you do with the game controllers.

The remote never has to be powered on and you do not have to wait for it to come on as with the game controller. This is why it is an IR device and not a Radio device, folks. If it wasn't made to work this way it would be a major battery hog.

It works fine for me 15 feet away from my forward facing Xbox which is on a shelf at shin height at a 45 degree angle from where I lounge on my couch. I'm not sure why others have had issues with it.

Auto Programming it to work with My Samsung Plasma TV was no issue. Power, Volume work fine. Channel changing is not a concern as the Xbox is hooked to HDMI I have set to GAME MODE on the TV so it doesn't change channels in this mode regardless of the remote. I change input with the TV Remote to go to the Cable Input.

One thing I wish Microsoft had designed into the Software of the Xbox and the Remote's hardware is a single button to switch between the screen settings in video mode: Standard, Full Screen, Stretch, etc. This is one thing I still have to do via the green button and arrowing over if the video doesn't fill the screen when playing.

I don't use the Xbox for DVD viewing, as frankly that just wears on the box needlessly, so I cannot speak of the DVD control use of the remote.
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on February 9, 2012
I bought this remote to watch ESPN and Netflix, without the hassle of accidentally bumping the controller and skipping ahead, ect. It worked great straight out of the package. I had no trouble getting it to connect immediately the first time I used it. I was a bit worried it might not work with ESPN, or with all of the "updates" to Netflix, but it works just fine.

I bought this controller over the newer version for several reasons, the main one being the backlit keys. This is a nice feature, especially when the lights are dim during a movie. Second, was that it didn't have a large power button in the middle of the remote, which was reported to be easy to accidentally press. One thing I will note is that, even though this remote has the typical Xbox silver button on the top, it doesn't work exactly like the controllers'. If you press and hold the button it won't turn off the console in the same way a controller will, but it will turn it on. When the console is on it will bring up the Xbox Guide, from which you can turn off the console, but the power button is just quicker and easier.

Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase and would recommend this to anyone who wants a remote for their Xbox.
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