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Xbox 360 Wireless Controller - Glossy Black
Size: 8.10in. x 6.80in. x 2.50in.|Change
Price:$38.08+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on February 11, 2015
I feel like I'm late to everything that's new in tech, but I recently got a Xbox 360 Bundle that includes this black wireless controller. I had some doubts about the efficiency of the wireless controller, but I've been pleased with it so far.

I initially had these quick thoughts... How long will the battery last? Will I experience lagging all the time? Lag is the most frustrating thing, and we all know it. I have a wireless controller for another system that has always given me problems, thus my reservations about Xbox 360. But fear not, prospective buyer, because Xbox 360 is awesome.

The battery is advertised as having 40 hours of life. That's plenty of life for a couple of AA batteries, and frankly I expected less. Being that I've had the Xbox 360 for just awhile, I'm approaching 40 hours of controller usage and haven't experienced any issues. The time will soon come, but I'm happy with the amount of playing time I've got from a couple AAs. Plus, no tangled wires or tugging at the console.

The controller also has a 30-foot range. I haven't needed to be 30 feet away from the console, but it works just fine from the opposite end of a typical living room. Maybe in some fantasy when I live in a mansion with an auditorium for a game room I'll truly be able to test out the range.

As for the feel in my hands, it's one of the more comfortable and ergonomic controllers I've ever held. I'm seriously considering buying more wireless controllers rather than wired ones. Check out the gold chrome design if you feel like royalty.
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on December 27, 2015
UPDATE: Downgrading the review from 5 to 4 stars. Purchased this Dec, 8 2015, the controllers starting to drift on its own (not all the time but sometimes) todays date is 8/26/2016, this controller has not gotten 'heavy' usage since I've been a mouse and keyboard player (using a Steel Series mouse & a Corsair Keyboard w/ rapid fire switches) I've recently purchased the wireless receiver so I can use the controller to play The Witcher 3, I think that killed the controller. I love playing with a controller so I wish I didn't buy the expensive Corsair Keyboard and I could afford 5 more xbox 360 controllers.

First of all I will start by saying I'm going back to lower the review I left on the aftermarket replacement kits after handling a new original again. The joysticks are flawless and not worn down! My 'Black Replacement Kit Xbox 360 Controller Shell + Button Parts' thumb sticks feel worn down compared to this factory new. I am glad I purchased a new controller instead of trying to fix the old controllers, my thumb sticks stopped coming back to center every time... so your constantly turning left while trying to look in a sniper scope... Now I can stop playing on easy mode and get into the action!
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on September 12, 2017
Even with the release of the Xbox One controller, the Xbox 360 controller is still the best option for PC due to the poor driver support that Microsoft has provided for the wireless adapter for the Xbox One controller. The controllers from Microsoft were always more reliable than the aftermarket controllers
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on December 9, 2014
While I remain a Playstation-loyal gamer, Microsoft certainly knows how to make really nice controllers. These controllers feel great and work great! One bummer (inescapable, I might add) is that these controllers auto-turn-off really REALLY fast. This isn't a problem if you're gaming, but when you stream netflix and want to pause it really fast is a major irritation. like I said though, this problem is not with the controller, but with the software and can't be avoided if you have an xbox 360.

This controller also works great for PC gaming, but unless you buy the PC-specific version, you will need to get an adapter/dongle for it (links for both included below). I already had two of these controllers, so it made sense for me to buy the dongle for my standard xbox 360 controllers (this one) and not PC-specific controllers. Also, this is a plus if you have friends come over to play a local game on your PC and they only have standard xbox controllers as well. I connected 4 standard xbox 360 controllers to the adapter and it worked perfectly.

If you get this, I would also buy the charge kit (link below) as you'll want a rechargeable battery (not included with this) and a cord to charge it with (you can play while its plugged in charging).

Overall, this controller feels great, performs great, and is durable. 5/5

Charge Kit:

PC Adapter:

Xbox 360 Wireless PC Controller:

Xbox 360 Wired PC Controller:
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on August 21, 2015
I bought this controller for use with Steam, as you just can't play "Super Meat Boy" or "I Am Toast" on a keyboard if you expect to keep your sanity. After several months of play, I can confidently say that I made the right purchase. The controller is comfortable and ergonomic, and my fingers rest comfortably on the shoulder and trigger buttons. The battery life is advertised at around 40 hours, and I've found that to be the case, more or less. The button resistance is satisfying, the thumbsticks feel tight and responsive, and it feels solid and sturdy overall. My palms do get a little sweaty during extended gaming sessions, but I'm a sweaty guy to begin with, and I tend to grip the controller like it's trying to escape, so that's probably just me.

Be aware, you will need a Microsoft Wireless PC Gaming Receiver in order to use this controller with a PC or Steam Box. This specific controller didn't come with one, but it was easy enough to find one on sale. That having been said, this controller gets a solid recommendation from me.
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on August 27, 2016
Great! We attach out rechargeable battery packs to it. It's supposed to have a 40 hour battery life but with AA batteries we weren't getting nearly that much use. The controller sometimes has difficulty connecting to our Xbox, which can get very irritating as it seems to be totally random. Even with a newly charged battery pack it will do this. We also think the time it takes to turn on and connect it a little lengthy at times. If you're using it to watch netflix or other videos on your xbox, it will automatically shut off and when you have to pause you have to wait for it to turn on before you can do so. It's durable though and it's lasted a long time so no real complaints ! It also fits great in the hand, better than earlier designs.
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on September 12, 2015
After having my controller since first getting my Xbox 360(the very one that came with the console itself), it finally started having issues. Holding up/forward on the analog stick, it sometimes wouldn't register that I was holding it all the way forward(it acted as if I were trying to "walk" instead of "run" as if I were holding it slightly forward), and needless to say that this got me killed SEVERAL times. So, I went out and started searching for a new controller. Sadly, I couldn't find a cheap one(cheap as in lower than $20) so I buckled and got this.

After having it for about a month now, I'm happy with my purchase. It's holding up very well and my gaming experience has considerably improved. Great buy if you need a new wireless regular black standard Xbox 360 controller. It came in your regular official Microsoft packaging, so that was a great relief. It arrived on time which was also a plus. Basically, if you need a new one, get this controller.
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on June 9, 2017
The Xbox 360 gamepads are fine- I do not like the D-Pad, but this is universal between the 360 pads- they just were not constructed well. Overall they last so long as you don't drop them too often, and they are comfortable even on bigger hands.
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on April 6, 2017
True Xbox wireless controller. My sons broke and we ordered this as a replacement and he says it works good. He needs the wireless since tv is so far away and no one wants wires anymore. This price is much lower then it used to be for this controller.
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on June 6, 2016
My son and grandson play Xbox with one another all the time, but when a friend joins my grandson at his place, he pesters his uncle, my son, to lend his controller so that the friend can play. Problem solved! I don't know why the games do not come with two controllers ... they used to back in the day. But, it is what it is and now there is only one controller in the box!

This extra controller is in perfect new condition, not an imitation controller made by some copycat company and not a used refurbished one. Have the batteries ready, however, as this controller does live up to the 40 hour playtime that Microsoft seems to think is a long time! LOL! 40 hours in gaming time is nothing! Thank goodness for rechargeable batteries!
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