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on September 2, 2011
*I have made some changes and updates to my review*


Quality-The wheel feels good but the rest comes off as toyish. There is some weight on the wheel that makes it feel solid and sturdy.

Wireless-Only one wire to the pedals. Easy to put up and put away. There is a 5v 1 amp jack for an ac adapter. The description says that it is included but it is NOT. The batteries does have an okay life IF you don't use it all the time.

Steering-Although no vibration or force feedback, it still feels better than any other wheel with no force feedback. I prefer this over certain games like arcade racers or for drifting. By the way, always dial-in the dead-zone if you can. Racers like Forza or Shift (especially) needs some adjustments.

Design-The wheel looks sharp. Madcatz has come a long way compared to their other wheels. One of the better looking wheels in my opinion. The pedals are toy looking and feel cheap and bulky though. They should have put more effort into them. Waste of plastic. They do work fine though.

Table/desk clamp-Very important to have. Should be mandatory for all wheels. The clamp mounts the wheel very solidly. World's better than sitting it on your lap. For the best experience you don't put a wheel on your lap. Get a cheap desk, table, chair, etc. Better yet, build or buy a cockpit if you can. One obstacle would possibly be the center clamp. It only clamps in the middle and hangs down between your legs. This design can get in the way of your legs and cockpits that are designed with a center post wheel mounting plate. It will not work or you will need to fabricate something. A good design would be something like Logitech. There are two clamps on each side and is low profile and can be mounted on any cockpit out there.

Shifting options-Paddles feels good and it is nice to have an option for left or right handed shifting. Great to simulate any car you're driving. It is responsive. There is no 'click' sound when shifting and that is what people will usually prefer.

Mounting holes-It is there if you want to hard mount it. No need to drill into the equipment. The odd thing is the screws will be at an angle and not level when mounting to the wheel. You would actually be using the mounts that are made for the lap mounts. It will still get the job done. Just don't over tighten. There are four screw mounting locations to the wheel and four to the pedals. The pedal mounts are on the removable foot rest itself. That definitely will not give you a solid mount. Hard mounting would require to drill the pedal base and add a nut inside the pedals and then bolt it up.


No force or vibration feedback-Makes the racing experience numb. I own a Microsoft force feedback wheel, Logitech Driving Force GT, and tried a Fanatec CSR Elite. It is kind of hard to go back to a wheel with no feedback whatsoever. In some games I do prefer without force feedback. This is something that I don't really have a problem living with. At least a vibration would nice. But it is still better than a controller for most racers. A good sound system or headphone could compensate it a bit. A tactile transducer would even be better too.

Pedals-It would be great if the gas and brake was just a bit closer. I am a size nine and have already adapted. When they sit on a flat surface the angle is almost horizontal. For a good position they need to be at an angle. It wouldn't take too much effort to address those issues. Everything on the pedals is cheap. So much plastic and the feel is generic. They don't even look nice. It is a waste and looks like it came from their parts bin made for a different product. It is cheesy and goofy. As I said before, they do work fine.

*edit* I have switched the pedals out to an old Thrustmaster Nascar pedals. All you do is just swap out the wires and solder them to the pots the same way like it was in Madcatz pedals. The travel is exactly the same. They feel and look better. Huge improvement for me. The old ones was just an eyesore.

No click when shifting-A little click would be good to have when changing gears. It can also come off as a bit mushy since it makes no sound at all. But so far the gear changing has caused no problems and never had skipped a shift. Maybe the only good thing is no one around you would be bothered by the constant clicking sound. I do believe that they went with this route was because of using cheaper switches.

Cost-This should be $115 tops. I paid $130 when they were first released here. Now these are going for $160? That is ridiculous. If you want force feedback then pick up a used MS wheel $50-100. Or save money for a low-end Fanatec (new or used). If you don't care about the lack of force or vibration then this wheel would probably be the best. Usually wheels that offer no feedback or vibration are also very poorly built.

Reliability-Had it for almost a year and then the D-pad crapped out. Keep your receipts! I feel that the wheel they replaced it with could possibly be more reliable from the one first one I bought. The pedal attachment foot rest is different. It has a plastic lip (flange?) in the opening. The color looks slightly different. The wheel was purchased shortly after the release the states. Hopefully my replacement wheel is improved over the 1 batches they made.

No power supply adapter included-They need to change their description! It will save you money on batteries for the long run if you use it all the time.

I can only recommend the wheel if you don't mind the lack of vibration or force feedback. My wheel and pedals is now properly mounted to a cockpit and I can tell you that it is sweet. It makes it that much better. Before it was mounted to a desk. But the price too high in my opinion. You can purchase second hand but then you will have to gamble it's reliability. Buying new at least you have 2 years.

*Customer support can use some work! Do not try to rely on their emails. Once you do not get a reply after filling out the form, you MUST call them or go on chat. Fortunately I did not have to wait long for the phone call and chat.
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on October 1, 2011
I bought this wheel to use with Forza 3 and to try and get used to a wheel before Forza 4 comes out.
After considering the much more expensive version of this with Force Feedback and even the much much more expensive Fantec CSR wheel and pedals.
I chose this one because of the other good reviews here and because it came with a 2 year warranty, a HUGE deal for me. Warranty's have saved my skin more than once from defective products.
I was very surprised to feel this wheel out. It's build quality is much better than expected.

Relevantly inexpensive for the quality.
Good heavy weight.
Comes with a table clamp and rubbery, leg things to place it on your lap.
Good rubbery grip.
No creeks or squeaks, very quiet.

No feedback at all.
Pedals are a little too far apart.
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on June 18, 2013
i am a 60 year old gamer and a race car driver and street drag racer, yes that is illegal but i am past all of that now...except on the xbox 360 now at my age.... i have every race car game for the 360 and decided to get the madcatz wireless steering wheel without force feedback...i don't care for force feedback,too distracting...and i am very happy with this wheel...very easy to hookup and take off racing with.....all racing wheels require a light touch to be most effective when racing...you can't act like magilla gorilla and expect your car to handle right....i am very happy with this wheel and the throttles...i bought a steering wheel stand to use with my favorite chair and dust my grandkids and children with ease which only infuriates them more....hey if you can't take the heat stay off my racetrack.....the madcatz steering wheel is a solid buy and i will buy another one if need be...
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on January 3, 2013
If you spent $5,000 to build your own cockpit so you could "properly" play Flight Simulator, then this is not the wheel for your racing games. It doesn't have gears or ratchets; it doesn't burst into flames when your car hits a wall; and it doesn't make you an espresso to go along with your Italian driving shoes that you wear when heel-toeing around Imola.

However, if you would like to gain two or three steps toward a more realistic driving experience, and can suspend your disbelief that you are not actually, you know, moving, then you might just like this wheel.

It is responsive, gives you a bit of rumble when you veer off the track, and most importantly, provides a reasonably happy tactile feel of actually driving a car even while sitting on your couch. The pedals are responsive enough. No, there isn't a clutch; get over it. I've witnessed the faces of kids and adults alike, lighting up with joy as they tried their first race -- all remarking how much fun it was to use the wheel/pedal combination.

Again, if you want to be Lewis Hamilton, I am sorry to inform you that no amount of money spent on your gaming wheel will help you. I sincerely doubt supermodels are sitting next to you on your couch anyway. But if you want to step things up a notch or three, this is the wheel for you.
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on August 20, 2011
My love of racing games and the upcoming release of Forza 4 made me decided to pick up an XBOX 360 since it may be a long time before the next version of Gran Turismo comes out. I'm not hardcore enough where I need a cockpit or hyper expensive wheel. I use a Logitech Playstation 3 Driving Force Wireless Force Feedback Wheel that sits in your lap and wanted to find the same for my new XBOX. Now MadCatz puts out some pretty poorly reviewed cheap accessories. But I went with the good reviews here and on the forum at GT Planet (which surprisingly has a Forza section). The wheel is well made. I believe its plastic over steel, so it feels very sturdy, much more then my Logitech wheel. Although it doesn't have force feedback, which I thought I would miss, there is enough tension on the wheel that I really don't miss it. For $100 more, MadCatz will have a force feedback version out around when Forza 4 is released in October. The only issue I have is that it sometimes needs to be resynched with the console. That may be because we have more then 1 XBOX in the house. Anyway, I like it so much, I am buying Xbox versions of my racing games I have on PS3, GRID,Need For Speed,Shift 2 - Unleashed to go with Xbox exclusives NEW Forza 3 Ultimate X360 (Videogame Software)Test Drive Unlimited 2 and Project Gotham Racing 4.


Realistic feeling steering wheel


Includes pedals

Includes clamp for connecting to a table

Long batter life.


The wheel, since it ships with pedals (which I don't use) maps the paddles as buttons. This means if you use the paddles as pedals, you can't do that for some games like Test Drive Unlimited since it doesn't allow customization of the buttons.

Sometimes won't link up with the console.

Price is a little high

The lap pads are a little sharp on the corners


No force feedback (that would have been a negative but after using this wheel, its not as big a deal as I thought it would be)
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on November 5, 2013
The Mad Catz Racing Wheel is a great beginner product. For the price I was able to get it at ( only $75 ) it was a steal. It is a definite improvement from the original Xbox Racing Wheel. Amazon has always had the best prices and support. I bought the wheel from their warehouse in used condition, but the box had just been opened and so the wheel its self had not been used. The pedals have decent feedback and precision especially for the money. The wheel has both flappy paddle gear shift and a sequential gear knob. I love that. Though I wish it was a H-Box 6 speed box, but at this level of wheels it is never going to happen. So the gear knob is a great addition. All in all, I'm really impressed with the product and would definitely recommend it. I play Forza series of games mostly but also Dirt, Grid, and occasionally NFS Most Wanted. It works great with all of those games. Mad Catz has come a really long way as far as quality and performance.
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on March 25, 2013
I haven't had the chance to use it much but what I've played so far it works pretty well. I know if I had more time to play with it I could fine tune the steering better as it has a bit of understeer right now. The pedals work pretty well but the chair (recliner) I sit in makes it a bit uncomfortable to use. I found that the paddle shifting worked very well and I would prefer using that to the included shifter. Overall I think most people would enjoy this wheel but can see advantages to having it mounted on a table versus on the lap. I've actually gotten pretty good at using the original controller for steering but now that I've bought this I will use it at times. Maybe when my grand kids come over and we race head to head.
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on April 23, 2011
I have been playing Forza for a few years (since Forza 2) and lately I had been getting fed up with the choppiness that came with using a joystick for steering, so I decided to look around for an XBOX360-compatible racing wheel. I remembered using a really nice Logitech force feedback wheel on the PC with Richard Burns Rally and have been chasing that gaming experience ever since. To my dismay, I found out Logitech isn't licensed to sell racing wheels for the 360, that the only (real) choices were the finicky (and expensive/hard to find) official XBOX racing wheel w/un-tunable force feeback, the super expensive Fanatic Porsche-licensed wheel, and this very basic MadCatz wireless wheel with no feedback at all. Needless to say, I couldn't justify spending more than $130 on a "toy", so I took my chances with this MadCatz wheel...

...When it showed up, I was impressed with the build quality. The wheel has a nice weight/diameter/thickness to it with good rubber grips, and the pedals emulate standard auto pedals instead of being floor-mounted. The sequential stick shifter is a joke (in my opinion), the throw isn't straight forward and back (I), instead it's at an angle like / or \ depending on if you're shifting left or right handed, luckily the paddle shifters work well. The pedal mount assembly is nice and resists slipping on carpet, but the gas and brake pedals are too far apart. Also, I wish the brake pedal was stiffer than the throttle, but it's still stiff enough to modulate without anti-lock brakes. I expected the driving experience without any feedback to feel very numb, but the clock-spring in the steering wheel offers enough resistance to give a good (semi-arcade) feel. I have it mounted to a small writing desk in front of my couch, which is PERFECT, but I would assume the leg mounts (with nice rubber grips) would be enough to keep the wheel planted in your lap through the tight apexes.

Overall, I'd give this racing wheel a 3/5 or 7/10. It's obviously not up to Fanatic standards, but it's also not even half as expensive. If you play Forza or any other driving games, you need a wheel. If you can't justify spending an arm and a leg on gaming accessories, this is the wheel to get.
-It's a racing wheel!
-It's XBOX licensed so the center X (dashboard) button still works.
-Controls work smoothly, no excessive dead spots or grittiness.
-Good design.
-No feedback of any sort.
-Iffy stick sifter.
-Pedals are too far apart (requiring left-foot braking).
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on May 27, 2013
Upgraded to this wireless racing wheel from a wired one. My husband likes this very much. It does have a sense of a "stop" in the center of the wheel when turning, but he said that he got used to that quickly. The only thing that he misses about the old wheel is the bigger gearshift. He says this shifter feels more "toy-like". All in all, a great purchase!
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on January 31, 2013
The wheel worked well and everything, and it does help improve lap times by a small fraction once u get use it. It's not like driving a real car, and at first it's hard to get use to if you used a controller for so long. and since i dont have a PS3 i cant use a G25-27 racing wheel which i would have purchaced instead if Logitech would have provided it for the Xbox.

The real reason i gave it 3 stars is because i would have much prefered if it would have at least come with a 3rd paddle for the clutch, and since i play using -Manual/clutch- playing Forza this wheel doesnt help, however using the wheel does make turning much smoother than using a controller.
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