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on July 11, 2011
Just purchased this cable. I honestly was a little nervous about the super cheap price from Amazon (the shipping was 3x the cost! haha) but I'm so glad I bought it. It did take me a good 10 minutes to figure out how to set it up though, so here's a quick walkthrough if anyone was confused like me.

There's a switch on the bulky part that plugs into the XBox that toggles it from "TV" to "HDTV". Plug it in with the "TV" setting, then go to the XBox setting and select "1080i" (NOT 1080p as some other reviewers have pointed out. This can cause the ghosting and is the reason for some of the 1 star reviews...these are USER errors and not the product's fault!). Then I would toggle the "HDTV" switch on the cable. If I toggled the "HDTV" switch before selecting the setting on the XBox, I would have a blank screen. I was getting annoyed, but once I figured it out, it works great!

Also, make sure to plug the right "red" cable into the right section...I didn't do this, and got a horrible green color and buzzing sounds until I figured out this silly mistake. Whoops!

Thanks for saving me 25-30 dollars Amazon!
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on November 12, 2013
(Revised) This product had generally good user reviews, and a very low price. However, it came with no instructions of any kind. We are not electronics experts but do have some knowledge, average or maybe a bit above average, and we could not get it to work. If, for example, the cable had three plugs (like red, white, and blue) and the TV had three sockets (also red, white, and blue), it would be obvious, but the cable has six plugs, the TV has five, and many of the colors do not match up. Some simple instructions would've been helpful. More on that shortly.

I then noticed (product page) that the product comes with free technical help to set it up, provided by Amazon (not the product supplier), so we called, and their tech helped us over the phone. The first several things we tried still did not work, but we hung together and tried some other things and voila, it works. Considering how different each TV and vintage of TV and such are, and trying to help via phone without actually seeing the situation, I think that's fair. In addition to figuring out which plugs go to which sockets, we had to tweak the settings on the Xbox 360 to output the right format for HD (1080i). We now have HD (1080i) video and continue to have good stereo sound (5-speaker true hi-fi component sound system). The TV can display 1080p but the tech explained that the Xbox's best is 1080i, certainly close enough. The tech ("Elizabeth") was competent, pleasant, personable, and did not rush us. That level of service would be great in any case, but for a product this inexpensive, it's insanely good!

Originally, I knew from the many user reviews that the thing must work, but we could not get it working, so I originally gave it a low rating, but with the free tech support for 30-days, we made one phone call and it worked, and now having HD video for a few bucks, so I'm upgrading the rating to 4-stars. I will stop short of 5-starts because I continue to think that it should come with instructions, or at the very least should come with the tech phone assistance info rather than one must happen to see it amongst all the info on the product page. (At first, it looks like extended warranty info, but it's great service, just you have to notice it.)

Thanks, Amazon: Prime meant free shipping, the product cost was low, it works great, your Amazon tech service was very good (and critical to get it to work!). But, please pack a note about the tech service with the product so we don't mope about for a while trying to figure the thing out!
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on November 23, 2013
I never received the AV cable that I ordered from A-ProStore (Amazon fulfilled). The first time I ordered this product, thinking I was going to get a "New Xbox 360 Component AV Cable", I instead received a white leather tablet case. I checked the label on the inner packaging, and it was indeed labeled as the AV cable. I thought it was just a mistake, so I called Amazon Customer service and got it re-ordered after getting a refund. Well, not only was the product more expensive this time around, but it was going to come later than I had wanted it. Oh well, it's only $0.50, who cares if it's a day late? It matters when instead of getting the product I paid for, I again got the same tablet case. Maybe it's partly my fault for re-ordering from the same seller and giving them the benefit of the doubt, but it is certainly incompetent of them to send me the wrong product twice in a row. I don't see their listing anymore, so maybe I bought the last of their "stock", but if they re-list, I would suggest to avoid buying from A-ProStore.

Edit: I just looked through the seller's feedback and apparently several other people had the exact same problem with this specific product.
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on January 8, 2016
Unit works well. Odd note: The SDTV (480i only and only through the yellow Composite RCA cable) and HDTV (480p, 720p or better only through the red, blue, & green RCA Component cables) switch function seems to be reversed. Select SDTV for HDTV, or select HDTV for SDTV. Also, while in HDTV mode, you can not select 480i for the Component cables. Only 480p, 720 or better (progressive mode only) only in HDTV mode. So, if you want to use Component input for 480i on a 480i only SDTV, this cable will not work for you: Otherwise, I'd give it five stars instead of four stars. Other then that, unit works well for what it's made for.
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on March 6, 2015
Don't forget there is an actual switch on this cord to place it in high def, or it will stay in normal mode and you wont notice the difference. Also once you plug it in go to your console setting and go to video settings and switch your console to run on 1080P and let me tell you the performance of what you'll be looking at will amaze you. The graphic increase is just outstanding and un-comparable to anything other than a direct HDMI cord. Very high def gaming as well as increase in sound quality which is 80 percent of gaming right there. If you have a 360 this is a requirement to get the best performance and gaming out of your console.
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on March 7, 2011
I ordered this cable about a week and a half ago and have found no problems whatsoever. The cable [seems] authentic with the Microsoft holographic sticker and logo. I've been using the cable for about a week at 720p and haven't seen any ghosting, blurriness, delay, flickering, low fps, nothing. Great cable that is needed for all xbox 360 consoles , and at a great price.

As for the one bad review, defective products happen. Mass production is never perfect, believe me. Doesn't necessarily mean that the cable is fake, used, tampered, just got lucky with a bad one.
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on September 15, 2017
It worked as expected. Can't ask for much more than that.
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on December 17, 2011
When my son lost the gold tip of the visual cord in the port on our TV I thought I would have to trek out in the cold and put up with early holiday shoppers and the unique hell that is gamer shopping but I thought to myself that I better find out what I'm going to be spending and how much each store charges and if they even had them or not. When I did my google search I found several stores and they wanted stupid amounts of money for this thing! I then clicked on Amazons link and found what I needed and It didn't cost me through the nose! When I ordered it I was able to see a picture of it and know for certain that it was what I needed. Not only that it arrived 3 days later!It works perfectly!My son is now at this moment annoying me with blood,guts and explosions on Halo 3. On second thought tell your kids they don't make them anymore and save yourself the headache and take back your TV and your sanity!
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on August 4, 2011
I purchased the cheapest cable that Amazon had to offer, It is not a Microsoft original.

The cable is a bit shorter than the Microsoft original, which I find it to be a plus (the MS one is VERY long).

The cable has a shiny finish and its a couple of shades off the original MS color.

But now for the Performance!!!!!!

It performance exactly as the original!!!

I've had it for a couple of days now and I can't tell a difference between this cable and the MS original that I had (other than this one actually works, since my MS original decided to stop sending a signal to my left speaker).

I highly suggest this cable as a replacement (or upgrade).

NOTE::: it has a switch by the plug that connects to the Xbox. You MUST switch it from Standard Definition to HD (depending on which cables you connect). I see some comments on people not understanding that. Also the is split into a Y with standard definition plugs on one side and HD on the other. the Audio cables (red and white) are on the Standard Definition side of the Y, and they MUST be plugged in or you will not hear audio.
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on March 4, 2013
I've had my original 360 component cable from my first Xbox 360 bought in 07'. I've had that cable for the last 6 years and used it for back up when I converted to an HDMI Xbox 360 but needed to switch between TVs quickly. I kept it around because it was so durable and barely showed signs of wear. It finally got broken, (not it's fault, Xbox it was connected to was knocked off dresser, and the cable was damaged as a result. BTW, the 360 still works ) so buying another Xbox component cable was a no-brainer. The cables are now black, but they appear to be just as durable as the original cables. They offer a great picture, especially on smaller TVs where the picture quality doesn't need to be extremely good, especially HDTVs that can only display up to 720p. And, best of all - they're a great value!
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