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on December 26, 2013
I purchased the Microsoft 1600 ponts card for $60.00 on Dec. 18. I thought I was buying my son a deal, because it gave him 1600 points. It's only worth $20.00. Xbox does not go buy points anymore. They now offer gift cards you purchase. I should have purchased a $60.00 gift card instead. Now he's advertising it for $32.00. When I contacted the seller, He did offer me a refund for what he's selling it for,now. He said he's got no complaints on the card.I find that hared to believe. Who would purchase a card for $60.00 to get only $20.00 worth of credit on? I guess I did. I'm sorry for being the only unhappy customer that this seller seems to say. He said he needs to make a profit. Why would anyone even pay $32.00 for a card worth $20.00. Doesnt make sence to me. I guess a lot of people dnt mind throwing they're money away. I could have bought him a game for $60.00. I'm glad I educated myself on the new xbox cards. Just don't want some other parent spending they're hard earned money on something they only believed was a good deal in good faith. It really makes me sad that this seller is profiting at the expence of the consumer. Taking advantage of the consumer. My advice, go the store and puchase a $60.00 card or $20.00 card. You get what you pay for. No shipping and handling cost. NO HEADACHES.
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Like with the PSN/Nintendo cards this nifty card helps those of us who are a little reluctant to give either Sony or Microsoft our credit card information just to get points are buy on their site.While many claim the security is decent for both sites I really just trust the ones I know that work and I've never had any problems with such as on Amazon. So for those who wish to try out a game/movie or whatever on XBL but have the same reluctance to give them your credit card info I do here's a pretty good way to still get what you want on XBL and not have to give away your credit information along the way.
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on January 18, 2012
The 1600 point cards at the grocery store scanned "recalled." I wanted to buy them there to get points on my grocery card but since they wouldn't scan, I decided to check Amazon. Glad I did. It was $1 less than the grocery store and on Xbox Live. I wanted the points for DLC and if you purchase the "online game code" from Amazon you get the code instantly. After you purchase, the screen automatically loads with the code. You can either print it or just type what you see on your computer screen into your 360. Simply go "my accounts" and then to the "redeem code" menu. It took less than a minute. No tax and you save $1, good deal.
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These xBox points make great gifts for kids/teens when you don't know what to buy them, but also don't really want to send cash. I've bought a few of these for my sons friends for their birthdays. My son is almost 12 and most of his friends are all the same age. Every month there's another birthday party for him to go to, but coming up with gift ideas is getting harder and harder. There are a few neat toys online that work for this age group, like the Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter, which makes a great gift and works for kids with all sorts of interests. But just about every one of my sons friends has one of these now, so I needed to come up with something else. Many of the boys have an xBox and are always coming over to play games together. They often ask if they can buy and download new games or game ad-on's. These points give them the ability to use the money for whatever they want on xBox Live, without the need for them to use a credit card number. It's a great idea for putting into a card as a gift, and is a little more personal than cash. It's like giving them a video game they want, only doing it in a way you don't have to worry if you're buying something they already have, something someone else is getting them too or something they won't like. This is a terrific gift idea for anyone with an xBox.
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on August 7, 2013
Microsoft will be transitioning away from the use of Points this fall. Any Points you have ammassed will be converted to the "market value" of your local currency and remain in your account in much the same way as the Steam Wallet works.

More information is availible at Microsoft's XBOX sites, but it remains a bit nebulous. I don't see any reason not to purchase points, but the conversion to local currencies may alter their value, so please be aware.
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on January 3, 2013
I have a son who's a gamer, so Microsoft points are an automatic item on his Christmas and B-Day/Special Occasion lists. I hadn't gotten these through Amazon before, but decided to try it after his brother got him an Amazon gift card to purchase anything he wanted. Like other reviewers say there is no sales tax (bonus) and you don't leave your credit card now tied to Microsoft's Xbox account for others to potentially hack (double bonus) and you get your points instantly (triple bonus, five stars)! Purchasing the points can happen from any computer or device that can access the Internet and Amazon. Once you've purchased the points you are given a code that you then take to your Xbox and input to digitally transfer and/or download the points to your account and then you're off and running--er gaming.

One thing to know, if you are purchasing MS points to be delivered digitally--i.e. getting a code right then to download rather than having the packaged card mailed to you please understand that rather than the usual one-click method where you purchase and it comes off your gift card automatically (provided you've set this option up beforehand) you'll be asked for a credit card. This is so Amazon's digital store can verify that you are who you say you are? Seems odd, but I did that thinking that the points would be charged to my credit card and I'd just have to use $50.00 from my son's gift card in exchange. However the gift card was charged once they had verification that I was who I said I was and my credit card wasn't touched, so it all worked out. I just want to let other users know this since I was initially worried that I'd either get double billed or that the gift card wouldn't be used for this purchase.
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on January 24, 2013
I wanted to purchase points for a Christmas gift and was silly and waited until the last minute, even though this was my first time buying them. I knew Amazon sold them, but had read so many negative reviews that it had me uneasy about the code being e-mailed in time (or at all).

Expecting it to be easy through Microsoft, I went to the XBox website and went through the process, just to have it refuse to add my credit card to my account (something I've come to find out is probably a blessing in disguise). I tried repeatedly, to no avail. Then my sister offered her PayPal account. We needed an "odd" number of points, so it was going to involve two purchases. We got one to go through before the XBox website said PayPal couldn't be confirmed. I then tried signing up for my own PayPal account, just to have it denied from the get-go. Frustrated, I turned to trying to buy them through the XBox itself, which was also unsuccessful.

"Desperate" (can you really get desperate about intangible points?), I decided to ignore the negative reviews and just go through Amazon. The worst thing that would happen was they wouldn't show up and I'd have to argue it.

I'm frustrated and sad that I went through all of that when buying through Amazon was nothing but perfect. The code showed up within 5 minutes and worked just fine. When I buy more points for a birthday gift, I plan to start and end my shopping here, leaving more time to celebrate and less time to tear my hair out.
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on January 23, 2013
While you may believe that some of these reviews are quite phony and that Microsoft would never attack your credit card with overwhelming fees, think again. I used my credit card to pay for a subscription Xbox Live fee every three months. When I finally wanted to cancel it, Microsoft made the process difficult and confusing and impossible to do from an Xbox 360. When I called Microsoft they quickly apologized and told me my account would be removed from their system and that my account would expire whenever the current three month chunk ran out. They Lied. At the end of the three month period my account was charged again and Microsoft replied that there was no record of my account being removed from the system and promised to remove it once again. After a week or two I called back and Microsoft verified that my account would not be renewed again. They Lied. Again. At the end of the three months my account was again charged and thanks to my good credit with my Amazon Card, I was able to tell the Amazon Visa people to decline the charge. Of course at the point Microsoft finally deleted my credit card after it "bounced" a payment and my Xbox Live account was not charged again.

My advice- buy ONLY these prepaid card and NEVER give Microsoft access to you credit card info!
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on February 11, 2013
I have bought Microsoft points off of Amazon many times and every time I have had a good experience. Most of the time the code shows up on the screen right after I make the purchase, but one time it did take waiting for the email to show up. That only took less than 10 minutes.

If you are having problems redeeming your code it could be a few things...

1) Try redeeming it again. If its invalid it will say its invalid, but 99.9% of the time it is valid and its something else.
2) If there is any other error message, PAY ATTENTION TO IT. It means there is an account related issue that needs to be addressed like an outstanding renewing subscription balance for xbox live or an account lock that is preventing you from redeeming any prepaid codes or making any purchases on the marketplace.
3) Call xbox support (1-800-4 MY XBOX) and they can run the code and make sure it is valid. They however can NOT replace codes, that is Amazon's job if there is in fact something wrong with the code. They can at least tell you the status though and if there is an account related issue that is preventing you from redeeming the code.

I bet you 90% of the negative reviews on here are account related issues and nothing else. I hope this helps!
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on July 12, 2012
I had NO problems with ordering, getting the codes (which by the way did not take 4 hours, it took about 4 seconds.) I think the people who were having problems forgot to change the second choice (under FORMAT.) You have a choice of either "ONLINE GAME CODE" or "CARD", if you want the codes NOW make sure you have clicked on "ONLINE CODE" or you will have to wait for the card to show up in the mail.

It's quite a bit cheaper here, no tax, no shipping and handling (if you choose the "ONLINE CODE") and as for it taking 4 hours, I think it's just up to what time of day you try to get it (more people at home in your imediate area online makes internet slower and if you are using dial-up, well then you need to come out from under your rock and change your calendar, it's 2012 and we have had some amazing advancements in technology.)I got my code as soon as I pressed the confirm button. Best of all, you don't have to put your credit card on your XBox, which is a bit safer since hackers have been getting into game consoles and stealing information.

So, to sum up: Pick how many points you want (the more you get the more you save in the long run), CLICK THE "ONLINE CODE" BOX if you don't want to wait for a little card to come in the mail, press the big X on your game controller, left stick it over to the "Market Place" tab. From there scroll down 1 line to "redeem code" and click on it (use your "A" button)and, here's where it gets tricky...enter your code that showed up on the screen that is also now in your e-mails inbox, and click "redeem now". Wow, not as hard as it sounds. And there was no waiting 4 hours, the code was not "used" or "invalid" and I got no error codes.

Super happy fun time in under a minute, can' get much better than that.
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