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on April 9, 2013
There really isn't a whole lot to say about this purchase. It was $15 cheaper than buying it through Microsoft or any other store. I was sent a 100% new code card in the mail, code worked fine.

About Xbox live:

I have been a member of Xbox live for over 10 years now and love it. Xbox live is one of the best ways to interact with people. I have met some of my best friends on Xbox Live. There are some annoying jerks that talk trash from time to time, but you can't keep people from speaking their minds. For what you get, it is very much affordable. I found it funny when people gave Xbox live a bad rating because it caused them to to drop loads of money into it for their kids... That isn't really a justifiable excuse to give a 1 star rating. I wouldn't allow younger children to interact or talk as much online for what some people say or how they act. It can be regulated for younger children but in my opinion more for adults. It is well worth the money, especially with all of the applications and features that have been added over the years. You can even buy digital copies of games that often are cheaper than buying them at the store. Again, love Xbox live.

Other complaints I would like to address:

People complain about the fact that to have Xbox live, they require a credit card. They don't randomly charge your card, part of it is for account recovery, and it makes purchasing anything on Xbox live easier. There has not been problems with credit card theft on the 360's Xbox live.

People also complain that you have to pay. That you can play the same games (not true - halo, gears of war, etc) for free on pc or ps3. The thing is, you are paying for security, better servers that don't have as much lag, and a tremendous amount of features that the others systems don't provide. The ps3 servers for example, were hacked, more than once. The servers are not nearly as efficient either. This is all from experience. No matter what, a PC will almost always be better than a console in any respect, so they shouldn't even be compared. Consoles are a much more affordable way to have good games run well. You can easily drop $1500-$5000 on a gaming pc, I built one myself last summer. If you are unsure if you want to pay for it, don't buy a whole year, buy a one or three month pass, try it out, and see if you like it.
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on April 9, 2011
Having just recently purchased an XBOX360 Kinect system I was new to this whole XBOX Live thing. I own a Wii system and have been watching Netflix Instant on it, but we no longer had it in the living room and I was looking for a new Netflix player and the Kinect was very exciting to me. So we finally caved and got an XBOX. It included a month of Live Gold and while it was certainly easy to continue that using the console and a credit or check card.. I was leary. A friend of mine at work had told me she'd tried cancelling her XBOX live account multiple times and they continue to charge her card so every month she has to do a chargeback to get those funds back. Others have had mysterious XBOX Live charges appear on their cards and they don't even own XBOX systems. This just made me concerned about giving them my card information. Another friend mentioned the prepaid cards and stated they are often cheaper than buying the monthly subscription. BOY was he right! If you sign up to pay month-by-month, they charge you $9.99. I purchased this 12 month pre-paid card for the price of 4 months! Granted, you get a discount for paying a year in advance, but the cards are still cheaper. And there is no risk of anything happening to my credit card number. I trust Amazon way more than Microsoft! :)
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on November 28, 2012
I buy Xbox Live prepaid cards whenever my subscription to the service expires. I once used my PayPal account to pay for Live, and that shortly after caused my PayPal account to get hacked/hijacked and the person using it was purchasing downloadable Xbox games, downloadable content (DLC), etc., so after that I no longer trust my PayPal account with any Microsoft products, including Xbox 360 consoles.

Anyways, I have never had a problem with prepaid cards, such as this twelve-month one. I would recommend buying this because it is safe and is only about $50, shipped, whereas the exact same item is about $60 in most stores (I have seen these at a Costco store for only about $55, however).

Be sure to order this before your Live runs out, though, so you will not be without it waiting for this card to arrive in the mail. It took my card 14 days from the day I ordered it to get to my house, which is the longest I have ever waited for something on Amazon, so I was without Live for a couple days because I thought it would arrive sooner.

So, overall I would recommend this if you are a fan of Xbox Live. It's nice to only have to enter this one code and not have to worry about your Xbox Live service running out for a whole year.
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on October 14, 2016
My son ordered this, worked for about 2 months when it was said to be expired. He called the company that sold it on Amazon who directed him to Microsoft who said they could do nothing and did Amazon. So paid for 12 month card and only could use it for about 2. Out the money.
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on July 5, 2011
Xbox Live, What is there not to love about it? I love playing with my brother and friends all in our party chat so when we play games nobody can hear us and we can have fun. I Have friends in different countries and this is the cheapest and best way to communicate with each other, while playing.

Watching Netflix is amazing, the best quality as compared to the Wii, and Playstation 3.

The Xbox Arcade is a great way to find some games to kill some time from pinball to almost anything.

The network is never down and I guess that's why they charge for it, I never pay more then $40 for the year and sometimes you can find a deal and get if for $30 - Never let it expire on you and get auto charged the $59.99.
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on June 14, 2013
I received a defected code on my xbox live gold card that wasn't able to be used and this seller, MOST WANTED has been the most helpful that I have ever seen in any seller. They asked the correct questions and provided the correct service and responded in the right amount of time. I was offered a replacement without being ridiculed or without being overly questioned. I think that this seller is AWESOME in so many ways. I was afraid of becoming a victim of a bad purchase, but MOST WANTED quickly eliminated any and all thoughts of that. I would definitely be purchasing from them in the future and I encourage every seller to approach their customers the same way that MOST WANTED does. I would like to thank them for treating me like a customer and not another email on their computer screen. 5 stars for customer service.
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on January 25, 2017
I give this 3 Stars because the card did not work and I had to return it. I was refunded my purchase price but my grandson was very disappointed to not actually have XBOX live for Christmas.
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on January 14, 2017
This will not work on our Xbox 360! Xbox and Microsoft have not provided any solutions and have been no help in offering any technical support. It has been a huge waste of energy, time and money! I can't say if it is a bogus card or if there is a poor customer service and tech solution platform from the vendors as instructed to contact on the card or Xbox help website.
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on March 1, 2017
Well it was described as 12 months but after about 5 or 6 months the subscription ran out. I guess it was used but that was not mentioned in the description of the product.
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on February 18, 2016
It's good deal and the code worked. The only drawback is that the text on package and instructions were in Spanish and I had to use Google translate to figure out where the code was, but for $10 cheaper than buying directly from Microsoft, it was worth the small inconvenience. If you bought one and are having trouble with the code, you probably entered a wrong character or two, which is a common mistake when entering these annoying 25 digit codes. Give it a couple more tries, before complaining.
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