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on April 3, 2015
PS3 was my previous console and I wanted to upgrade my console and hoping to not get any lesser features then what I am having in PS3 and at the same time get better gaming experience and I must say I am glad I opted for XBox One and not PS4, it has amazing multi-media support and the fact that its not just for gamers is what I love most about it, also it was easy for me to convince my wife to buy XBox One from family budget so she can have fun watching tv and play kinect games(specialy dancing games her fav - she use to be dancing mat pro in ps3 :) ). Well all works out as planned. Its controller is amazing, well built and much easy to control specially shooting games like COD, I also love the feature where I can use my mobile as a controller.
I am deducting 1 star only for non-dependable voice command, sometimes it works fine but whenever I try to do show-off infront of friends and guest it never
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on July 27, 2014
My Xbox has become an integral part of our family's living room. I get to play games. My wife gets to Skype with her family. And we don't have to worry about our toddler running away with the remotes since we don't have to use them anymore.

I do think it's a shame that Microsoft made so many sacrifices to create that experience. Load times are frustrating, and there's no way to upgrade the hard disk to a hybrid drive to speed things up. And to see games released on both the Xbox One and the PS4, and how much the PS4 dominates, is a tough pill to swallow. Would you rather have a game running in 60fps or 30fps? It's not even a question. It's a given.

It's going to be interesting to see how the next couple of years are going to pan out for the two consoles. If it's going to come down to games, the PS4 is going to make me regret my purchase--it's clearly a machine built for games, and aside from securing exclusive games, there's nothing Microsoft's marketing department can do to close that gap. But I'm really hoping that Microsoft can get all of its ducks in a row, and really explore fresh ways to make the Xbox a media hub.

A few of the things I love:
- Titanfall is an excellent game
- Using Skype with the Kinect is a magical experience, the way it pans to each speaker and follows you around the room is really awesome
- The Xbox controller is a joy to use. I don't feel any soreness in my hands when I play for long periods of time. All the buttons are where they're supposed to be, and I can just focus on the game.
- Xbox fitness is awesome and is a great example of what the Kinect can do. Being able to see yourself on screen with tips on how to correct form is an excellent experience.

A few things that I love/hate:
- Voice control is really a hit or miss, my success rate for turning on the Xbox is maybe 20%. It's especially embarassing when I have friends over and say, "Check this out...Xbox on" and nothing happens. It's also instantly frustrating when I ask it to change the channel, and it goes to the wrong one. I really wish it was more accurate. That said, still beats using remote.

My regrets:
- The system is underpowered. In a game like Titanfall, having to wait 20 seconds for each match to load is a joke. Seeing PS4 games run in 1080p at 60fps is depressing.
- The Kinect needs to be exploited. It's a fascinating device with a ton of unexplored potential. The Kinect should be what the Wiimote was for the original Wii, a real differentiator that transcends graphics performance.
- Getting a party together takes a lot of trial and error. The first time I tried to get two friends together to play a match on Titanfall took over half an hour. It was a terrible experience.
- The interface for Netflix is garbage. The system they came up with for browsing videos is really half-baked.

I know I've had quite a few negative things to say, but let me be clear, I don't regret my purchase. There's simply nothing like this on the market that combines gaming, media, physical activity, and virtual interaction like this on the planet. I really hope Microsoft continues to make each of these experiences inspiring and easy to use.
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on December 6, 2015
Reasonably happy with the XBox One, but haven't used Kinect yet, and hate virtually being forced into a Microsoft Live subscription. You'd think they could use that to subsidize the cost of these, or maybe they do. But they are too expensive.

For me, not being an avid gamer, just a sometimes gamer, I don't find games more pleasant on the XBox One vs. XBox 360. I'm thinking of Destiny here, which was a big title released for both. I played in on the XBox 360 and had as fine a time. Maybe the grass wasn't as detailed, etc.. but I didn't care.
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on November 16, 2014
One year out and I still play this system almost everyday. It appears that Microsoft survived pivoting on their original strategy for the console and is making up lost market share. I would like to see some pretty major changes in the UI, I still feel that the XBOX 360 has the XBOX ONE beat when it comes to navigating and functionality. It's really obnoxious that everything is an 'app' which basically means everything takes a few moments to load. The saving grace here is that the XBOX 360 UI looked nothing like it does today when it launched so I'm optimistic in 2-3 years time it will be a completely different experience on the XBOX ONE as well. They are doing the right thing in releasing a lot of updates and hope this trend continues!

I still think the Kinect has a ways to go with voice recognition (the 'XBOX ON' and 'UNSNAP' commands in particular) but I really like the Kinect as a whole and wish developers would unleash their full creativity with it (*cough* Doublefine *cough*).
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on March 6, 2014
I've had the Xbox One for a few months now and its a pretty solid upgrade from the 360. Unfortunately the launch titles were pretty weak in my opinion and the new releases have been pretty slow. This is a known drawback from purchasing so close to launch and I expect that upcoming titles will truly feel "NEXT GEN".

The Kinect 2 is very cool but unfortunately there are basically ZERO games that utilize it (for more than just minor voice commands). Very curious as to why MS would unleash this console without a "killer app" and more specifically a "killer kinect app". I have my TV running through the XBOne and it is overall a pretty pleasant experience. Unfortunately I think that the kinect voice commands could use some more fine tuning. If there is even the slightest bit of background noise (i have 2 small kids and a dog, so there is ALWAYS background noise), the kinect seems to falter in recognizing that I am speaking to it. In general I would suggest that my success rate with the Kinect is approximately 75% which is pretty frustrating. Nothing is worse than having to repeat yourself over and over a machine (right Siri??). Anyways, I think if they can work a few more bugs out it will be pretty cool.

I don't regret my purchase at this point, but I am looking forward to future games, apps and updates to really feel that I needed a "Next Gen" Console.
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on January 4, 2014
I'm really happy with this console since I bought it. I wasn't thrilled about being forced to pay for the kinect as i didn't think I'd ever use it. But I'm finding the more I use it, the more I like it. I really like you can use it interactivelly in game. Instead of using the comma rose menu in BF4, I can just simply say a command like "I need ammo, give me a ride, flank left. etc." to the kinect and my in game character will repeat it. It's a neat feature. Also, if you're playing with a somebody that doesn't speak english, whichever command you say into the kinect will be translated to the native language your reammates have selected on their system. That's really cool.. I strongly believe developers will continue to evolve and incorporate this into their games. This is mainly because the kinect does all the work. It doesn't take hardly any extra programming.

This is something that PS4 can't do nor may never do. The reason I say that is every xbox comes with a kinect (built in mic/camera) while the PS4 only comes with a headset. Now PS4 guys will argue they could use the headset mic, but not everybody uses headsets for gaming. I bet 50% of gamers use tv speakers or surround sound speakers. So there would be no way to communicate via mic for those players without buying some type of periphial device.

Now I will say the PS4 has a litte better graphics than the xbone. You won't notice this on tv's smaller than 50" though. The new controller is way better than the old 360 controller to. The buttons are way more crisp and the deadzones are much improved.
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on September 8, 2015
To qualify this review, I've been gaming for 25 years and currently own a pretty solid collection of consoles past and present - N64, Dreamcast, SNES, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS2, NES, SNES, Wii, 3DS, Wii U, and a collection of others. Pertaining to the Xbox One - I'll simply list all of the positives I see.

- Hands down the best controller in the current console generation
- HDMI IN port allowing for cable box integration or in my case my PS3
- Plug and play external storage option (Not available on PS4)
- Great list of exclusive games coming for Holiday 2015. Forza 6, Halo 5 just to name a few
- Full Windows 10 integration incoming
- Game mirror/stream onto Windows 10 PC - this feature is awesome
- Backwards compatibility incoming with Xbox 360
- Cloud computing will further enhance the Xbox on a multitude of fronts over the coming months and years
- Kinect - a feature poo pood by many but I love using it for party chat and not having to use a head set
- Superior online experience with dedicated online Microsoft servers (competitors do not offer this)
- Massive amount of bundles on the market right now - priced under the competition and offering great value

Overall, it is my opinion that the Xbox One is the console that is innovating this generation and listening to feedback from customers to make the experience better. The only thing that the PS4 offers over the Xbox One is marginally better graphical fidelity *on select games. The rest of the PS4's features and online experience seem to be still stuck in the previous console generation. So if you equate video games consoles to cars I'd put it like this. The PS4 is the base Corvette. It has a powerful engine but no other equipment, no leather, no bose radio, and base wheels. The Xbox One is the fully loaded Vette with the hand stitched dashboard, navigation system, leather, and all the other toys. My pick for this console generation is the Xbox One hands down...and of course a Wii U for that great Nintendo charm. Parents, this Holiday pick your kids up a Xbox One Bundle, they'll thank you.
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on January 3, 2014
Everyone rags on the fact that XB1 costs more than the PS4. I have both and while the PS4 is a solid game system it really is a PS3 with better graphics.
The inclusion of the Kinect and the voice recognition system has made this console the hub of my entertainment system. I have a home theater so using voice commands and eliminating all of my remotes was a huge plus. Xbox will turn all of my components on and off and control the volume. Having Blu ray and all the apps means I can stay within one environment to run my home theater and in the process I eliminated a lot of unneeded components and wires.
As for the games, they look great. Don't listen to all of this talk about which console is more powerful. Side by side on a 106" screen you still cannot tell the difference. Pick a game system based on your personal preference and what upcoming exclusive games it has.

The only negatives, and they are minor, is that there are still little bugs and polish that can be done with the interface and the voice recognition but I will say this, when you speak to the kinect it only needs to be done in your normal speaking voice. If you yell or raise your voice it is not calibrated at that level.
The Party system works good but you have to have an open NAT in many cases or the party chat is not going to work. I had to make some minor changes to my router. When you go into party chat you have a three step process that they need to work on to make the system better. First you have to create a party and then invite people but then you have to manually turn on your party chat to be heard. When you go into a game, like Call of Duty you have to invite the people in your party chat to that game.
You CAN invite people just to your game and they will be able to chat but it will be an open chat and in between rounds when the game is starting you won't be able to chat when the loading screen is up.
The interface is good, could use a bit more polish but it's better than the overflow system Sony is using. Xbox Live has always been the best when it comes to parties and multiplayer gaming and still is.
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on January 4, 2014
There are a few down falls with the Xbox One. Kinect is really buggy in regards to menu navigation and hand control. It is nearly impossible to select menu items using your hands. Voice control is lacking as well as I can repeat myself ten times before the unit makes a selection. I understand the console is new but game selection is lacking as well. Game developers have had over a year now to develop games for this new console and a good 95% of which are yet to be released. I basically have a gaming console that I can't game on due to the lack of games released. The console itself is good quality and it doesn't have anything close to heat problems like the old consoles had. I have yet to notice it getting hot. I don't like the new controller design. We were told by Microsoft that the controller was made to be more ergonomic. I think they meant economic because the controller is smaller and made with less material. My hands get more fatigued with this controller than they did with the 360 controller. I have no use for the HDMI input in the console as I don't have a cable provider and I need my inputs to go through my Sony home theatre receiver, so that function is useless to me. I think the price tag was overly high for what the system is actually worth. I may be purchasing a PS4 later down the road in order to compare the two. As of my impression right now, I think Microsoft could have done much better.
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on August 20, 2016
This is amazon at its best, pre order was flawless arrived on time on launch day and no problems so far. The shipping box was destroyed and completely open but i have a feeling that was actually the UPS driver as the security tape seemed to be cleanly cut, not sure what happened a can only assume a few negative things obviously.

The Xbox has been a blast to own, Titanfall has been my favorite game, and the operating system has undergone huge improvements. Now that you can get it so much cheaper there is nothing to lose.

The Xbox One S is out now but unless you desperately need a UHD Bluray player there is no real need to get that over the original model, I'd suggest waiting for Xbox Scorpio in 2017 if you're going to spend that much on an xbox.

Pro Tip: If you're going to use with a home theater system, you may need an optical splitter to make all the audio connections needed.
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