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on March 7, 2014
NOTE: EDITED STEPS UNDER FUNCTION 1 - ADDED STEPS 6 & 7 to resolve common issues.

I purchased this product to allow me to use my Turtle Beach DX12 microphone for in-game chat (instead of the Kinect mic). It works flawlessly. But for those of you out there considering purchasing this product you should know it basically serves TWO purposes, and based on what you're using it for depends on how the volume control buttons on the Stereo Headset Adapter will work.

FUNCTION 1: Using the adapter to allow your old gaming headset that had OPTICAL AUDIO inputs (Turtle Beaches, Astros, etc) to work with the Xbox One the same way it did with the Xbox 360 (you plug the 2.5mm "chat audio cord" into the Stereo Headset Adapter so your 3rd party headset's microphone works and you can hear and control chat volume via you're 3rd party headset and/or the buttons on the adapter).

When using the adapter this way, in order to get the functionality that you're looking for (using the 3rd party headset's microphone for chat while getting game audio ONLY from the optical out of the Xbox One) you will need to do the following:

1) Turn your system on
2) Update the controller
3) Connect the 2.5mm cord from your 3rd party headset to the adapter
4) Push the bottom left button on the adapter (looks like a person with a "+" sign on their body) until you hear a beep - This will set the volume output ratios coming from the Adapter to 0% Game Volume & 100% Chat. *NOTE*: If you don't have them set this way you will here a slight "Echo" in game because the adapter will output game volume as well as chat volume, and you don't need any game volume from the adapter since you're getting it from the Optical Output from the Xbox One.
5) Now you can use the 2 right buttons (the "Master Volume" buttons) to control the in-game chat volume.
6)* IF YOU HEAR A CRACKLING SOUND and you have your Xbox One's Dolby Digital Surround ENABLED VIA OPTICAL OUT you must HARD RESET YOUR CONSOLE after completing the above steps (Hold Power Button for 10 secs, let system power off, wait 10 seconds and turn the system back on). This will fix the occasional "crackling" problem.
7)* For some reason this adapter makes the MICROPHONES SUPER SENSITIVE. If you're in a party and YOUR FRIENDS ARE COMPLAINING THAT YOUR MIC SOUNDS BAD/LOUD you simply need to move the mic farther from your mouth (6" worked for me) and talk in a normal volume. This stops the "poor" quality microphone sound from occurring. I was told this issue may be getting fixed in an upcoming firmware update.


FUNCTION 2: Using this adapter to allow ANY HEADSET to provide you in game audio and chat functionality (if the headset already has a built in microphone)

When you use the adapter for this purpose the GAME and CHAT audios are derived from the controller (comes out of the Stereo Headset Adapter that you plug the headphones into). Since both forms of audio are coming from the adapter, the volume adjustment buttons serve the purposes shown in the instruction manual:

Left of the mute button ==> Changes the Game/Chat volume ratios (For example you're at 50% Game and 50% Chat, then the game and chat volumes will be at the same level... if you're at 70% Game and 30% Chat, then you're game volume will be louder than the chat volume, but you can still hear both... if you're at 100% Game and 0% Chat, then you have full game volume and you won't be able to hear chat - it's effectively "muted")

Right of the mute button ==> This is the "Master Volume" control. Once you have you're game/chat ratios where you like them... you can then increase the OVERALL AUDIO OUTPUT using this button.

Hope this helps you out!
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on June 11, 2016
I bought this as a more low cost option to buying a new Turtle Beach headset which have a tendency in some form or another to break or malfunction early on. I wanted to use my own set set of ear buds with an in-line mic (Bose SoundSports). Unfortunately mine and certain sets of Apple earbuds use a certain tech in their in-line mics that dont allow them to be used for chat. They worked great for game only audio though! I had another set of cheaper Harmon Kardon earbuds with an in-line mic that worked great but after some time i eventually ended up going the more expensive route and taking my chances with a set of Turtle Beaches. Using the TB's with the adapter is nice beacause it allows me to turn down game audio and crank the chat up or vice versa (My TB's dont have seperate audio levels for chat and game audio). Over all it's a nice piece to have if you want versatility in what headphones you wanna use my only complaint is ive had itfor a lil over six weeks now and out of no where I will lose all sound. Complete shut off like they lost connection to the controller. Upon fiddling with it for a sec i realized that when you click on any button on the adapter it puts a lot of stress on the connection points to the controller (Which the only thing anchoring it to the controller) over time the connection becomes stressed and loose and begins to cut out or give a horrific loud static noise. So with that said if you buy one be gentle on it, otherwise just fork out the money for a good headset and save a small headache.
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on October 9, 2016
I had been looking around for a low-cost way to use headphones with my Xbox One, and I came across this headset adapter at Amazon, so I decided to give it a try. You simply plug the adapter into your Xbox One controller, then plug in a compatible headset and you are good to go! I really like the simplicity and flexibility that this small adapter provides. In addition, you can easily adjust the chat audio right from the controller. I have used wired Beats headphones, Apple earbuds, and Samsung earbuds, and some off brand gaming headsets which have all worked well. I would highly recommend this product if you are looking for a way to use a headset or earbuds with your Xbox One! We also had issues with a newer controller with the headphone jack built in. At least if you need to replace this it is cheaper than replacing the entire controller.
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on January 4, 2017
Greatest invention ever. I use my beats with them and the sound is great.

Only issue is it likes to cut out randomly every once in a while. And sometimes turn off all together (controller has full charge). And I turn controller off and back on, then works fine.

Update: took down to 3 stars. Constantly doesn't turn on. And constantly won't play sound even though the device is on. Multiple different headphones tested, same results. Getting kind of annoying.
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on March 23, 2017
It worked and worked very well, but since I got my xbox I have gone through two of them. They break after a while and just are cheaply made. I was using them as normal. Now I am just going to buy a controller with 3.5 mm jack instead of getting a new one.
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on March 7, 2017
Bought 2 last year sometime one fell several times and continued to work until a couple months ago it just stopped. The other one works great still has fallen of table several times works fine still. The price is a little high for these, if you can find the new 3.5mm bluetooth controller for $40 that's the better buy.
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on February 18, 2016
Works excellent to add chat functionality to the Xbox One with a 360 headset. Paired with Turtle Beach - Ear Force Xbox 360 Talkback Cable with Foam Windscreen- Xbox 360 I was able to use my old headset successfully with the new system. This allowed me to keep using my high quality headset with little expense. The buttons are excellent and easy to manipulate with firm positive engagement. Also, includes the 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter necessary to use 360 headsets.
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on August 3, 2016
The Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter works exactly as advertised. I purchased the adapter because I wanted to be able to get my Xbox One game audio through a headset connected to my controller. With the new Xbox One controller, this adapter is not needed because the controller comes with a 3.5 mm headset jack built in. I have the original Xbox One controller and therefore needed the adapter. While I wish that it was cheaper, it does seem well built and functions perfectly. I was able to use my Turtle Beach Ear Force 50X headset with this adapter and the sound was clear. I like the ability to adjust the balance between game and chat audio right on the adapter instead of having to go into the Xbox One settings. Overall this is a solidly built product that is a must have for anyone with an original Xbox One controller who wants to use a headset with it.
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on May 8, 2017
It works fine but it didnt come as it come in the box, I got it from a 3rd party but still I was hoping for the audio cable to be in the package and it didnt!
review image
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on March 30, 2014
The biggest benefit of this thing is that you can use your third party mixamp to blend chat and game audio again. The adapter itself is kind of a mixamp, it does an alright job of being able to adjust the chat and game audio - the XB1 party chat is a little odd in that for whatever reason, the chat audio is crazy loud compared to the game which can be annoying depending on what you're playing; for instance, this sucks playing COD Ghosts when you're trying to hear the other team's footsteps.

The chat audio quality is horrendous. The Kinect's voice quality is pretty good, but people sound very muffled and muted when talking through a mic with this adapter. Worst still if someone speaks loud or raises their voice, the audio clips and get very distorted. Astro released a firmware update for the 2013 and newer mixamps to address this, but for those of us using older mixamps, we're basically just screwed. I think Microsoft is supposed to have an update in the works to address chat audio quality with the adapter, but there's notihng definite yet.

And then there's the troublesome idea about lack of support for third party accessories from Microsoft. The console is $450-500, the adapter is $35 now (I preordered mine when they first became available and they were $25 back then). Needing an adapter to connect my headset to my $500 XBox, I don't agree with.

I don't really use the adapter anymore, I went back to using the Kinect mic until I get a new mixamp, and/or an update comes out to address the chat audio quality.
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