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on April 21, 2017
Bought this after I tried buying a "certified refurbished" Xbox one controller. I put that in quotes because what we got was a piece of junk. This one, however, works perfectly and has an awesome camo pattern. The only downside is that it is really hard to find, because it is camo and all. My son loves this controller, when he can find it. Sometimes it is just on the table but the camo pattern is just so good that it is hidden. We usually enlist my wife to help us find the controller because she is colorblind and the camo does not affect her ability to see the controller. I have asked my son to leave the controller upside down so that it is easier to find but he is 7 years old and does not listen very well. The worst case of this was when he left it on the floor, not only was it dark (and I didn't have my night vision googles on) because I was wondering around at night and didn't tell Alexa to turn on the lights, but I couldn't have seen it anyway because it is camo. The pain rating of stepping on one of the control sticks is up there around 4 brick Lego status.

In all seriousness though, this is an excellent controller and my son loves it, he calls it his Air Force controller, because I served in the Air Force and he associates all camo with it.
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on July 8, 2015
 Today, we're reviewing the new Xbox One Wireless Controller with those sought after feature upgrades such as the 3.5mm audio port, improved bumpers, and over the air updates. Let's take a closer look at the new features in this hardware review.

Most people know about Xbox one controllers by now so we're talking exclusively about the new features. First off it has wireless over the air updates which is an improvement over the last controller which required a micro usb connection for updates. It's a good feature, but that's more of a technical fix.

Comparing the two controllers, they look identical with the exception of the new port. The most obvious advancement is the addition of the 3.5mm audio port which will let you connect any standard headphones no matter how crazy they look. And there's menu settings for adjusting the sound and chat volume from the controller. So if your headphones don't have a built in volume adjustment, you still have control.

The other feature is improved bumpers. Many gamers complained that the Xbox One bumpers felt good for clicking, but actually holding them down felt difficult due to the pushback. Although they look identical, the pushback has been reduced on these new controllers and you can definitely hear an audible difference.

Testing it out with Sunset Overdrive, it's a great option to be able to have headphones plugged in to my control and it sounds fine. You'll most likely get the best audio over HDMI or optical, but that's not an option for everyone. The bumpers feel better, but it's not exactly game changing. The players who would notice it the most are the ones who probably play shooters competitively, and those players are much more likely to use an Xbox Elite Controller.

The controller is still great so it gets a good rating from me, but as an upgrade for those already own the older model there's really not much of a difference. The bumpers are better, but not paying $60 for an upgrade better. The 3.5mm audio port is handy, but at $60 you could probably just buy a dedicated Xbox USB headset. If you are in the market for a new controller, then definitely pick this one up over the old model. But don't toss out your old controller for this revision. It's also included in newer bundles of the Xbox One, so if you don't even own a console yet you'll most likely get this new controller.

New Features
-3.5mm Jack
-Audio mixing in settings menu for 3.5mm audio
-Improved Bumpers
-Wireless OTA Upgrades
-Included In 1TB Consoles
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on October 15, 2016
I'm having problems with Microsoft's quality control with their controllers through Amazon. Returned the Elite control because of a crunchy left trigger. Just received the standard controller and the X button intermittently responds when pressed and my character starts walking right on it's own when the right stick isn't used. The bumpers are soft and don't click when pressed like my other two. Going to start buying controllers through Best Buy again because I'e had nothing but bad luck with XBOX purchases through Amazon.
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on October 26, 2015
I honestly believe this is the best controller I have ever used, for any system. The d-pad is the gold standard as far as I can tell, even putting Nintendo to shame with it's tactile response. Fighting game fans can rejoice, as the end of the age of crappy d-pads has ended. The analog sticks are great, and have a texturized rim to prevent your thumbs from slipping. The shoulder buttons are nice and clicky, while the ergonomics of the triggers and handles is close to perfect. The controller has a very nice weight to it, a good solid feel and seems very sturdy. For wireless use, the controller runs on two AA batteries, and I would highly recommend Eneloop for rechargeable batteries rather than disposable batteries. Obviously, it works perfectly with the Xbox One, but it can also be connected to a PC or an Android device with a USB port using a standard microUSB cable. I haven't used the headset jack, so I can't speak to that. This is a hit from Microsoft, and a vast improvement over the formidable Xbox 360 controller. The bar has been raised.
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on August 15, 2014
I was using an Xbox 360 controller with my PC games, but when I heard Microsoft finally released drivers for Xbox One controller support I decided to get one and try it out. Being that the 360 controller was already spectacular, I didn't think Microsoft could make a better one. This controller has better triggers, a huge d pad improvement which is helpful for fighting games, more accurate vibration, the home button is in a better spot, and it just looks cooler. If you have an Xbox One I would probably get the controller with rechargeable battery pack. For the PC though I just got the basic controller and a 15 foot USB to MicroUSB cord since there are no wireless dongles yet. It works exactly like the 360 controller with the menu and address buttons acting as the start and select. It works with every game that uses 360 controller support on PC and just shows up as a 360 controller. The only big con I have is without batteries plugged in it loses connection or gets stuck on one button sometimes. I put AA batteries in and the problem appears to have stopped and the controller has more weight for the vibration with the batteries in. For those wondering if they should upgrade from a 360 controller on PC? Unless you play a lot of fighting games I don't think there is enough improvement to justify the price to upgrade at the moment unless you're like me and just have to try it out.
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on December 2, 2013
They took the original controller and improved it!. The impulse triggers are awesome for games that support it (I've used it with Forza 5 and they are amazing). The rumble in the triggers feel "weird" at first but quickly become intuitive.

Bumper work fine and feel similar to the old controller.
D-pad is a vast improvement and has a nice "clicky" feel.
I was worried when I heard the controller was smaller than the 360's controller since I have big hands, but it fits perfectly in my hands.

Annoyed that it has a proprietary connector for voice chat. These will not work with 3rd party headsets like the Turtle Beach brand. Supposedly there will be an adapter released. This is why it looses a star.

Fit and finish is on par with the original and feels sturdy in the hands...

Unfortunately the Xbox One does not have a battery indicator yet, but you don't really need one. Regular, non rechargeable batteries last forever in this controller. I currently have between 25-30 hours on one set of batteries and they are still going. This is much longer than the PS4 controller's dismal ~8 hour life.
You can use regular, or rechargeable; Either choose the play and charge kit (overpriced), or just use any rechargeable AA system.
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on December 12, 2016

I've now ordered two of these controllers over the last two years, and they both have been defective. The first one I bought in 2015 arrived and the X button would often not work and/or would need an excessively firm press before it would engage. I kept the controller because at the time I didn't play xbox often enough to care. Then just last month I decided to get a new one out of frustration that the X button was not working as I've been playing more often. Upon the arrival of this most recent controller, the LB button was flimsy and seemed borderline unresponsive. Sending this one back and buying a controller down at best buy. If I'm paying $50 for a controller, all the buttons should be working. I would understand if I was buying a hand-me-down and the controllers had these issues, but I'm paying full price for a new controller. I expect it to work. If it only happened once I would let it slide because I understand mistakes happen. But receiving a faulty controller twice is unacceptable, and this company (third-party retailer) does not deserve anyone's money. I hope this review saves someone the hassle of receiving a faulty controller and having to send it back.
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on November 28, 2016
I should have returned it when i pulled it out of the box, the left trigger was sticky. Should have sent it back right there. But with battlefield one coming out, I didn't want to wait and play with my two year old controller. The stickiness subsided but now the SAME trigger makes a nice irritating *CLICK* when fully depressed. Seriously, it does not sound like a big deal, but when you are pressing it over and over again to aim down the sights, it is incredibly distracting and to be honest angering. My window closed for returns like 3 days after this clicking started. When you spend so much money on stuff and take care of it, you have a reasonable expectation that it should be free from mechanical defects for years (at LEAST A YEAR! AT LEAST!!). This is not the case. I will never buy from tiger deals again.
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on April 26, 2016
I needed an extra controller for my XBone so this my choice. Works as well as original and looks way better! Now I don't get my 360 controllers confused when grabbing them from a drawer. Battery life, buttons and all functionality mirror the original controller.
...I think it actually matches on of my shaders for my Hunter on Destiny....
I did not receive a discount on this product for my honest opinion, I paid full price for the item.
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on April 17, 2015
Being a gamer owning numerous Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony controllers (and everything in between), I am quite impressed by the XB1 controller. If you liked the X360 controller, I would definitely recommend this controller. It's not a big over haul, but adds small tweaks that improves an already solid design. While Microsoft boasts that the XB1 controller has "Over 40 improvements to the award-winning 360 Wireless Controller, without taking anything away from what you love", here's the most noticeable things I found:
1) Analog sticks have a grip textured feel.
2) It doesn't drain AA batteries as fast as the X360's controller.
3) Slightly better responsive D-pad.
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