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on September 12, 2015
I am a beekeeper. The statements I have read about honey on this page are mostly nonsense. Honey only has antibacterial properties if it is spread on wounds or burns. The high acid content is responsible for this antibacterial property. It is not antibacterial if consumed.

honey does not increase your immune response. Honey that is not filtered usually has dead bees and bee parts like bee legs and bee wings in it. Honey that is heated to less than 115 degrees F does not change either its taste or its chemical or physical properties. The way honey tastes and how dark it is depends on what flowers the bees forage. There is no such thing as organic honey. If the hive is not treated with chemicals, the honey will be natural but not organic. The bees fly in a 3 mile radius; not 2 mile and if the hive is placed in the center of an area 6 miles wide there is still no way anyone can be sure no flowers have been treated with chemicals. That is why the government does not certify honey organic.
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on June 8, 2017
It took me forever to decide which raw honey to order I researched the comments and reviews on all of them and spent more time on it than I care to admit,
With that said I decided on this one, and I made the right decision, it came in the mail this morning, I had some on buttered toast OMG so amazing!!!!!!!
Another thing is it shipped almost immediately and got here early(to Alaska) we hardly ever get mail early, I picked regular prime shipping . The price was a big factor also, very reasonable this was a Great purchase, I will definitely purchase it again. Maybe some in honey comb too if they have it.
review image
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on February 9, 2016
This is a great honey product at a very good price for the amount you get. I'm currently on my 6th container.

I started eating raw honey for the health benefits about a year ago and purchased several different products at my local health food stores before coming across the Y.S. Eco Bee product here online. I enjoy the taste and equally the texture of this honey. Its produced in Illinois only about an hour from where I live, so I consider it a local product.

This honey comes in a 22 oz size, so for the price with the free shipping from Amazon its the best deal for me.

I first ordered this product a few months ago and the weather was cold then, when the honey arrived on my doorstep it was as hard as a brick. Simply put the entire container in very hot water and it softens pretty quickly. This honey is the real deal, not the fake or over processed honey sometimes labeled as "raw honey".

When you open these honey containers as with most raw honey products, you will see a white layer on top. I simply scrape that off with a spoon and toss it.

I highly recommend this raw honey product from Y.S. Eco Bee Farms.
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on October 19, 2015
I ordered this honey last week and looked so forward for receiving it. I got it today and immediately tried a bit with yogurt late breakfast. This is great flavor, rich but clean and not heavy. I only used less than a tea spoon full for 10oz of yogurt and some fruit mix.... I loved the taste and I will never go back and get another jar of agave syrup or heat treated grocery store bought Chinese honey which has nearly zero nutritious value. It sort of reminds me of Scottish honey. The price is excellent for 22oz huge jar which will last me for months! I trust Y.S brand highly recommend this honey!
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This honey is wonderful and pure tasting! My father raised bees for years and the only thing he ever did to the honey was to strain it so there were no bee parts in it! This honey will taste stronger than your ordinary store bought honey since there is no heat or other process used to produce the honey. I am guessing they do strain it so you don't get bee parts in it as my father did. I haven't had true honey in so long that I had forgotten how much better it tasted! Someone mentioned that it had to be mixed with molasses and my father also made molasses and while this honey is strong, it would be much, much darker if it had molasses mixed into it! Yes, it has a ring of molasses in the taste but honey also will taste different from region to region depending on what the bee are collecting honey from! I love this honey and don't mind paying a little extra for a quality product that also brings back that taste of the honey I grew up with! I will be a repeat customer!
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Top Contributor: Petson February 12, 2017
Love this honey, have been buying it for quite awhile now, and had to finally review! Came in handy a couple weeks ago when I had the flu, so yummy in a hot toddy!
I get this every couple months, superb!!!
12/22/2017 Just got more honey, have a terrible sore throat and already feel better after a couple spoons full, this is my go-to super food, nothing better for a cold etc. Update: Next day, no more sore throat!
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on January 13, 2015
Mostly, I try to buy honey from small producers who are located in pristine areas. I much prefer that the honey be from wildflowers located far away from where any agriculture is, because I feel like it must be the case that the chemicals in conventional agriculture will make their way into the honey.

I do think that raw honey is preferable to honey that has been heated, because of the preservation of the nutrients. But to my understanding, if honey has not gotten to temperatures below about 55 degrees, it will remain liquid. All things being equal, I prefer to buy items in class jars, though I will accept plastic if necessary.

This honey does not say where it was producer or what kind of flowers the bees had access to. It just states "Harvested by healthy bees from eco friendly diverse regions." The honey is totally solid in the container, which means that it has not been kept warm. And it is in a plastic jar.

It tastes fine. Not as clean and pleasant as some honey I've had, but certainly edible. I finished the whole jar without finding it objectionable.

The price ($10 for 22 ounces) is pretty reasonable compared to what I consider to be good honey.

I'm not sorry I bought this honey. Probably of what is available on Amazon, this is one of the better choices.
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on January 15, 2015
This is delicious honey! I have always been a honey lover and honestly, after trying the Y.S. Eco Bee Farms Raw Honey, I will never go back to the old store bought honey. This taste is so much BETTER, just, pure, natural, raw honey that melts in your mouth. I've only tried this tiny bit right before I put a teaspoon in my morning tea, that's how I know!! ;-) Also, I recently ran out and I was waiting for my new shipment to arrive so i had to deal with sugar at work for my tea and it was horrible. Once you try the Y.S. Eco Bee Farms Raw Honey, you'll never go back!!
This company also has an ORGANIC line under Y.S. Organic Bee Farms and they have an ORGANIC RAW Honey product that is a bit more expensive AND also, is apparently is stored in a glass jar. I may look into that in the future, but right now, I am truly happy with the regular RAW Honey purchase. I hope you love it as much as I do!
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on January 4, 2016
This honey is great. I've been used to getting raw honey from my friends that have their own beehives. Since relocating I needed to find an alternative source. The taste of this honey is awesome. I'd recommend this to anyone desiring to have the best of raw honey, I must say, too, that the price is more than fair

UPDATE: for some reason the next order of this honey said "delivered" yet never received. I contacted the seller. He took care of the issue. Simply put, this honey is the best I've ever come across. I'd recommend it to anyone desiring the best.

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on November 10, 2015
I love bees and am aware of the peril they, and as a result we, are in. This is good honey but like any food, there is nothing inherently miraculous about it. It is very firmly textured in the jar but can be scooped out with not too much trouble and it dissolves easily in hot water/tea. It is not strongly flavored or sickeningly sweet. The price was reasonable but I don' t know that I will re- purchase in the future. I am not a big consumer of sweetners but I am glad to be able to support ethical bee keepers. Were I to re-purchase, it would be solely for that reason.
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