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on January 27, 2014
Received as a birthday gift around the holidays and I have used it every day ever since.

I am a bit of a techno-phile. I've been using computers since the days of parachute pants and the mullet. I have both Windows and Linux computers and have fully embraced the Android OS. I still cannot bring myself to spend the money required to own Apple products, so I cannot and will not compare this to an iPad.

What a handy device it really is! It's wifi ready, has a headphone jack, a mini-HDMI output, and it can be charged with either a supplied A/C charger or a micro-USB charger. Its 7” screen size keeps the whole thing manageable but much bigger than a phone screen. I think it’s an excellent balance of size and convenience. My wife can keep it in her pocketbook without feeling weighted down or feeling like it has taken over her bag. If I had to, I could keep it in the front pocket of a pair of slacks (not jeans, though).

Even a newbie Android user should be able to figure out how to use this tablet. Follow the instructions to fully charge the batteries before using without the plug. But I started working on it right away with the device plugged in. The Settings screen is accessible through the bottom of the screen and the apps list button on the home screen. Through Settings you can get to the wifi settings where you log in to your local network. I was on the internet in less than a couple of minutes. After a quick download through the Play store, all my favorite apps including IMDB, Accuweather, Firefox and more were immediately available. It also loaded my favorite games including 7 Little Words, Angry Birds and Texas Hold’em. To add a recent picture I took as my wallpaper, I loaded QuickPic to organize my pictures and Tonido to access all my favorite files from my home computer.

I asked for this tablet as a gift to provide two tasks, both of which it handles very well.

The first is to give me internet access - mostly IMDB - while I'm watching TV with the Queen. The wife and I love to watch TV and movies and we are always wondering where we've seen that actor/actress before. It works very well for just about any online access you will need. I’ve even used it in the kitchen to try a new recipe for banana bread.

The other task was to have an easily portable tablet available for when the Queen and I are running errands or on a road trip. I've installed the 'hot-spot' option on my cell phone so when we're out and about, we can easily log into the internet via wifi while driving or shopping. Our previous tools for that were either our cell phones (not as easy to see) or our laptops (too big and clunky for the car). This tablet provides the perfect balance.

Some downsides to the Y88 are the battery life and the availability of apps. My favorite weather app is WeatherBug which is not available for this tablet. Not sure if it’s the tablet or WeatherBug that’s at fault here, but I found a reasonable solution with Accuweather. There were a few other apps that I looked into loading and they were not available, but I’ve also found viable workarounds. The battery issue is not unusual for tablets, so no major complaint here. I’ve dug up some eBay sourced micro-USB chargers from around the house and have plugged them in where I sit with my tablet around the house and just operate ‘wired’ as necessary. Not that big a deal. We do the same in the car until we need to go wireless. Simple.

Overall, this tablet met all my expectations. Hope it does the same for you!
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on May 6, 2014
I had purchased a pink one for my granddaughter for Christmas but, unfortunately, it had some factory defects in it. At the same time, I bought this one for myself. I loved mine. My granddaughter loved hers as well and had learned how to use hers even with the defects. She loved it so much, I notified Amazon about getting a new one for her and they advised they couldn't replace it but would send me a refund. So my granddaughter wouldn't be disappointed, I gave her mine and took the refund and just ordered another one for myself. She is still quite happy with the one I gave her. She takes pictures, plays games and access the internet to use email, etc. It still works perfectly and she loves everything about it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. It is inexpensive but is perfect for accessing the internet and playing games. Pictures even come out good. I can't wait until I get my new one.
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on March 3, 2014
We ordered these for our kids (10 and 6) so they would have something to use to play games on instead of our iPads. It turns out, they're not bad. This is the second one we've given our son as the first one was damaged by his sister (4 at the time). These do have a HD screen but the camera is pretty lame, so picures taken in bright sunshine are the only ones that look any good. The ones we got say 4GB on the back of them but when you look in the system settings, it says 2.8GB. I'd say that's pretty far off the mark for the storage rating. As it turns out they are pretty durable as our daugher has dropped hers several times, and it still works well. I guess that's one advantage of not having a glass front. Loading apps is easy enough, we've even gotten a few educational games in under the radar. All in all, it's a good tablet for kids. I'd spend a little more if you're looking for something that doesn't feel like a toy.
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on March 25, 2014
I ordered this tablet in December as a Christmas gift for my daughter. Upon arrival, the tablet charged and powered on. However, after the initial charge wore down, we were unable to charge it again. After several attempts at contacting the seller, I escalated to the amazon a to z guarantee. The seller then informed me that they would send me a return shipping label to return the defective tablet and receive a replacement. I never received the label, or even an address. I again contacted amazon, who then informed me that the seller wouldn't replace the item because the defective product hadn't been returned (this is despite the fact that I had no address to return it to, even at my own expense). I have since replaced the item with an XO tablet (which I would recommend to anyone looking for a tablet for their child). DO NOT PURCHASE THIS ITEM.
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on December 24, 2013
My girlfriend and I were looking up a decent starter tablet device for our daughter for some educational usage, child games and video usage for low cost. I've read mixed reviews on this and was very concerned about a lot of the negative reviews but decided to give the product a chance.

As always Amazon has amazing fast delivery, product came within 2 days.

When opening the packaging the first thing I noticed were a few scratches on the cameras. It appears as if this may have been either poorly put together or simply refurbished and sold as new. Knowing that this device wasn't the top of the line android I fully expected the performance to not be amazing. The casing seems to be very cheap plastic and the screen is flimsy and weak feeling. The size of the device was perfect and the carrying case that we purchased with it looked great initially. After charging the device for a full 10 hours the battery life seemed to die pretty quickly with no apps running while navigating through the menus. During usage I began to smell burning plastic possibly internally of the device. After powering off the device because of this, the device turned on its own with no user interaction, possibly a bad chip set or power button? After shutting it down again and letting it cool off I turned it back on and tried to connect to my wireless network. This device was unable to connect to my home WIFI and my Galaxy S4 in tethering mode. I tried to connect also to an open network in my neighborhood but the device was unable to pull an IP address. To me that immediately indicated this device has a faulty wireless chip. I decided to turn to the web to see others reviews on this product which were also very similar in negative feedback. One major red flag I saw after looking through the included documentation it states on a few small cut sheets of paper. "Please follow the steps if you have any difficulty of powering on your tablet for the first time" and has instructions on how to perform this. On a yellow sheet of paper with big bold red letters "CALL US BEFORE YOU CONSIDER RETURNING THIS PRODUCT", that pretty much tells me they've had issues with their devices and have included this in the documents. Not a good sign for a consumer on unboxing. The last piece of instructions " How to make tablet run faster and last longer?", instructs the user to search app killer in the play store to save on battery life and cpu usage, almost as if they advertise a fast processor but have doubts on its performance.

Overall I understand that this was a cheap product, you basically get what you pay for but I at least hoped it would work out of the box from the start. I'll probably never buy a product from this company again. Amazon did fulfill our return immediately, off to get the Galaxy Kids edition tablet now.
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on March 11, 2014
I bought three of these tablets (pink, purple and blue) for my kids for Christmas. My son's screen broke within 3 days. Granted, he probably threw it or something, but he's played with my Kindle Fire for over a year without damaging it in any way. Within another couple of weeks, the power button on the pink one got stuck and the tablet cannot be turned on at all. We thought maybe she had done something wrong because she is young. But like my son, she has played with my Kindle for some time without ever causing any damage. Within a month after that, the purple one did the same thing. This happening made it clear to me that the product is the problem. My oldest child is 8 and knows how to handle and take care of tablets. She has been playing with my Kindle since I bought it 2 or 3 years ago. So now I have three useless tablets that I paid almost $80 a piece for. I am also giving 1 star for customer service. We contacted Amazon about returning the tablets (pink and purple only because we aren't 100% sure that our son didn't do the damage). They authorized a return for one, but not the other claiming it was out of the 30 day return period. Well, duh. Of course it is. We bought these for Christmas presents and did not wait until the last minute to buy so 30 days pretty much passed before my kids laid hands on the things. Frankly, if you're going to sell crap, you should be prepared to refund money for crap. I don't want to replace crap with more crap. I want my money back so I can buy something worth my money. I will never buy from this seller again. I do not recommend purchasing this tablet or anything else from Tablet Express.
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on February 14, 2014
I was very excited to receive this product, but I believe it is not the best for smaller children or adults for that matter. My main complaint is in regard to apps. Not all apps that I have purchased work on this tablet. I purchased some learning games from the Amazon app store and they do not load. I knew this product would not perform as my personal android phone, but I expected that there would be more ease of use. Another issue is in respect to Wi-Fi and the fact the games will just stop working. I am pretty good at clearing data and ensuring the memory is maintained, and I reset my router regularly. I have performed a factory reset of this product and that seemed to help but honestly I am not happy with this purchase. I left this review for the tablet covers as well. These tablets get very warm and with the cover it is absurd. My daughter has complained about the heat, and my son will not touch the tablet when it heats up.
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on July 11, 2014
Bottom line: If you want a tablet that turns to a brick and crappy customer service, go for it. Otherwise, pass on this one. Here’s my experience with this tablet and Tablet Express:

I purchased this tablet and received it the first of March. It was slow to ship, going back and forth between “ready to ship” and “preparing for shipment.” I ended up canceling my original order and signing up for my trial for Prime and re-ordered.

To start with, the tablet wasn’t the most responsive piece of tech I have had the pleasure of working with, but it worked for what I bought it for (mainly to write on with some web surfing as well as working with my Chromecast). Right off the bat, there were a few problems with it – opening the box, there was a small flyer that advised me to download a battery manager app, when I charged it, the back cover got really warm, and it sometimes the screen stuttered and skipped around the different menus. The tablet also ran really warm when I kept it in the case I bought with it, and after prolonged use it became uncomfortable to handle due to the heat.

I bought a new case without having the tablet with me. Big mistake – when you are buying a case for this (should you buy it) make sure that the closures won’t obstruct the front camera and/or wrap around the volume and power buttons. I find that if you aren’t using a case they are in a really nice spot. Otherwise, they are in the way.

After three months of use (and one of those the tablet wasn’t used daily), my touch screen stopped responding. I contacted customer service. What a waste of time. They advised me to update the firmware using the instructions on their website. I followed their instructions and the touch screen still wouldn’t respond. I sent a reply back and asked what to do next. They told me to do the update again, stating that they “understand some customers might not be familiar with these tech stuff” (actual line from the e-mail), and that my warranty had expired. The language in their e-mails were very condescending and talked down to me as if I were a child. As of right now, I haven’t received a reply back. Also, as a side note, if you e-mail them expect a response between 9:30 pm and midnight.

So, if you want a cheap tablet that is going to break after the warranty expires and really rude customer service, then this is the tablet for you. If not, then don’t buy it as it’s not worth the $80 that I paid.
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on February 20, 2014
I got this for my preteen daughter so she would stay off the IPAD. So far it is pretty decent, she is using it for KIK messenger, Netflix, and Instagram. We downloaded kik and Netflix by going to google play but had to use back doors for instagram because the device did not support instagram. I think it just wont support the newest version but we went to the next version down and it was fine. I am pretty sure this is not the best thing to do because I got a "enter at your own risk" warning from the tablet by going to android drawer to download but it worked fine for us. We then tried to add a game but it said we were short memory, to be fair it was a large game. I instantly went back on amazon to find an SD card for it but I didn't really find anything that said "YO this is for the Dragon Touch" so I am leery to buy one. It is probably a generic SD card but I would like more direction to accessories for this tablet, they only have a million for the covers, screen covers, cases, and foilos, but no SD card, geesh. Overall it is not bad for the price and I am getting another one for my other daughter.

FYI ****Want Instagram
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on March 23, 2014
I couldn't get the tablet to start the first time I tried to turn it on, so I plugged in overnight and then tried again. Still wouldn't turn on so I put it aside plugged into power. Went back to it later and it was on. It was working normally except it was always tricky to turn on. Every time I wanted to use it I seemed to have trouble getting it started. I contacted Tablet Express by email and they had developed a fix for the operating system. I had to buy a micro SD card to download the file too, and then insert into the tablet and restart tablet.
Well guess what. I couldn't get the tablet to start up. So I got back in touch with the Tablet Express person and was given a different file. I could now start the tablet but it wouldn't update itself. So I was told to ship the tablet back and they would fix it. I wrapped it in bubble wrap and shipped it in. I received an email back saying the tablet screen was broken and that it wouldn't be warranty. They asked me how it had gotten broke. Well during the time I was emailing back and forth I was sending them pictures of the screen that I was seeing. There was no breaks in the screen. So I feel like I got nothing for my first foray into the tablet world.
Thanks Tablet Express for nothing! You got my money and I got your junk.
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