Customer Reviews: Yamaha ARIUS YDP-141 Digital Piano with Bench
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on April 23, 2011
I will be the first to admit, this is not the top of the line piano- that being said, this is still a pretty substantial digital piano. Basically, this has everything that the mid-level piano player needs and even some things that are nice to have.

Out of the box, it took me about 30 minutes to assemble everything (they keyboard, stand, and bench). Assembly was simple, and didn't really require the instructions. The only tool needed was a philips screwdriver. Also, the high notes don't sound great with the default voice.

I have to agree with everyone else- the hammer action is not 100% realistic, but I find it adequate for my use and it is definitely something that you get used to. The key weight is decent, and this is definitely a step up from most portable keyboards.

A feature that is really nice to have on this is the MIDI in and out. May use it in the near future!

Overall, this digital piano is great- it is light enough to move around the house when you need to, but small enough to take up a minimal amount of space. The playing is nice and comfortable, but you will probably have to get used to the hammer action- I found that once I did, I didn't really have any problems.

Given the price difference to the next model up, this is a great value, and I would totally buy it again. If you are a serious pianist, I would have to recommend throwing in the extra couple hundred dollars for the next model- but if you are a mid-level player who only plays for fun, this is a decent digital piano!
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on August 22, 2011
We paid just at 1145 with tax. Included a nice looking bench also.

What I really like:

1. Easy to assemble and looks great
2. Simple design without tons of buttons but still has plenty of functionality if you read the instructions.
3. Lower key range has slightly heavier key action than the upper register. Very cool and very much like a real piano.
4. Sounds are great and not too many.
5. Double headphone jacks and even the sustenuto pedal works just like the real deal.
6. Midi in/out and memory space available to import songs from my computer and store them.
7. Recording mode for a main and secondary part (like record your right hand part and then your left hand part separately if you wish)
8. You can quickly and easily transpose the keys (if jamming with someone who tunes down to Eb or something)
9. Metronome is built in and quickly adjustable to the exact setting you want without an obnoxious LED screen.
10. Built in dust cover just like a real piano.
11. My six year old figured out 70% of the functions within 30 minutes so it is very easy to operate.
12. 50 nice demo songs, a book that has those 50 so you can play along and it even allows you to play each hand separately in demo mode while you play the other. Very cool.


1. Heavy to get in the door alone but managed it with a dolly.
2. The sustain pedal works pretty well on the default setting but you can adjust the reverb setting to make it sound a little more realistic.

Bought ours at Sam-Ash and they were super helpful. Only real difference between this one and the 161 was the amount of sounds and we won't be taking this baby out to the gig so didn't need to pay $500 more for a few more sounds. I would suggest taking that $500 and buying a smaller keyboard to play out with.
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on February 6, 2011
I was lingering between Casio 420 and this model when I planned to buy a digital piano, then I bought this one because yamaha is a better brand.

I got this digital piano from Kraft music. I was really excited as I received it and put it up all together. The piano is very nicely crafted and everything is very sturdy when I put it together with my friend's help. However, when I turned on the power and started to play with it, it is not very impressive as I wished it to be, maybe I shouldn't have expected that much from a $1000 worth digital piano. I played real piano before, which is what I wished the digital piano to at least sound like. I guess it default piano voice is not very good, and when I played the upper half of the keyboard, it sounds like it is from the speaker. The problem is quite obvious. Then I tried the second piano voice, it is not bad. It does not easily make you feel it is from the speaker.

The hammer action, I would say, is still different from the real piano, even though there is some hammer action effect. There is a key (the 5th C) makes a little weird sound when I played it. It is pretty obvious when I listen to it in the headphone, it is not that obvious when I play out loud with speaker. I guess maybe I am just very sensitive to sound.

Overall, this is a playable and piano-like digital piano. I would say this is for a entry level piano learner rather than a medium to higher level player.

I definitely will buy a real piano in the future when I have my own house.
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on April 20, 2011
this is my first digital piano, having grown up playing only "real" pianos for decades. Decided to get back into it and this piano has a nice keyboard and pedal action and pretty good build quality.

It has a number of online youtube reviews which prompted me to give it a try and these will be more comprehensive that what i'll say-

For around a thousand bucks, this makes a great home companion that does not require much space and has enough features to satisfy both amateur players like myself and expandability for those that might be interested in something more. assembly and setup instructions could have been a little better, but they are not insurmountable with patience. I've had the piano for about 2.5 months now and feel quite happy with the purchase.
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on November 1, 2012
I have now owned this piano for about 3 weeks and am very happy with it. I learnt piano for about 10 years as a kid, then continued playing as a hobby until about 20 years ago when I sold my upright piano. Now, having decided to take up the piano again, I was immediately impressed with the sound and feel of this piano. While you can't really say that it sounds and feels 100%like a modern acoustic piano, it's still far better than any second hand acoustic piano that I have ever owned in the past. My only criticism of the sound, is that it's 2 x 6 watt speakers aren't really large enough, so the volume needs to be wound up to 100% to obtain acceptable sound across the complete range of keys, however as 90% of my playing has been through good quality headphones, this hasn't been a major problem. The sound through the headphones is excellent and you forget that you have headphones on after a while.

I chose Yamaha mainly owing to their consistently good reviews, particularly with respect to authentic sound and key action & feel. The YDP-141 is a nice piece of furniture in any room and comes with a matching Yamaha bench and built-in keyboard cover.

As other reviewers have said, the boxed package is heavy. I was only just able to transport it home in the back of our SUV and with the aid of a trolley, was only just able to lug it up a flight of stairs by myself. It assembled easily but I'd recommend getting someone to assist holding the keyboard section when it is being assembled and attached to the base. Once assembled, it can be moved around fairly easily but it's a job for two people.

It comes with "bells and whistles" such as 6 voices, metronome, ability to record and play back your performances, 50 in-built songs, MIDI ports, etc, but while these features are impressive on paper or in the showroom, they are quickly forgotten. What really counts is that it performs it's core functions very well.
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on February 27, 2011
It was snowing the morning I opened my yamaha ydp141 delivery box which really made it feel like Christmas. The instructions were very clear so assembly, even on my own, was fairly easily. The only challenging part being lifting the actual player piece onto the stand - it's heavy.

It took a moment for the piano to play once I pressed the start button. There seems to be a momentary delay. But it's forgivable. The touch is mostly good. Perhaps a bit lighter than a real piano, but since i'm a beginner it's not distressing for me. The sound quality seems good. I need to tweak the balance a bit for a fuller, richer sound. The default settings seem a bit tinny to me. But all in all it's a quality piano.
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on January 17, 2011
Bought this version for my wife, who thought she'd prefer an actual piano. Well, she loved it from the moment she started playing it, saves space and has fantastic grand sound..... completely happy with it.
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on December 28, 2012
I got this in a bundle from Amazon that included a lamp and headphones, so I got some freebies which sweetened the deal.

background: I had been playing with a toy Yamaha EZ-200 for two years and finally decided to get something better (didn't know I was going to keep playing keyboard).

What I like: overall, the whole package. I feel really good about the purchase. Just glad everything works and nothing is broken. It looks good, plays good, and I just enjoy using the device and having it. I'm in my 40's and have never played a real piano, so can't tell you how the weighted keys compare, but will say that I can play much faster with the weighted keys than with the toy keys of the EZ200. The piano has some good surface area where I can put a laptop on the left side, and a mouse on the right side, and lots of room for stuff like glasses, car keys, etc. The laptop is for general use as well as the MIDI connector. Was able to connect the laptop to the piano using USB midi, and using Finale Songwriter on the laptop can play Songwriter music on the piano (same as the EZ-200). Where there is an advantage with the YDP-141 is that you can record a song on the piano, transfer the recording to the laptop via the midi, and use software (Finale) to read in the midi and display the notes as sheet music... kind of neat but I won't use that a lot.

Dislikes: the bench is too low for me. I'm 5'5" and to get my elbow to be level, I need a 2" booster. There are only 5 voices, and I only use 1. The first piano voice... there's something wrong with it IMO... another reviewer said something similar. If the piano didn't have the second piano voice, I would return the product. yep. I don't use the other 4 voices. But, I miss the many voices of the cheapy toy EZ-200. I don't know why you wouldn't just throw in more voices if you can do it for a cheapy like the EZ-200 (80 voices??). The newer version of the YDP-141 has 10 voices (YDP142) and they are advertising better sound. Well, I wouldn't mind having the YDP-142 but I'm pretty happy with the YDP-141. One other thing... the piano is sturdy but will shake if you play it agressively... which is why when I have the laptop turned on, I have to be careful not to play too agressively bc this causes significant vibration which may damage the disk on the laptop... let me mention that my piano sits on 3/4 inch padded carpet.
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on January 20, 2013
This was our first excursion into piano buying. Since we are novises, take this into consideration if you read this review.the piano was shipped to us expeditiously, was easy to assemble, and to our ears, sounds daughter has started her lessons and is progressing rapidly.overall, quite pleased with this purchase.
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on December 31, 2011
We bought this one for my wife who is learning to play piano, so keep in mind we are not even close to music experts. But her teacher had mentioned it was a good one.
It comes in a large, very heavy package, but in two it could be easily assembled within 30-40 minutes, and I am very bad at assembling things. It looks good, comes with a nice seat, but obviously does not look like an expensive, non digital piano. My wife is very happy by the way it sounds, and we have had no problems during our first two weeks. Will add comments if any issues arise.
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