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on November 29, 2016
I have owned a Honda 1000 in the past, so I will make some comparisons between the two.
The Yamaha performed well. It was very easy to start every time. It has an effective choke and quiet mode that works well. I placed it about 25' from the tent and it was barely audible. It isn't quite as quiet as the Honda, but it is very close.
It put out beautiful power. No issues with the actual performance.
There were two minor issues though. It arrived with some cosmetic damage to the blue plastic cover. It was minor and did not affect the operation at all, but it was apparent that the cover is a good bit cheaper than the Honda equivalent. It also has an odd (to me) method of filling with oil. It is VERY easy to spill oil inside the case without realizing it has occurred. I suspect some of the claims of oil leak are related to this. I thought I had the same problem until I realized what I had done. Oil is filled from the side via a ramp and the oil level can't be seen until it is at least a little over filled... which leads to at least a little oil spilling into the case.
Over all though, it was several hundred dollars cheaper than the Honda at my time of purchase, so I would pick it again. It works like a champ.
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on February 1, 2018
I camp a lot so I decided to purchase a small gas powered generator to use at our campsite. It would also be used for charging my RC batteries (drone and cars) and for when I took my ATV out to Pismo beach. I only needed a small generator for powering small lights, charging phones/tablets, charging small RC lipo batteries and running my laptop and maybe powering our refrigerator in an emergency. I tallied up the watts and decided a 1000 watt generator was what I needed. The 1000 watt generators are usually the smallest, lightest, most economical and quiet generators. I did a lot of research and I narrowed my choices down to the Honda, Yamaha and Buffalo (Sportsman) generators. I wanted a 4 stroke model which is usually quieter, gets better gas mileage and doesn’t need to have oil mixed in with the gas. I have been riding/maintaining motorcycles/ATVs for over 40 years so I know a little bit about 4 stroke engines and what I wanted was a generator that had a separate fuel cut off and/or float bowl drain. What I mean is I wanted to be able to turn off the fuel supply without turning off the generator, this would allow me to run the carb dry. You want to do this for long term storage because gas sitting in the carb can gum up over time and clog the carb causing issues with starting. The Honda and Buffalo models had a fuel shut off that also stopped the engines so I could not run the carbs dry on these models. The Yamaha had a separate fuel shut off and a manual carb (float bowl) drain. The Honda model is very popular (rightfully so) because of its reputation for quality and reliability. The Buffalo is not as well known but is American made and very inexpensive. But Yamaha has been building motorcycles and outboard engines (and great musical instruments) for years. I owned several Yamaha motorcycles and was always impressed with their quality and innovation. So I purchased the Yamaha generator based on my previous experience with Yamaha products and the separate fuel cutoff feature. I received the generator and it came well packaged and was in good condition. After doing a quick check (for damage, items that may have come loose, etc) and reading the manual I filled up the tank with gas and tried to start it. I switched on the gas, pulled out the choke knob, set the eco switch to off and start switch to on I gave it a few pulls on the starter cord. After 4 pulls it started up and I ran it for a minute or so and then turned the choke off. I let it warm up then set the eco switch to "ON" what this does is lets the generator throttle down and the engines rpm is based on electrical draw/load. It runs a lot quieter in this mode, and I registered about 60 decibels at 15 feet (iPhone app so not the most accurate measurement). At 50 feet it was barely above the ambient noise level and was very quiet. I noticed there was a lot of exhaust smell (not smoke but a strong exhaust smell) which I attributed to the engine being new and the piston rings not being 100% seated. After running the generator for 2 hours the smell has almost gone away. It starts right up on one pull when warm and 2 or 3 pulls when cold. Later I checked the air filter and found it was oiled but during transit the oil and drain to the bottom half of the filter element, I re-oiled the filter and this is something any buyer should do right away. I ran a few items off the generator (7 watt led light, 400 watt hairdryer, 75 watt TV) and it handled them with no issues. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and can't wait to go camping this summer.
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on March 19, 2018
You can't ever go wrong with Yamaha or Honda. No chances to take. There are some differences between the two but they aren't worth talking about. Pick the wattage you need and know you are buying the best. You probably have a dealer close to you for one or the other or both. Follow the maintenance manual and run them every couple of months with a load. Use stabilizer in the fuel and you are good to go. Again, know you are buying the best no matter what brand you choose.
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on November 15, 2017
Yes, it's a little "pricey", but it was worth every penny when we were without power twice this hurricane season. No, it won't run your A/C. And you have to manage your power.
But it kept the refrigerator going plus a light and a couple of floor fans. Enough to get by.
And it's NOT nearly as noisy as you'd expect. Set it outside and you can barely hear it.
The neighbors don't even notice. Plus, it SIPS gas! 2 gallons got me through 3 days!
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on January 25, 2018
Purchased for tailgates and it stopped working. The Yamaha mechanic said it spun a bearing and destroyed the crank, piston, and cylinder. It went down just after the two year warranty period and after only 12 games. Service said it would not be worth to fix.
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on March 12, 2017
light and easy to use
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on May 3, 2016
This unit is fairly quiet and runs for hours on a small amount of gas. The output seems well-filtered and powered my amateur radio equipment without problems.
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on March 18, 2017
excellent 1K generator
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on November 3, 2012
I'm in CT and lost power for 8 days last year. I vowed never to live in colonial times again and bought this generator just to run a pellet stove and a few lights when the power goes out. I was extremely happy when my Yamaha 1000is arrived two days early, just in time for hurricane Sandie. Of course now that I have a generator we didn't lose power. I added oil and fired it up to get ready for the storm. It started on the 5th pull right out of the box, and one pull after that. It is quiet, but still loader than I expected. Then again the Hondas I have heard were at a little distance so I might be expecting too much. Get a 50 foot cord and you won't hear it. It ran my pellet stove using manual ignition with no problem, about 500W. In econ mode it varies the speed when the feed motor kicks in like it should. For fun I disconnected the stove and ran a small microwave on it, about 850W. It stumbled but didn't kick out. Probably should not run econ mode with heavy loads, but it did take the load. It won't run your whole house, but manage your loads and this generator does the job on a minimal amount of gas which gets hard to come by when there is no power. Its small size makes it easy to store too. My Yammie is now drained of gas and sleeping in its box waiting for the next outage. My neighbors can't believe we didn't lose power during Sandie. I smile, because I know the reason we didn't lose power is because I bought this generator and that we will never ever lose power again. Lucky I camp so I can use the generator in the summer.
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on February 14, 2015
My unit runs good. It is extremely quiet once warmed up. The rpm does hunt occasionally while my load is changing draw. I use it for charging lipos at the airfield. It is light and small. Much lighter than my Yamaha 2000. Very easy to transport. I would have given this unit 5 stars. But, my unit came with too much oil on the air filter though. My airfilter was soaked in oil, and my airbox leaked oil all over the bottom of the generator. After I cleaned up the oil, and mostly dried out the filter it is much better. Thats why I only gave it 4 stars. I find that I use this ef1000is 95% of the time when I go fly. I leave my 2000 at home for emergencies. The 1000 is very fuel efficient. I had 1 powerlab, 1 icharger 306b, 1 icharger duo, and a vista power charger all running at the same time on this gene. We were pulling about 50A at 20V (1000w) without overloading it. Great buy. Dont waste your money on cheap generators. Get yourself a Yamaha or Honda if you want something that is quiet, reliable, and good on gas.
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