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on February 18, 2014
I've had the EF6300iSDE for over a year, not having a major power outage, I run the generator for minutes every month or so, It started fairly easy in 15 deg. F weather. It runs smoothly, quietly, with a power down option as power is needed.
Two conventional 20 amp plugs, one 30 amp plug are protected by overload protection which trip when exceeding 20, 30 amps.
The 120V/240V plug is used for a transfer panel which will require analysis and balance of house circuits between the 2 poles.
In theory, all four plugs can be used simultaneously if not exceeding 6300W.
For me, the bottom line is the quiet operation, especially in the power down mode, which enables me to run the generator at night in my neighborhood without disturbance. Also, I breath easier when watching 42" plasma TV and working with my computer understanding that the clean energy delivered surpasses that of any conventional generator. When not in use, it easily rolls back into storage.
A meter keeps track of the total hours in use which is a great maintenance tool.
Because I use the generator sporadically, before storing, I allow the carburetor to empty by turning off the fuel valve and allowing the generator to run until the carburetor empties. To start, I feather the starter once or twice before starting. Works that way every time. This powers 10 circuits in my house through a transfer panel during emergency use.
Edited 6/23/2014: During my regular maintenance on the generator, I found the battery dead. I used a conventional 12V charger in the 2 amp charging mode which is excellent for the 18AH battery. This took about 2 hours.
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on January 5, 2013
After being out of power for 2 weeks following hurricane sandy I decided it was time for a generator. I did extensive research and decided on an inverter generator. According to most, yamahas and Hondas are the best, but the yamaha can be found for much cheaper than the equivalent Honda. After getting it all setup I tested out by connecting my furnace and fridge/freezer. It only registered one bar on the power meter running these both at the same time! I then tested it in Eco mode... Still no problem and much quieter. It's amazing how much quieter this is than my old Coleman. I can't even hear it inside the house. I also tested it running my gas dryer without any problems.... Still only two bars on the power meter.

Overall for the limited time I've used it I'm very impressed. Well worth the price for clean power.
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on November 23, 2012
I saved a long time for this generator but think it so worth it. It starts easily thanks to the electric starter and runs so quietly that you can barely hear it 25 yards away. No hearing protection required standing next to it and you can maintain a normal conversation just 10 feet away. This is a big factor if you're worried about theft during prolonged outages or a bedroom will be near where you run it.

First of all, if you're buying one of these, be sure to get the "liftgate service" for the extra $50. The generator arrives strapped to a pallet and weighs 250 lbs. The driver lowered it to the ground and rolled it to my garage with his portable jack. He told me that if I had not ordered the liftgate service, his obligation was to move it to the edge of his truck and I had to take it from there. Believe me, you will need a lot of friends (who will no longer be your friends) to move it from there. Well worth the $50!

I unstrapped it from the pallet, added oil, filled the battery*, added gas and it was ready to go. It took me about a half hour to do all that. I then rotated the fuel switch to "On" and then turned the key. It turned over for a few seconds and then started. It sounds like a very husky sewing machine. Not at all like a typical loud, roaring generator. The only tools I needed was a cross-tip screwdriver to remove the generator cover and a pair of shears to cut the pallet strap. I also found a long funnel useful when adding oil to be very helpful too.

Since I've gotten it, we have had one power failure when a drunk driver took out a power pole. I rolled it out of my garage, attached the power cable from my generator to the transfer switch**, checked the fuel and oil levels, turned the fuel switch "On", and turned the key. We had lights!

Take a look at your needs. What do you really have to/want to power in the event of a long term outage. I don't have to worry about a well pump or sump but many on the east coast do. Do you want to get by with the minimum power or do you want to have more than enough? The larger the generator the more gas you will use. Inverter generators are much more expensive but they also burn less fuel and provide cleaner power if you have a lot of expensive electrical equipment (TVs, computers, etc) that you wish to run.

*The battery arrives "dry" so you have to add the battery acid to it. The acid comes in clear plastic packs that look like juice bottles. Read the directions twice, pause to think it over, and it's a piece of cake. You just line the packs up with the cells, press down (which punctures the packs), and the acid drains down into the battery. Do this in a level place with good air circulation and it's that easy. After all the acid fills in, carefully remove the packs and seal the battery with the black lid. You're done.

**If you don't want to be running extension cords all over the place, it really is best to install a generator transfer switch. This box attaches directly to your electrical panel and shuts off outside power when you use your generator. It prevents your power from going out and possibly killing the power crews working to restore your lines. The generator comes with a 10 foot power cord and I found that really useless. I ordered a much longer power cord so I could roll my generator to an outside covered area. Never run your generator inside your house or garage even if the doors are open.

Some other considerations you will have to think about is how much fuel you are willing to store. Storing gas can be very hazardous and that has to be balanced with how likely you think gas will be available when the lights go out. I have some very good quality fuel cans that I've filled, added some Sta-Bil, and now have stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated area. In 6 months, I will dump it in my truck and refill them with fresh fuel. I put a piece of masking tape on the side with the current date of fill on it to help me keep track.

So the bottom line is that this generator is very quiet, easy to start, and the Yamaha name means reliability (or at least higher odds of it).

UPDATE (Aug 2015): The battery on this generator just died. I don't know if I let it go between charges too long or three years is the normal lifespan. I put it on my refresher charger and the red lights indicate that it was dead. So I ordered another battery off of Amazon and it's working fine again.

The only downside with having this generator is having all the neighbors come over with extension cords during power outages. Seriously, what is wrong with these people?
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on January 5, 2017
QUIET! Runs everything. Doesnt go through a lot of gas. Easy to move. Bought it for elk camp and they were amazed how quiet it was sitting next to the trailer. Easy to run.
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on May 27, 2014
I've used this generator as an emergency backup for several years. It has performed flawlessly.

Pros - I've been able to run two refrigerators, a portable AC unit, TV, two sump pumps, computer and miscellaneous sound and video items all at once. The energy efficiency of this unit cannot be understated. It uses about half as much gasoline as my last generator. Very quite while running is a huge plus especially when running an AC overnight. Neighbors don't mind at all. Battery start is nice. It's also user friendly and has an easy to understand manual.

Cons- The unit is heavy, so it's important to have it close to the location where it will ultimately run. The battery needs to be charged from time to time. So run it every couple months for a half hour or plug the battery into a charger (not a big deal). You need to use a flat shallow oil pan to drain the oil. The plug sits very low (again not a big deal once you've done it once). I'm not particularly handy and found the maintenance to be pretty minimal.

Given that most of us want to use the internet, TV and charge sensitive electronic components, an inverter like this is expensive, but also the safest option. It doesn't surge like traditional generators.
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on November 26, 2012
I'll start by saying that I'll probably need to revisit this review and add more stars because this is likely a quality generator that will last, but my initial experience has been a let down.

I'll start with the delivery - this is the part that had me anxious, but ABF Freight couldn't have been better to deal with. I received a call to schedule the delivery when the generator shipped and I was given a 4 hour window for it to be delivered. The driver arrived right in the middle of the scheduled window, was courteous, and seemed genuinely concerned that I was happy with where I had him put the generator. I think Amazon called this the Threshold Delivery and it was perfect.

I carefully filled the battery and put it in the generator. The battery is a tight fit but take your time and it's easy to install. Like others noted, a good funnel is very helpful for filling the oil so be prepared with one nearby when you get your generator. Once I added the battery, fuel and oil the generator started easily and settled to a nice idle.

If you've never heard one of these before and have read other reviews about how quiet they are please be careful when setting your expectations. The 64 dB rating is at 1/4 load (economy mode on, low idle) measured at 7m from the generator. According to the manual, the ISO3744-compliant rating is 93 dB, so if you're using it closer to it's capacity (which is why I bought a larger generator to begin with), it'll be significantly louder than 64 dB. On the other hand, if you're happy with this at 1/4 load then perhaps reconsider the ef2000 :) I don't mention this as if it's a bad thing, but just be reasonable with your expectations and you'll be happy.

I ran it for a few hours under varying load to break it in, then proceeded to change the oil. My intent was to have it broken in and ready to run for extended periods before it was needed. One nitpick on the design is that the back cover could be easier to remove. There are two screws holding it on, so removing the cover isn't rocket science by any means, but the screws are on the bottom of the cover and recessed so you can't see them without laying on the ground. Thumb screws would be a cheap mod that would make cover removal and replacement much easier.

On to the problem, and the reason for only one star. When I removed the drain plug to drain the oil for the first time it was EXTREMELY difficult to remove. I'm not an arthritic old man and I really struggled to break the drain plug loose, to the point where I double- and triple-checked the socket setting and ultimately needed the added leverage of a larger 3/4-drive socket and it was still very tough. I let the oil drain and let the engine cool for an hour or two before replacing the drain plug. I intended to use a recently-calibrated Mac 3/8-drive torque wrench to set the plug at 30NM which is the torque value called for in the manual. I started to insert the plug by hand and that's when I realized that the threads were stripped from the plug having been way over-torqued at the factory. Unfortunately, the threads on the plug were fine but it's the threads in the block that are stripped.

I called Yamaha customer service and they suggested I take it to a local dealer, which is about 20 or 30 miles away. I suppose that's the answer that I expected and it's probably the only reasonable response on their part, but I don't have a truck or an easy way to get this 200+ lb thing to a dealer. Nonetheless, I now have a generator that I can't use.

I could be wrong but I'm thinking that it'll get a hell-coil to get fixed and while I don't have a problem with heli-coils in general the fact that my brand-new $4000 generator with 2 hours on it will need it's block drilled then tapped, and have an insert so it'll hold oil has me steaming mad.

All of this because some ham-fisted person at the factory put the drain plug in way tighter than they should have. I wonder where else they let quality control slip?

UPDATE: I've used the generator a fair amount after using a time-sert to repair the threads for the drain plug. It's a shame I had to do that with a new generator, but now that it's fixed the generator has been great so I've upgraded the review to 4 stars.
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on August 22, 2014
Great machine. Super quiet. There was a lot of question going on about how to set it up. Turned out to be a piece of cake to install battery and get it running. I power my 26' camper trailer with it and use it occasionally around the house when power goes out. It is more than enough for the camper. It's a typical trailer with 2 tvs, 15000 air conditioner, and microwave. Couple things I don't like about it. First maneuvering it around is difficult. It has wheels, but they do not turn. The handles are so close to the body of the machine that changing directions is difficult. Also, I think the cost of the unit is a bit high. It is cheaper than the Hondas I found and better quality than virtually any other unit of this size that I found. But $3900 is too much for 6000 watts. That having been said, I have 60 hours on the unit and it is quiet, powerful and clean. Great quality, just still stinging a bit from the cost.
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on August 14, 2013
Over all this feels,like a quality product. You can see the good design everywhere. One thing that will annoy you is the oil filler which requires a funnel with a long flexible snout, and the way you have to add oil till it spill down the side of the crank case. I'm sure this keeps the machine as small as possible, but just seems out of place on a $4,000 engine!

As others have noted, it's very quiet for a generator. That being said, it is a generator and your not going to wonder if the thing is turned on or anything like that. But for a generator it is pretty quiet.
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