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on July 24, 2013
My wife has been bugging me for years to get the Bose Wave music system. Our Panasonic SA AK33 has excellent sound but is too cumbersome to use and takes up too much space. Well you know the Bose is $500. Bluetooth is $100 more and an iPod dock is another $100 more. Cough! Is it worth $700? So I needed to find a small book shelf stereo that sounded as good as the Bose, had these features and cost less. After researching all the possibilities the Yamaha came out on top. The $400 price wasn't cheap but when it went on sale at Amazon for $350 I scooped it up. I haven't heard a Bose recently but I think the Yamaha sounds as good if not even better. My family even loves it. We like to use the bluetooth the most. You can sit on the couch with your iPad or other bluetooth device and play the music in your hands or watch youtube concerts and videos while sound fills your whole room. One thing you need to do is hold down the source button to disconnect the previous bluetooth source (IE:Dad's iPhone) and then turn on Mom's iPhone to connect. It doesn't pump out the yard filling sound of my Panasonic, but it does fill my great room with high quality audio. I recommend it. You can spend less money, but you won't get the same quality (Yamaha), Features, Size and Excellent Sound.
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on February 20, 2014
I have listened extensively (several hours) to Bose units in the Bose store in downtown Salt Lake City. I have played classical (violin, piano concertos) to rock (Styx, Kansas, Steve Miller, U2) on those units, Based on price alone, I ordered a Yamaha MCR a year ago, and it sounds just as crisp and clear as the Bose units I tested.

The bass is beautiful, but the highs on a violin concerto from this Yamaha unit send chills down me. Super clear. I then bought one for my son for Christmas. He loves it. Then I bought one for work. Boring Saturdays in the office, I crank this thing up and the time flies. I especially like the Blue Tooth feature. I can control the unit from my iPhone anywhere in the office. Very nice!

I am buying my fourth one today for the exercise room in the house. More expensive than a cheap Sony Boombox (but the sound just kicks those boomboxes). Less expensive than similar Bose units (but the sound is as good).. Highly recommended.
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on July 6, 2013
The stereo at work gave up the ghost so I decided to shop for a new one. I did a lot of comparisons, and found Yamaha to have the best reviews for the sleek classic look I was looking for. Then saw this model also had Bluetooth capability which would save a lot of headache at work so ultimately decided on this model.

I have had it for two weeks now, I personally listen to this stereo 40 or more hours per week, so far over 100 hours, and at work the stereo literally runs 24-7. I think I made the best choice I could have made and honestly do not believe there is a better stereo out there that would have been a better choice.

I have heard the Bose system and it doesn't come close to the Yamaha, the Bose has great high end sounds but they get lost when out of direction of the speakers but the Yamaha has a nice clean crisp thump on the low end as long as you don't attempt to use this stereo for something it was not intended. I keep the volume at a flat 40 when connecting my phone using Bluetooth.

I was a little shocked when it arrived, it is smaller than I expected, but a very clean, sleek ascetically pleasing package with simple controls. The only thing I wish they would have done different is have a way to lock the speakers to the main unit so the speakers and unit would always stay lined up.

Another thing that takes getting use to is when one person is paired up to the stereo via Bluetooth and they un-pair from the stereo it turns the power to the stereo off and you have to turn it back on to pair up to the stereo with a new device.

The last thing that bothers me is if you turn volume up too loud there is a point where the speakers start to rattle. Like I said I keep it at 40 out of 50 max. So the speakers can only handle about 80% of the power the amplifier produces. They should have either powered down the amp a little of put in better speakers, one of the two, they are not perfect matches.

Overall - I would give this unit like 4.25 stars.
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on January 17, 2014
First the Bad:
Really!? How can this not support iPod classic? I mean those are the high capacity iPods. They do list the supported iPods, and the classic is not listed, but I thought that it had to be an omission by error....Nope! So, my bad for expecting it to work. The iPhone 5 is supported, but you either need to use the USB connector or have one of the 30 pin adapters so you can dock it.
The USB port will play mp3 files from a thumb drive, but it plays in the order that the files were created on the drive (sorted by time stamp!) Also, It does not seem to support the mp3 tags. So, yes it works... But it is totally useless if you want to select an album or play a playlist. There is no point to the USB except to connect your supported iPod/iPhone/iPad using the cable.

The good:
There is an aux input, which I use to connect an iPod dock that I have, so I can use my iPod classic this way. This is annoying though, because now it looks cluttered on my kitchen counter and I thought I was getting an all-in-one system.

Bluetooth works as expected, I can use my smartphone to stream audio files stored on my phone, and all the audio from my apps... Sirius-xm, pandora, iheartradio, etc...

Cd player supports cd text (for those CDs that have artist, album, and song names embedded).

Audio is quite good, not like Bose sound wave or Cambridge sound works, but still quite good.

Bottom line:
I'll keep it because for some reason the red one that I purchased was $100 cheaper than the other colors at the time, so this offsets my disappointment about the iPod classic non-support.
But I see this is currently at $399.00... Keep an eye the prices. I got my red one here on amazon for $261.00 (with prime shipping) just over 2 weeks ago.
The system is worth it for the price that I paid, definitely NOT worth $400. You may as well go with BOSE for that kind of money.

I knew I read the specs right!!!
Amazon has a misprint on the specs!

From Yamaha site
usa.yamaha [dot] com/products/audio-visual/hifi-systems/mcr-b142_u/?mode=model
(Go to the "Features" Tab)

Supported iPod/iPhone/iPad
iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPad (3rd and 4th generation), iPad 2, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch® (1st through 5th generation) and iPod nano® (2nd through 7th generation).

*Notice it specifies iPod touch® (1st through 5th generation)

From Amazon site
Supported iPod/iPhone/iPad
iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPad (3rd and 4th generation), iPad 2, iPad, iPad mini, iPod (1st through 5th generation) and iPod nano (2nd through 7th generation).

*Notice that it does NOT specify iPod touch (1st through 5th generation)
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on April 1, 2013
I just received the Yamaha MCR-B142GN (Green) today here at work. And work is what I bought it for. I am postmaster in a small one person operation rural Post Office and I wanted to enjoy my music. For 15 years I was a DJ at small independent radio station and I love music. I played alternative-country music - what ever that is. I first bought a Soundfreaq Sound Kick to have music at work. I liked the sound (for size & price) but it had some limitations. It was great to play music from my I-phone but I have 1500+ CD's and I also enjoyed listening to the radio.

After much research I chose the Yamaha MCR-B142. Why? Most reviews this unit and earlier models thought the sound was good - and it is. Even at moderate volume (remember I work at a Post Office) the sound is good and when I did crank it up it also sounded good. It has a CD player and AM/FM radio with very good reception. It is also attractive and sturdy feeling. I can connect via blue tooth my I-phone and I can bring in my laptop that has a ton of music on it and hook via USB. The remote is very functional. I like that you can adjust the bass, mid range and treble with remote.

You noticed that I described the sound as "good" - well it is good to be good. Is it as good as my NAD/Polk home stereo (which has great sound)? No. Is it as good as my Bose Wave radio? The sound is much better. Is it as good as my Tivoli bookshelf system? Yes it is - probably better. So good is good.

Any cons? It is somewhat expensive. The speakers are probably about 1/16th inch shorter than the receiver unit. They look even in the pictures.

The Yamaha MCR-B142GN is a great, versatile and attractive addition to this little Post Office. Nice to get complements for my music again.
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on May 5, 2015
I used to own the original ihome as a radio alarm clock. Ever since that thing died out 5 years ago (would not pick up radio and clock gets out of sync by 8 min each week -.- ) I have been out of an radio alarm clock. Been using my phone's alarm since, which is complete crap and easy to snooze.
I received this unit today and straight out of the box, I noticed the speakers weren't aligned/even with the receiver (might annoy some peeps, check picture). So first thing I tested, radio; plugged the antenna in and heard a very nice spectrum of sound fill my room. Although I found it a little flat, slight EQ tuning made it much nicer. Bluetooth stream quality is ok, not the best nor worst. Put the vol too high on your device and the sound will distort like you have a aux cassette adapter. So 80% is the magic number for BT audio. USB, CD is where is shines. Plugged my iPhone in and played some 320kbps songs, fat grin on my face crept out and started head banging. The intellialarm feature works great too. DTA app has a good amount of options and syncs your radio clock with your phone. Also allows you to remotely control your unit via BT connection. I'm glad I bought this over the Bose system, which was $700 with the same, and less, features and quality than the Yamaha. $700 msrp for a table top system that's made in China? Are you serious Bose?! I've tested the wave system before, the bass drowns out most of the mids/highs and sounds incredibly muddy. Sounded like the unit was inside an invisible closed cabinet. Anyways, back to the Yamaha. The USB connection will only charge your device when the unit itself is turned on. Small caveat in my opinion. Radio will not pick up HD radio or RDS signals, you'll have to soundhound or shazam you're what's-that-song inquiries. Sadly, alarm source cannot be set to BT, everything else will work.

Hardware features: 3/5
Software features: 4/5
Sound quality: 5/5

Overall this unit is GREAT. There isn't much criticism when it comes to playing music with this unit. You can't get any better sound with drivers this size. 3 band EQ, you can set it to your preference. However, it does have some missing things that should have been included with said features. I think I'm more glad that I did not blow $800 shipped for a unit with a Bose sticker. $377 shipped for this Yamaha? Stop thinking and hit that checkout button.
review image review image review image
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on January 20, 2015
Great sound and value but too much business in the back. And the speakers being separate doesn't help matters if you're planning to keep them all together anyway. If it's agains a wall or on a shelf and the back is obscured, then it's no problem, but for us it's on our kitchen counter and the back looks like a train wreck. Also, I can only tune the radio from the remote, which is awkward - don't know if that's a malfunction or a feature, since there are arrow buttons on the unit itself.

I'm guessing one of the reasons the price point is so good for the level of sound is that they saved some production money by keeping the wires in the back old school, bulky and manual-style. We tried to buy some aftermarket parts to see if we could tone down the wire mess, so we'll see. Otherwise, we'll return and get the Yamaha TSX-B232 instead.
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on January 28, 2015
I am not a professional audio engineer, but I have been keenly interested in audio and sound reproduction for good part of my life. I purchased this unit for my bed room use to help me fall asleep. Nice color selection and contemporary looking cool design. Wireless connection with mobile phone is very easy and a nice feature. Considering the size & the price of the unit, the sound quality is fairly good and somewhat impressive with a high frequency . However, it tends to produce the sound that can be somewhat metallic depending on the source of the input and this tendency is highly pronounced with FM radio stations on. I just could not enjoy listening to the radio, not even for a couple of minutes. The remote control is poorly designed. Too thin to feel comfortable enough to operate in the dark setting. Furthermore, when I power back on, the USB music never re-started from where it stopped when the power was turned off. It always re-started from the very beginning of the first folder or track. It is annoying (even my $17,000 car can play a music from USB drive and when I start the car, the music re-starts from the exact point where it stopped). I returned this Yamaha unit and purchased Denon D-M39S, which costs a bit more. However, it produces the sound that is far more spacious than that from Yamaha MCR -B142. I do enjoy listening to FM stations with this Denon unit. This Denon unit has a much more functional and friendlier remote control, plus the unit takes you back to the beginning of the folder where the last music played resides (instead of taking you all the way back to the very beginning of USB drive with Yamaha, as stated above).
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on July 18, 2014
As a guy who is pretty picky about sound, and who loves 15 inch speakers, I was frankly underwhelmed, but then again, this was a present for my wife, who hates almost any speaker of any kind, so the phrase "micro" in the micro component is the operant word here. (BTW she loves this radio) Also disappointing was the bluetooth that seemed not to work at all with any of our bluetooth enabled thingy's, which may be another instance of Apple's iPhones (4s) and MacBooks (MBP2011) not playing nice with the rest of the rest of the electronics universe, I don't know…
Also, the radio seems to not want to play stereo, which is probably for me the biggest disappointment. I was careful with the antenna wires placement, and we don't really live in a reception challenged area either.
Having whined all that much, I will say that the unit's output is clear and precise to the limits of it's rather small speakers' capabilities, and it does play in stereo on the cd and iPod slots. Also, it seemed to me to be rather pricey for all it's shortcomings.
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on January 12, 2015
I was looking for a less expensive alternative to a Bose wave radio for my bedroom, but still wanted a great sound. After much research, I found this Yamaha desktop. It has a great sound. It seems to have a richer bass sound than the Bose, and I tend to like a little less bass, but was able to adjust it so that it is not so predominant. I really like that it has the capability to play from CD, docked phone, or Bluetooth. But mainly I have used it for CDs. I still think I prefer the sound from my Bose radio- but I am quite happy with this desktop system. I wish it was possible to attach the speakers to the base so it could be moved together, in a different setting it would be nice to separate the speakers from the unit, but in the bedroom there isn't room. It is nicely made - not cheap at all. For some reason the purple radio was at a less expensive price than the other colors so I decided to try it. The color is a deep purple and not at all obtrusive in my bedroom.
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