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on May 19, 2012
I purchased a PDX-11 as a smaller, easier to transport alternative to my old JVC Kaboom box. If you dont remember those, they produce actual, significant bass -- but weigh 23lbs, run on 8 D-cells, and are the size of a medium Schnauzer. In hindsight I was asking for the impossible given the PDX-11's much smaller size and weight, and I was ready to return it after the first few hours when I found the bass lacking at high volumes. Then, after several days of listening at more moderate levels, it won me over. In fact, I didn't realize how good it was until two things happened: 1) At a friend's house they were entertaining with a higher priced and much fancier iPod dock. It had me cringing inside because of how tinny it sounded in comparison. 2) At moderate, "most-of-the-time" volumes, the PDX-11 has a really rich, room filling sound that belies its size. Throw in the fact that it's super portable, very easy to operate, sports some cool aesthetics and it's a keeper. At risk of sounding like a paid endorser, I'll just mention a few negatives. There is some apparent electronic trickery going on at high volumes, about 90 percent and up, wherein the lower frequencies (bass) are increasingly cut -- It doesn't sound so good cranked to "11", and this is probably what caused my bad first impression about the lack of bass. Also, it would be awful nice if it were rechargeable instead of requiring 6 AAs. Finally, ease of use translates into super minimalist controls - it offers power and volume up/down buttons, a green and a red LED and, well, that's about it. Fine by me, sound quality trumps duplicating the display you already have on your music player. Overall, the PDX-11 strikes a great balance. It offers great sound wherever you take it, and at this price you will not be afraid to take it anywhere.

UPDATE: Nearly a year into ownership, I haven't changed my opinion one bit, and I'd like to add that this thing is durable. I have really tested that part in my original review about "not being afraid to take it anywhere." I've dropped it into the sea (after a few cocktails perhaps), left it out in the rain, got if full of sand at the beach and packed it in luggage that really went through the wringer. OK, after dropping it in the sea I did have to take it apart and dry the inner circuit boards with a hair dryer, and I learned to take the batteries out before packing it in checked luggage otherwise the added weight breaks the cover if it gets slammed, but the little bugger still puts out great sound. Those fancy chrome bolts are all rusted now but that's about the worst of it. I'm tempted to get the bluetooth version Yamaha now offers. . . Oh yeah, if you spring for lithium AA batteries it's good for about 20+ hours of run time at moderate volumes.
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on May 29, 2015
Got this the other day, and was really excited to take it on its first outing to the beach. Plugged in to an AC outlet, it's just what I expected. But on batteries, not impressed. The book says 6-8 hours on batteries, but that's at an extremely low volume. Ours played for about an hour and a half, before the Energizer bunny keeled over. I will be looking for a cigarette lighter adapter to plug into the jump box for the next portable outing. Guys next door to us on the beach rocked an iPod speaker set up all day. Go figure. Update 06/01/15. Went to the beach the next day, and was determined to listen to the Yamaha all bought another pack of batteries to complement what I already had. This time I found myself in Kroger, and bought a set of their batteries. Thought if they don't last, might as well go cheap. Yamaha played almost five solid hours. Moral of the story it was the Energizers. Kudos to Kroger batteries. Update...six weeks in, and the Bluetooth is no longer working. Not what I wanted to report, but it is what it is.
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on September 2, 2013
This product produces decent sound and decent bass for its size. I use it next to me outside then I am gardening. It also has an AUX in so you can connect anything to it in case you don't want to use the dock on top. This allows me to use it with the iPhone5 or and Andriod phone. Sometimes I don't feel like taking off the Otterbox from my iPhone4 so I just use the AUX in with a cord I bought.

It comes with an AC adapter so you don't suck up all the batteries when you don't have to. Since I like using it on batteries all the time I bought rechargeable batteries and an external charger. NOTE: this unit will not recharge your batteries a lot of people don't seem to understand that.
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on November 23, 2011
I bought this speaker a couple weeks ago and wanted to really try it out before writing my review. I could't be happier about this purchase. It was exactly what I was looking for. It's the perfect speaker for my bedroom and for music on the go. I love the handle on top; I just grab it on the way out the door. I've already used it at the beach and while working outside. I bought a set of rechargeable batteries (might as well invest in those to take advantage of the portable feature), and it's just as powerful on batteries and sounds just as full and powerful outside.

It easily fills my bedroom with music in clear highs and lows. The base is much stronger than I expected, and it is especially strong when you place the back end of it a few inches in front of a wall or hard surface. I use it everyday for music and even use it as my alarm clock with a free alarm app I got on my iphone! Now i get to wake up to my own music, and with the remote I can turn it up or down from bed. Whenever I'm cooking I grab it and take it to the kitchen. It's so nice to have great sound that you can move around so easily!

I have gotten positive comments on it from almost all of my recent guests. They like the style and the sound. I know there are others in my family that now want one. I think I'll be buying a couple more for Christmas gifts! I'd definitely recommend this ipod speaker dock. For 99 bucks it's a steal.
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on April 23, 2012
Surprisingly light weight. I expected it to be more subtantial. That said, this Yamaha speaker has VERY high-quality sound (for it's size) at low to medium volume levels. Try to make it play loud enough for a backyard party (which is what I bought it for), and it struggles. The sound quality deteriorates, and I feared I might blow the speaker, so had to turn it down.

If you want BACKGROUND music for outdoor entertaining, it does that very well, but if you want the music to really be "listened to" in the backyard, look into adding some outdoor speakers to your home system.

Since it doesn't meet my primary need, I considered returning it, but it sounds so good indoors that I am happy to have it, and will probably send it with my son when he goes off to college in a year. It will be PERFECT for a dorm room or sitting on the beach. The remote is handy, and the unit controls my iPod exactly the way it should.

Yamaha makes the best bang-for-the-buck A/V receiver, so I felt confident that this would be a good product. I probably had unrealistic expectations. It is a small, portable system after all.

On a scale of 1-10, I would give it the following rating by purpose:

BEDROOM: 7 (It is too big for a normal nightstand)
KITCHEN: 9 (If you have the counter space for it)
DEN: 9
COLLEGE DORM ROOM: 10 (I would have LOVED this at college)
SITTING ON THE BEACH: 9 (I'd give it a '10' but it is not protected from the sand and water)
BEACH PARTY: 3 (Just not loud enough)

If you need is a great-sounding iPod dock for indoors, BUY IT!
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on July 16, 2015
I bought this as a Father's Day gift for my father this year, and he loves it. He's not very tech savvy so once I set the Bluetooth up for him and connected his iPod to this speaker (A process that took about 30 seconds!), soon after it was bumping music loudly with great, clear sound.

His only requirement was a speaker that could deliver some good volume and this one delivers. It's loud, crystal clear and it can be plugged in to an outlet or it could also be powered by six AA batteries and with the convenient handle, it can be taken anywhere.

This would make a great speaker for the beach or even to put a hook through the handle and hang it on a ladder while painting which my dad does. He loves this thing and I'm very happy I ended up choosing this one after a lot of research. Highly recommended!
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on May 7, 2012
I purchased this to be used indoors and in my garage and the sound is incredible. It's a touch heavy on the bass but still sounds crystal clear. I am a musician and audiophile and am very particular about my music. For $99 you cannot beat the sound. I am going to purchase another for my son's room. The only thing that would have made this better is FM radio just to add versatility. It doesn't bother me b/c listen to internet radio on my iPhone and with the radioPup app I can listen to my hometown radio station when I feel like it. That said, this produces fantastic sound and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I have gone through other docking stations (both low-end and high-end) and the sound this produces is on par with some of the $200-300 stations I have gone through in the past. I had not intention of using this outdoors so my review is purely based on indoor use for the home setting.
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on December 18, 2014
I have been using the PDX-11 for the past couple of months and am very pleased with it. I teach yoga and needed a durable speaker dock that would be able to fill a large room with quality sound. This is it. It is also cool looking, very durable and not too heavy. The controls (located on the top) are easy and it comes with a small remote. I also have a Bose portable cd player which I have used for this purpose in the past. I find that the sound quality of the PDX-11 is similar to that of the Bose. Better value with similar performance....and for a fraction of the price.
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on December 10, 2012
Overall a very good speaker, although a bit larger than I expected- about the size of a bowling ball. As I use this outdoors with an MD Player connected through the Aux plug, I find the remote of limited use and keep it velcro'd to the speaker. Bass response is quite impressive at lower volumes, but as other reviews have noted, as you get up to louder playing levels it seems to drop off, likely to prevent distortion from setting in. Treble is a bit weak, but with most players you can tweak the sound and enhance the treble if desired, so this isn't generally a problem as long as you have that option. The physical design is pretty good, but the relatively narrow spacing of the rubber feet to tend to make it more prone to tipping/rolling onto it's side. Overall, I'm quite satisfied with this speaker, and the fact that it's mono vs. stereo makes no difference ultimately. I would recommend it if true portability is not an issue.
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on July 2, 2012
I own several Yamaha products, from very old computer speakers to live sound products and musical instruments and something I was not expecting is a bad quality construction, at least the one I bought, resonates at certain frequencies created by the lows and something inside vibrates. The sound of this product is very good, the bass is good, but the speaker physically at higher volumes start to fail, this means , you'll hear distorted sound from the lower frequency driver,, but knowing this brand, is very common, even their professional speakers do something similar. The mids and highs frequency are very good, very clear and will be good for long listening situations, but not the typical sound from older Yamaha speakers, they used to be a bit harsher or the mids were higher.

The design of this speaker is something up to the person's taste, but Yamaha's product tend to be very modern practical and stylish , this item looks like and is as big as a small bongo with eight walls, not very good looking for my taste, and the position of the ipod does not seems to be very stable, I'm afraid the high center of gravity of the Ipod might make it tip easily to one side.

About reliability, with the bad construction of this speakers, I hope reliability won't be compromised, that's the reason I bought this Yamaha product,I've seen other portable speakers falling apart, I hope the electronics inside are as good as always.
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