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on November 3, 2013
Technology improvements have really made Home Theater Receivers way better and cheaper over the last 15 years.....after listening to this one I would say the last 5 years were really good. I was leary about spending 'only' $250, but there were enough good independent reviews that I decided to go for it. I did not want wifi on my HT reciever - got Laptop and Roku for that. I did not want 7.1 HT as I live in a normal house (this is in a 15x20 room). I did need more HDMI inputs than my 6 year old Onkyo had. And lastly I am somewhat frugal and do not always need the next new thing. I am running Definitive Technology ProCinema 100 HT speakers (yes, they are indeed over 15 years old and still awesome). The one bummer about this yamaha receiver is they only have banana plug inputs for the front main speakers. The others are cheap push connecters that do not work well if you are running thicker than 18 gauge speaker wire - I was not a happy camper removing banana plugs, cutting, striping wires, and figuring out the best way to get a good connection. Twenty minutes later I had it setup and ran the auto setup for the speakers. The first thing I did was put on a familiar movie (Oppo Blu-ray) to gauge the results. It was immediately evident this was an significant upgrade from my Onkyo TX-SR605 which was highly rated in 2007 (I think it cost around $400....the Onkyo was way better than my 1998 $1000 Denon AVR-3200).

I played with the pre-programmed sound options and the sound coming out is more present, more dynamic, more was very enjoyable. I then put on a CD - this is where I found a huge difference. My PM100 speakers are great for Movies, but just good not great for CD's. That is no more - now CD's sound great. I played with the pre-programmed sound options some more....this is really cool. I then ran some youtube from laptop to HT. There is a noticeable dropoff in sound quality here....played some more with PPS and did get noticeable improvement in sound. The sound from Roku was better than youtube.

I gave 4 not 5 stars because of the speaker connections.....might be the best $250 I ever spent.
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on June 21, 2013
I got this receiver as a wedding present for one of my friends and from setup to audio quality to value, I was impressed. I am a little geeky when it comes to home audio and I helped him set it up. They wanted a receiver that they could listen to music in two rooms and watch movies/tv/play video games in their main room. I wanted to keep it under $300. The Yamaha met all these requirements and it delivers a great sound.

I've had a Denon 3808 for about 10 years and I have to say this Yamaha had many of the features and sound quality of the system I have and I paid a lot less for the Yamaha.

- Impressive audio. I know speakers also play a role but this receiver made Polk Audio RM6750 (about $180) speakers sound amazing. I've heard good things about this Polk line but the clean and crisp sound I am giving credit to the Yamaha receiver. It provides well balanced sound with good highs, mids and lows.

- A variety of audio and video inputs. A lot of receivers in this price range have removed most all of their video and audio inputs in favor of HDMI only (Harmen Kardon 1700, I'm looking at you here). I liked that the Yamaha 375 gave people options of component and composite video inputs as well as a full complement of audio inputs. I especially liked that you can mix and match audio and video inputs depending on your set up. For example, you can tell it to do HDMI video with analog audio 1 for sound.

- Calibration was a breeze and made for impressive audio with the included mic. I wasn't super impressed with the initial sound when we hooked everything up but once we calibrated it using the mic, I went from underwhelmed to impressed. The texture on the sound was rich and encompassing and the bass was well integrated without muddiness or being too loud.

- Audio output. Again, this is a feature that has gone by the wayside for many receivers in this range. Loved that this one had it.

- As with most receivers in this price range, the audio output will only route analog sources through them. HDMI and optical inputs will not be sent via the analog out. They only wanted to hear music in their kitchen, so it wasn't a huge deal and this was one of the only receivers in this range that had audio outputs.

- The receiver will not up-convert analog sources to HD. So any of the analog video sources will be sent straight through at whatever resolution it outputs. Again, not a big deal because most all of their equipment was HDMI with the exception of the audio plugin for their mp3 player.

Overall, they have been loving the set up and this was a great receiver for them. Because of how much the receiver impressed me, I will definitely consider the Yamaha line (likely one of the 375's big brothers) the next time I am getting a receiver. This one provides great value and great sound at a reasonable price. Highly recommended.
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on November 17, 2014
Wanted to share this helpful info on the RX-375, and that the HTR-3066 IS SAME unit..

Here's what the Yamaha website says on its support FAQ: The RX-V377/HTR-3067 is the latest model in that series and has the following differences over the RX-V375/HTR-3066: 1. DC(USB) out for optional accessory. Like YBA-11 Bluetooth adapter 2. Background Video feature (for Radio/USB/AUDIO/AUX input) RX-V375 had radio only. 3. Audio Delay for adjusting Lip-Sync (0-500ms). RX-V375 has 0-250ms. 4. Extra Bass option even with small speakers or no Subwoofer.(Bass Button on Remote for easy access.) 5. Virtual CINEMA FRONT provides virtual surround sound with 5 speakers in front. 6. Removed the Composite Video Input from RX-V377 Front Panel. 7. RX-V377 has only one Audio Analog input, Audio. (RX-V375 has 2, Audio 1 & Audio 2.) 8. RX-V377 has only one Optical input, AV1. (RX-V375 has 2, AV1 & AV4.) 9. Option to change the volume scale from -80 to +16.5dB to 0.5 to 97. (RX-V377 to RX-V577 Models only.) Power and Dimensions are identical. Rated Output Power (8 ohms, 1 kHz, 0.9 % THD, 2 ch driven) 85 W + 85 W Dimensions (W x H x D) 17-1/8" x 6" x 12-3/8"

Update... Had amazon send me a replacement . thanks.. Now replacement , cuts out tv sound at times. Im using optical from tv to receiver.. Ive seen others complain of same issue.
Makes me wonder if yamaha even checks and refurbish thier units. Im thinking they just repackage and pawn them off on Amazon.... And yamaha dosnt consider amazon a authorized seller.. And it seems lots of issues of them with other connections, or just plain dying after few months..-- Shame on yamaha...Seems quality has gone out the window with entry level receivers..[ All Brands ] And months down the road we end up with nothing but a paper weight...
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on December 8, 2014
As someone who has played with audio equipment for over 50 years, I'm simply amazed at the receiver performance that can now be purchased for less than $200.00. I've been using this Yamaha receiver in my home theater for about a month and it has exceeded all of my expectations. It replaced a JVC receiver that I have been flogging, without complaint, for several years but which lacked HDMI inputs. Being able to switch all of the various HDMI sources through the receiver is wonderfully convenient. I used the microphone and auto set-up to adjust the speakers and, for now at least, it sounds fine to me. Plenty of power from the discrete class d amplifiers and reasonably good on-screen display. Just a terrific piece of gear for the money.
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on February 17, 2014
Nice #1: Yes, it is indeed a nice Home Theater amp/receiver/switching center. The audio is clean. The surround sound is flexible and tweakable. At $200 it is a good value. The included setup microphone makes detecting speaker phase and balance very easy. But don't take the automatic setup to be the final word. Menu options let you fine tune things from there for even better personalized acoustical settings.

Nice #2: The "YPAO" setup has you place the included microphone at listening position, then runs white noise into each speaker one by one, then runs a frequency sweep into each speaker. From that, the V375 computes distances to each speaker and adjusts micro tweaks to phase, speaker size, audio reflection components and EQ on an individual basis. This creates a file for your listening room. It beats the poo out of trying to setup all these factors accurately by simply listening.

Caveat #1: UN-fortunately, the 5.1 specification is not describing amplification. You get five channels of amp, but no amp to drive the sub-woofer. To use this with a sub, you'll need a self-powered sub-woofer. A good one will cost as much as the V375 itself. Or, the pre-amped sub-woof output will need its own mono amp to drive a non-powered sub-woofer. Yes, you could have discovered that by scrutinizing the specs, but they certainly don't make a point of letting you know that before you buy.

Nice #3: Fortunately, the auto setup detects the lack of sub-woof and attempts to compensate through the other speakers. In my setup, I have some nice RAMSA front speakers L/R, and they take up much of the slack. I'm still looking for a simple amp for my existing non-self-powered sub.

After auto setup, it will probably suit you to play with the individual speaker distance and volume controls (especially the rear channels) so your head is better served for those effects. My personal preference is to have the rear channels in a supportive role, not a dominating role. I was amazed that the YPAO system worked as well as it did, then was re-amazed to see how much better personal intervention made the system sound. In a small TV room, tweaking the rear surround channels can make a big difference in the audio environment.

Nice #4: My previous amp had 5.1 full channels of amplification, but the V375 is far better. The sound is clean, well-tempered and able to be globally EQ'd and adjusted for lip sync. Many shows on TV are a tad out of sync, so with a U-verse feed, I find that about a one frame delay for movies works quite well. One frame of 24 fps =41 milliseconds, and you adjust it by units of one millisecond. Just gauging it by ear, I arrived at 38 ms. We'll see how that holds up from channel to channel...

Nice #5: The "Scene" feature is very handy. You can pick an HDMI or component video input, an audio input or non-standard group of both, plus a surround mode, then hold down one of the 4 Scene buttons to lock that in as a choice. You will probably wish to play with this for a week or two to get an idea of what works best for various kinds of source matter.

Caveat #2: The V375 doesn't have wi-fi, but you can input iPod-like sources through the USB port on the front of the unit. Yamaha claims technologies that recover fidelity nuances from compressed musical sources. On listening, you would be hard-pressed to notice the difference unless you had a true A/B listening situation, but iPod audio sounds quite high fidelity. Buy a long USB cable if you like to be hands-on with your sound source as you listen. Much of that may actually be due to the YPAO room-tuning.

One star short for not having a sub amp.
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on June 20, 2017
This reciever worked great for two years, but now just 3 months out of the 2 year warranty and it decides it will not accept any video signal that requires HDCP. It works fine with any non-HDCP signals like games or my PC, but I can't watch any Blu-rays or Netflix without having to bypass the reciever and plugging my PS4 straight into the TV and using an optical cable. Tried contacting Yamaha, but there response was too bad so sad take it to a technichion. Way to stand by there product. This was my first experience with a Yamaha product. I guess I'll stick with other brands from now on.
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on January 18, 2014
Let's get the very few bads out of the way:

- Binding posts are only for mains, the surrounds and center are cheaper spring loaded clips that don't accommodate banana plugs or thick gauge speaker wire
- If you have component sources they can out be displayed from the component "monitor out" ports
- Not sure if this is the receiver or the source but occasionally I need to turn it on and off again for it to get a signal if I change sources
- No printed manual

The good:

- Cheap
- Easy to setup. I only had to consult the manual once or twice
- Many digital settings
- On screen display for setup
- Auto speaker calibration via included microphone
- Relatively small and lightweight
- Relatively powerful for the money
- 4 HDMI inputs should be enough for most people

I purposely purchased this one with a complete lack of internet or wireless connectivity as I have both a Roku 3 and Mac Mini HTPC hooked up to it. The savings was worth it in my opinion. It's replacing a 15 year old Harman Kardon which while out of date and less powerful had some higher end features this lacks even 15 years later.

For my needs it's an almost perfect device. No intention of going to 7.1 anytime soon and if I want a real upgrade one day will spring for a separate pre-amp and amp setup.
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on February 22, 2014
This unit sounds great. The setup was simple and fast. Everything was hooked up and ready to go within 2 hours of receipt. Could not have been easier to swap out my old system. The HDMI and optical connections sped things up considerably and the YMI Mic configuration was really helpful. I am very pleased with this unit as it meets all of my expectations and then some.TV sounds great, DVD's and BD's really pack a punch now and my own music sounds fantastic. I have had this less than a month so it will be interesting to see how it's working in the next six months, which is the true test. Overall a very impressive unit to my discerning ears.
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on November 26, 2014
Made this purchase because I have owned the HTR5540 for little under 10 years and it is still golfing strong. Unfortunately, the remote was misplaced during a house move and I cannot get my hands on a replacement. It will now retire to a bedroom with, hopefully, a pair of Pioneer Bookshelves I have my eyes on.

I am going to be brief and leave the detailed comments to the audiophiles, although I am aspiring to be one. Several things have my attention with this entry level receiver.
1. The ability to hook my iPod up and stream my favourite radio stations via Tunein with song information displayed on the screen and the ability to skip tracks with the remote.
2. The sound I am able to get from the basic Yamaha speakers from the HTR5540. I use 18AWG Audiopipe speaker wires for the front and center speakers and 12AWG for the surround. I truly believe the sound quality has increased by notches over the stock speaker wires that came with these speakers. I will be buying the Energy Take Classics on Friday or Monday and cannot wait to hook them up (waiting for a price reduction).
3. The multitude of setting iterations available, although I prefer to use the Straight feature when playing music. Still testing out other settings and will soon settle on a few I like.
4. The Scene feature. I know I have seen some negative comments but I like being able to press one button and get to radio, cable, PS3 or iPod (my preferences for now).

I know it is entry level but, for my uses, I do not see myself buying a more expensive system. I can say a lot more but I will close for now by saying I am truly satisfied. I will probably return and write some more once my new speakers arrive.
One more thing: I chose this model over the Bluetooth enabled ones because I prefer the direct set up with the iPod. I have no fear of sound dropping out somewhere...
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on May 2, 2014
I ordered this unit as my Sony was older and had seen some wear.I also wanted to update to the latest technology.
Even though this is an entry level AV Receiver , it more than adequately fits the bill !! It arrived on time, was in the original box and actually looks absolutely brand new !! I was like , OOPS they shipped me a NEW one !!
Ease of set up was flawless, the included Mic to EQ the room and the system works like a champ !!.It is WAY cleaner than my old Sony was and has a very strong sound. I will enjoy this for quite some time to come !! Now for my new Klipsch speaker system, which I shall also buy through Amazon !! Thank You Amazon You ROCK !!! ,
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