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on March 20, 2014
I haven't purchased a receiver in some time and noticed the V377 was the same price as the V375... so why not, right? Comes with the surround sound via front speakers which was pretty ideal considering that's how I was going to utilize the speakers. It sounds great, easy to set up and seamlessly transitions from input to input. I bought this along with Energy Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System (Set of Six, Black) (Set of Six, Black) and I really can't be happier.

Only thing that was annoying between the speakers and the Receiver is the sub woofer input. On the receiver it only has one slot for an RCA cable, the speakers however have left and right. Just needed to buy a RCA cable splitter ($4) and problem was fixed.
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on June 20, 2015
awesome receiver! i got this to replace a little amp that i had that then replaced a newer better amp that came faulty and i gotta say i am really impressed with this thing. im currently using it with a pair of Cerwin Vega SL-5Ms and a Dayton Audio Sub 1200 12in 120w sub and lets just say i can really blow my windows out. theres a ton of features in this box of loud. i currently have it hooked up to my computer through the optical connection on AV1 and mainly use it for music and gaming (both sound amazing btw) that and use the FM Radio every once in awhile. its got a setting for setting the crossover limit on your upper speakers. levels for all of the individual speakers. and if you have a sub that over powers your other speakers at lower volumes you can adjust it to better level itself as you turn up the volume. and a ton of other things i havent messed with. it came with a AM and FM radio cables (id suggest getting better ones) and a microphone that you put where the listening place will be and it will automatically adjust your speakers to the best settings. 100w a channel (5 channel) got a handful of HDMI connections and AV connections with some Optical in's and various other inputs and outputs i have been nothing but impressed with it
review imagereview image
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on December 3, 2014
The sound from this Receiver is great. It's crystal clear and powerful. Sadly I am having serious HDMI handshake issues. If I don't power on all of my devices in a specific order I won't get a picture on my TV. My TV runs just fine using a splitter, PC, Xbox one, and PS4. But because of the handshake issues I can only get audio most of the time with this receiver. I also tested my TV with 2 other AV receivers, one from Panasonic, and the other from Onyko. The TV worked just fine with both. Next I did extensive testing and determined that the Yamaha AV receiver functioned perfectly with other TV's. So it must be a Hitachi Yamaha compatibility issue.

My Hitachi TV is 2 years old, so this may not be a problem anymore, but I still wanted to warn some people who may have this issue. It took me hours to troubleshoot both devices extensively. So it was definitely frustrating. I only realized it was a Handshake issue when the picture miraculously appeared after I accidentally powered everything on in order.

The reason I gave the receiver 3 stars is because after doing some research I found out that this issue can usually be fixed by a firmware update. So I went to Yamaha's support page and to my dismay I learned that no firmware updates have been released yet. I feel that a new product such as this one should be compatible with basically all devices. Especially since I know HDCP is useless and does absolutely nothing to prevent piracy.

Anyways, the sound is good enough for me just to bypass the receiver and simply use an optical cable. I know the sound quality will be slightly worse, but I'm too tired to mail this back to Amazon. Also I can't find a comparable AV receiver in this price range. So kudos to Yamaha for that. I guess I'll be checking Yamaha's website every couple of weeks for that firmware update that I hope will come. Or this issue will be resolved once I get a new TV :(

I know the Gefen HDmi Detective Plus will probably work, but that's really expensive at $83.00. If you've had HDMI handshake issues before please let me know what you did to solve the problem.
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on November 3, 2014
Does not have RCA phono jacks for main speakers
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on October 2, 2016
Overall this is a good receiver, but it has a quirk or two.
My main complaint is the weird thing that happens with this when i turn on my Dish Network box. I hit the power on the Dish remote and it turns on the TV and Receiver. Then it will switch to something like Analog or AV and back to HDMI after about 5 seconds. Then when it settles in on HDMI, it is on PCM rather than Dolby Digital and with the Dish, it seems PCM only plays 2 channels plus SW. So if i want surround sound, i have to either turn the channel and back or turn the dish box off and on. It's a daily occurrence and i've googled it to find others have the same issue. I've tried messing with the CEC controls but I cannot remedy it. My old Sony AV receiver worked flawlessly. Also, if i try to add my Blu-ray player to the mix with the CEC settings and i turn the dish on, it will switch on my blu-ray player and turn the receiver to Blu-ray and i have to turn it off and switch back to Dish. Obviously i don't use the controls with the blu-ray player. I really wonder if the ARC isn't causing the issue, but I don't feel like pulling the 60" tv off the wall to swap ports to non-ARC HDMI. If i ever get a new TV, I will switch to a mount with an arm so i can get behind it and test things like this. Or i'll switch brands of AV receivers.

Other than that, it does everything else pretty good. It works with my 3D TV and Blu-ray player, which is the main reason i got rid of my old Sony that didn't support the HDMI needed for 3D.

I don't like that it remembers the last setting i used on a given input. Like if I am watching something on my Blu-ray player that doesn't have surround sound and I use one of the setting to simulate surround sound, it will keep that setting the next time i watch a movie that may have DTS HD MA. When I watch anything with surround sound, i like to use Straight as the setting rather than muck it up with unnecessary sound fields. Thankfully there is at least a Straight button on the remote and receiver so i can make the switch once i realize it.

It encodes Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD MA on the receiver which my old receiver did not. I made sure I had a Blu-ray player that decoded it onboard and also when i got my Blu-ray 3D player. Then i realized that it didn't matter because i don't think i could get it to encode on the player and send it LPCM to the receiver even if i wanted to. I'm not sure if i'd want to, it probably doesn't matter where you decode it these days.

I like the USB port on the front that uses the receivers DAC to convert the music from my iPhone. I figure it should have a better DAC than the iPhone since the iPhone is so small with smaller components and the receiver is so large and technically can fit better components. I have no idea though, but it makes me feel better.

Hopefully the quirkiness of the input switching when first turning it on will go away with future versions of this receiver.

But it's a pretty solid receiver for the price
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on May 29, 2015
I bought two nice bookshelf speakers to use for TV, movies, and music. So I needed an amp to power them, and it had to have a remote control. Name-brand amps with remotes start at around $130, so for a few dollars more I decided to just get this entire AV receiver.

I think the RX-V377's remote and menu system is pretty intuitive. I didn't read the manual and I was able to figure it all out without much trouble. You don't really need the on-screen menus, everything can all be done from the display on the front panel, although maybe it helps to see the menu structure on-screen first. Anyway, setting up the receiver was a pleasant experience for me.

I appreciate that Yamaha included a 3.5mm audio input on the front of the receiver. I don't know why this isn't standard on every amp and receiver, but it isn't. With this input, you can easily connect a phone, tablet, or laptop to the receiver and listen to it over your stereo. It's not as convenient as Bluetooth, but good luck finding Bluetooth at this price point.

Speaking of Bluetooth, Yamaha had the good judgement to include USB connectors on the front and back of the receiver. This means you can buy a cheap USB-powered Bluetooth audio dongle, plug it into the receiver, power it via the receiver, and BAM, you just Bluetooth-enabled your receiver for under $20 and a minimum amount of fuss. (Note that I haven't done this myself but I don't see why it wouldn't work.)

Since this is a budget receiver, and receivers are usually advertised by their wattage, I was initially somewhat concerned that this Yamaha "only" puts out 100W per channel (really 70W, 2-channels-driven). But, if you read up on power vs. loudness, you'll find out that if you double the power, things only get 23% louder. So really, the higher-wattage receivers that the RX-V377 is competing with won't get louder by any meaningful amount.

So I've been using this receiver for a little over a month and I'm very pleased, with two caveats:

1) I originally had my computer plugged into the receiver via HDMI, and then the receiver plugged into my TV via HDMI. This worked, but the receiver was very picky about which devices were turned on first. Everything had to be turned on in a particular order or it wouldn't pass video from the computer to the TV. This might be something you can get used to, but I gave up and just connected my TV's optical audio output to the receiver and now I don't have any video going through the receiver. This setup works fine.

2) The receiver will occasionally shut off for, like, no reason. It seems like maybe a protective circuit is being tripped to prevent it from shorting or overheating, but it's usually during a pretty quiet scene of a TV show or movie. It has only happened a few times so I'll just wait to see if it gets worse.
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on September 19, 2017
Just the thought that I bought this receiver brand new for under $200 makes me feel like if I took advantage of the seller. At first I was put off by the gimmicky DSP sound presets which lets face it head on right now and call them exactly what they are.... ABSOLUTE GARBAGE! However don't let any of that distract you because when you really get this thing setup all the way and you experience a movie played through it you will be tempted to charge admission for seats to the next movie you watch. From pure sound fidelity to amplifier power to remote control features and ergonomics to choice of inputs right down to the way yamaha does the settings menus for this receiver... EVERYTHING WILL MAKE YOU ELATED. The only prerequisite is that you attach excellent (or at least above average) speakers to enjoy the full experience this receiver can provide. So many little things that seem insignificant about this receiver at first eventually grow on you like the ability to find buttons easily on the remote in the dark or even the fact that while knee deep in the setup menu one can simultaneously initiate other tasks such as adjusting the volume without ever having to exit the menu settings you were in. It's a pity that movie audio has progressed to the point where 5.1 surround sound can easily be misconstrued as outdated and consumers now feel pressured into upgrading to 7.1 or DTS x/Atmos compatible receivers. I DARE say (and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong) I have not visited a single movie theater (IMAX) included that can outpace the audio quality of bluray DTS-HD Master Audio or Dolby True HD when properly calibrated through this dirt cheap Yamaha receiver and played on excellent quality speakers.
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on December 1, 2014
I'm not sure what's going on, but we have to reverse our volume habits.

We have this amp wired to a Sony powered subwoofer and Fluance AVHTB speakers. Crisp highs, deep bass, and a crystal-clear mid-range are all here. Here's the deal with the volume, though: we are in negative numbers. The amp is so powerful and the speakers so responsive that we can't take the volume above zero without the fear of shattering windows!

While the sound is great, it's very difficult to find a universal remote that does all that we need to do except the amp's own remote. Which adds yet ANOTHER remote to our rapidly-growing collection. That's not the fault of Yamaha, though. The search continues.

For the money, I imagine it would be difficult to find a better amplifier. With the only real shortcoming being the negative volume numbers, I highly recommend it. And if I can get a solution to that, I'll happily add the 5th star.
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on February 14, 2017
*All the bells and whistles.
*Cheap remote control with small buttons. Cheap enough that I now rethink my respect for the Yamaha name. I can't help but wonder if there were other corners that were cut on the circuitry. Yamaha- You have something to learn about maintaining your image and losing it to save pennies.
*Shipping box was damaged and partly open. USPS marked it as damaged. I blame Amazon for a half a** job in packaging with one band of tape to hold the heavy inner product box.
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on December 8, 2016
Great stereo amplifier. Make sure to use the included mic to auto-configure the different speakers volume. You do this by plugging it in to the mic port and placing the mic where your head (and obviously ears) will be listening to music/watching movies mostly then hit the auto-configure button on the remote. I'm currently using a 5.1 setup, be sure to switch the Macro settings between Movie and Music when doing each activity, it will affect how the center speaker is used (normally used for dialog in shows/movies).
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