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on March 25, 2013
This is my first receiver purchase in 20 years. This receiver replaces an old Denon that had great sound but, of course, it didn't have Airplay to work with my vast iTunes library and a DAC to improve the sound coming from compressed digital audio. I am very picky about sound but wouldn't characterize myself an audiophile, since I don't have the budget to go there. Having said this, the Yamaha RX-473 seems to have a reputation as a one of the better sounding receivers for the price competing with Onkyo, Denon in the entry level audiophile components. I almost purchased Denon, but my gut feeling after reading hundreds of reviews is that the Yamaha was the way to go. Onkyo was never an option, due to its history of problems (although to be fair, they seem now living up to their high quality reputation recently).
Virtually every review of the RX-473 makes it out to be one of the best values on the market without sacrificing sound quality. What made me wait for the RX-475 is that it now includes a Burr Brown DAC made by Texas Instruments. The DAC functions on every appropriate sound source per Yamaha's literature. Another thing is that the RX-475 has bluetooth capability so that I my wife can use wireless headphones (once the soon to be released receiver is available), though I'm sticking to a better sounding traditional copper wire connection for my cans.

For those who don't know, a DAC is a Digital-to-Analog Converter. It turns 0s and 1s on a digital file such as that on a DVD, CD or Pandora, usually in the form of Pulse Code Modulation, into an analog electrical signal that our audio electronics can understand and amplify so that our speakers make sounds. As you might imagine, an ADC turns analog signals into digital signals, which is important for recording. Processors/receivers often have both ADCs and DACs in their circuitry in order to do many different audio related things. Burr Brown DAC 's are known as quality products but nowadays there are many good DACs. 2013 RX-X75 line features Burr Brown DACs as opposed the undisclosed DAC in the 2012 line. Most other receivers in the this price category don't list their DAC circuitry as something to brag about. All indications are that the Yamaha Burr Brown does the trick . I use an Audio Engine D1 DAC for my desktop listening and love the mellow 3D sound that it produces. So I'm picky about how my digital sources are treated. The sound on the RX-475 using Pandora, iTunes & Netradio sounds controlled smooth and non digital. So far so good.

Setup was ok. It could be easier since the manual focuses on non set top box setups. I use Tivo, but any cable box would be treated a setup that is certainly an option, just not as primary option detailed in the manual. btw make sure you load the Manual CD and immediately get the manual, which is in PDF format to your tablet so you can have it to refer to in FRONT of the receiver. Once I got The RX-475 networked I was stumped by it not able to use my network even though the status was CONNECT. After a bit if frustration I restarted the receiver. That did the trick. Installation of the IOS app was easy on my ipad and iphones. Airplay works great and I can now play Pandora from my Mac to my whole house including the RX-475, Airport Express and other computers with speakers using 3rd party applications like Reflector. I've used the RX-475 for 3 solid days and have to say that I no longer use the remote. I only now use my Tivo Remote. but for anything related to the RX-475, I use the iOS App exclusively. In fact, sometimes I just go back and forth between the Tivo and Yamaha apps on my iPad and have complete control of my entire entertainment experience . The only minor complaint I have is that there a slight audio click that I hear when I rewind or forward 30 seconds on Tivo. Whether its a Tivo or Yamaha problem I have no idea. Other than that, the RX-475 is great upgrade for anyone in the receiver market . Let's hope RX-475 bluetooth transmitter/receiver solution works as well once its released.
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on May 7, 2014
*******Updated Review
I still love this receiver. It sounds awesome, it is feature rich, and one of the unexpected results I found, is all of my hdmi devices connected to it, work with the remote. I didn't have to add any additional programming. Firetv, roku, chromcast, blueray dvd, all work with the remote. So I don't have to switch remotes at all.

************************** Original Review
I have had this receiver for a month now. I had a roku MHL stick, so I was looking for a receiver that supports MHL. This receiver happens to be the cheapest receiver that has an HDMI MHL port. I had replace an onkyo reciever.

So thoughts :

Setup was easy for me, I plugged in the mic, and it calibrated it self.
What I use it for; I have a roku stick, chromecast, and blue ray dvd. All of these work perfectly. The device even has power to run for the Chromecast so you don't have to use the external power supply, you just plug in the usb into the back of the receiver.

Sound : Awesome. Very clean crisp sound. I love this receiver, I am very happy with the product.

The only downside is the no bluetooth, however my chromecast allows me to send my music to the receiver through the wifi, and cost a lot less than adding bluetooth or wifi to receiver
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on March 21, 2015
This Yamaha HTR 4066 receiver arrived in brand new condition, Feb of 2015. I consider it a great buy because of it's price--now 10 dollars less by the way and reliable performance compared to receivers I checked into. Going from the old RCA jack set up of my very old Onkyo TX-S727 to HDMI simplifies your set up immensely. However it still does employ some RCA and composite RCA jacks to accommodate some older equipment. My Klipsch sub-woofer provides the needed extra bass.
This unit can do many things I will never use but one I really like is the 5 channel output selection. Unlike the movie surround where the back speakers are subdued, in 5 channel this selection outputs the signal equally to all channels which is great for immersing yourself into dynamic music because puts you in the middle of the music instead of in front of it. A bit to intense for action movies though.
One unresolved problem. About a year ago I bought a Pioneer receiver which had pass through problems and so returned it. This one has the same problem. I use a Vizio sound bar with sub woofer for the TV and with receiver off it will not always pass the sound through every time when TV is turned on. The receiver seems to need an electronic bump to get it to send the sound to the sound bar. That is done by turning the Dish Satellite off for a second or hit channel recall and then back or the hit the channel swap button back and forth. Also pausing the TV will get the sound on sometimes--a bit frustrating but I am keeping the receiver and still consider it an excellent buy.
I am not sending the unit back for this!
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on January 4, 2016
I was skeptical about purchasing a refurbished unit, but I could't be happier. The installation with my 5.1 speaker system was easy and quick. The enclosed calibration tool made it a cinch to balance to sound coming from each speaker. The bass response is full and resonant. Connecting to my network was very easy and would have been easier with a a hard copy of the manual. I had to follow along on the manual I downloaded to my Kindle Fire. There is CD version of the manual included. I installed the Yamaha app on my Kindle Fire and am able to control many functions from the Fire
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on February 8, 2015
First off, this is being reviewed / written by her husband (me!), not Anilea. Second, it isn't necessarily a technical review because I consider myself an audio/TV listener/watcher, not a technical guy who knows a ton of stuff about crossover frequencies, mixers, etc.

OK, so - the refurb until arrived in excellent condition - the only thing "damaged" was a couple small pieces of styrofoam used as packaging in the Yamaha box! The '4066 is immaculate - no marks, no dust inside (from what I can see), doesn't smell like cigarette smoke. It looks like it was brand new. It is being used in our master bedroom; we've got two high-end Denon A/V units downstairs on our other TV's. I connected this Yamaha unit to a DirecTV receiver and a Sony BluRay/DVD player via HDMI cable. The output video goes to a very, very old by reliable 42" Sony plasma TV. It's so old it doesn't even have HDMI input! It's got DVI input, so I used an HDMI-->DVI cable, and it works great. The audio from the '4066 goes to a pair of even older Infinity Crescendo 3007 speakers. Unfortunately, when I connected everything up and listened closely, the lower audio frequencies were very muffled. I popped off the front cloth grillwork of the speakers and - ugh... the foam surrounding the two 8" woofers had completely deteriorated over the past 12 years. Can't give a comprehensive review of the audio quality the '4066 produces, other than the higher frequency coming through the 6" mid-range and the little tweeter sound great. As a side note - I've ordered replacement foam surrounds and hope to get them installed in the upcoming weeks.

As mentioned, this Yamaha is in our master bedroom a long way from our Internet router. But I wanted Internet connection to the '4066. So, I bought an IOGEAR Universal Wireless-n Adapter here on Amazon. I have two others connected to "stuff" here in the house and they work great. And, I can say that it also works quite well with this Yamaha receiver. Our Comcast modem and the Apple Airport Extreme wireless router are located downstairs, far from '4066 and we've got a great signal.

One other thing - Included in the box with the '4066 was a manual - on a disk. I hate trying to find stuff on disk-based manuals. Further, we don't have any laptops with CD/DVD drives in them - only on my main computer downstairs. So, that manual on disk was pretty much worthless. I logged into the Yamaha web site and sent them a user comment, complaining about the lack of a printed manual. I was quite surprised to get a reply the next day indicating that they would send me a printed version of the manual, free of charge. Now THAT is good customer service!!!

Bottom line - yes, I would definitely recommend one of these refurb HTR-4066 A/V units!
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on December 12, 2013
I love Yamaha products as I owned Yamaha guitar and digital piano, all of them are rock solid and sound is top-notch in terms of money. When purchasing a receiver, i did not look elsewhere only Yamaha. I got a black Friday deal from best buy for RX-375 which is $150 cheaper than RX-475. However, after a side by side comparison with RX-475, I have to say the sound quality from 475 is lot better. I ended up returning RX-375 to best buy.

The RX-375 and RX-475 is pretty much similar in terms of set up and features, RX-475 has more internet related features such as AirPlay though I only care about its sound quality. I basically did two sets of tests on each one of them: 1) Watching action movies 007 and Avenger. 2) Listening to a few string instrument music CDs e.g. pure guitar sound.

For watching action movies, both RX-375 and RX-475 delivers pretty much the same sound effects e.g. helicopter flying by, voice is clear and movie background music is fine, video is clear also. So after this test, I thought I will just return RX-475 as RX-375 is lot cheaper and serve my needs for watching action movies.

It is the second test that really makes RX-475 stands out from RX-375. I have set both unit to the exact same settings under on-screen menu including the volume and using the exact same set of speakers. (of course, after properly YAO setup.) The music played from RX-375 is very bright, but mid range is far worse than RX-475. RX-475 is very rich and brings great details of the music. I also played some piano CD music through this receiver, it came out great.

After these simple tests, I returned RX-375 and kept RX-475. I also discovered RX-475 supports AirPlay, but Yamaha mentioned that AirPlay is only for music playing, you can not simply dump the video to the receiver to watch it. So to me, it is useless. But the extra $150 for a great sound still justify the cost for this receiver.

It is very surprising that good reviews for RX-375 is far more than that on RX-475, I highly doubt any of the reviewers has ever spent time to really listen to these receivers and make a good comparison. I highly recommended this model.
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on September 13, 2014
This receiver does one thing and does it well. It produces very good sound without distortion or clipping at high volumes. It has enough HDMI ports to handle all my devices, and the pass-through video is flawless. The YPAO automatic calibration feature really did noticeably improve the sound in my home theater - the sweet spot where we placed the included microphone during calibration is amazing.

Although some have complained about the lack of a slick graphical interface, I don't think there's anything wrong with the text-based menus, and the Pandora app works very well. The remote has every button you could want as an actual button, which I also love (it doesn't force you to the on-screen menus for every little thing). If you just want a receiver to provide you with quality surround sound and switch between your devices without a lot of fuss and flash, this product is ideal.
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on October 7, 2014
Great all around receiver! I won't rehash all the positives others have explained well. However, I did want to point out a deficiency in the Pandora implementation, as that feature is one of the key reasons I moved up to the 475. I'm disappointed that they didn't map the "thumbs up/down" feedback to any of the remote buttons. With Pandora stations created by feedback, it's important enough to make it convenient while listening to music. Having to leave my TV on to navigate a clumsy menu to do this is a poor option, as is having to locate my nearest Android device and pull up an app. My programmable remote stays in the room with the receiver. I contacted support about adding this simple feature as a firmware update, but 4 months later and all I get from support is an apology.
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on May 8, 2014
Just had it for 1 day. so far so good.

I got these amazing pioneer Andrew Jones designed speakers that I need a receiver to power up. I so want a pioneer receiver, but the amazon rating of the pioneer receivers were about 4 star, and there are some negative reviews that made me hesitate. The pioneer receiver is 6 om, goes well with my speakers Nominal Impedance 6 om, while a lot other brand are 8 om. Not is that a big deal, but still I would love the impedance to pair up.

So, no pioneer for now. I tried a Sony 7.2 from Costco, so hard to use, returned. And I got this Yamana RX V 475 from Amazon. It works great. It does what I need to power up my speakers. Set up is strait forward, simple enough. The Ypao optimization thing is not hard to do at all, and it is kind of fun and funny.

sound quality is good. loud enough. easy to use. Tried FM also good. enough HDMI and other ports. compared with Sony, you don't really need a TV to use the yamaha receiver. You can look at the front panel for information. When it is not actively displaying, it is not so bright. When the receiver is off, it does not have a light on. These are all great.

I chose this over the 675, because it has more watts for each speaker. And I only need 5.1. the 675 should also be a good buy, good price drop, but I did not try. the 675 has 4K upscaling, which I care, but not at this time yet. I don't even have a 4K TV now. 4K pass through will give me some room to handle future 4K TV.

price is $299. good

It does not really have wifi though. Not a big deal to me. still give 5 stars.

10/31/14 update
after nearly half year use, still like it a lot. I am using it with pioneer Andrew Jone 5.1 speakers. I changed the impedance of Yamaha to fit my Pioneer speaker. The FM works great. (I ave a cheap wifi speaker with FM function, I realized the FM function may not necessarily just be good, it could go really bad). RV V 475 has 4 HMDI input, enough for me. 1 for Roku3, one for chromecast, one for computer, one left for ipad.
Plenty of features for music or movie mood.
FM station setup is not too hard. It remembers a lot of stations.
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on February 12, 2014
First off No, I am not an Audiophile, however I have had many home audio systems over the past couple of years and have gone through a lot of products. I also have an extremely good ear, and that's not my personal opinion I have hearing test I must do yearly due to my job so I have paperwork to back up my statement. Haha.

I got this reciever as I was in the market for a budget home cinema system. Now depending on who you ask some people will say spend more money on the speakers, and others will say spend more money the reciever. I opted for the later as i knew that the speakers I was getting at the time were just a temporary fix and would be upgrading later. This reciever actually replace the original reciever I had purchased which was the Denon AVR 400....
Man what a difference!!!

What the Denon did good at the Yamaha was great at. Mainly in overall sound. They are definetly louder than the Denon was without even hitting the same the decibel levels.

Setup was typical of any reciever, string the wires , plug in sub, plug in connections turn reciever on and your basically 70% done. The menu screen or GUI is a little outdated but every reciever at this price point is going to look like that. This should not be a deterrent as you shouldn't need to go into your settings so much.Just to see how it worked I used the auto correction YPAO mic that came with reciver to setup the sound to about 80% of what I wanted. This feature is good for new people getting into home cinema scene as it will gauge your speaker distance and sound levels for each speaker. Once done with the auto correction I fine tuned the decibel levels to my likings as they were a little to bright for my liking and listeniong enviroment.
Now they're some great features on the Yamaha
1. It is 3D capable so if you have a 3D Blu Ray player and set it up to the reciever it works perfectly without any loss of video playback
2. It is ARC enabled which is great as I have only one HDMI cable hooked up to the TV, for those of you that do not know most new HDTVs have this feature which basically enables the sound from your tv to be transmitted to your reciever via HDMI cord so you'll get surround sound from your network shows while running the HDMI to the reciever.
3. Tons of sound modes. Yamaha took different recordings of places and tried to mimic those sound effects on the reciever. There are about 7 different sound modes for listening to music, to include as if you watching a music video to being at the music hall in Vienna. For watching movies there are even more sound effects. This is not a gimmick as they are all very distinct sounds.
4. The decoding on this reciever is one of the best in its competing class and should be substantial for most user, the only people that would complain about it would be the audio snobs.

Overall this is a great entry level reciever and one that should last most users or people starting out in home cinema a while. I plan on using this reciever for about 3-5 years as my next project is upgrading my speaker system next. There are enough inputs that would suffice most homes, enough decoding on the reciever to last most homes and the sound in my opinion is wonderful for my liking. I did not give the reciever 5 stars as that in my opinion means it one of the best. Now it is nowhere one of the best but for bang to buck it is worth 4 stars.
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