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on June 29, 2014
So I bought this receiver about a year ago, and was pretty excited about it based on the reviews I read, coupled with the price and features of the product. After initially setting it up and feeling my way through the configuration, I was pretty happy with it. I have outside speakers on the patio which are run off Zone-B, and we were having a party for my son where we would be watching a movie on the patio and streaming the audio through Airplay. Well, when it came time to set everything up and test it, the volume to the Zone-B speakers was decidedly low, practically inaudible. I tried many things to troubleshoot the issue, and by the time the party started it was too late, so I had to bring my PC speakers downstairs and connect them to my MacBook Pro. I was not very happy about it, and after reading as much as I could about the issue, I decided I had to reset my receiver back to the original factory settings. That certainly did the trick, but I shouldn't have had to do that. As the months rolled on, I find myself having to reset the receiver at least 1-2x a month, which involves having to reconfigure the settings on the receiver each time. I have performed the firmware update, but it continues to require resetting frequently enough that I'm packaging it up and returning it today.
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on November 19, 2014
I have been using this and the RX-V475 for about 4 months now on a daily basis and like them both. I bought the 475 first for about $200 reconditioned and thought it was such a deal that I bought the 575 twin which I use to drive both indoor and outdoor speakers. Both work the same except for the added speaker zone on the 575.
Great app for controlling these devices. Initially had trouble with it but upgrades to the app and receiver seem to make it more stable. There is an on screen icon that tells you when a receiver update is available so be sure to look for it.
YAO setup works great. This is a set up mode where you plug in the included microphone and it detects this and adjusts the speaker's drive accordingly. For example I had one set of speakers reversed and the receiver detected this and adjusted the output accordingly. It also adjusted for different speaker sensitivities.
The sound quality is excellent and can be customized in many ways. There is also a direct button on the front panel that gives you the pure unaltered sound.
Internet radio and Pandora work well. For example, select the region(state or country) and it shows you a list of available stations in your area.
Not all functions are available on the front panel. For example, Pandora can not be accessed by repeated pressing of the net button as the directions say. Instead I've only accessed it with the iPhone app. I'm still looking for other ways.
Many times you need to look at the TV screen to know what the device wants. For example, to play a USB drive to need the remote to press USB then enter a few times to play the first directory on the drive.
Occasionally, it will lose connection to my router. When this happens, the fastest way to get it going again is to unplug the cat5 cable, wait 15 sec and plug it in again.
Many of the front panel buttons are small with hard to read labels. This is a problem if your wife makes you put this in a closet on a shelf.

Overall, I enjoy the features it has very much which is why I have 2 of these. I find the app to work well with controlling its many features but I subtract 1 start for not being able to get to and control Pandora and other features without a iPhone, TV or remote.
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on July 19, 2014
I bought this receiver to replace a 4 year old Pioneer 7.1 receiver that lost all of its audio channels suddenly and simultaneously. I've only had the Yamaha for about a month, but, hopefully, it'll give me better service than did the Pioneer. The 575 is an outdated model now, having been supplanted by the 577, but I didn't need or want built in wireless WiFi, and I certainly didn't want to pay an additional $170 for a receiver that otherwise had nearly identical specs. I was glad to find that Amazon still had the 575 in stock at a good price.

The Yamaha receiver doesn't look as snazzy as the Pioneer, but I liked it just the same. All of my input device connections (Blu Ray player, DVD recorder, TV, attic mounted AM/FM antennas and LAN ethernet) transferred directly to the back of the 575.

I'm not interested in using Bluetooth or my phone with this rig, so wireless capability for playback and control is a moot point with me. The receiver is hardwired to my Asus router, as is my Blu Ray player and TV. The receiver immediately found my router and configured itself before I could even call up the page to look at the settings. Internet radio is easy to use and works like a dream. There are tons of stations available in many genres, depending upon your tastes. Right now, I'm listening to some peaceful Celtic tunes.

Automatic speaker setup using the YPAO routine is also fast and easy. After running the setup routine, I find that the sound from my surround speakers is more noticeable and full than it was with the Pioneer, and the sub seems to have found some new energy, as well. The menu offers me the capability of going in and making changes to my speaker and sound settings (such as EQ), but I doubt that I'll need to fiddle with them. Overall, I am entirely pleased with the quality of sound from this receiver.

While there are many features available from this unit, the vast majority of people will use only a few of them. I've found that the ones that I've needed are simple to use and setup, and provide a good level of adjustment and choices for sound quality. I've found that the "Enhancer" feature for use with MP3's and other compressed soundstreams (such as streaming movies from Netflix or Vudu) works very well. I also like that maximum volume levels can be set via a menu. This might come in handy for someone who lives in an apartment. The menu item for lip sync adjustments can also easily be found, which was not the case with my Pioneer.

My TV is connected to the receiver via an optical Toslink cable to the receiver's AV4 input, which I have relabeled "TV". The receiver selects AV4 as its default input for sound from a TV, so all I had to do was rename that input. The hot button labeled "TV" on the remote pulls that input up with 1 touch, and audio is there. The same thing is true for Blu Ray (BD), internet radio (Net) and the radio tuner.

Speaking of remotes, I can understand how the remote might seem a bit complicated and over populated for many people. Personally, I like it. Believe it or not, it's a huge step up from my Pioneer remote, which was almost insane for the the amount of tiny buttons and cryptic, nearly invisible labels that it had on it. I won't miss that. I'm not a fan of trying to make 1 remote do everything with everything, so I prefer to use the remote that came with the machine. I keep them all in a drawer, out of sight in the center section of my loveseat.

Even though I've had the RX-V575 for a short while, I'm liking what I see. If it lasts, I think I'll be happy with it for quite some time.
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on October 22, 2014
Updated: This review was originally 4 stars, but now it's only two due to the persistent HDMI issues that have arisen. After about a year of use, the unit started showing a black screen when viewing certain HD cable channels (but not all). It also started to sometimes display a solid magenta screen when trying to play DVDs. This became more and more consistent over time and now it's unusable for playing discs. Now I have to directly plug the cables into my TV to see these.

Yamaha tech support was minimal help. Calling them requires about a 20-40 minute wait in the queue. Then they authorized a warranty repair. The unit was returned without any better results, so now I'm getting them to swap the entire device. I'm not optimistic.

At least it comes with a two year warranty.


I've been using this amp for over six months now and I have no complaints about its sound quality and feature set: they're fantastic. My only nit (and the reason it gets 4 stars) is the front panel is overly complex. By comparison, I was looking at the Denon AVR-S500 for its "less-is-more" design, however for almost double the price I had to let it go. The Yamaha has four dedicated source selectors on the front, and if you want others (it can accommodate up to five HDMI and four analog sources) you have to manually flip through them or remember which "number" they're plugged into. You can at least configure a label for the other sources, but that's not very straight forward either.
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on November 19, 2014
I really don't hate it but when it worked properly it was a fabulous receiver but I haven't owned it that long and already the HDMI ports have failed and that was the main reason that I bought it. I need to send it back for warranty work and get the HDMI ports fixed. Too many HDMI failures in other reviews also. A few days ago I emailed Yamaha about this problem and the answer was to do a factory reset. I followed the instructions that were emailed to me and the receiver now works perfectly so I changed my rating to 5 stars as for me this receiver is perfect for my needs. Here are the instruction to do a factory reset.

1) Turn the receiver off
2) On the front panel, press and hold 'STRAIGHT' and power on the receiver
while holding the button
3) Press 'PROGRAM' L/R until "INIT - CANCEL" is displayed
4) Press 'STRAIGHT' to change "CANCEL" to "ALL"
5) Press the power button twice

Of course after you do this you will have to go into setup and change your settings. Suggest you copy your settings in case they are needed.
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on December 23, 2014
I finally upgraded from my old Yamaha RX-V2090 7.1 receiver. The old one still sounds great, but the new one fits in with the rest of my 3D home theater setup better, since it has the current audio formats and HDMI. My wife loves the network music options as well. I wanted all of the speaker connections to be banana plugs, so I chose this model over the less expensive lower models. The setup was very easy, and the automatic speaker setup with the mic worked great. I used it to quickly compare two different sets of surround speakers, my old Kenwood surrounds that were rated for the lower power of the surround channels in the old receiver, and new Axiom Audio QS8s that handle the higher power of the new receiver. Both sounded great, but the new QS8s were much better than the old surrounds, and when I switch to a bigger room for home theater, I'll add another pair. I haven't yet tested many of the available features yet, but so far I am extremely happy with this new receiver.
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on June 10, 2014
I had been looking to upgrade my 20 year-old rx-670 for a few years now- it still works perfect and sounds great, but I really wanted some of the new features that all the modern receivers have (HDMI input/output, Network capabilities, AirPlay, etc.) I was going to hold out for the updated 577 model, but it wasn't that different from the 575 and I figured I'd start seeing deals on the 575 with the new model out. Not too much later the 575 showed up as Amazon's Gold Box deal of the day and the price was way too good to resist so I finally pulled the trigger.

First off I know this one is a step down from the "6-series", but my old 670 weighed a ton compared to the 575. Maybe modern electronics are lighter, but with audio equipment I've always equated weight with quality. It's also not as deep, so swapping out my 670 I found I had much more room behind the unit which I guess is a good thing.

Sound-wise it seems almost the same as my 670- maybe a bit colder/flatter but to be honest I haven't really set it up properly. I don't really crank it up (I live in a tiny condo and don't want to annoy my neighbors), but I think any modern receiver has enough power these days to produce pretty good sound for the average person.

Feature-wise it's lived up to all my expectations. The Airplay feature is awesome and was super easy to set up. My only gripe is that to do the proper full setup you have to run through menus and stuff on your TV- I understand why this is, but unfortunately I can't get this part set up properly. I have the proper cables and followed the manual closely, but something just doesn't jibe- I'm pretty savvy but I'm guessing it's probably user error. Honestly though I'm currently only using this receiver for audio, so I haven't been too concerned figuring out my on-screen setup issues. I also love the iPhone app to control the basics of the receiver. It would be nice if you didn't have to leave the receiver in stand-by mode for it to be turned on by the phone app, but it's not that big a deal.

All in all I'm very happy with this upgrade and would recommend it.
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on May 8, 2014
I wanted to add more power to my media room I had an Old Sony receiver that saw better days. I wanted the new technology and being able to control my receiver with My phone I also want the two zones to listen music in the patio as well as my main living room. My house has already a patio wired speaker system.

With those needs I searched for a receiver that won't break the bank. the reviews on this Yamaha were good and the price seemed to be right. Airplay was a must have. Very excited I bought the receiver and I got it in one day...I hooked up everything following the instructions and for some reason I could not get the Airplay thing to work.

Also the Yamaha AV app which help you to control the receiver from your Iphone could not find the receiver either. I could not connect to Pandora or the internet radio. Undaunted I read the instructions and even call customer service at Yamaha.

The technician had the patience to go with me through a series of tests. This receiver while great it is not wireless you need to hook up the receiver to a router through a cable which is not a biggie for me because I have the router very close to the receiver and all my equipment.

The technician reached the conclusion that the equipment had some kind of failure and advised me to call amazon customer service and let them know. When I tried to updated the firmware I got the message "Device Error". I called amazon and explain what happened. The amazing Amazon customer service arranged that I get a replacement receiver with in a day!!!! Amazingly I hooked up the new one and Boilah!!! it worked!!! the sound is amazing, the set up with the microphone is a breeze and the bass ...the bass is just Deep.

The remote control as many have expressed has little tiny buttons. You are better off downloading the AV app and controlling the thing with your Ipad or Iphone (i don't have a droid phone so not so sure if that works as well). Now I can listen to my favorite Pandora stations or internet radio etc. The Yamaha AV app found the device almost immediately.

Unless you get a equipment with some issues this receiver is a 5 stars, no doubt. I have a great set of speakers I bet this help with the sound I have a Monitor Audio R90HT1 that are a bit pricey but I did not want to compromise the sound.

I highly recommend this receiver because the excellent sound and easy set up. A note of caution. The zone "B" (for Patio etc) can only play the same music as your main living room. Receivers that handle two Zones with two different sources are WAY too expensive. You can control though the "B" volume independently (more or less volume than your main 5.2) but that's it. It was not a really big deal for me I just wanted to be able to play music in patio does not matter if it sound came form a different source than the main living room.

Being aware of those two limitations (not wireless and Zone "B' not independent of the main 5.2) if you can live with that then you will be a happy camper if not try some other options but be ready to spend much more.
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on May 15, 2015
Got this for $256 from Amazon's warehouse deals, well worth the price. Description said the box was damaged and there were some missing accessories or papers, but I didn't find that to be the case. Was even better than I expected!

I'd say I'm not an expert, but not a newbie either with some decent auditory sense and they sound great to me. I currently have it configured as a 2.0 setup with bi-amped standing speakers (JBL 190's) and it puts out enough bass, I don't feel the need to buy a sub-woofer for my current setup. If I didn't live in a duplex, I would probably buy one, but that's not the case.

The biggest drawback is that on some of the NET apps (Pandora, internet radio) the feed will either die or have a long hiccup that requires rebooting the receiver, and considering it's connected via Ethernet to a fairly new router and cable modem, I doubt it's my connection (they're low bandwidth services, anyway), and it seems like the apps have gotten buggier after subsequent updates.
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on April 12, 2014
The only thing the newer V577 seemed to have this one doesn't is wireless built-in. Since I have a 50' cable running under my house to my router, that wasn't a selling point for me and saving $$ mattered. I got this unit to go along with the Onkyo SKS-HT540 7.1 speaker set. Combined, the sound is completely awesome.

The features on this machine are amazing. One quick button on the remote, I'm set to listen from my TV/Computer hookup through the optical plug. Another single button, I'm listening to Internet radio (commercial free from all the ones I've listened to so far) by what genre I select.

iTunes automatically located the receiver. Now, in iTunes, I can select to listen through my normal PC speaker setup, through the Yamaha receiver (which has awesome sound in this setup, using all 7+sub for the music), or I can have going through both sets at the same time. I'm not a fan of iTunes (prefer MusicBee most of the time); but, with this setup, I'm listening through iTunes now.

I'm hooking all of my sound up through it: PC, iPod, BR Player, TV, Internet Radio...EVERYTHING. This unit has everything needed and it really isn't that hard to operate or understand the manipulation of the controls. The only distortions in sound I get are from my end, since much of my library isn't the best of quality. This receiver, combined with the speaker setup, is a TOTAL-home-audio-system.
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