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on January 4, 2015
Good support for network services (Spotify, Airplay, Rhapsody), has the option to send audio to a second zone. Be aware that when zone 2 is on, the main zone becomes a "5.2" though, because the power from the 2 surround speakers are directed to zone 2 (but you don't have to change cables, it automatically switches from 5.2 to 7.2 when you turn zone 2 on and off). And, as usual with "affordable receivers", zone 2 can't reproduce digital inputs from HDMI -- so, if you have a HDMI cable connecting your Bluray Player to the receiver, you may also want to wire a second cable (digital coaxial or RCA) so you can reproduce that on second zone.
HDMI pass-through is also a good feature, and you can select the input being passed through with the device off the same way you would do if it were on (just pressing the remote control, no need to reconfigure everytime on the menus).
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on September 8, 2014
I bought this as a long overdue upgrade from an N600. I was really interested in the mobile app, but many of the other features have been unexpectedly fantastic. The on-screen GUI is GREAT, and I've really enjoyed using Pandora. The sound is fantastic and there are lots of well-integrated ports. I only have two (fairly minor) dings: First, it seems that you have to have zone 1 on to use some of the functionality of the system (e.g., netradio bookmarks, change pandora stations) on zone 2. Second, the receiver is a little strange about detecting AV inputs: I might have an input device and the receiver on and set to that input with no audio. But if I turn off the receiver and turn it back on, it will then detect the input properly and choose it. Odd. But overall, a great purchase.
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on December 6, 2014
I currently have a Pioneer Elite SC-55 and it's outstanding except when it comes to programing the darn thing. You need a PhD to do anything with that thing UI is pretty dismal. I am adding another TV in another but I don't need all the bells and whistles so got the Yamaha 675. The Yamaha user interface is a welcoming relief. Pretty easy to program and set up. Hook up the ethernet cable and you're set to you.

Unfortunately Pandora streaming was another story. Every 5-30 min I would get a pause. Then half the time an error message on the screen saying ACCESS ERROR. So I hook up the Pioneer to the same router and stream Pandora as well just to make sure it's not my router. The Pioneer had no problems. I even switched the two wires making sure it's not my router. And same thing. So I'm returning this thing hopefully the next one does not have a faulty ethernet card, apparently happens to some of these receiver. Crossing my fingers.

12/8/2014 Update:

Just got the second receiver today. Plugged it in and did the update via ethernet. Started Pandora and within 30 seconds the music stops playing, same problem as the first receiver. Just to be sure I restarted the receiver and let it play a bit longer, this time it paused playing and the receiver displayed the ACCESS ERROR message. What's the chance that both of these receiver have a faulty ethernet card. For the last couple days while waiting for the replacement receiver, I've been plugging my Pioneer Elite and streaming Pandora. It plays without a single pause this weekend. So I'm pretty convince Amazon had a bad batch or something. So if you just got this you might want to set Pandora up and make sure your unit doesn't have the ACCESS ERROR.

I'm going to give Amazon one more shot at it. I'll call it quit if the third unit also has this defect.

12/9/2014 Update:

So Amazon is not sending me a replacement unit wants me to call Yamaha. This is odd I would expect them to just replace the unit. Not sure if I want to deal with customer service at Yamaha. This is a brand new unit it should work that way. Bummer cuz I really like this receiver.

12/22/2014 Update:

Amazon finally sent me a 3rd unit. Sadly after listening to Pandora for 10 minutes on the 3rd unit it does the same thing as the first two units. It paused Pandora streaming and then it displays "Access Error" on the front display. So perhaps it doesn't work with Pandora. Nevertheless I'm going to keep the unit since I have work around by streaming Pandora with my phone. I'm hoping this problem only occur with Pandora and not Airplay or something. So while the unit advertises that it streams from Pandora, it doesn't actually work. Now my internet connection is via ethernet wire, not wireless. As I said previously, I connected another receiver to the same ethernet wire and it streams Pandora fine.
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on February 10, 2016
We bought this receiver in 2014. About 4 months ago we started having problems with the HDMI pass through. The picture would distort, freeze up or just go blank. I tried other HDMI inputs eventually having the same problem. I had to trouble shoot the receiver trying different cables, inputs on the TV inputs and out puts on the receiver. Now I know it is the receiver. I purchased a 3 year warranty through Amazon called Square Deal we will see what happens next. I noticed others have had the same problem with this line of receivers.
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on March 8, 2015
Entry level to Mid tier A/V equipment

The Good:
Receiver does not have high pitch noise as the budget minded Yamaha RX V371 which is audible within 2-3FT in silent rooms. Very clean and crisp sound. Pure direct function allows to turn off unnecessary circuitry to get as close to reference sound and clarity as possible. Highly customizable sound.

The Bad:
Unable to set up without TV + HDMI. Television is required to make all the important adjustments to system since this uses OSD. Not all Yamaha receivers for this generation have this disadvantage. Useless Cinema DSP programs that produce echo and reverb appear to be main focus.

The Ugly
(Immediately upon first use and through 1 week of use.)
Receiver "hiccups" when using coaxial digital input at random times. It means that for a brief 1/2 second the speakers will not produce sound. It happens every day and as much as 1 or 2 times each hour of use. It is not related to disc layering, stream buffering, or other errors in input source as I still have the RX-V371 to test and does not have this issue. This is a very big downside as it will detract from movie, music, and gaming experience. It also does not justify its price as one would rather have a reliable receiver with similar sound properties and features that will not interrupt playback.
-Usually rely on Yamaha products as they are deemed "solid" and reliable. Not in my experience.
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on August 13, 2016
Love this AVR. One issue is that the audio volume reads in dB on what seems to be an inverse scale, cannot swap over to a numerical audio volume with a scale of 0, mute, 1 through 100 (loud). Minor issue once you understand dB scale, which is explained in the user guide. Great AVR.
Update: Don't love it as much now. Receiver HDMI inputs/outputs quit working. Receiver still appears to be working otherwise, audio from CD player goes through with audio coming from speakers. Just can't get video from sat and DVD player through to the TV. Took 27 months or so for it to quit. I bought an ONKYO to replace it.
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on August 4, 2015
I purchased this receiver on its many solid positive reviews. I also checked all of the negative reviews. The only issues that seemed to be common, was that the network connectivity would drop. I figured that if this was the only issue that would happened to my unit, sometime in the future, I could live with it. My main reasons for purchasing this unit was: good audio, reliability and the ability to switch all of my HDMI devices. Well, add HDMI failures to the list of problems that this unit has. I purchased this unit as a factory refurbished unit from Amazon. It came with an external wireless network adapter, which would not power on from brand new. Amazon was great and sent me a new network adapter. The receiver was working fine for a little under two months of light usage when all HDMI input ports except for #1 failed. The ports would pass video, but no audio. The very next day, HDMI #1 failed with the same issue. I called Amazon to trade the receiver in, but since it was past 30 days, Amazon would not take the unit back. They told me to contact Yamaha. I called Yamaha support. They had me try a “INIT All” procedure, (re-initializes the unit). This did not resolve the problem. They also had me try a software update (Ver 1.60), this did not resolve the problem either. So, I was forced to ship the unit to a factory authorized Yamaha service center since there are none within a hundred miles of my location. It cost $48.00 for packing materials and UPS charges to ship the unit from Michigan to Syracuse NY. I do not have high hopes that this unit will be reliable when returned. I will update when I receive the unit back. I have read that one individual had to wait eight weeks to get his repaired, I hope this is not the case with mine.
I have since searched and researched several brands of surround sound receivers and if you check the negative reviews, you will see that that it seems EVERY brand has HDMI issues. Pick a brand: Marantz, Yamaha, Denon, Onkyo, Harmon Kardon, Sony… I have yet to find a (so called) quality brand, or model, no matter the price point, that DOES NOT have HDMI issues as one of the negative complaints. I would just go back to my halfler DH500 and Carver preamp setup if only it had HDMI capabilities, both of those units are over 30 years old and work great! Does any company make quality products anymore???
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on November 4, 2014
Wonderful receiver. Have 5.1 surround sound in LR, and using Zone 2 for two outdoor patio speakers. Sounds fantastic! Best of all the kids can even operate from their iPods via Airplay and they love playing their music through all the speakers. This was exactly what I was looking for in a receiver and love the price now that it's an "older" model.
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on August 11, 2014
Ordered through amazon and received it in two days.

There is no paper manual with instructions, but there is a CD that you can load for the complete manual.
However for anyone with basic knowledge in home theater electronics, setup should be no brainer.

I have a 7.1 setup and a dedicated home theater room with Polk RTIA5 fronts, CSIA6 center and 80F/X-RT surrounds with a BIC F12 sub.

Went with the YPAO speaker calibration which errored out regarding my BIC F12 sub level being too low , got around it by disconnecting the sub. Calibrating the remaining 7 speakers, then adding the sub with 80Hz as crossover and subwoofer gain at 0db . Also had to manually set the speaker sizes to small (all were set to large), these are standard tweaks for home theater setup whether using YPAO/Audessey etc and nothing to sweat about.

The different DSP modes are a plus especially the SciFi mode .

I had tough time choosing between the Sony STRDN1040 and Yamaha RX-V675 at the $399 price, but after reading about the dreaded HDMI issues that are plaguing Sony, I decided to stay away from it, even though the Sony had built in WiFi. I have a hard wired Ethernet connected to my Yamaha so lack of built in WiFi is a non issue.

Plays significantly cooler than my old Onkyo HTIB receiver that I had.

Only drawback is the lack of back lit remote, I keep my media room dark and have to grope in the dark to operate the remote. This is where the Yamaha AV App on smartphone comes handy. You can toss the remote once you have this app.
Great receiver for this price range with more than enough features for a mid/entry level receiver. No wonder its a amazon best seller.
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on April 11, 2015
It's an older 2013 model, but does what I want.
My setup - 5.1 speakers, 1080p LED TV, BluRay, Apple TV, Wii; wired ethernet; Logitech Harmony remote with IR repeater (So I can hide devices in a cabinet)

Tons of features - here are my favorites -
1) ON SCREEN GUI that overlays on picture - I can set pretty much every single setting from the GUI on my TV. Love that. Lets me hide the receiver in a cabinet, never to be seen again. This is by far the best feature of any receiver. I've had them with no Gui (Ugh), as well as with a GUI that takes over the screen (Inconvenient and not as slick).
2) Dialog Level - can increase the dialogue easily!
3) Sounds great
4) Simple to set up
5) Lots of connections
6) Runs a little cooler that some other receivers
7) Price! Excellent!

1) No, it does not support HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, etc (At least to my knowledge). Not much does at this moment, and who knows what the future will actually hold?
2) It does not support Dolby Atmos
3) Component video that is less than 480i can only be output to component out (not HDMI. The manual says that 480i and above will go out to HDMI, but I don't have such a setup. My Wii - I suspect less than 480i - would not go through the component to HDMI, but works just fine from composite video -> HDMI).
4) No S-Video input - not that I have anything like that anymore!

I've hooked it up by ethernet and controlled it from my laptop. The Yamaha iphone App is great. No network issues at all - works fine.

For what it does with a current setup - it is awesome. Wireless/bluetooth not important to me since it is wired to my network. I contemplated the 4k/HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2 stuff for awhile, but I figure by the time there is content available, and I upgrade my TV and other gear, I'll probably get another receiver at that time if it is something I really want. I've tried to 'Future proof' in the past and been burned many times overpaying for new features that don't pan out quite as predicted.
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