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on March 26, 2014
First, I am Hearing Impaired. Understand I can hear sounds at a muted volume, but have GREAT difficulty understanding the words and sounds. I wear hearing aids and they assist me to better hear sounds and promote a significant increase in word recognition. But, I must still "piece together" phonemes {Consonant and Vowel Sounds} to recognize words and gain meaning. The Yahama YAS-103 Soundbar is a Miraculous Instrument that has given me the ability to HEAR. I not only have the sound, but I have word recognition. I am estatic !! The Yahama YAS-103 is very easy to install and the directions are clear and concise. I recommend this device HIGHLY.
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on April 4, 2014
I wanted something that sounded good enough to substitute for a 5.1 surround sound (not replace) and was easy to setup and this was just that. For a long time, I was anti-soundbar because they just could never live up actually surrounding yourself with speakers. After moving and not wanting to go through the drill of setting up all of the speakers on a 5.1 or 7.1 system I searched for a soundbar and landed on this because of the reviews complimenting how clear dialogue is heard. I knew I was not going to get that full surround sound feeling that actually makes you look to see if glass was just broken next to you but wow was I surprised at how close it comes. I can pretty much forget that I don't have a real 5.1 system after a few min of watching. So after testing this bar out, the previous feedback that I read before purchasing this all seems to be right on point.

Easy Setup via fiber optic cable provided
Sync the sound bar to your TV's IR signal so you can control both TV and bar sound at the same time (no need to find codes)
Button to sync the voice to get rid of the echo cause by TV and bar not being synced
No external sub to have to worry about setting up or taking up space
Easy Bluetooth sync and streaming
App to control soundbar via Bluetooth from your smart phone
Clear full range sound capable of filling up the average size family room
Separate volume control on remote for the bass so you can turn the bass down if you are listening late at night and don't want sound to travel.

Looses the full range sound/deep bass when you turn it up past 80%.

If you want a true all-in-one soundbar with internal subs to fill up the room with clear rich sound at a medium-high volume, this is perfect. If you want to shake your house with bass, you should get something with an external sub.

Once I am ready to setup a full 5.1 system in the family room I'll replace this one and move it to the bedroom where I think it's features will be even more appreciated.
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on April 16, 2014
I have a Samsung 51" flat-screen (2007) with mediocre sound that is not very loud. This was fine until I bought the Roku streaming stick that allows me to play Pandora music through my TV. I didn't want to string wires or hang speakers and I'm not interested in having a concert hall sound experience. I just wanted decent quality sound with the ability to occasionally play loud music and I didn't want to spend more that $300 or so. At $250 the Yamaha price was right

Setup was dead easy. Remove the plastic protective covers from both ends of the included optical cable, plug one end of that cable into the Yamaha and the other end into my 2007-model-year Samsung and DONE! Except for plugging the Yamaha into the wall, that was it.

You need to understand that your TV's remote control only controls the TV's speakers. It does not control ANY brand of home theater sound system. When you attach ANY sound system to your TV you have to disable the TVs built-in speakers and then control the sound on the new home-theater device with a separate remote. That can be a pain with other devices but not with the Yamaha.

The Yamaha "learns" the off/on; Mute/unmute; volume up/down codes that your existing TV remote control uses for your TV and then responds to your existing TV remote control so that you don't have to use the Yamaha remote AT ALL.

I followed the "get started" instructions and quickly taught the Yamaha the codes that my Samsung remote was sending for on/off; volume and mute then I put the Yamaha remote away. Now everything is controlled by my old Samsung remote with no need to touch the Yamaha remote.

The sound quality is "fine." It's not earth shattering. It's not a concert hall. It is far better than the native Samsung sound and it does have a "clear voice" setting that makes movie dialog much clearer. It also has stereo and surround sound. So, yes it sounds good to me. I won't say that it blows me away but I wasn't expecting ANY $250 sound system to.

I would happily buy this device again, not for outstanding sound quality (Hey, it's only $250 -- what do you expect?) but for the superior ease of setup and ease of use.
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on April 26, 2014
Using my previous sound bar my wife and I were always asking "What did they say?" and having to turn sound up to hear dialog/down whenever the music or sound effects started. Now we can pretty much leave the settings alone (except to mute commercials) and don't have issues with hearing dialog. This is without normally needing to use the Univolume feature. Bass isn't as "Boomy" as with my old Boston Acoustics bar, it's actually a more natural sound with good mid range fidelity. Turning on the surround sound feature gives the impression of more depth to the music as well as just making it sound better.
Setup wasn't hard, the instructions are clear. Iit's cool to use my smart phone as a remote but to do so I have to enter phone settings, switch to bluetooth, connect to the device to before using it as a remote-it may be quicker to just go get the remote. Training the device to work with my TV remote is straightforward and not much of a challenge-issues can arise if the remote turns the TV on and not the sound bar (or vice versa) but an extra click or two of the TV remote fixes things quickly this has only happened a couple times. The soundbar remote is now tucked away in a drawer and we should only need it occasionally.
The bluetooth works well as a music player for mp3's.
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on April 24, 2015
Bought this to replace an aging HTIB system that came with my TV. Have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised with the sound coming out of this thing. Having purchased a Yamaha AV Recevier, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. Sound fills the room and isn't "tinny" at all. The "clear voice" feature is definitely not a gimmick as it makes dialogue much easier to hear, especially in scenes where there's a lot going on. A clear improvement over the HTIB I had where I found myself constantly having to raise to volume to hear what was being said!

The bluetooth option on this one is awesome - controlling it from my phone is a breeze. The included controller is nice too with very straightfoward button placement. Can't stress how awesome the built in IR blaster is! Have this sitting in front of my TV and with the rear IR blaster on, it makes using the TV a breeze! Love the piano black and sleek look of this thing - very classy IMHO. Have a 50" TV and this doesn't look out of place at all in front of it.

Now, don't guy this thinking you're going to get room rattling bass because you're not. But for what it does, the built-in sub woofers do an admiral job of reproducing acceptable bass levels. The sound certainly fills the room and cranking up to the highest point doesn't lead to any distortion. The surround feature is pretty good too and dare I say better than what my HTIB (which was a 5.1) was doing.

Setting this thing up couldn't be easier. Just plug one end of the provided optical cable into your TV and the other end to the "TV" optical input on the back of device. And that's it (well, aside from plugging the thing into an outlet obviously!) - works right out of the gate in less than 5 minutes.

All in all, very pleased with this purchase and would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a great soundbar at a decent price.
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on April 13, 2015
This soundbar does what you would expect -- it is a real set of speakers for a TV monitor. It has power, bass, and generally greatly improves the sound of any flat screen display. It does not give even an approximate surround sound experience, but then, it's just a single unit. Still I have boom boxes and other dual-remote speakers that do a somewhat decent job at approximating surround sound, so I have to believe Yamaha could have done a better job. Basically this just makes the sound louder, and it does that well and accurately and over a greater frequency range than any set of TV speakers is going to do. Set up was as easy as could be hoped. It sits in front of the monitor and can be lowered slightly by removing part of the feet to avoid obscuring the display. Overall a solid unit for the money.
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on October 13, 2014
Both my wife and I don’t hear the dialog on TV to well these days thanks to the great concerts of the late 70’s and early 80’s (think Van Halen, Nugent, AC/DC, Ozzy, etc...). This sound bar does the trick for us. I have it set to clear voice and it makes everything understandable. Keep in mind we are not audiophiles, the music through Pandora sounds very good also. I have a LG 42LN5700 connected via optical and a PS3 connected optically. I only use the remote that came with the YAS 201 to change the input as my factory LG (not magic remote) controls everything else I need with the YAS 201. The YAS sits in front of the LG blocking the remote sensor but the YAS repeater does what it is supposed to do. I highly recommend this unit as it is easy to setup and sounds great to my tired old ears.
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on March 13, 2014
So far I have nothing but good things to say about this sound bar. No major setup is required. Just plug it into the wall, connect a optical cable from your TV and away you go. Has 2 optical inputs, 1 analog and a coaxial.

Make sure you disable or mute the TV internal speakers to avoid any echo effect.

If you have a Tivo remote you will need to reset the codes in your Tivo remote.

Easy set-up
Nice quality sound
Very nice finish
Bluetooth setup is quick and painless
Bluetooth control app is cool but not entirely necessary
Analog audio input is nice to have to connect a turntable (VIA PRE-AMP!)

Will not work with a Samsung Smart TV remote, they aren't IR remotes.
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on January 16, 2015
We have a Vizio TV that has a terrific picture, but wimpy audio, like most televisions currently on the market. This soundbar's got these factors in its favor:
* Very easy to set-up, just connect one cable to your tv and plug in the power cord.
* Low-profile, narrow footprint, sleek design (It even fits on the rotating platform that holds our TV)
* Most importantly, it has great sound with specific controls for your personal taste, including clear voice (so you don't have to keep repeating dialogue for your husband), uni-volume (so that commercials don't blast you off the couch), audio delay and sub-woofer
* Even though I am new to Bluetooth (don't judge me!), it was simple to pair it to my Kindle so I can listen to my digital music library whether I am in the kitchen, den or living room
* If you can follow written directions, it's a snap to program the Yamaha soundbar to respond to your TV remote
* Fairly-priced for the sound quality

NOTE: The Yamaha remote control is small (2"x4") which can be a plus (easy to store) or a minus (easy to lose). You don't usually need to use the Yamaha remote with your television (if you've paired it to your tv remote) but the little thing is necessary for switching to Bluetooth or using options such as clear voice, uni-volume, etc. There are a few manual buttons on the soundbar unit for controlling volume, power and input.
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on August 23, 2014
We particularly enjoy watching the British imports including Downton Abbey, Foyle’s War and the various detective series “based on the characters created by Colin Dexter”. Our hearing, however, is not quite what it used to be and the different British accents can be a challenge. After using this sound bar for two months, we find that it noticeably improves our comprehension of the dialogue from these shows which was our primary reason for buying a sound bar. Some of the specific reasons for choosing the Yamaha 103 and strengths and weaknesses we found after a couple of months include:

• More inputs than others in this price range – the user manual for our Samsung flatscreen TV explains that when a source such as a cable TV box is connected to the TV via HDMI only 2 channel sound will be heard from an audio device such as a sound bar connected to the Digital Audio OUT jack of the TV. It goes on to advise that to hear 5.1 channel audio, there needs to be a connection directly from the cable TV box or other source directly to the sound bar. Since 5.1 sound is more comprehensible than 2 channel, we need to connect both the cable TV box and the XBOX we use for DVD’s and Amazon Prime directly to the sound bar. The Yamaha 103 provides two optical audio and one digital coax inputs so easily accepts connections from these devices with one left over for another source.
• Compatibility with remote control – most of the time our Comcast remote controls the power off/on, the sound volume, and the mute on both the TV and the sound bar . Every now and then, however, the sound bar doesn’t see the IR signal from the remote so the sound bar needs to be manually turned on. This seems to happen when the remote is a little farther away and more off center from the TV than usual.
• Good sound – we have a 3.1 sound system we’ve used for some years with this TV. For the sorts of movies and shows we watch, the sound and especially the dialogue is better through the sound bar than through the 3.1 system. We also use the XBOX to stream two-channel music downloaded or ripped from a CD to the sound system from a PC. Music from the sound bar through the XBOX in this way doesn’t sound very good compared to the 3.1 audio system. The sound bar’s strength is dialogue with music rather than straight music.
• Bluetooth – I easily connected my Windows phone and tablet to the sound bar using blue tooth and but haven’t used it much.
• Physical compatibility – the sound bar doesn’t block the bottom of the TV and is nicely sized in front of a 46” flatscreen.
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